Mature dinner date Threesome

3 some…

I been talking for a while with a married lady she was in her 50's very very beautiful she would make every man and teenagers boy's have a hard on and cum so quick before she would touch you.
So as we talked before we meet with all respect . We finally meet but by herself for dinner, As we are having dinner she starts to tell me her husband don't know about us having dinner mean while she is wearing a really Hot fuck me dress with… Read more

My swinger adventure - Part 1 - sexual freedom Fact

Freedom 41…

Most people write about their fantasies, some write about their sexual experiences, this true story is about some poor schmoe like me who was married 20 years to a cold woman who denied sex when possible and who discovered sexual freedom once it was over and realized that he should have been a swinger all along.
It all started in May 2011, the ex wanted a divorce and was fucking her bootcamp beau behind my back so when I went to Québec City to … Read more

Shy No More Fact

Wife learns to enjoy nude beach…

My wife had been complaining of late about a lot of things, but mainly about her weight. She is 48 years old and she has added a few pounds and weights between 150 and 160. I never complain, I think she look pretty good. However, truth be told, our sex life isn't what it once was. Of course, she blames her weight and that I am no longer attracted to her because of it. I have told her many times that she is beautiful and loooks great just the… Read more

Addicted First Time

He Only Wanted To Hold My Cock…

I can remember it well. My friend and I were hanging out at my grandparents place helping them out doing odd chores for a bit of extra money during the summer holidays!

Murray, my friend, had never shown any physical/sexual interest in me. We played pick-up ball together in his backyard. Would go for bike rides together. Road hockey, you know, all normal stuff.

All that changed one Saturday afternoon in July!

He was always right ne… Read more

How I Became a Cuckold Part 2 Cuckold

aftermath and a happy ending with a happy ending…

Alex seemed to sleep like a baby that night. I hardly slept at all. I got up twice to jerk off to the pics and video of Alex with her bull.

The next morning...nothing happened. We didn’t talk about what had happened, which was weird. Just a normal day. That night Alex and I had sex. Just regular vanilla sex. I was too chickenshit to ask for a blowjob or anal. I was afraid she would say no and then I would have to deal with that. I really wan… Read more

How I Became a Cuckold Cuckold

you never know what's going to happen when fantasy becomes reality…

I was wondering where Alex was--I was supposed to be her ride home from work and usually if she had to stay late she would let me know. Then my phone buzzed and it was Alex. I was relieved. Then I read the text.

It read “I’m supposed to tell you that your girl is going to be a little late”

Well that was weird. It was weirdly worded, as if someone was texting for her.

I was still puzzling over this when a second text came in. It re… Read more

New Bull and Cuck Couple Date #2 Cuckold

Follow up to the hot night from our first encounter…

After our first date, my cuck couple and I had some unfinished business to attend to. Cucky, wifey, and I began to chat over [removed] to explore more of our fantasies and engage in some hot and heavy sexting. I began to learn more about their dynamic and formulated my plan for how I was going to fit in, to make the best out of this relationship.

As a Bull I find it important to discover what motivates and drives the couple. Normally you rely … Read more

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Happy Ending Indeed! Fiction

A rather unique spa experience…

I had frequented this spa for a year. Usually a somewhat shy petite 30-something, blonde did the honours – an hour-long, full-body massage. This day, I was informed by the owner that Nikki was home sick and that she, Connie, a mature divorcée, would be stepping in. Not a problem.

As soon as Connie left the treatment room, I stripped off as usual and lay face-down on the table under the heavy blanket meant to keep me comfortable. A minute o… Read more

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Another Adult Fun Chapter (4) Threesome

Another chapter of Real Adult Fun.…

Once again this past November our friend Bill found his way to our city for some sports, after Sara with some encouragement gave him the go ahead. When Bill messaged us that he was making travel arrangements my wife Suz wondered if it was possible Sara was happy to let Bill get some strange stuff and fill his bucket list?

The drinks were poured so Bill and I headed to the sauna to talk about the possibilities and that it was indeed the the 2n… Read more

Tonight Fiction

Here's what I'm thinking for tonight....…

I arrive at your hotel room and since you were expecting me, the door is open. You come to greet me as soon as I walk in. "I'm so glad you're here. I have missed you" you say as you hug me. "I have missed you so much as well" I reply.

You lean down and take my mouth for a long kiss. Once we come up for air, you take my jacket and hang it up as I take a seat on the sofa. You pour me a glass of wine and sit beside me.

As we sit there, sip… Read more

New Bull and Cuck Couple Cuckold

First time meeting the cuck couple…

My writings are scattered and not in chronological order, I apologize. This story is about the first time I met my first cuckold couple in person.

