Jun. 27, 2020

I was sitting on the couch by Nick and his gf when she drifted off to sleep. There was steamy sex scene on the tv and i started to feel flushed and a bit awkward so close to Nick. I saw him adjust his pants and that made me lick my lips. I was so turned on that I slowly rubbed myself quietly beside him under the blanket it felt so good I closed my eyes and kept going. A wet sound came from my pussy and I froze oops. I look over and Nick is staring at me with hunger and shock on his face. I smile very sexily at him and stick two fingers in my mouth and very naughtily put it back in my pussy. Under the blanket I feel a thick finger enter me and Nick shoves it all the way in and then flicks up and pulls out before licking his own finger to taste me. I am so horny I can't even breathe. Nick unzips and releases his huge throbbing cock and I look at him and say pleaaase. He holds my face and caresses my cheek leans in and we stay like that feeling every moment. Nicks face darkens puts his hands on my head and pushes me down hard. I do what I think he wants and open my mouth drooling and leave it open wide letting him fuck my mouth as I try to be as quiet as I can. I can't believe Nick wants me and that I want him more than anything. I need to feel his cock in my pussy now. As I lower myself and rock my hips on the tip he starts to leak cum right away as he moans that this can't be real. He admits hes jerked off countless times thinking about my pussy and has ejaculated on me when I was asleep more than once. I knew though and when he would leave I would lick up all of it. His gf starts to move so he gets up quickly. Nick tells her he's going to take a shower and go to bed and she says she is gonna stay up a while. She asks me why I look so flushed and I tell her the movie is so hot. She laughs but looks at me suspiciously. I look guilty as I leave. In my room I strip and put oil all over myself and go on The edge of the bed ass up waiting w a hot oily and dripping pussy . When he comes in he's naked his cock bouncing high. He gasps at my position and tells me I'm a good naughty girl. He inches in slowly and curses about how tight I am and how wrong this was but so good. Nick loses control and starts fucking me hard and fast and kisses my neck telling me he thinks he's in love and wants to cum with no condom to feel all of me. He cums so much it leaks out on my legs. Pulls out and cums again on my face slapping my cheeks with it he shoves it in my mouth and demands I swallow the next load. He tells me to suck it up and that he never wants to fuck his gf again after this. I've never seen this much cum. He begs me to continue so I ride him and kiss him deep. As i start to orgasm he goes on his knees and licks me up and that's when I squirt for the 1st time in my life and can't stop it's on his face and running out the sides of his mouth. That's when I see his gf is in the corner watching us looking hurt and shocked. Nick is so lost in my pussy he doesn't realize and flips me doggy style as he moans and unloads. He sees her as he's cumming and panics and the cum sprays everywhere as he's telling her to get the fuck out and wait for him in the other room. I hear her yelling and throwing stuff and then Nick says he's in love with me and I can't hear what else. When he comes back to see me he explains that his gf can't compete w me and that he wants me instead. She tried to suck him to change his mind but Nick Stayed limp in her mouth as she cried. He told her I was most likely going to have his babies from all the cum and that she had to leave. I feel bad but at the same time so good he's mine now. 9 months later we have a baby and a babysitter to help. We are all sitting on the couch watchinga movie as I drift off to sleep.