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New Year’s Eve

Lifestyle party at its best

Our friends had organized a party for Dec 31, they invited 30 people and, as in most lifestyle party, not everyone shows up. We ended being 20 in total, our friends who were hosting, 5 couples and 8 single guys eventually showed up. They had a nice setup...

Surprise for the wife

For our 11 year anniversary I surprise blindfolded wife.

Over the 11 years we’ve been married, my wife has become a good obedient submissive when it comes to bedroom activities and has become more and more turned on by the idea of meeting random men to dominate her and enjoys kissing, sucking cock and riding ot...

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Chapter 6- Friday morning delivered a beautiful, crisp sunrise as Sam headed across the parking lot. The early start to the day should allow Sam to clear up a few items from this week and get out of the office at a decent hour. Marin and Katherine had sta...

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Chapter 4- Katherine stretched luxuriously in the king size bed. She couldn’t remember having slept so well. As her mind burned away the fog of sleep, she felt the delicious twinge of pain from the previous night’s experiment. She smiled in a lazy fashion...

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Wendy Part 2

The fun continues

I hope you all enjoyed part 1.... I gently caressed her lovely little tits. She had nice big nipples and she enjoyed me playing with them, rolling them between finger and thumb while tugging just enough to elicit another heavy sigh. She lay on my chest an...

Rock Concert weekend

Continuation of The pool TRUE STORY

We all made plans to go to a huge rock festival out of town and my husband and I decided to stay at my old roommates house.My husband was his usual honey self hoping for a second round three way . She graciously offered us her king size bed for the night...

Oval window

For a moment I felt I'd been framed.

We'd meet in a bar, and fooled around, and now she wanted me to come to her place in the middle of the day. It was one of those tiny Paris apartments on the upper floor of an old building. Steep and narrow staircase with a thin wrought iron banister, shar...


A lovely coworker

I first met Wendy at my place of work. She worked in the tool supply room for the maintenance department. I was a Millwright in the same area. She was a bit older, just over 6 years older than me. Needless to say, I found her quite striking, small pert li...

I'm not gay - part one

Husband forced to embrace his sexuality

‘I don't want to do this.’ The reality was, he wanted nothing more. 'It's not what you claim to want or not to want, it's what we need to ascertain to our complete satisfaction. We need to test you.’ There was no flexibility in her assertion and she conti...

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A New Life

Dumped Wife reborn

Her husband had left her; after thirty years. She hadn't seen it coming. With hindsight, she should have; without foresight, she didn't. Sharon, her closest friend, seemed unsympathetic. ‘You dress like a frump,’ she said, dismissing her abandoned friend...

our first swinging experience

What it feels to have the first swinging experience in your life?

We've been exploring swinging as a couple for some time now. We started openly discussing our fantasies and desires, and although we initially attempted an open relationship, it became clear that we struggled to adhere to all the agreed-upon rules, not ou...


A girl from my past introduced me to the kinky lifestyle some years ago. We hit it off right away, both inside and outside of the bedroom. She was very experienced sexually, sleeping with women and men, and had a body that was made for sex. Tight pussy, b...

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Hellish week Chapter 1 to 3

just another day at the office?

It had been one of those hellish weeks…. kids to school, housework and overtime. Thank God today was the end of this rotation. “One more day” was all she could think of as she pulled up to the gate to the parking lot. As soon as the gate opened, a car sta...

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Party Goers, doors close in 10 minutes I’ve heard of these parties before from my small group of adventurous friends, they all said they are a must to attend. The house was packed full. Men, women all in unison where chanting to the clocks as they slowly...

My Wrestling History Part 2

Continuation of Part 1

Karen and I had been seeing each other every weekend since our first encounter and having a great time wrestling and playing afterwards, but we were starting to find that getting together on Friday night at 3 am after work, having our fun until 5 or 6 am,...

I slowly open my eyes, breathing hard, the smell of sex and aroused bodies fills my nose. I look down to watch Daisy working my cock with her hand, sucking on my balls. I run my fingers through her hair and ask her if she’s ready for her turn. She smiles...

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