Jul. 22, 2020

This is a story about how I met one of the most foxiest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life.

It starts off as any other story I was at home minding my own business probably jerking off or something, I was pretty bummed out, the brat and I had broken up about a week prior when all of a sudden I got a message on KiK. I opened it up and it was a woman inquiring if I was able to deliver large packages out of town. I informed her that distance wasn't a concern, I was more worried about making sure my customers are satisfied. She had a chuckle and we struck up a silly conversation about big package delivery for a while.

We started hitting it off and eventually she asked me if I'd like to meet and I of course said yes. She was a busy lady but she had an hour where she was free on a monday night to go for a coffee. Absolutely I'll be there.

Monday night rolls around and apparently it's her daughter's gymnastics class so we have a tight schedule tonight. Parked in a busy ass crowded parking lot with no idea what this woman looks like, we never exchanged photos, I like it that way hehe. She tells me to wait in the car, she will be out in a minute.

I eagerly await her arrival, making sure everything is perfect, checking the breath, car is clean, got the seat warmer on haha.

She messages me "Brt", heart starts fluttering as I continue to wait in the car. I hear a light tap on the passenger door and get out to open the door for her and let her in. Stepping out of the car I see her, absolutely stunningly gorgeous, long wavy brown hair with the odd silver streak, big sweet smile, nice black heels, black trench coat type thing, and my absolute favourite.. stockings, she's making my knees weak already.

This is the most beautiful woman this chubby fuck has ever had the pleasure of ever spending anytime with.I greet her with a hug, open the door for her and she sits herself in, I just pinch myself, shake my head and skip to my door and get in.

We head out on our way to a Starbucks to grab some drinks and talk a bit, I cannot get over how ridiculously hot this woman is, it's almost awkward like I feel bad she's with me haha. The barista working at Starbucks was giving us looks like .. wtf? haha

She got a coffee and I grabbed a chai we sat down and started to chat for a bit, but of course I could help myself and I started to play footsies with her. She starts to giggle, she gives me this look and starts running her fingers through her hair, I wish I could smell it mmm haha. I can't help but look at her fantastic legs, those stockings, that black dress, the long necklace, she's so seductive I'm losing my goddamn mind. We keep chatting and laughing for a bit, we discuss antiques since we both have an interest and that's what her business involves.

All of a sudden she says "Well... we have 40 minutes until class is over, should we get out of here" and hits me with the striptease special, lifts one leg up high and places it over the other exposing her shaved pussy with the sexiest little landing strip, I'm dying, I'm like that wolf in those old cartoons, tongue rolling onto the table, head exploding with the sound of a steam train.


Ye-yeah we better get going." I try to get out of my mouth without drooling all over the place.

We head back to the car, me giving her bum light spanks all the way there. We get to the car and I open it, she starts to get in and I grab her by the hand and give her the ole spin, leane against the car and light tongue lip smooch, I feel her swoon, she looks me in the eyes and gives me a whiles while her hands caress the door of my car as I start to close it for her.

Running to the other side of my car I'm thinking to myself I still can't believe this is happening, how did I get so lucky, this lady is absolutely crazy sexy. I jump in the car and we start off again driving around and talking some more. I'm feeling up her sexy fit legs, she tells me she does yoga and works out regularly. I love the stockings, I'm stroking her thighs and working my way down to her kitty and start giving it some petting. She starts purring and tells me if I continue that I'm gonna have to pull over.

I drive around til I find the closest parking spot and park in the darkest spot I can find. Jumping out of the car and running around to the other side I quickly open her door and escort her to the back and get her to lay against the door and seat, I get around to the other side of the car and assume the position. I lift her legs up in the air and take her heels off, I start to bite on the arches of her feet, down to the ankles, her calves, thighs and finally that sweet cookie, I see it glistening in front of me just covered in sweet frosting and I want to like it all off.

I grab her by the thighs, use my hands to lift her knees up so they are by her head and begin to start dining on this sweet dessert, I tease her with a few light licks before I grab her thighs and spread her open. I start to kiss her all over lightly down there before focusing on placing my lips on the juicy pearl. I start licking her from bottom to top, sticking my tongue inside her, she shudders and moans. I start with my patented move, I start to make out with her clit, I lick it up with my tongue lightly and follow it up with my bottom lip then seal it with a kiss, over and over, and over. She's going crazy running her hands through her hair, moaning, body shaking, hips jerking, and can't feel her pussy clenching like its trying to make out with me.

She loudly moans to me "Oooooh I wish I could feel your cock inside me."

My ears perk up and I reach beside my seat and grab a condom.

She looks at me and gives me a disappointed smile and says "Sorry, no sex tonight."

"Dang" I think to myself before trying to go back to town, but she stops me before I get a chance to and says "That doesn't mean I don't wanna see it."

So I quickly pull down my pants and I'm sitting there in my boxers as she's rubbing herself, I begin to start grabbing at my thick bulge, rubbing it in front of her, teasing her. I stand up a bit and pull down my boxers and my cock falls down on my thigh making a light thud sound. I sit back down and she starts playing with the tip of my cock with her fingers, like she's casting a spell or something but she's playing with it. She takes a bit on her finger and gives it a taste before touching her own pussy. I sit up and start stroking myself looking into her eyes, she stares at my cock, I stare at her pussy, we look at each other as we play with ourselves for a bit before I go back to eating her pussy.

We manage to work on one last orgasm, her pussy just dripping with juice, me just wishing it was all on my tongue. I get my pants back on and sort of straighten myself out, crawl out backwards from the car and let her out and escort her to her seat. We take off back to the gymnasium smiling, giggling, holding hands.

