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Jumping feet first into the LS

"Busting our LS Cherry part 1"

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Author's Notes

"Part 1 of maybe a 2 part story."

We were living in Ottawa at the time. Conversing about non monogamy, and doing some research while we were getting comfortable with the idea.

Our sex life is great, we are fucking every day (even after (at the time pushing 11 years together) and sometimes twice) and fantasizing about more. We somehow stumble upon a local club and join some swinging sites and non monogamy forums.

Right before the start of the pandemic hit the news, we attend the club. It was pretty quiet, we are so shy to talk to anyone. We end up watching couples kissing, and doing heavy petting on the beds (which were right beside the bar). We are getting horny watching another couple and we start undressing each other. Our foreplay consists of me licking and nibbling my Mrs’ sweet little pussy, while moving to her amazing big tits and nipples. She sucks my cock, then end up 69ing on the middle bed of three. A gentleman was at the foot of the bed while his woman was getting her throat fucked, while on the next bed a woman was getting slammed doggy style while watching us. Cassidy(my Mrs) then moves into position and impales herself on my hard cock, while putting her tits in my mouth. She continues to ride me and eventually she comes hard and coaxes a hot load from my balls.

We come back to reality and the couple on the next bed are dressed and walking away to the bar, while the couple at the foot of the bed are making their way to the private room (had just one). There are a few more beds in a nook that were pretty busy. We clean up, get dressed and hurriedly leave the premises. We have never done that before, and we are going through a whirlwind of emotions and conflicting feelings.

As we get home from our “date night”, we shower up and get ready for bed. We talk about our feelings and before we know it, we are getting hot and heavy then end up fucking again before we fall asleep.

Next day, we start discussing what we want from our future experiences, and setting ground rules and loose guides to follow. In no time the Mrs has to go out west for a few months with a trips home planned monthly.

We both start uploading pictures to this site (which was pretty user friendly to us), and the other sites were used less and less. In my spare time she asks me to filter out chats and friend requests. We are still learning, it’s all new to us. This first stretch away is the longest and we are getting extremely horny for each other and video chat and masturbate for each other multiple times a day. We are still figuring out what we are trying to do, and I come up with the idea of me finding a fuck date for her in Saskatoon.

Her schedule is pretty tight and only has a couple nights free throughout the week, and she finds someone local to her on the site to chat with. As we share an account she chats with him and I chat with him (as my Mrs is a size queen she ends up finding one that is a BBC), and we both want to get to know this fellow. He comes out with the line of “I bet you can’t wait to get a big cock” and such. While my Mrs immediately corrects him “another big cock” to keep her company while she waits to get home to her “big cock”. The weekend come closer and it’s his birthday, and after sharing pics and videos back and forth, he is excited to fuck the hell out of my Mrs. Friday night comes, Cassidy goes and hangs out at the local casino. She is getting excited that her “date” is later tonight. While ironing out the details with him (I don’t know how many drinks he is in), he slips up and says me and my “boys” can’t wait for Cassidy to get here, we are going to fuck her good tonight… (Full stop)… he is going on on what they are going to do to her and I send my Mrs screenshots on what he is planning (while we talked about gangbangs and tag teams, remember we are barely into the LS). She gets the message and calls it a close one, and decide for safety’s sake that she won’t go alone to any play dates and cement that we only go together, new rule.

February comes quick and she is at home. Pandemic is just starting up, clubs are still open. We have another date night and it’s Valentine’s Day. We stock up our lube (flavoured cherry is her favourite) and latex free condoms (standard and large) and decide to try another shot at the LS club (if anything we planned on putting another show on.

She has a nice tight dress that hugs her amazing curves. Her big round tits are popping, and her amazing ass is on full display in her black dress, while she some sexy lingerie and stockings on. She is so sexy and gorgeous, and super extra horny. We get into our car and drive across town to the LS club. As we are parking, we are excited and say “no expectations” and announce on the site we will be at this club.

We walk in it’s winter out, it’s cold and slippery and make it to the door. We look up these stairs and say “we can turn back and go home and try this again later”. We decide “fuck it” let’s go upstairs!

(Part 2 will come later).


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