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Anonymous 9 months ago

Improving My Swing

Where improving your swing at a golf course takes on a new meaning

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Improving My Swing It was a hot sticky day. The boys were off golfing and you were left to read your book. Sitting in the air condition club house was ideal if it weren't for Deandra. Deandra was one of those moms. She loved to talk, but mostly complain. She was the type you took small doses of at a time. With today's heat, a lesser dose was even better. The car has air conditioning you thought. You could escape for an hour at least. As you walk to your car you are now glad you parked at the edge of the parking lot. It was farthest from the club but it was next to dense trees and brush which provided shade in the vehicle. You were also glad you had dressed for the weather. You had decided on the light sundress at the last moment. Now, it seemed like a good choice. As you stroll to your car you notice a small, wrapped box sitting on the trunk of your car. You look around but see no one as you pick up the box. It has a lavender colour paper with a rose ribbon. It has no name or anything about who it may be for, but you smile. You know who it is from. The only thing on the box is a red umbrella. You open and get into your car with anticipation. You turn the car on so the air condition unit turns on. You look around but the parking lot is completely empty of people, just metal beasts awaiting their owners. You caress the box tenderly knowing it is from me. You take hold of the ribbon to pull it off. You are startled when your phone begins to chime. ‘Not now’ you think to yourself but you decide you better check just in case. You look and smile. “Did you get my gift?” I ask. “Yes, I am holding it right now. I was about to open it. Where are you?” you ask as you again look around to search. “Nearby,” I playfully reply. “Unwrap your gift.” “Okay,” you answer. You put your phone on speaker and place it on the console allowing you to use both hands. You gingerly remove the rose ribbon, then pull at the lavender paper. You can actually smell lavender as you are doing this. You smell the paper and realize it is scented. You remove the paper to reveal a decorative cherry wood box about the size of a hardcover book. In fact, the idea that it was a book had crossed your mind first. This was unexpected. “It is beautiful!” you finger the smooth wood with ornate carvings. “The box is not the true gift. It is what is inside,” I reply. You notice a latch on the box. “May I open it?” “Yes,” I reply. You unhook the latch and open it. Inside you find a green silk cloth…but something is wrapped in it. You lift the silk cloth out and smile as the cool feel of silk drapes against your skin. You peel away the cover to reveal a tantalizing blue device. For the first time, you begin to squirm in you seat as you recognize the toy. “Nice,” you pick it up from its silk nest. It is made of smooth silicon and shaped with a medium size cock but with a second end that has a large “bulb”. You have seen this before and realize where the “bulb” goes as you see a small vibrator attached to it. You are curious to know where the cock part will be going. “You now know what to do next,” my voice instructs from your phone. “Now? Here?” you look around to see if anyone has entered the lot but you are alone. Who would want to linger in a hot parking lot with a cool clubhouse down the way? “Yes,” I reply calmly. You can feel your wetness. You push the button and you feel the soft vibration. You push the button again to feel a stronger vibration. Your thighs part involuntarily as you imagine the effect of such a vibration. You push the button again and feel its total capacity before you toggle it back to its resting state. “Tell me what you are doing. Be my eyes,” I say. “Okay,” you reply as you look around one last time. “I am reaching up to remove my panties. I am sliding them down my thighs and down to my ankles.” You can see your own wetness in your panties. You place them under the seat for now. “I am very aroused right now.” “That was the goal,” I reply. “I part my legs pulling up my dress. I am glistening wet,” you run your fingers through your moistness. An electric shock of pleasure fires through your pelvis. “I am touching myself. I feel extremely turned on. Where are you?” “I am close by. You are super sexy! Yes, play with yourself a little,” my voice encourages you. You rub your now swollen clit and you spread your legs farther apart so that one leg is on the other side. You close your eyes for a second feeling the escape of bliss. “It is time,” I say suddenly, pulling you back from no return. “Ok,” you manage to gasp out. You take the gift and bring it down to your wetness. You use it to massage your clit. “I am coating my toy with my juices. It is glistening now. I am rubbing it against my clit. Oh, God that feels good. Okay. I am going to insert the lower half into my very wet pussy. Oh, yes. It slides in easily. The top half is resting on