Jul 4, 2014

We saw each other at the store...I was getting gas and he was just buying something at the counter. When I stood waiting for my turn to pay...our eyes met...he was handsome...tall, dark brown eyes and a nice smile........yes he smiled at me.

I left the store wishing I had said something like even a "hi"......just something. Out at the pumps I was about to get into my vehicle when I dropped my keys...bent over to pick them up and before I knew it there was a big hand over mine. "shit"I said and he laughed...."sorry didn't mean to scare you". "Too bad you didn't have a spare set"....รค spare set"....what did he mean by that?. He smiles and says he wished I had a spare set of keys to give him "that many keys must have your house key on it somewhere.....and if I had the spare I could slip in some night and surprise you". Kind of brave I none the less a fuckin' turn on.

He asked me for coffee. It was getting dark and we seemed to talk forever in his truck. He slid his hand over onto my thigh and slid it up practically feeling my pussy...."mmm"...he hums...and kisses me...his slow kiss lasted forever...god what a great kisser...I could feel my nipples harden and I wanted him to rip my top off to run that tongue over my breasts and feel how hard my nipples actually were. He whispers "can we take this elsewhere?" I agree and before I knew it had had me follow him.

We drove for a while....I lost track of time.....and finally pulled into a driveway....a beautiful spot near a lake...must be his house....what a beautiful spot. ...I couldn't help but wonder why this guy would even want me.

He gets out of his truck and immediately comes over to open my car soon as I'm out he wraps his arms around me kissing me....pulling me closer...I could feel his hard cock next to me.

We go inside and of course it's on my mind.. "are you married?", I ask. and he replies "no...and no offense I don't plan to be ...but I do like company...I'm not opposed to that".

The place is rustic but a beautiful cabin...I could tell he loved the outdoors....he had it decorated nicely . He leads me to his bedroom....ohhh my a big kingsize bed....mmmm. We lay on it and he had his shirt off by now just wearing his jeans....great looking jeans...mmm I can feel myself getting wet. He slowly helps me remove my top and he unfastens my bra as he kisses the small of my back ...he works his way up to the back of my neck....rolling his tongue over every inch ...I can feel his breath....fuck I'm so turned on. He's taking his time...I love that....hands cupped over my tits he tells me how he admits looking at them back at the store and hoping I didn't notice him staring at them.

He couldn't wait any longer and had his lips surrounding my big nipples ....god it felt amazing. He sucked and tasted I was feeling his body all over....his skin was sun kissed...his chest even tanned....I could tell he worked outside with his shirt off. I unzipped his jeans and ran my hand over his masculine ass.....nice. He unfastened my shorts and along with my panties had them on the floor. I lay on his bed as he explores every inch of me... he wants to taste my pussy and his tongue feels so dam good along my clit....he's definitely done this before.

I experience a small orgasm and he enjoys every bit. He's looking at me with those dark brown eyes and I think I could stay here forever. He's laying beside me fingering me....sucking my tits and every so often I'll hear him say ..."I haven't had it like this for so long".

I invite him to have a shower with me.....he admits he's never had a shower with a woman before. As I go into his bathroom I'm amazed at the size it's big...big shower with a shower head on either end of it and all kinds of floor space. We're in the shower and he's definitely excited...his cock is nice....really nice. I tell him to close his eyes....and I wrap my lips around his hard cock.....he tenses. "Keep your eyes closed", I instruct. "Just feel this and enjoy" I suck and lick his cock....he moans with pleasure.

We don't care how much noise we make...we're going to enjoy every bit of this... I suck on his balls and he says he's never had anyone make him feel like that. I take my tongue and run it up his long hard shaft... he moans some more and I begin to stroke him slowly but with a good grip as he's pressed against the tiled wall. I stand and we kiss for a long time as he rubs my wet pussy and my tits... I'm loving this. He has a small bench in his walk in shower and has me sit on his cock as he plays with my pussy at the same time...oh my......erotic and fuckin' good. He's sucking on my tits and says he can't get enough of them.

We lather with soap and he runs his big cock between my tits...he's fucking them and tells me how dam good it feels....but he wants to save it for the bed.

He wraps my in a big towel and puts one around his waist.....god he's sexy. He's a gentleman for sure......takes me by the hand and asks if I'm warm enough. He slowly removes my towel and has me sit on the edge of the bed..."lay back" , he asks. "It's your turn".