Jul. 8, 2020

A tale of old, back when Craigslist was still around.

Shortly after I had broken up with my ex, I started chatting with a lady that had come across my ad and was interested in my dick. She was an older nurse, 47, single and looking to be stretched out. I replied that I would gladly help her out with getting a nice vaginal stretching.

It's a cold night in the middle of a blizzard when I show up at this ladies door, make sure it's the side door not the front she tells me, I need to go to the basement. I give a light tap on the door and a gorgeous older blonde milf in a pixie cut opens the door wearing a sky blue negligee. I introduce myself and proceed to walk in the door, and take off my shoes then she quickly escorts me into the basement and onto the couch.

She sits on my lap and we chat a bit as my hand works its way up her smooth thighs and onto her freshly shaven pussy where I rub her juicy pearl while she tries to continue conversing with me. She says she wants me to eat her pussy, I oblige. I grab her legs and pull her forward til her ass is over the edge, spread this fantastic legs and proceed to lick her juicy pussy up and down, sucking on that moist pearl listening to her moan when all of a sudden I feel a warm liquid on my face.

"Um.. excuse me... did you just squirt in my face?"

"Sorry" she replies coyly " I'm a bit of a squirter"

"You dont say" I think to myself as I'm wiping off my face.

I clean myself off and she leans off and start undoing my pants.

"Let's see if this thing was photoshopped" as my cock flops out infront of her a big grin beams across her face. "Oh my" grasps it with both hands and proceeds to start cramming it into her face hole, her bony little hands milking my cock ever so hard.

I pick her up and position her on the couch doggystyle and proceed to get myself prepared to stretch old this poor woman like she requested but as I inch myself inside her she tells me we need to be quiet cause her 27 and 18 year old sons are upstairs.

Uh oh.... challenge mode engaged. Before she could even finish her sentence I slam what's left of my thick cock deep inside her and she instantly howls, her hands not fast enough to cover her mouth. Shes gives me the look of you fucker I love it but dont you dare, but I did anyway cause I can be a prick. I just proceed to utterly ravage this poor woman she doesnt know what to do, keep her mouth covered or use her hands to support herself from this brutal onslaught of thick cock. Eventually I give her a helping hand as I reach out and cover her mouth, let her finally let out her screams as she starts squirting all over my cock spraying out from behind her. I tell her I'm going to cum and I ask her where she wants it and she doesn't care shes already tapped out, so I just throw her over and cum all over her pretty negligee. She said that was fun, and I'm an asshole but she loved it.

I clean myself up and proceed to the door to leave and she asks me if I'm hungry, not really but she sets me up with left over pot roast, and some buns what a sweet heart, a good fucking and some food, what a lady, knows the way to my heart.