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London Bi Swingers

Club Name
London Bi Swingers
London, Ontario
details on request
details on request
Club Info
London Bi parties was founded in 2000 and id the only on premises event that encourages singles in the area, All clothes are left at the door and parties are on a monthly basis
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Your Reviews of London Bi Swingers

how can I get a time and date and address

how can we get an address or time and date


I've been waiting to get an email back and nothing so far, :(


Sounds like a great party. Would love to come join if someone involved could contact me so i could get some more info I would really appreciate it. FYI None of the websites or emails given work for me.


Our meet and greet is from 8-9pm. That gives couples and singles times to get comfortable being naked and time to meet others before sex.