Jan. 11, 2021

It was late afternoon, just before dinner and Nora aka WP and I aka BB were meeting for a date night at one of the airport hotels. There was a soft knock at the door and Nora thinking it was housekeeping answered it.

Standing there was a cute blonde, about 4 inches taller than Nora who is nicknamed “The Elf" for good reason. "Hi, I am Sue- I am here for a play date" the blonde visitor said with a coy smile. Nora gave me one of those looks that said what are you up too?

Gracious as always, she invited Sue in and poured a glass of wine for her.

We always find that a lot of people waste time on a play date talking about jobs, kids, family etc. But that is not what we are in a hotel for- we have a simple rule. Everyone takes off their clothes and we pour them some wine. It tends to focus the conversation a bit better and it does relax everyone.

After about 30 minutes, the wine has worked its magic. We are relaxed, flirty and teasing each other.

I am enjoying watch the two of you in action as you explore each other’s bodies, lips and more. The soft moans coming from the two of you have me so hot and turned on.

Nora stands up and motions to the bed.

Breaking away from the kisses, the fondling and groping, I lie naked on the bed looking down my body at my aroused cock. You join me and motion for Sue to hop on the bed with us. I look at you and think, you are gorgeous as always and definitely in charge. I love your body and get horny just thinking about it.

My cock is extra hard, throbbing, pointing at the ceiling. I watch intently as the two of you position your lips close to my solid cock. Nora’s right in front of my cock, Sue’s off to the side ever so slightly acknowledging that Nora has the lead.

Quickly Nora demonstrates that my cock is hers and that she is in charge. I catch your quick look my way and see your grin and that devilish twinkle in your eye.

You know Sue wants it, but it is yours to own or share or not. Your mouth engulfs my tip, your tongue swirling around it… your mouth begins to pump my cock, and you take it in, slowly going down… and down until it reaches the base of my cock. I should add Nora is amazing at deep throating. Your intensity is obvious to everyone. Sue knows she has to wait and turns her attention to your ears and neck, kissing them while her fingers are teasing your nipples or squeezing your ass and slipping between your thighs exploring, her body pressed against yours as she watches you in action. She is staring intently as you work your magic, wanting to share, to join in.

You sense me reacting, listening to my soft moans you nod to her- signaling her to join in and she does, licking and sucking my cock while you watch, then you join in too. Each of you taking a turn- alternating sucks and licks and sometimes both of you licking my cock at the same time.

You are watching my face, reading it, knowing what will happen. I am thrusting upwards now, not knowing whose mouth it will be as the two of you alternate.

I am beginning to lose control, my body arching under the intensity of the dual licking. You sense now is the moment, slide up my thighs and deep throat me one more time. That does it, I lose control and explode filling your mouth with warm cum.

You take your mouth off and slide your body up my chest. Your mouth presses against mine, our tongues dancing together as we share my cum in a very personal moment.

Sue grabs my cock and quickly licks up whatever cum remains on it and begins working it, reviving it for herself, knowing she will be fucked hard before the night is over.

Enjoy lovers xxx