Nov 1, 2016

StairwayToHeaven Pool Party Adventure

A short poem by Truescotsman74

Captain's log, Stardate 07.07.2012

In the late hours of the evening on July 7, 2012 , 166 horny lifestylers partied away, and cops were barred.

At the StairwayToHeaven Pool Party in Brampton, LS members with pussies dripping wet and cocks rock hard!

For the 3rd year running, it was a tremendous success, with no nosy neighbors or inquisitive strangers to intrude.

It was an awesome sight to behold, naked bodies, dazzling lights, and party music amping up the mood.

Steve played the music nice and loud, bottles were opened, and romance (or was it lust?) filled the air.

We couldn't help but be aroused, as we caroused in the pool, on the deck or around the back yard seemingly with nary a care.

Couple by couple, carrying their coolers and trays of food, they had all arrived, some by taxi others by van, truck or car.

For this night of hedonistic pleasure, these sex charged lads and lassies, had all traveled from both near and afar.

The first couple to greet them was yours truly; Brian & April, Truescotsman74 is our LS Username.

They succummed to our warm embrace, as we greeted them with handshakes, hugs & kisses and asked their name.

At the wee desk, by the front door when they paid their admission, they obtained their red wristband

To enter the pool party of a lifetime, that they wanted to experience for themselves firsthand.

It had been a year in the planning, building on the success of the last two years pool parties,

Organized by Steve and Sherri, the wonderful hosts and winners of this summers “Best Event”, those 2 sexy smarties.

Upon entry to the party, people soon discovered that there were in fact three bathrooms, and more than enough food to feed an army.

To listen to the negative feedback by some and so avoid the next party, you would be barmy,

True it was busy, but still we were not packed in like sardines at a club Super Party,

There was plenty of room to mingle, converse and party, I for one heard lots of laughter that was truly hearty.

From the kitchen to the living room, the deck to the pool, and even the garden to the bedrooms, there were couples having fun as they met friends both old and new.

Some chatted and danced, some flirted and pranced, the only thing missing was the infamous Mr Blue!

Where was that sexy American from Pittsburgh, PA we asked, we better invite him to the next party, him and Kat too! Mr Blue was the focus of April’s desire, when she first met him at X Club, and asked to watch him slowly undress, first one sock then two…

She wished for him to attend this pool party, so she could snare him and strip him down

And caress his naked body with her wandering hands, while I stand by with a frown.

Thus it is, to Mr Blue and Mrs Kat, we cordially extend a personal invite to the august Pool Party

To take a drive up here to Brampton and party, with your Canadian fans dressed nice and tarty.

All around me was the smell of sweet and expensive perfume, which was driving me utterly insane.

It was all I could do to keep my cock hidden under my kilt, as what I wore under it I had to explain.

Before long, the Mrs. and I went for a swim in the pool, which was perfect at 89 degrees

Joined by many other naked couples swimming, cajoling , flirting and kissing, who smelled fresher than febreeze.

Embracing my Princess, gazing into her eyes and running my fingers through her hair

Next I tasted the sweetness of her neck, as I peeked a quick glance at the naked lass swimming by, trying hard not to stare

As I continued to nibble on April’s neck and ear, feeling my manhood grow inch by inch

I remember thinking to myself, “to get rock hard now, and able to perform would be a cinch”

Whispering words of affection to my soul mate, assuring her of my love

She knew that she still turned me on more than any other, for she is my precious dove

And so it is little wonder that when connections are made, she is willing to share…

This itself is very sexy, especially when it results in a 3-way or 4-some or more, we don’t care

In the early part of the evening, we met some really cool Russians, one who even accused me of faking my accent.

But because she was so damn sexy, I forgave her mistake and asked her to repent.

Without sunlight to intrude, I saw the twilight in her eyes as the moon set up the mood

And I invited her and her gorgeous friends to join us in the pool so I could see them in the nude.

To me the music sounded soft and low, as the water cushioned the blow, so it was easy to talk and hear.

While romance filled the night air, I couldn’t help but feel aroused every time a naked girl swam near

We would have loved to have played with the wee American lassie, who we met in the pool her and her hubby.

At one point there were six of us chatting, feeling passions beginning to rise, thankfully no one was snubby.

I am sure that I wasn’t the only one dreaming, of making love in varying positions. Especially to the brunette with the killer smile and perfect body, I would play with her under any conditions. But alas, fearing I was out of her league, I failed to make a move and so it was that she hooked up with another. Was I jealous of that lucky guy, you betcha I was as I wanted to run and cry to my mother.

Thankfully, all was not lost, as later I met another sexy lassie, with luscious curves, who had an aura I simply couldn't resist. There’s no need for me to go into great detail, as I am sure you get the gist

Adorned with voluptuous 38DD breasts, which showed a response when I touched them with a light kiss Forgive me lass for sharing, but to leave out this tidbit of info I would be remiss

She succumbed to my embrace, while nearby citronella candles flicked their flame, and the smell of her sweet perfume drove my lust insane, and no, I am not telling you her name. As I gazed into her twinkling eyes, I ran my fingers through her sexy long hair. Reveling in the sweetness of her neck, I took a wee moment to nibble on her ear.

I then whispered words of flirtation to which she answered with a sigh, and in a sexy way her sweet body became alive.

She was willing to fulfill my every desire, it was made clear through her body language and flirts, man she had some sex drive!

This Canadian lassie welcomed my caress, and hadn’t been put off by the sight of a Scotsman wearing his kilt or was it a dress? Before he knew it, there were four other lassies vying for the attention of this Scottish Laddie, why is anyone’s guess.

It was interesting to say the least, when all of a sudden, others seemed interested in seeing this Scotsman undressed. But, I am sure once they saw the size of my dick, they weren’t too impressed. No wonder, it’s only average they probably would agree, but hey wait, it is beginning to grow….

Now no man dare come close, lest I accidentally bump him with my big……………toe.

The pool was warm, music was blaring, lights flashing, most were drunk, some were high.

Not alone, along with 166 others we conversed and partied her and I.

Her flowing hair golden soft, eyes bedazzling, lips a-glistening, sexy as heck it is true.

I could read her mind and knew just what she wanted to do, to give me a bj and swallow me too!

With her luscious lips, she had a taste I simply couldn’t resist

To my amazement, her hand slid down, and stroked my manhood with a flick of her wrist.

And her breasts displayed a response as soon I greeted them with a kiss

For to not return the pleasure, I would be remiss.

With skin super soft, legs so fine, smoother than fine wine.

I kissed those awaiting lips as my fingers trailed down the lassie’s spine.

Breathing in aromatic perfume, I was eager to explore the rest,

As again, I carefully placed my hand, and then my tongue upon her supple breast....

I highly suspected this lass would bring me extreme pleasure, sheer ecstasy it would soon be

When while she was wrapped in my arms, someone sounded the alarms, who could it be?

Because by the light of the fire, in that heated moment we shared,

Thanks to Mr Playsafe, for all to see, my naked bum and my “Jimmy” I bared.