Sep. 23, 2020

We had talked numerous times (and sometimes during foreplay and sex) about checking out a swingers club. Well this coming weekend was the weekend that we would check one out. The week was dragging and I could tell that both of us were getting excited, nervous and a little hot about Saturday evening.

So Saturday was finally here… Ms. Smith took the afternoon make sure she was feeling and looking sexy for the evenings adventure. She trimmed up her pussy … that beautiful patch of neatly trimmed hair just above her lips…. She also made sure her lips were smooth and soft. She sent me a pic to tease me. A little about Ms S… she’s about 5’6, cute and curvy (a smaller BBW) , a I (Mr. Anderson) made sure that my balls were trimmed up and the shaft was smooth.

I picked up Ms Smith at 6pm we were going to grab dinner and then a drink before heading to the club. The Ms S came out to the car… wow she looked HOT! Her top was tight, low cut… her big beautiful DDD tucked in the bra… the top low enough to show some cleavage  Her pants hugged her hips and showed off her curves and lovely ass. When she got in I leaned over and kissed her deeply… our tongues traced one another… she reached down and could tell I was getting a little hard (already).

We had a nice dinner… we talked, flirted and teased one another. We made our out and hit up a local pub for another drink and a little more flirting… Ms Smith was being checked out and that got me a little hot and I know that was turning her on.

Well it was time…. We arrived at the club. Before heading in we kissed again in the car… the kiss was hot, deep… I slowly caressed her tits while we kissed I could feel her nipples becoming erect… I then slid my hand down and I could feel the warmth through pants. She sat back… her face was flush I could see her erect nipples through her top. She reached over and massaged my cock through my pants. We both needed a minute to compose ourselves before heading in.

Once we got into the club the music was good… there were a good number of couples (some by the bar, some dancing, sand some sitting at tables). The hostess gave us a tour and a brief explanation of how it all worked.

Ms S and I walked up to the bar and ordered drinks. We stood there and took in the atmosphere. There was a good mix of young and older and body types. Ms S and I were feeling good… a little shy and nervous, but both turned on.

So after another drink Ms S wanted to dance so we hit the dance floor. The music was good and there were some couples out there having a good time. Ms S looked good dancing… those tits.. her hips… I moved in close and kissed her on the neck and quickly ran my hands around her waist and gave her ass a squeeze. I told her I would go grab her and I another drink. I got to the bar and ordered… I turned to the dance floor and notice Ms S dancing with a couple. I stood there for a moment to watch… she came to meet me at the bar. I asked..”did you make some new friends” Ms S smiled and gave me a big hard deep kiss. She grabbed her drink and said “follow me”....pt 2 coming

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