Jul. 9, 2020

I've never had any luck on Tinder, I'm not pretty enough for that app. But there was an occasion where I did match up with a woman my age on there. She was home for the Christmas holidays and just looking to get out from her parents house, story of my life there. We decided I would pick her up at her parents home and we would go out to this goofy craft beer pub since she was one of those hipster kind of girls.

So the following night after we match I go to her parents and pick her up. I'm standing outside by my car waiting for her, she's approaching me and I see she has gorgeous long brown curly hair, beautiful deep emerald green eyes, lovely large chest, I was a goner.

We go to the bar, sit down, each order a beer and we chat about her schooling and how she wants to be a child psychologist and my budding apprenticeship. I mention to her its not really my scene and she asks me what is, so we end up at Call the Office, grab some 50's and start dancing to all the punk and metal happening. I keep grabbing at, pulling her into me letting her know I was feeling her and she was feeling me back.

We went outside to cool off and I immediately pressed her up against the fence and started fondling her as my tongue was going deep down her throat. She pulls away from me and bites on my neck and says "I love a man that knows what he wants" and looks and me and then starts looking at my jacket "Whats with all these pockets what would you ever need them for" as I slap her hands while shes trying to open my flaps. "They're just they're for style I don't know" I reply laughing "Its a bit chilly out, how about we go back inside'

She reply's "Its getting late we better get me home"

That's when I started to think I had swung out tonight.

So we get back in my car and we are driving and I'm stroking her leg and she says wants to check out her old elementary school so I say sure I have nothing better to do. We park its fairly busy for that time at night close to 2am but we go for a stroll around the school then she pushes me into a cubby in the wall of the school, squats down rips down my pants and proceeds to devour my entire cock. I have have the look of a deer in head lights at this point.

I'm standing there in the corner keeping look out while this girl is drooling all over the play ground, I cant take it I gotta return the favour, I lift her up and take her to a set of stairs that are right beside us, I take off one leg of her pants off and just start dining on that pussy, oh it was beautiful, a lovely patch of pubes.

After I feel her writhe on my tongue I stand up and tell her I'm going to fuck her nice and hard on these church steps but she looks me dead in the eye and says "Sorry, not without a condom."

"Well lady, you know those goofy little pockets you where making fun of, I got some right here" I pull them out and I think she got even more turned on at the fact I was prepared to fuck her right then and there.

Shes on her back on the church steps, lifts her legs in the air and I slide myself deep inside her, she grabs me close not knowing what to expect, I'm using the cement stairs to just bury myself deep inside her. I'm pounding away for awhile now and shes screaming "Oh my god" over and over on the steps of this church and I'm yelling "Jesus Christ I'm going to fucking cum" and she whispers in my ear she wants me to cum deep inside me, I'm triggered, I can feel my cock instantly swell and launch my seed deep inside her as I collapse onto of her on the steps of this church. We lay there for a minute collecting ourselves before struggling to put her one pant leg on. She stands up kisses me and says "Wow, well that was alot of fun" "I couldn't agree more myself" I reply.

I escort her back to my car and I drive her home to her parents what a complete turn around was fist pumping all the way home. Never hurts to be prepared.