Stumbling on sister in law Fiction

Big surprise surfing one night…

I never really liked the way my wife's sister Joan treated us. She could be cutting and judgmental and always seemed to be looking down at Amy and me. Our kids not doing as well in school and sports as hers. Our house not as nice as hers. Our careers not as interesting.

But as much as I didn't like spending time with her, I have to admit: I was hot for her. I couldn't help myself. She had long brown hair, deep brown eyes, and dimples when she… Read more

Another fun visit for this horny bbw Threesome

Cum for a quicky…

It was Thursday evening and he emailed to say he is passing through town, can he stop by to play? I instantly became wet. Teasing my husband I asked his permission for some play time. My man loves to see me worked up hehe. My bull was here and naked in moments. Sitting on the side of the single bed in our little play room I begin licking and stroking his thick hard cock. Running my tongue from his balls to the tip before taking him deep in my mou… Read more

First time another man touch my dick. First Time

First time another man touch my dick…

One day I was looking online and found and ad stating:

I have a micro penis, it's very small I want to know what it's like to play with a larger cock. Come over, dark room, porn on tv and let me jerk you off.

I was feeling bold this day, so I answered the ad, this would be my first ever experience like this.

We exchanged a few emails in which the type of porn to be chosen, I chose milf and the address was given.

20 mins later I sho… Read more

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Our first time exploring the lifestyle Swinging

Our first trip to Oasis…

Our first time swinging.

In our other story “How we met our girlfriend “ I had mentioned that a few years ago we had first got our start in the lifestyle at Oasis Aqua Lounge in Toronto.

My wife had read an article in of all places the Globe and Mail on it. Having talked and role played about it in our sex life we were intrigued and nervous at the same time.

We decided to bite the bullet and book the trip. I was still reluctant that … Read more

Adult Fun + Sexual Curiosity+Sisterhood Threesome

Wife finds she enjoys a 3 way more each time...Part one of three.…

Recently my wife Suz and I both had the pleasure to enjoy what we have now called adult fun.

It started with an evening where we were in our hot tub with a good friend we've known for many years. We have often vacationed with them and in years past we have been in Bill's hot tub with his wife Sara and everyone was nude. They have attended nudist camps and it just became natural for us to be naked with them in our tub as well. Last Spring Bil… Read more

A rough day Other

I couldn't have guessed this…

I absolutely agree!

One day you wake up. But you can't see. Check your eyes. Wait my right arm is stuck to the right about shoulder height. Wait the left is the same thing. What is going on? I'm tied and blindfolded?Shortly after I hear the door open. I start asking questions. Suddenly I'm getting pattled and rough! I hear a girl (tisk tisk tisk.) Then she grabbed my balls with a firm grasp. I feel leather gloves but that's not what I am focus… Read more

Eric and Stephanie - Divergence Threesome

A threesome story as part 4 of a larger saga…

The phone rang and rang. It didn’t even go to voicemail, leaving Eric to text her for the umpteenth time. He raged inside, a vicious turmoil that festered inside as he struggled between grief and disbelief at what had happened the previous night.
It had all been going so well. He and Stephanie had spent the first part of the evening in a blissful sea of love and lust beyond either of their wildest fantasies. They were so perfect for each o… Read more

Night dip Swinging

Swim lessons…

I'm horny baby
Thinking of M's wet pussy, my cock buried deep in her.
Feeling it squeezing my shaft.
Fucking her deep, while I watch you as you bury your fingers two knuckles deep in your pussy as you watch me fuck her.
You moaning as you work your aching pussy.
Then I keep thinking of the four of us in the pool
You and M, flirting. Slowly moving closer to each other.
Light touches. Caresses.
Inching closer. Your breasts grazing each ot… Read more

New Friends Meetings

Coffee and More…

Since beginning my adventures I have chatted with so many amazing people.
Some that I may never meet.
Some that I have met and though we may never play, their advice and humour made me feel welcome in this tiny Tbay community.
I have chatted with some odd fellows.
But overall I feel very lucky.