We make it back to the class with barely time to spare, I open her door and let her out, she gives me a big ole hug and a smooch and thanks me for the wonderful night. I give her a pat on the bum and she's off.

"Wow." I think to myself, too bad I will never see her again probably and let out a depressed chuckle.

I message her that I got home safe and sound and she replies "Thank you for the wonderful night."

I respond "Thank you too that was a lot of fun :)"

I'm a weirdo, I don't like to constantly message women I will send one or two last messages and if I don't hear anything I leave them alone. So I thought that was the end of that, but then a few days go by and I receive a message which I perceive to be her being a bit upset.

"So what, I wasn't good enough?" it read

I responded in honest detail about how I thought she was way out of my league and how I thought she would only want that one time thing with me. I manage to smooth things over with her, it's an honest mistake I wouldn't willingly turn away a woman that's absolutely nuts, and she agrees to have me over to her place one night.

The night arrives, I park around back and make my way up to the door and give it a knock, the door opens and she is standing there and I instantly have the biggest smile I cannot stop grinning. I walk on in and she has this gigantic smile as well, she's twirling her hair in her fingers , looks at me and says with that big smile on her face "Hey there." all sultry like wearing a black slick nightie on, some fancy long ass beaded necklace and the goddamn stocking, I shouldn't have told her my weakness.

She grabs me a glass of water, escorts me to the bed room, she lays down in her bed and I waste no time and begin to start running my hands all over her toned body, it's so incredible. I run my fingertips across her skin, making intermittent skips to act as light tickles, I'll lean in and lick her skin and quickly blow on it, giving her a quick cooling sensation, watching goosebumps form, her moans get louder.

Her back arches, legs flail, head whips back and forth as I start to have another make out session with her sexy freshly shaved pussy. While I dine on her I continue to run my fingers all along her thighs, calves, ankles, I grab her feet and start massaging them as I eat her out and she starts losing it. Her body starts to quiver and shake. I know she's cumming but I keep going anyway til those gorgeous thighs are squeezing my head like a melon and she's giggling up a storm as I continue licking her.

I jump up and get beside her and we cuddle for a bit, start chat and not even five minutes later she's pawing at my bulge trying to get me hard, I say to her "Don't poke the bear."

"What if I want the bear to poke me? Roar" she says.

I snicker and slide myself down the bed again and start chomping at her coochie, she gives me a little "YIP!"

I look her in the eyes and ask her "You wanna ride my face?"

I think she was a bit flabbergasted at first, didn't know what to think but after a few seconds she said "Sure why not."

I get up off the bed, try and do a strip tease to the best of my ability, then gracefully slide myself back up the bed and lay down, throw the pillows all on the floor, that's when she stands up and get directly above me and gets to lower herself down on top of my face. That warm pie just resting on my tongue I start licking and she grabs onto the window sill, her gorgeous naked body barely hiding from the public through thin curtains.

I feel her juice run down my tongue, her hips rocking side to side, back to front, going in a circle on my face. I'm staring into her eyes and her into mine as she watches me licking her pussy and enjoying it ever so much. That's when I feel her reach over for something I hear a little click, a squirt and another click. When I am scaroused by a firm, oily grip on my cock. She starts with one hand, kinda octopusing my head with her finger tips before wrapping one hand around it, then both hands around it and starts jerking me off.

The yoga lessons are paying off, cause next thing I know she has a fantastic grip on my cock with her mouth and I am mumbling under my breath as I suffocate under this delicious vagina. She's sucking the tip of my cock, nibbling on it, licking it all the while keeping a good firm stroke going, I'm losing it. That's when things get any more intense for me, she takes her long beaded necklace, starts wrapping it around my dick and starts jerking me off with it. Holy fuck, what am I experiencing, its like one of those old beaded seat cushions but for your dick. I am about to erupt and I don't care it feels so god damn good.

I let her know I'm about to cum and she says "Not yet, just a little longer" after her legs start flapping like a bird, I can feel her whole body trembling again.

This time I tell her I am cumming and there is no stopping it, I ejaculate like ten feet straight up in the air and it falls back down eeeeeeverywhere. I try covering my face with my forearm like gah, but I still get shrapnel again. We tidy each other up and lay back down and cuddle for a bit but Jesus christ ten minutes later she's pawing at my dick again and its getting hard.. again.

She opens a drawer and says "I wanted to waited again but, I gotta try this out." and pulls out a condom. I put it on and she saddles me up, slowly easing herself down onto my thick shaft. The look on her face and the gasps on her breath as she starts to rock herself on top of me, she has to collect herself as she can't believe how thick I am. I watch her slowly work herself up to an orgasm before I throw her off me and lay her on the bed.

I get on top and ease myself deep inside her, I have her knees by her head and getting deep inside her once more, she pulls me in for kisses and tells me to "keep going just like that harder and deeper" so I oblige her and pick up that pace.

I wrap my arms around her and bear hug her as I just begin to start slamming her, my balls flying up in the air and hammering back down on her taint. Her pussy just clenching around my think shaft I can take anymore I tell her I'm going to cum again just as she going to and I drain my balls into my condom so deep inside her she clutches me close and just starts to trembles, she finally releases me and collapses here.

We laid there and chatted for a bit but eventually I had to take off since she had to get to sleep. We have a hug and kiss good night at the door and say our goodbyes, I drive home and message her when I get there that I made it home safe.

She invited me back to her place a couple days later and we eventually became a regular thing for almost a year til she had to move to Alberta. She was a fantastic lover, wasn't afraid to use me like a fuck toy and I loved it.