First Time
May 10, 2020

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I always thought of myself as “normal”, whatever that is. A straight guy that was never shy about being naked in front of people and loved a beautiful woman, especially with nice small tits and a nice ass. I was never really into big boobs, “more than a mouthful is a waste”. Then one day I was introduced to a cock without any discussion or even being asked, it was thrust upon me so to speak. During a threesome, I had the other guys cock pushed into my mouth. At first, I pulled back, but he grabbed my head and pulled it toward his softening cock… while her pussy was above me and she was enjoying my cock in her mouth… I took his cock and began to suck.

It didn’t take long and he began to enlarge in my mouth, it was an unbelievable feeling, one I had never experienced before. It was over far too quickly though. As his cock grew in size, became stiff and hard, he pulled out of my mouth and placed it back inside her wet pussy just above me. He left me wanting more of his cock as I watched him penetrate my wife’s pussy deep with his beautiful cock. His balls were slapping on my face with every thrust. Then, his juices started to drip from the lips of her pussy as he filled my wife with his thick warm white cum. He seemed to just keep pumping his seed deep inside her, it began to flow – not just drip – I opened my mouth and caught some on my tongue.

My wife had no idea what had transpired behind her, moments ago, while she knelt in the doggy position and my Mate fucked her from behind and I lay under her watching the action up close. She never knew that his cock entered my mouth, or that I truly had the best time of my life sucking a cock for the first time ever.

I didn’t suck a cock again for a long time, and it took a while before I told her about that experience, even though I thought about it a lot. It seemed that every dream I had from that day forward – involved me having a cock just thrust into my mouth without any warning. It seemed that I began to wish that someday a guy would just rape me and face fuck me until he blew cum all over me. It actually became an obsession. I was more and more questioning my straightness. I still consider myself str8, but now with a few kinks… maybe not so str8.

The best part of this, was when I finally came clean with my wife. She was very understanding! It is every guys dream to watch two girls have sex together. Well, it seems that women are no different, they would like to see two guys blow each other too. Once we talked about it, the next step was to actually do it in front of her. Even though I had always dreamed about it since that 1st time I blew a cock, I was super nervous actually placing a cock in my mouth while she watched. However, when I actually had a chance – I was in heaven and having her watch, was actually more of a turn-on than anything. It turns out that it made her super horny too. That threesome was the hottest we ever had, and I got to clean his cock up after he fucked my wife too… that was really neat.

Now, I want a cock without her around. I want to have the cock all to myself, take it from soft to hard to exploding to full clean-up too… then be able to suck that cock after while it is soft and placid and maybe get it to slowly harden again. This is my new quest.

I started to look on-line for someone interested in having their cock sucked by a guy – no women involved – no need to reciprocate – no strings attached, just a great blow job where the guy can be str8, curious or fully bi … it doesn’t matter, I just want to have a nice clean cock with great balls to suck and play and pleasure – with no hang-ups. My wife fully supports my quest and has no intention in being involved. She may be home while I pleasure the guy, but she won’t be in the same room.

Stay tuned!

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Next story in series: STR8, TILL I BENT - Part 2

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