Feb. 18, 2019

We’d only been going out with each other for three weeks when he bought a dildo for us to play with. It was 6 inches long and flesh coloured. It even had balls.

“Don’t they sell ones that look more like toys?” I asked. Surprised he wanted to get fucked with something that looked so real. We were going to try pegging for the first time. He’d shyly brought it up over text just a few nights before. It was new for me too but I was excited to try. It wasn’t something I’d ever fantasized about but my man asking to experiment with me was sexy af.

“Yeah, but they all had funky shapes. I think this will feel better.” He answered.

I didn’t see how that was true, since what he described as “funky shapes” were made to hit his g-spot. No he’d purposely bought a dildo that looked like a cock.

“Hmmm… I think you like this one.” I said, lifting my eyes up from the dildo and looking right into his. I could have sworn I saw him blush, well that is if he could blush. He was European, his skin tanned, his face partly hidden by a jet-black beard. Blushing really wasn’t his thing.

“Ok maybe I am a little bi-curious.” He admitted. “Is that OK?”

He’d told me he’d been with a couple, but I’d assumed me meant he’d shared a woman with another dude… But now it was obvious they’d all shared each other as well.

“OK?” I said incredulously. I almost even laughed. “About as OK as winning the lottery.” Fuck. We hadn’t been together for long, but this confirmed it; he really was my dream man.

I could see the relief in his face. “Really? I’ve never told anyone I was with that before.”

“OMG YES REALLY!” I squealed. “Are you actually asking me if it’s ok with we play with a big hard dick together? If it’s ok to watch you and another sexy guy play with each other and me? Obviously, it’s really really ok with me!”

After that conversation we were on a mission; we had to find a dick to share.

We had different tastes, I liked young guys where he preferred men who were our age or older. He wanted to relate to them. I just wanted the eye candy.

After lots of searching we finally found the perfect cock. Cal.

Cal was a 30 year old who was 6ft tall and 8inches long. Light brown hair, blue eyes. Almost pretty. I couldn’t wait to see my man play with him. His 6.5”, tattooed frame, dominating Cal’s preppy tight ass… It would be delicious.


Pulling up to the hotel I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait for us to unwrap Cal together. We spotted him in the parking lot, leaning against his Benz. Sunglasses on, wearing a navy blue polo and jeans. This was going to be so fun. I could tell by Cal’s smile when he saw us walking his way, he was happy with what he saw as well.

We made our introductions and immediately went up to our room. Mr. GameOn made us Rye and Cokes while Cal and I made small talk. Each with a drink in hand, we clinked our glasses together and downed our drinks to kill the nerves.

Now, with liquid courage spurring me on, I decided to start the fun. I was done with small talk and the two men were being way too respectful for my liking. I grabbed the back of Cal’s head and crushed my lips against his. He groaned into my mouth while grabbing my ass. My Mr. walked up from behind and pressed himself against me; his thick throbbing cock straining against his jeans, pressed up onto me. His hands grabbed my breasts, he squeezed them as he bit my neck. Now it was my turn to moan into Cal’s mouth.

My Mr. continued rubbing his dick against me, I mimicked his rhythm rubbings Cal’s hardon through his pants. All three of us were so turned on thinking about what was about to cum next.

Cal kissed me harder and unzipped my jeans. He pulled them down and grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading them open for Mr. to rub against. I’m not sure when he undressed himself, but Mr. GameOn’s dick was out, and was hot and hard.

“Come here baby” he groaned as he turned me around and pushed me down onto my knees. “Take it all” he said as he parted my lips with his head and slid into my mouth. Fuck. My man has the best dick. So thick and smooth.

After he pushed my head onto his cock he then turned his attention onto Cal. “Get over here.” He ordered and pulled Cal towards him. He started to unbutton Cal’s pants as he kissed him, while I slurped away on his dick.

“Baby give Cal a kiss.” He said pulling out Cal’s dick and pushing my face against Cal’s. Cal groaned.

“You can do better than that. Suck it for Daddy, baby.” He was right. I could do better. I grabbed Cal’s ass and slid all 8 inches down my throat.

“Holy shit.” Cal said.

“That’s my girl.” Praised Mr. GameOn. “Now let me see you take them both.”

Each dick in a hand, I went between them, alternating who got sucked and who got jerked. I looked up to see the men kissing, and immediately felt my pussy throb. Seeing my rugged man kissing the beautiful Cal was almost too much. Almost. But I wanted more.

I took both of their heads into my mouth and looked up at them as I sucked them. My Mr. was so hard. I could tell having his cock rub against Cal’s dick and my tongue at the same time was making him hornier than ever.

He backed onto the bed and had me follow his dick with my mouth the entire way. He reclined on the bed as a I stood bent over his dick, pumping it with my lips.

“Eat her.” My Mr. ordered Cal.

“Yes please.” Said Cal, kneeling on the floor behind me.