top of my clit and looks weird have a cock. Alright, here goes level one.” You push the button and you feel the vibrations immediately. You squeal in delight and almost squeeze out the device. You recompose yourself and insert it back in. You can feel the small nubs vibrating on your g-spot while the outer half assaults your clit. Without warning you have a firecracker orgasm that shoots through your lower body. You gasp out loudly. Part of you feels like you should be looking to see if anyone is nearby but you are falling deeper into sweet escape. “Level Two,” I instruct. You push the button a second time knowing what is coming. The pleasure rips through you violently as you grab the steering wheel. You cum immediately and you are now panting. It feels so good…it has been so long. Yes, your mind is becoming foggy as the pleasure dominates your senses. You are forced to reach down between your legs to hold the toy in place due to your excessive wetness. Liquid trickling down your thigh. “Level Three,” you hear my voice again. You hesitate. You are in bliss. Your vagina is tensing with each wave of pleasure emanating from the toy. Level three will be a lot and you know it. “Level Three,” I say again waking you from your orgasmic induced state of euphoria. You comply and push the button one more time. The strong vibration caused you to scream in delight and you lift your pelvis to meet the vibrations. You close your eyes as the flood rages through your body. Your vagina is violently convulsing as you squeal more time shooting your juices onto the mat of the car. You buck up and down, letting the orgasm flow through you repeatedly. You grab the steering wheel tightly as the convulsions intensify. You let go of the toy to balance yourself, allowing it to slip out slowly. You don’t care as the last of the orgasmic waves washes over you. “Still with me?” my voice breaks through the wall. “Yeah…mostly,” you reply. You collapse into your seat, legs apart with your juices dripping down your thigh. “Good. After you clean up, come to the clubhouse. We still have 40 minutes.” “What’s next?” you ask as you begin to wipe yourself. “Come see,” I reply playfully. You wipe yourself as best as you can but knowing that there was more still left you wet. You lean over and re-package your toy into its box. You decide it might be good to bring along. You look in the mirror just to make sure you are presentable and get out of the car. You look back and notice your panties still on the other seat. You pick them up and stuff them in your purse. As you walk towards the clubhouse you are smiling. You enter the clubhouse and see it is moderately populated with golfers just finishing their rounds. You feel your phone buzz. You recognize the number. “Where are you?” you ask. “Ask one of the servers where the Club Domina Torrent is meeting?” I reply. You manage to find a server who will listen to you. You ask her where the Club Domina Torrent is meeting. She tells you they are meeting in one of the back conference rooms. She volunteers to escort you back there. You follow her down a small hallway to a closed door. These conference rooms must be for those high-powered meetings after a round of golf. You chuckle to yourself and smile. The server opens the door allowing you to enter. You walk in expecting to find me…but not quite. You look around as you see three other men dressed semi-casual sitting around the board table. They are all seated at the far end of the table and talking with each other as they drink their glasses of beer. Their chatter stops as you walk in and the door closes behind you. Suddenly you feel a little awkward as you feel your wetness leaking down your thigh again. One of the men smiles but then his phone goes, and he answers it. He simply nods and says yes and then hangs up. He says something to the other two men. You are about to turn and leave feeling this must be the wrong room. “Please don’t go,” the man with the phone stands up. “I was asked to welcome you and that your partner shall be here shortly. Come sit down,” as he motions to the head of the large wooden conference table. For a moment, you stand there hesitant, not sure what to do as you feel your wetness oozing out of you. Then you hear your phone buzz and you look at it. “Trust me. Have a seat.” is all it says. You put your phone in your purse, take a deep breath and look up at the three men to smile. You begin to walk around to the head of the table and all three men rise from their chairs. You notice immediately the growing bulges in their pants and the intent of this meeting is becoming more and more evident. Still, you are not sure how far you are willing to take this but a part of you is extremely aroused having the three men watching you. You walk over to the table and place your purse and gift box down. Before you could sit down, the door opens, and I enter locking the door behind me. I freeze at the door as I take in how sexy you look. A very big smile breaks across my face. “I’m glad you could make it,” you smile playfully. “It seems we now have a full