Oct. 12, 2020

We played together many times. We are totally on the same page.

He is about my age, same built, and same size of cock. Both pansexual... we don't care about genders, age, nor body size.

B and I have played in so many kinky ways that I am loosing track of what all we have done. Duo, trio, 4some... straight, gay or bisexual... it's always a hoot when we get to play as a "team".

B showed up to my place yesterday afternoon. We planned to spend the afternoon enjoying each other's cock. My boarder knew about our plans. She socialized a bit then walked to her quarters when she saw us getting naked. It was her cue.

I fondled his cock, he got hard real quick. Mutual masturbation led to a walk into the bedroom.

"I have a surprise for you" I said with a smile.

"Oh really? What is it?"

Without saying another word I open my armoire and reach out for what I had in mind. Turning around I present my new items I ordered from Amazon: 2 breast plates. One set of boobs are D's, the other are F's.

"Oh wow! We can play shemales!" he said with enthusiasm.

"Yup. And I even got new kinky outfits to wear". Showing the packages... "You have the choice of blue, pink, and black. Choose first".

He picked black, I chose pink.

It didn't take long to find out of excited he was. His cock was so hard once we got dressed up I had to suck it right away!

We took turn sucking and we got into 69. What I wanted the most though was feeling his cock inside me. And so did he!

He fucked me first. In doggy style, his warm hard cock felt so good inside my ass. Slow, long strokes... his tempo accelerated with time. My cock was so hard and drooling precum, I had to switch and fuck him too.

We took turns. Doggy style, missionary, sideways; we fucked and fucked for hours. I am the first one who came. I had so much to let go I could feel strong flows of cum filling his butt. Then we switched for his turn to climax. B rammed my ass fast and hard. His moaning turned into grunts, his cock was amazing inside of me. He growled and then I felt this sudden squirt. Oh Gawd! Felt so, so good!

Out of breath, sweating like crazy, we cooled off at the kitchen table. My boarder came to join us.

"Well lucky me" she said. "2 naked, sexy men by my side. I got horny listening to you guys. I had to play with my Hitachi".

We giggled. We had a drink.

Sitting on towels was a good thing because our ass kept on oozing cum.

B had to leave. However, he needed to pad his underwear to control the leak. LOL.

Picking up the towels on the chairs I realize from seeing the creampies

that we filled each other up real good.

What a great afternoon it was!

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