I felt Cal’s tongue lick up and down my pussy lips. Licking from my clit all the way up to my tight ass. Having my Mr.’s cock sliding in and out of my throat while Cal made out with my pussy was the hottest thing I’d ever been a part of. Fuck, I was so lucky my man was such a kinky bastard. I would have never done this if he hadn’t brought it up.

“God you taste good.” Cal said as he licked and slurped.

“You’ve had enough” Mr. Said to Cal. “Flip over baby.” My Mr. said, turning me around so we were 69ing on the bed.

He started to pump me with his thick fingers while he sucked on my clit. Cal shifted forward and pulled Mr.’s balls into his mouth while mine worked his shaft. Mr. groaned in ecstasy, loving two mouths pleasuring him.

“Baby I need to be inside of you.” He said. Us sucking him was getting to be too much, he needed more.

I turned back around and slipped his thick cock inside of me, he went right in. I was dripping wet having two beautiful men in my bed.

I sucked on his lips as he pumped me from underneath. He had me moaning hard. “You like that baby.”

“Uhh…uhhh” I couldn’t answer. I was too turned on.

That wasn’t good enough for Daddy. He fucked me harder. “I said do you like this dick baby.”

“Yes” I squeaked. It was all I could manage.

Cal watched our exchange. His long hard dick in hand. Pulling on himself, waiting to be invited back in for more.

Mr. spread my ass cheeks as he pumped me from underneath, he went even deeper.

“Do you like that ass?” He said to Cal.

“Love that tight ass.” Cal answered, stroking himself even harder.

“Then stretch it out.”

With those words I felt my pussy get impossibly wet. Having two big dicks use me at once was always a fantasy, but could I take it?

Cal started with his tongue. Using it to fuck my asshole as my man fucked my pussy. I must have been moaning so loudly by then, but I was so in my own world at that point I’m really not sure.

As I ground my pussy against my man I felt Cal climb up from behind me. Mr. GameOn stopped pumping but kept his dick deep inside me. He and spread my ass open and Cal squirted lube on me and on himself. Then he started to push it in me. Stretch me out while my pussy was already stretched tight around my Mr.

“Fuuuuccckkkk” he groaned. “Your ass is so tight. I love feeling Mr.’s cock on the other side.”

“I feel you too.” Mr. GameOn said back, voice husky with arousal.

All I could to was fall forward and take it. Mr. Game on and Cal alternating as they pumped me. I couldn’t believe I could take them both, but it felt so fucking good.

My Mr. grabbed one of my nipples and tugged hard, sending sparks through my body. “You like taking two dicks baby?” he asked me. I couldn’t answer.

Unsatisfied with my reply he put his free hand around my throat. “I said you like having two, big cocks, stretch you out?” he repeated while squeezing my throat.

There’s something about choking that really does it for me. “Yes Daddy.” I squealed, my pussy throbbing as I said it.

“Good Girl.” He said to me. “Fuck her harder” he said to Cal. “Fuck her good and then you’ll get it too.” He said to Cal, threatening him with a good time.

Hearing My man order other man to fuck my ass hard, while hearing their balls slap together pushed me over the edge. I came. Hard. Liquid spraying from my pussy.

“Mmm that’s my girl.” Mr. GameOn said, looking into my eyes as my world shattered into a million pieces.

He didn’t give me time to rest.

“Everybody up.” He directed. “You lay down and spread them” He said to me. “Kiss that raw pussy better.” He said to Cal.

I shifted myself up to the top of the bed and layed back with my legs open. Ready for Cal’s tongue a second time. Cal stood at the end of the bed and bent forward to press his lips against my clit.

As soon as he bend forward Mr. GameOn gave him a spank and positioned himself behind him. Lubing himself up he pushed his dick into Cal’s ass. The image of Cal’s face buried in my pussy, and Mr locking eyes with me as he buried himself in Cal’s ass, will be seared into my mind until the end of time.

Mr. pumped Cal hard.

He’d been waiting to fuck a man for a long time, having only done it twice before. All of our moans filled the room as Mr. slid in and out of Cal and Cal’s lips were sealed around my clit.

“Fill him Daddy.” I said.

“Yes, fill me Daddy.” Cal encouraged.

This put Mr. GameOn over the edge. Being there with both us hungry for his cum. He thrusted even harder. Cal took it like a good slut. Letting Mr. GameOn fill up his ass with cock and cum.

Finally it was Cal’s turn to finish and our turn to get the final part of our fantasy, sharing a dick with each other.

Mr. Game on crawled on top of me and started to kiss me deeply. Cal then put his throbbing cock between our lips. We both sucked and licked Cal, while sucking and licking each other’s mouths.

When Cal got close Mr. grabbed my head and forced it down onto Cal’s dick. He pulled Cal’s balls into his mouth, as Cal shot his load down my throat.

When it was over, the three of us laid in a dogpile in the bed. Naked, with our limbs sprawled over one another…

**This story is fantasy with a sprinkle of truth mixed in. If you think this is hot send us a message and lets make it real!**

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