Jan 2, 2014

We went to Cayo Largo Cuba for a vacation. We did not know about the "nude" beach but we found out quickly on one of our beach walks. We walked pass the nude beach and of course I checked everything out but Gail kind of kept her eyes to the front but I did catch her checking some of the people. We got up the beach a bit and then we talked about going nude. Gail wasn't sure but as we looked up and down the beach where we were we could see no one so we both stripped and went for a quick swim. We then picked up our suits and continued our walk, nude.

We were totally alone in the area and we again went for a swim and then we began to get frisky on the beach. Gail was completely relaxed and enjoying the freedom of no clothing and as we got to the shallows she dropped down and took my cock into her mouth. This was the 1st time she had ever sucked me outside of the bedroom. She then simply stood up turned around and told me to fuck her from behind. We did this for a bit but the waves made it difficult so we quickly headed for shore and she pushed me down on to a flat rock and then simply grabbed my cock and sat on me. This was my prim and proper GF going wild... and I was loving it... I noticed a couple coming up the beach, they were nude as well, but I didn't mention it to Gail and she couldn't see them as they were behind her. They were soon about 30 m away when I told her we were being watched. Gail got embarrassed and got off me but the woman said "Don't stop because of us" and she dropped down and began to suck her man off. and they were soon fucking doggy style in front of us and to my surprise Gail began to ride me again not caring that they could see.

Once we were all finished they came to talk to us and we seemed to get along well. Ann was the most outgoing of the two and told Gail she wanted to wash the cum out of her pussy so the two of them went into the water. Mike and I watched and he turned to me and told me that they were swingers and that Ann was bi sexual an so just watch. Which we did and as we watched Ann reach between Gails legs and washed her pussy and Gail didn't stop her, but she did not reciprocate. When they came out of the water Ann hugged Gail and told her that her pussy would look better shaved like hers... and that she would love to shave it for her and then taste her.... what a conception. The four of us walked back up the beach, all nude and talked about what had happened. . Ann and Mike had told us they were swingers and knew of others at the resort and asked if we'd be interested. We were not sure but we did agree to meet for pre-dinner drinks.

When Gail and I went back to our room we discussed what had happened and although we had never swung before we talked about it at length and we had another great fuck before dinner. She even said she might just shave her pussy if I really wanted her to... . Needless to say I was hard again and told her that I would love to see her pussy bald.

We met with Ann and Mike for drinks and then moved on to dinner and had a great time and conversation. Another couple came over as we were having post dinner coffee and liquors and Ann and Mike introduced us to Sue and Ian whom were also swingers. They told us that they had plans on getting down and dirty and asked if we'd like to join them but we backed off as we were just not sure. However; we did go back to our room and discuss it as we also got down and dirty. .

We met Ann. Mike, Sue and Ian on the nude beach the next morning along with another couple whom told us that Ann and Mike had told them about the day before and that they'd like to join us as well. We talked for a bit and then went for a long walk and eventually we got to a quiet place and we all fucked, we did not swap, that is Gail and I did not but we but we watched all the others trading places. We even got to watch as the other 3 ladies went down on each other. I also got a surprise as I watched Mike reach out and stroke Ians cock. The guys never did suck each other but they did touch each other which got us both turned on as well. After this we all walked back to the Barcello as if we were best buddies.

Once again, back in our room we were fucking when Gail said that she might just like to try swapping and that she was comfortable with the group we had met but I was not to pressure her and just let things happen if it happened and she asked me straight up how I would react if I was watching her fuck another man. I replied, how would you feel watching me fuck another woman.. ... . That is where we ended at that time.... We met with the 4 of them at the bar before dinner and then we all went in to eat.

Of course the discussion revolved around sex and swapping and what happened on the beach. Gail had her share of wine and out of the blue, looked at Ann and told her she wanted to have her pussy shaved. That was the end of dinner, not even desert and we went up to Ann and Mikes room with Sue and Ian. Ann asked her again if she was sure and Gail was completely open, she looked at me and said that it was my idea and she was going to do it so just relax and let things happen. She then took off her dress, laid on the bed, opened her legs and asked Ann to shave her. Out came the scissors and razor and Mike, me and Ian sat in chairs and watched as Ann, with Sue's help shaved Gail bald as a billiard ball. We even got to sit and watch as they both took turns rubbing and then licking her and Gail and Ann got into a 69. It was Gails 1st time being licked by anyone other than me and to my knowledge it was her 1st time eating pussy and she took turns with both Ann and Sue as us guys watched and stroked our cocks

Gail then looked at me and said "tonight is not your night, I am going to enjoy tonight, get fucked by Mike and Ian and I am going to eat both Ann and Sue and you are not allowed to put your cock in me, Ann and Sue but not in me.". And that is just what I did. I got to watch as the five of them did everything 5 people could do. I was so excited watching her, for the first time, being fucked by other men and being satisfied orally by women. I also got to fuck both Ann and Sue and I got my 1st blow job from a man that evening as well.

That was our 1st swinging experience. We don't swing at home but we sure go wild on vacation

I have to add now -- Gail and I are no longer together - she discovered that she is Bi but "prefers" women and is now co-habituating with someone she found locally, we are still friends and do get together on occasion but we're no longer a couple. I am now looking....