quorum.” I stroll up to you by the table. “We want to make sure people believe there is an actual meeting happening. Don’t want people getting the wrong idea about what we are doing in here,” I smile as I put my hand around your hips. “And exactly what are we doing in here?” you question as you look around at the three men who have now seated themselves. “We are having a board meeting of course,” I reply. “Oh, we are,” as you notice my bulge. “So, what is on the agenda first?” “We should start with minutes from the last meeting,” I reply as take your hand and move it to my hardness pushing through my Khaki shorts. You look around at the three strangers who now have begun to rub their own bulges. Your level of arousal has begun to rise more than you had expected. Something naughty about all of this makes it even hotter for you. You realize that this was going to happen. You smile and give in to your urges and growing curiosity. “Agreed,” you slide down onto your knees in front of me. You unzip my shorts to reveal my hard cock. You smile and look up to me, “No underwear,” as you stroke my cock slowly. “Had a feeling I may not need them.” “Good call,” as you lean in and kiss my tip with your lips. You work your way all around the head before licking the underneath of my shaft all the way down to my scrotum. You tenderly take one of my balls into your warm mouth as you reach up and massage the other. You suck softly and I am forced to balanced myself on the table. You look around every once in awhile and notice as the three men now have pulled out their own cocks and are massaging them as well. You feel the wetness between your legs getting worse. You return your attention back to the task in front of you as you release my ball and slide back up my shaft to the head again. You kiss the tip but this time you take it into your mouth gently. I can feel your tight lips wrapped around my head as it slides deeper into your mouth. Your hand reaches up to the base of my cock and you begin to pump my shaft as you move your lips back and forth along my hardness. I can only moan as I run my fingers through your hair. The sensations ripple through my groin as you use your amazing oral skills to keep me captivated. With the greatest of will power I manage to pull away from your grip. “I think we have completed the old minutes. We should maybe talk about old business,” I smile. “Yes, agreed again,” as you reach out to grab my hard cock. “Nah, nah, nah,” I grab your hand and lift you up to a standing position. You enthusiastically reach for my stiffness again. “I don’t think so,” I gently maneuver you backwards onto the table. I manage to push your dress top to one side as I reach in to massage your left breast. I lift your dress up, slide down onto one knee and lean into your wetness. I flick my tongue across your swollen clit. Back and forth before sucking in your clit into my warm mouth. I tug on it gently before letting it escape. I assault it again with flicks of my tongue and then lick down your crevice tasting all your sweetness that has been escaping. Your thighs glisten with your wetness. You let out soft moans as your pleasure begins to escalate. You glance to the side to see your audience approving of the new performance as they pump their hard cocks. This only turns you on even more. I notice your gift box next to you and I reach out to retrieve your gift. As I lick your clit, I easily slide your blue toy back into your well lubricated pussy. You lift your hips to meet the penetration knowing what is about to come. I push the button once and your body quivers violently as your orgasm snaps through your body. My tongue continues to work around the blue toy. My tongue can feel the vibrations and you shudder with ecstasy as it stimulates both your g-spot and clit. I stand up between your legs but make sure not to let your toy slip out. I place the tip of my stiff cock on your wet vulva lips. I coat my tip with your juices as you anticipate my next move. “Yes, yes, yes,” you reach out for me. I step forward and slide my cock into your wet pussy underneath your blue toy. I can feel the vibrations as I push my hardness deeper into you. You reach up and grasp my shoulders to pull yourself up. I kiss you on the lips as your vagina gets use to a cock and a “little more”. My tongue disappears into your mouth as I gently begin to pull out of your pussy. But before I completely withdraw and push back again deeper into your vagina walls with the vibrator assaulting you continuously. You clutch me tightly as you feel a big orgasm building. Our lips, tongues dancing as moans escape intermittently. The three strangers have now stood up and around the table watching intently with their hard-ons. My hips meeting your thrusts with the added pleasure of the vibration enhancing both our pleasures. I feel your tense as your legs wrap around me as you lean back and moan in overwhelming pleasure. The waves of pleasure floods you rapidly and consecutively. You look to each side to see yourself surrounded and reach out to grab a random cock. You begin to