I have my out of town friends. Planning a play visit soon. 😁

I have found my in town sexy playmate. (Which I may have screwed up.😐)

Read more

Jane Meetings

I like this lifestye…

I have enjoyed sending Jane to meet men for sex for many years - many of her meetings have been previously described on this site. As there must be a limit to your interest in her exploits, I will attempt to describe the little things that I find exciting about our lifestyle.
I love to have her dress in stockings and suspenders without any underwear - she always protests but I insist. I am sure that her dates appreciate her obvious availability… Read more

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Watching Girlfriend turned me on Part 2! Fact

the follow up to part 1…

After our steamy experience following our last session, I encouraged Maria to bring Mark home to fuck him after their next driving lesson in the comfort of our bed. That whole week in the run up to the next lesson we were both so super horny in anticipation that our sex life went up several notches. We couldn't wait! We were fucking all the time and all over the place - the park, the library, the women's loo in our local pub ... and of course, th… Read more

My best friend girlfriend First Time

Unreal Experience…

I was moving to Canada from the states and i was having a goodbye party friends were giving me. i went to sleep on the couch later that night after partying at my best friends house! I was sleeping on the couch and felt something in my sleep and when i woke up my best friend girl was sucking my cock!! I was shocked and i almost screamed ,and i stopped her and i was saying,what are you doing? and she said she wanted to give me a goodbye present. I… Read more

horny wife alone Fact

not what she hoped for or was it…

My wife worked for the government for Indian affairs in long term care she was asked to spend 2 or 3 weeks evaluating care on reservations she agreed. We had an open marriage my wife was very sexual she was always horny & loved sex so before she left I told her to go out & meet some young studs & have fun she hugged me & said I will. My wife was 35 but didn't look a day over 20 she worked out at the gym most everyday & her body showed it I knew s… Read more

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Fantasy Threesome

MFM Dream…

One night as we were making love we talked about what turned us on, I asked her what her fantasy was , she told me that a gang bang had been her fantasy for a long time but had never the nerve to actually try do it , my fantasy was to watch her with a hung man that would open her up and penetrate her deep, we were actually making love while we talked so I asked her to close her eyes and that I would pull almost all the way out just leaving the he… Read more

Wife's new lover Fact

a beautiful surprise for hubby…

My wife & I had an open marriage I was diabetic & had trouble holding an erection & wanted my wife to be sexually satisfied so told her to seek out other men. At first she was very hesitant but finally tried it, she wouldn't admit it but I know she loved it she loved the thrill of fucking another man & I loved sharing her. My wife was drop dead gorgeous she had no trouble attracting men it started out just one on ones than she asked me how I felt… Read more

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Surprise Roadtrip Threesome

MFM threesome with mystery stranger…

I love reading the stories on here especially the ones that are written by the single guy that meets with a married couple for MFM threesomes. Heidi and I have got together for several threesomes over the years and I’ve always wondered about the perspective from the guys point of view.

Im a little skepical of writing a story on here because of my lack writing ability but this story is a fantasy that I would like to share and perhaps show He… Read more

My first visit to IT 2nd Part... Threesome

the second part, the start of an unexpected night…

As I said in the first part, the night was just beginning and with it the couples that arrived and one or another single I approached the pool table and it was attractive to see the girls who played there since when they bent down to play in the table left to see part of their attractive bodies which of course heated the atmosphere little by little, little by little more people were arriving who wanted to play and they were going to introduce the… Read more

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MFM with Beautiful Hotwife Part Two Fact

Second Hotwife Experience with Mrs Hotwife.…

Of course the first experience the beautiful Mrs hotwife made our cocks (the Mr and mine) yearn for more. I, of course had never sank my cock into the pussy of a gorgeous hotwife and was of course very eager to experience this..

The Mr and Mrs were very much looking forward to more experiences as well. It was apparent in our first meeting that the Mrs had such a large appetite for cock.. that she could very easily handle two or even three cock… Read more

My first visit to IT Threesome

New in the city, new in the country a world to discover... 1st part of 3...…

Some time ago I came to the city and discovered a place called IT. I had no idea what it was like or what I could find there. I must say that I am Latino and although I had experiences in my country, I came to a new country with a different culture. It was a great challenge .

I managed to get the invitation to visit this place the thematic nights make the place have different couples and people according to these, that day I decided to fix a l… Read more

My first mature women experience Stepmom First Time

I grabbed her by the hips and held her pussy and ass next to my face…

My first mature women experience
I have been thinking about writing this for a while, she was the first mature women in my life.

