Written by Anonymous

Apr. 22, 2020

I am a bi man, and divorced, but my ex partner and I still cannot seem to stop getting together.

We met for a drink or two and were getting along well when my gay friend texted. I said I was with my ex, and he asked if she would be interested. I hesitates, but broached the subject, and she immediately jumped at the opportunity. We finished our drinks and went to my friends' house..

Upon entering, my friend grabbed her and kissed her passionately. She was a bit taken aback but just went for it. They were both naked before I had a chance to join, and they helped me out of my clothes rather quickly.

She looked at me and smiled, and went to her knees and took turns sucking us, while we kiss and groped each other. She pulled me down to my knees and asked if she coukd watch me suck him off. I did... While she rubbed her clit and tugged in his balls.

After this she stood up and dragged us to the bedroom.

We continued to kiss and fondle each other until I felt a pressure on my shoulders from both of them, so I went to my knees and began to suck his cock. My ex held the back of my head and punched a little exTra every time I I sucked his cock in. He was getting very hard now and she joined.

He none too gently, turned me around, pushed me on to the bed, and entered me, slowly at first, but he quickly picked up the pace and began pounding my ass. My ex encourages him and he soon stiffened and came deep in my ass.

We cleaned up in the shower, and made it back to the bedroom, where he asked my ex to suck me, so he could watch. He seemed to enjoy it alot, explaining that he had not been with a woman in years. He then crawled on top of me and started to ride me. My ex climbed on top of my face,... And while I licked and sucked her vagina, she began to suck him off.

It ended with me getting him hard In my mouth and getting my ex to ride his hard cock while I licked them both from behind.

After another drink, we started into it again, and have been at it ever since.

Best of both worlds

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