May 6, 2019

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Our first time swinging.

In our other story “How we met our girlfriend “ I had mentioned that a few years ago we had first got our start in the lifestyle at Oasis Aqua Lounge in Toronto.

My wife had read an article in of all places the Globe and Mail on it. Having talked and role played about it in our sex life we were intrigued and nervous at the same time.

We decided to bite the bullet and book the trip. I was still reluctant that once we were there that we wouldn’t actually go through with it, however, we did and it has changed our lives for the better in and out of the bedroom

Now a bit about Oasis, it’s an old renovated mansion in the heart of TO that caters to nudity and the lifestyle. They have a bar area and dance floor, dungeon section for bdsm, hot tub, sauna, amazing heated outdoor pool and of course open sex rooms (One of them being an old converted back end of a van called “The Shaggin Wagon”) The place is very clean and most important of all they make the women feel safe.

After a few nervous walks around the place, we decided to go in. We paid for the day, got our locker and of course being newbies I kept my underwear on and my wife her bikini.

After a few hours out on the deck by the outdoor pool and in the Sun we realized how out of place we were as everyone was naked. So we peeled everything off and got back to nature like everyone else. It’s quite a liberating feeling. That and other naked bodies along with sexual activities added fuel to the sexual candour that was happening.

The first day we didn’t swap with anyone but we did watch others fucking as they watched us. This was our first dip into the lifestyle and it was such a huge turn on. My wife’s sexy body for all to see and others watching me fuck her. I didn’t think that it could get any better until ...... The second day.

Being the horny newbies that we were the club opens at 11am, so of course we went early and were the first ones there. A few hours had passed and another couple showed up. We had smiled a few times at each other, then my wife and I decided to go upstairs to one of the open rooms and have sex.

While I was fucking her doggy style, I had noticed that this couple had come upstairs too and started fucking in the room across the hall. My wife couldn’t see them and her hubby couldn’t see me. It was me locking eyes with this sexy strange woman getting fucked doggy by her hubby and her telling him what we were doing. Very hot to watch and listen.

After they were done they went downstairs to the hot tub where we all eventually met. We did the small talk and that’s when I said “We’re heading back upstairs”, “Would you care to join us” ? They both smiled and said of course.

Now my wife and I thought that we would each be having sex beside each other and watch, however, things took a different turn when the wife of our new found friends started kissing my wife (Her first with a woman). I started fucking my wife on the side from behind when all of a sudden, she goes down on my wife and starts licking and sucking her clit (Another first) and the shaft of my cock, while her hubby starts to fuck her doggy style.

Things got heated quite fast and then the inevitable happened. We swapped partners. Hearing her husband say “Can I fuck you” to my wife was a huge turn on and her saying yes.

I was busy eating his wife’s pussy as she was watching her husband (Which we found out later, both of them were high school sweethearts and had only had each other before us) start to fuck my wife.

It was hard concentrating on fucking and watching your spouse at the same time. As I was kissing his wife she said to me in a sexy voice, “Isn’t it hot watching your spouse get fucked. That put me over the edge and I came a ton in my condom in her very wet pussy.

After the sex we all sat back reflecting on what had just happened, then realizing that we hadn’t even properly introduced ourselves. Sometimes sex is the most powerful not knowing anything about that stranger ...... Even their names.

Later that night we had met another couple who we played with in the pool then we all went upstairs and fucked. His wife was a squirter, which was my first experience. I highly recommend it.

All in all, our firsts that weekend were, being naked around others other than ourselves, first bi experience for my wife, first and second foursome, my wife had three cocks in 24 hours as did I with pussy.

Our life experiences continue to be amazing. We’ve met some great people and some amazing new friends.

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