pump it as you feel mine deep inside. You thrust into my cock even more vigorously. Your ambrosia spilling out onto the table but you don’t care. You let the experience continue to wash over you as you lean back onto the table. It is bliss. You think to yourself that this would be one hell of a board meeting! I pull out and let your blue companion slide out gracefully. You are laying on the table panting and drugged with euphoria. You are the center piece of this table, delectable and very sexy! I come around the table and lean down onto the table so I am close to your right ear. I whisper, “Now for the new business.” As you lay on the table in all of your splendor, I maneuver the top of your dress down revealing just your breasts. You lay there complacent and allow me to have my way…for the moment at least. You playfully toy with the stranger’s cock as I play with you. I begin to trace my finger through your hair and down the side of your face. I am fascinated with the beauty of your eyes. My fingers slide across your moist lips and you kiss them as the move across. I drop my fingers down to your cheekbones and then left shoulder. They find their way to your breast and circle around it. “Stunning,” I muse out loud. “You think so?” “Yes, they are perfect and are perfect for playing,” I continue to circle it but work my fingers up to your nipple. “I also bet they are very sensitive to touch,” my finger touches your nipple lightly and electric shock of pleasure shoots through your body and you moan softly. “Theory confirmed,” I smile as I continue to play with your erect nipple. “I wonder how much it can take,” as continue to flick it and then roll it between my fingers. I lean in and blow on it softly with my warm breath. You close your eyes and fall into the sweet blanket of pleasure arising throughout your body. I reach down between your legs and move your skirt aside. My hand works upward until it meets your moist vagina. My one hand begins to play with your clit while the other massages and teases your breast. You moan and groan in soft ecstasy as the experience of pleasure embraces you and guides you to higher heights. You reach out and clutch my shoulder firmly as you feel yourself escalating. My fingers tenderly penetrate your very wet pussy. They glide in and probe your inside walls for that one spot that makes all the difference. You suddenly lift your hips off the table to meet my deep penetration and I know I have found it. You involuntarily release your grip on the extra cock much to his chagrin. I move my lubricated fingers back and forth across this spot as continue to tease your nipples. “God, you are so sexy,” I whisper close to your ear as you writhe in pleasure. “I love watching your naked body move in such pleasure. I think these gentlemen do as well.” You open your eyes and look around to see them nodding. You have noticed they have all disrobed. You look into my eyes and see my passion for you. You smile and reach out to grab my hardness. You take firm hold of it and begin to massage it. I can’t help but let a call of pleasure escape my lips as your hand proves skillful in its way of pleasuring. You lean into me and whisper into my ear this time, ”Fuck me!” Said in a direct but most sexiest voice. I could not disobey such a request. I pull away from your grip and release my assault on your breasts and pussy. I work around to the end of the table and I reach out for your hands. You reciprocate and take hold of mine. I pull you up to a sitting position at the very edge of the table. The smile and look in your eyes make you completely irresistible and so very hot! I pull you into my body and kiss you deeply and passionately. I hold you tight to my body. I can feel your hand down between us playing with my erection making sure it is not lost prematurely. I pull away from our embrace and tug on your hands to pull you away from the table’s edge. I then take hold of your shoulders and flip you around so you are facing away from me and towards the table. I push you and the top part of your body is forced down onto the table. Your breasts are met with the smooth, wet wooden table. Your nipples rubbing against the red cherry wood as you move ever so slightly. I grab your dress and flick it up above your waist, exposing your wetness. I spread your legs a little farther apart. The men have stepped right up to the conference table with two on one side and one the other. Their stiff cocks on full display but you are anticipating something far more familiar. You look back and smile in anticipation. You feel something hard run along the crevice of your pussy. Back and forth it moves. Your juices coating it thoroughly. Then it stops before your opening and you purr softly and begin to push backwards onto it. You feel yourself being impaled by my stiff cock. You work backwards all the way to the base. Then I begin to move in and out of you, slow at first. You move your hips in perfect unison with my thrusts maximizing your pleasure. I push deep inside and can’t resist the pleasures of your wetness and I begin to move