Jul. 7, 2020

This story starts like many of my others, a woman got ahold of me after seeing my ad on Craigslist. We chatted for a bit I asked what she was looking for and I guess the husband wasnt able to give her what she wanted at home. I was a bit hesitant at first you know cause, well, I use to have morals and I would think wow I cant imagine my girl going behind my back for some dick and I'd feel bad doing that to that poor guy. But after some deliberation I decided to go for, I mean if I didnt , some other guy would anyway. She invited me over after the husband went to work and all the kids left for school for the day.

So I arrive and park, go up to the door and knock... I wait... no answer.. I'm getting nervous, just waiting for some angry husband to answer the door with an axe or something. Then I notice I'm just at the wrong number... fuuuucking idiot.

I finally go to the right place and she opens the door. Cute native girl couple years older than me, wearing just her little navy blue negligee, long black hair, tattooed allover, nice thin body let's me in and introduces herself and I say "Hi."

She tells me we gotta be quiet she doesnt want anyone to know I'm here. I dont want to tell her I already failed that mission objective haha.

We talk for a bit and get to know each other, shes sitting at the edge of her bed and I'm sitting in a chair across the room when she asks me to come over. I walk over to her and stand infront of her as she unzips my pants and starts to play with my bulge before pulling my boxers down and placing the tip on my cock in my mouth, playing with it like some sort of lollipop.

I push her onto her back and smooch my way down the nice thin legs to her beauty shaven kitty and give it a few kisses before I spread it wide open and proceed to lick her up and down. She stops me for a second and points me to her shelf full of toys and asks of I would like to try them on her. I say sure, it's not something I get to do very often but I love getting women off so why not.

We take some of her toys out for a spin and within minutes shes just a mess on the bed. I look at her smile, reveling in the pleasure I've caused. I get myself ready and drag her to the edge of the bed where I begin to slap my meat on her wet coochie before sliding myself deep inside her. Her body writhes and shes running her hands through her hair as I get my thick member deep inside her. Lights shining through the window and I can see all her tattoos I hunch over and just start nibbling on them for some reason, she grabs me by back of the head, giggles and forces to bite her harder. This girl is a bit of a freak I am starting to see.

I flip her over on all fours at the edge of the bed and get back into my rhythm, I'm slapping her ass, her tits are flopping all over, shes moaning, playing with herself as I pound her.

All of a sudden she puts her hand on my chest and tells me to stop. I'm freaking out like "Oh fuck, did she hear the door or something?!?!"

Nope, she looks at me at me and says she wants to try something. She tells me to close my eyes and wait til she tell me to open them. I hear some rummaging and after a few seconds she says "Ok, you can look now."

I open my eyes shes laying down on her back across some pillows, spread eagle with one of those gigantic back massagers. I'm looking at her like what the fuck are you going to do with that.

She gives me a smirk and tell me to come here, so I bound over to the bed and hop onto of her.

"Get inside me" she tells me

"With pleasure" I say jokingly

I begin penetrate her when she then places that giant massager on the base of my cock and turns it on full blast. FUUUUUUCK. My dick is just rattling all around she starts losing her mind and I do to, what the fuck is she doing to me my ball are fucking vibrating for christs sake. I cant take this to long I'm giving long deep strokes while my cock is just buzzing up a storm.

She grabs my hips with her one free hand and forces me to stay deep inside her grinding the vibrator between her and I. I cant take it anymore I tell her I'm not going to be able to last much longer but thankfully shes going to cum too. I pull put and as soon as I do shes rubbing herself as she squirting all over and I'm blasting her naked body with my semen. We both collapse exhausted while that vibrator keeps going making itself fall off the bed.

We cuddle for a minute or two before she looks at her phone and gives me a furious kick. "You gotta get going." She tells me.

"Hmmm" I groan to her

"My husband decided hes gonna come home for lunch today."

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" is all I'm thinking.

I jump out out of bed and get my shit together as fast as possible like flight of the bumblebees is playing. Get my jacket and boots on give her a peck on the cheek and I deek haha. As I'm walking out the door I say to her that it was fun and we should do it again sometime maybe somewhere more private haha. She actually ended up getting a hold of me a few more times and started paying for a hotel room for our get together that little minx.