Bit of intro into the story, So my parents divorced when I was young. My dad remarried when I was 9 I lived with my dad, as every divorced kid me and my brother hated her, Dad married my stepmom J when she was in her early-30s

So nothing interesting happened growing up. Things started to change around the a… Read more

Your Body Is Mine Other


I run my free hand up the side of your body until I reach your neck. I wrap my hand around your throat as I finger you harder, gripping just tight enough that you sputter and I tighten a little more.

You moan and place your hand on mine. You do not simply want me to dominate you, you want me to completely own your body, to push your limits.. And I’ve never been so turned on. I keep my hand on your throat while bringing my fingers up, soaked … Read more

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Ass man First Time

Just read…

For as long as I can remember, I've been an ass man. Not that I fail to appreciate the beauty of a slender leg or plump breast and taut nipple; Far from it. But ever since I was a teenager, stroking my cock to the glossy images in girlie magazines, the primary object of my desire has been the soft, peachy fullness of a woman's bottom. The image that never failed to send waves of pleasure crashing through me, while thick streams of cum spurted fro… Read more

Diary of a sex addict2 Fact

A true fantasy story…

I have wanted to share a fantasy with you for sometime but never found the right opportunity so by posting this story makes it all the more possible

Many years ago I was a guest at an orgy in a hotel in sandton. It was organized by a couple for her benefit and was very well attended although not everyone was able to perform under the spotlight so I never did find out if she broke her record . I know that I fucked her and also managed to fuck … Read more

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The First Meeting Other

Kink Released…

The First Meeting

I just finished the night shift and though I was able to nap a few times...I was tired. But I promised them that if they came to town we could finally play. We had chatted and sent sexy photos and messages for a while. They said that they had some experience but this would be my first ever meeting with a married couple.
I showed up to the hotel and texted them that I was here. They texted back the room number. I took the ele… Read more

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Swinging BDSM


You come out to my shop to order a custom made coffee table. We start flirting as we are talking about your table. You notice something hanging from the ceiling and ask me "what is that hanging there?" I take you over to it and show you that it's a sex swing. I say "can show you how it works if you like"?

Your wecome. I would like to be in control of you😉 lets get to how this swing

there are straps for each arm a… Read more

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Pof lady Meetings

sinking my cock into this beautiful woman…

Melbourne is a small place in Ontario, using the dating site to find people with common interests is often tricky, so this time when I found a lady that was keen to meet, i jumped at it.

It was a brief conversation online, she said she was free, I was free, so she asked me to come over to her place. i was so excited i could hardly contain myself. On the drive over I couldn't believe that I was finally getting to meet up with someone after mont… Read more

You Take My Ass First Time

She pegs me for the first time…

You come back into the room wearing the strap on. I am standing at the end of bed as you grab me and kiss me hard, your cock pressing against mine. You reach down and feel me harden, precum seeping from my cock. You push me back on the bed, my cock slaps against my abdomen. You grab the lube and squirt your cock. Then in your hands and you rub my ass crack teasing my hole. You lube my cock and squeeze tight as you pump my shaft. I spread my leg… Read more

The Shower Fiction

Shower fun after a night of sex…

We fucked all night the day I arrived. Drifting to sleep, sweaty and smelling of sex. Smelling of us. I awake and need a shower, our mixed juices dry and crusty on my skin. I slip out of bed and to the washroom. A long pee while the shower warms. I close the door and the hot water rinses my body. I lather and rinse turning my back to the water. I don't hear you but feel you caress my ass and slide your hand between my legs, stroking my bal… Read more

The Three Of Us Threesome

She wants her husband and her lover at the same time…

We are sitting on the couch, you in the middle and us on either side watching TV. You have a hand on each of our cocks, stroking and squeezing and feeling us harden. You are wet and neither of us has touched you. With hard cocks in hand you get up and tell us to follow you, you need us both. In the bedroom we climb onto the bed, I sit at the top and you on all fours take me in your mouth with a moan. Ass in the air, your husband gets behind… Read more

Park Adventure Swinging

Strangers have fun in a State Park…

We sit in the secluded meadow and chat with our new friends. Naked among the grass. At ease with each other. After a while I feel aroused by the four of us sitting naked together. She notices and looks to you and asks "Do you enjoy watching the guys play together?" With a grin you run your finger along your pussy and reply, "Very much."

Not one to disappoint, I crawl over to him and surprise you both by taking his head between my hands and k… Read more

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