quicker in my movement. I can feel myself getting lost in the growing waves of physical bliss. “Yes, yes,” you beg. I pull on your hips to pull your closer and deeper. In and out until I feel your body quivering beneath my own as you clutch the table. I can hear you muffle your orgasmic delight as I feel your juices spray down my legs. I can feel myself approaching the point of no return. But you can sense my approaching climax and you push back on me quickly and abruptly. I stagger back and I pull out inadvertently. “Not yet,” you roll over and sit up on the edge of the table. “Really?” I smile knowing you were up to something. You hop off the table and grab my hips. You kiss me on the lips softly and tenderly, “Your turn.” You maneuver me to the table and flip me around so I am facing away from you and along the table. You push me so I am bent over the table. You spread my legs apart. I can see that mischievous smile. “Are you ready to let yourself go?” you coo. “Definitely,” I reply. You reach over and grab your blue toy. You pull across your wet vulva to lubricate it. Then making sure everyone in the room could see that you were the one in control now, you ease the “bulb” up into your wet pussy. I can hear a soft gasp as it finally pops in all the way. You take the long blue shaft protruding out and lift it up to my ass cheeks. You lean forward and slowly push the one part into my tight anus. You wiggle it in until it pops all the way in. I can feel it sitting up against my prostate deep inside. My cock is throbbing with anticipation. You glance around to the men standing around the table watching the proceedings. “Boys are you are merely going to stand around?” you tease. They obey your orders immediately. One takes a four-legged chair and places up onto the conference table straddling my sprawled body. He faces the chair sitting towards you. He climbs up onto the table, avoiding stepping on me and sits in the chair like a king, right in front of you as you fuck my ass. His large cock throbbing in front of your face. You lean forward to lick the tip. It bounces in reaction. You lick it again and it jumps in gratitude. Then you apply your lips to the very tip, kissing it ever so softly. But gently you begin to suck with your tongue working on the extreme tip. Your sucking begins to draw it into your mouth a little at a time. He thrusts forward feeling your warm mouth circling his full erection. In the meantime, a second stranger gets up onto the conference table and sits down in front of me as I lay face down on the table arms spread out. He opens his legs revealing his hardness. He shimmies closer to me until his cock is in my face. He takes the head and positions it in my mouth. I slowly open it and allow it to slide in. I can feel the blood coursing through his muscle as he begins to thrust it in and out of mouth. All this while feeling you penetrating my ass with your blue cock. You push the button once and I feel it vibrate against my prostate. I clutch the table as the pleasure cascades quickly. You reach down and begin to pump my cock. My mind is lost in the multiple sensations flooding my body. But suddenly you stop pumping my cock, still holding it, in fact, holding it even tighter. I let the stranger’s cock pop out briefly so I can look back to see what has distracted you. I can barely see but the third stranger is behind you. I nod knowing that he has probably just put his cock into your tight ass and you were busy adjusting to his size. Then after a brief minute I feel your hand stroking me again and I can feel more thrusting power than before as you fuck my ass. I can guess it is due to the third stranger ramming you into me. The second stranger slips his cock back into my mouth as he feels I was not quite done. It is the first stranger who explodes first all over your face and droppings onto the lower part of my back. I can feel the warmth and stickiness and hear his panting. The second stranger begins to thrust his cock more quickly as he rolls his head back. I can hear him grunting and then cursing. I can feel his member swelling and throbbing. He then pulls out at the very last minute to splash my face with his warm, sticky goo. It runs down my face. At the same time, I can hear, “Oh, yeah, fuck yeah.” The third stranger does not waste his load as he comes deep into your ass filling it with sticky warmth. He steps back gently withdrawing his cock and letting it pop out of your tight anus. White sperm comes oozing out with it onto the floor. This has inspired you more as you thrust harder and faster, milking my cock fervently. The pleasure is too overpowering, and I gasp in ecstasy as I shoot my load all over the floor beneath the table. The toy slides out easily. It is now me laying on the table totally spent. The strangers hop off the table smiling and chatting contently amongst themselves. I lay motionless. You walk over to where I lay and snuggle up. You smile and then whisper, “Meeting adjourned?” I kiss you and respond, “Second the motion.”

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