Jul. 7, 2020

I was on another site looking for adult friends when I struck up a conversation with a 54 year old woman. She was looking for a friend in the bedroom and outside we ended up chatting for a while then we finally decided to meet. She invited me over to her house one evening.

"Doors unlocked, let yourself in." She texts me.

I knock on the door and let myself in "Hello?" I say into a long narrow stair case.

I am greeted with a "Hello darling, take your shoes off, lock the door and come on up."

I happily oblige, almost skipping up the stairs. I remove my jacket and hat and she asks if I would like a drink "water please" I respond. She was a nice looking older lady, nice tanned Italian skin, gold chain with the cross on it, long gorgeous black hair with streaks of white in it, nice chest, nice legs wearing a black negligee, she looked great, she was a short stack one of my favorite types of play toys.

She guides me to the couch and makes me sit, I grab a coaster for my water and we sit and chat. She tells me about her life and for how old she, she has had a very unfulfilling her sex life until her later 40s. She was in a relationship and for religious reasons the husband wouldnt fuck her unless it had a purpose.

Eventually they end up getting divorced and she let her freak flag fly, started getting tied up, flogging, loved to suck cock on road trips with her ass pressed against the window but her Dom didnt want to play anymore. I'm listening to her and thinking I wish I could find a girl like that my own age. We continue talking as I'm running my fingers all along her skin, softly blowing onto her neck, listening to her softly moan in anticipation.

She asks me if I would like to go to the bed room, I respond "Of course"

She escorts me to the bedroom and slowly starts removing my clothes running her fingers along my body and moans. Her finger running through my chest hair, she gently places her face against my chest and let's out a purr. She drops my pants and starts pawing at my underwear "Red, my favourite colour " she whispers in my ear, as she starts tearing them down and begins to play with my cock and balls like they where a set of dice moaning all the while.

"Come over here" she says, softly grabbing my hand and laying me down on to her four post bed covered in towels for some reason.

"Well I am impressed" she tells me

"By what?" I inquire

"Your cock soft is bigger than most mens when they are hard"

"Oh please, I bet you say that to all the boys" I tell her as she then places her mouth around my member you can hear her moaning with delight as I fill up her mouth up fully.

"This is going to be fun" she tells me

She continues to have me in her mouth, giving me one if the most sensual blowjobs I had ever received. She was enamored with my cock giving all the attention listening to her moan as she was pleasuring me was quite the turn on, long fluid strokes, and her tongue skills didnt hurt either.

I tell her it's her turn as I pick her up and place her on the bed. I lift her legs and little black negligee up before I spread her soaking wet pussy and place my tongue on her glistening pearl. She grabs at her chest as I wrap her thighs around my face and continue to pull her close to me, my tongue penetrating her ever so deeper. She starts howling as I lick her pussy from top to bottom on stopping to suck on her clit for a second.

Eventually it's time for the main event, she readies herself for my girthy member, I place the tip gently on her and slowly begin to penetrate her, I see shes gripping the blankets tighter and tighter. I thrust myself harder and harder, just listening to her scream.

I flip her over and put her on all fours, granny has a nice plump bum. I position myself again and ask her "How do you want it, hard and fast or nice and slow?"

"Hard as you can give it to me", We got a champ her folks.

I get the tip on my cock just inside this womans pussy and its hungry, like her pussy is pulling me in. I grab her by the hips and just start giving it to this old lady shes let's out the loudest screams, shes calling out for god, I'm losing it too I can feel her pussy writhing on my cock deep inside her, I get my leg on the bed and get even deeper down in her, she cant take anymore she proceeds to just starts squirting everywhere, she was well prepared ahead of time with the towels I can't help myself, I'm going to cum as well.

I pull out with so much force this old lady collapses and I roll her around onto her back and just cover her entire body with my man fluid. She starts to rub it all over her chest and skin. "That was wonderful she tells me"

We collect ourselves and hang out on her bed for a bit longer chatting for a while before I decide to head out. I'm getting my hat and coat on when she comes out in her negligee and asks "I just made some turkey soup would you like to take some home? You dont need to worry about bringing me back the container"

Not one to turn down a free home cooked meal I childishly reply "Uhhh yes please."

"I didnt put salt in it so when you get home make sure you season it."

I look at her and nod and say "Of course" but mean while I'm thinking to myself "Yes mommy".

She escorts me back down the stairs and hands me a ginger ale, I have no idea where she was hiding it. "Take this too for the road incase you get thirsty"

She kisses me on the cheek and thanks me for a wonderful time and says we should do it again, I agree with her and we continued to meet up occasionally for a while.

Those older ladies, such caregivers.