I have been fantasizing about becoming a true Bull to a cuck couple for many years. It began from reading erotica as a young 20 something year old and manifested itself while I was on my own life journey for close to 20 years to where I am today. Following an extensive relationship with my hotwife c… Read more

Naughty Fantasy Threesome

Sharing my slutwife…

My wife & i invite one of my buddies over for dinner one night. As the night goes on while were having a few drinks & chatting about random different things while sitting in our living room. My wife asks if we would like another drink, as she gets up too go make us a couple more. I notice how good she is feeling & knowing how horny she gets when she drinks, i figure this would be the perfect time to suprise my wife. As i tell my buddy to quickly… Read more

The Naughty Photoshoot BDSM

Look at the size of that lens…

The photoshoot

At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical photographer, I will assure you I am not.

The photoshoot was a typical everyday shoot, my friend was going pro as a dominatrix and needed some images for her the madam’s website. Envie, knowing the genre of the shoot dressed somewhat appropriately in her leather leggings and tall heals, looking the part of the sexy submissive she is. I had told her to come prepared to be in fro… Read more

late night and a snow storm Groups

i liked to be gang bang…

I have always loved to be gangbang , i enjoy more than one cock in me , I am so luckey that my hubby never says a word , I got in to Moncton late and it was snowing ,so I got a hotel room for the night ,I went down to get something to eat and have a drink ,the bar was so so I ordered a drink and food and looked around .
I saw a couple of young men over at the bar , looking over and I just stayed in my spot one sent the water over and ask if, … Read more


The journey from Sub to slave…

W and I began to play more frequently after I moved into the same town as her (mere happenstance) . She would finish work 1 night per week and come over. We played as though we were young kids. I would ravage her in every square inch of my small loft. Her clothes would be off within 2 minutes of entering the door. Our lips locked into an embrace. Picking her up, placing her on the counter, and spreading her legs around my body as I devoured her.… Read more

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Sex on the Beach...and I'm not talking about the drink! Swinging

Live in the moment…

This is yet another installment from my adventures with my submissive playmate, W, and hotwife couple, H and her hubby D.

It was a hot summer evening a few years ago and H D and I were just finishing up with dinner at their cottage on Lake Huron. W texted and asked what we were doing and we replied that we were just about to go see the sunset and have some fun back at the cottage.

"I'm leaving now and will be there in 2 hours!" was the re… Read more

1+1+1=Fun Threesome

First Threesome…

This is a continuation of my first writing attempt, "The Spark that Turned into a Bonfire". I have had a privileged journey into the lifestyle and wish to jot it down while I still remember it! I am not a writer, so please take my writing style with the grain of salt.

My hotwife couple texted me asking if I wanted to meet up for another playdate with them and their friend. Since their kids were home, a hotel rendezvous was in order. After a … Read more

What I got my self into Fiction

Night of drinking…

We went out drinking to a few places . Started to chat to some people at the bar few hot guys like what I had on and said we should hook up some time. I was so turn on i was so wet by the end of the night next thing i woke up in a hotel bed with a few guys. One of then had pulled down my skirt and slid his cock in my wet pussy unsure if he was the 1st guy or not. I think he blow his hot load deep inside of me. I then woke up to some one in my ass… Read more

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My First time First Time

My first sexual experience/losing my virginity…

I was 18 when I first discovered online websites like swingingheaven and where you can connect with strangers and potentially meet for fun. A little bit about me, I'm 5'7, 110 lbs, slim, ethnically Indian, with an average sized cock. Personality wise, I'm shy/introvert, so communication whether it be verbal or written is not one of my strengths, moving on. I was a virgin at the time with the only experience of kissing and at 18 years old, hormon… Read more

Birthday Orgy goes full Bi Fact

Six friends explore bareback, creampie and Bi treats…

Stags First time Bi

Our good friends Suzie and Steve invited us to share dinner with Debbie and Mark at their place and noted that this was Debbie’s birthday. We found a card and gift, some drinks and headed over. We were all nude but unsure where everyone was on the Lifestyle side so there was no overt sex during dinner, just lots of laughs and innuendo.
Its always interesting to me when a party goes from fun to wild and how that happe… Read more

Part II - Chronicles of a married woman and her young cub Fact

New boy fun!…

Well I am happy to say I finally did it! I was finally DP'd (double penetrated)! And it felt wonderful!

Last evening a young cub of mine dropped by for a few hours of fun. We were playing in bed while hubby sat by the side of the room watching us with a huge hard on. My young lover is very attentive and takes good care to please this fierce cougar. His rock hard young body was so smooth I could not help but dig my claws into his skin, leaving … Read more

Another hot adventure Fact

I'm still horny can hardly wait for round ?? two…

As Mr K and I sat in his bed chatting,me fondling his soft cock and him rubbing my leg , occasionally he would lean in for a kiss hands roaming all over my body caressing my tits and softly sucking on my very big hard nipples making me moan and gasp,his hand would slide down and gently rub my very swollen clit,and very swollen pussy lips ,they get nice and puffy when I'm horny and I'm horny ?
Mr K asked if he could top off my wine ,which I told… Read more

Drive in movies part 2 Fiction

That they did to me at the movies…

So we went got food and came back they both started to play with my nipples pushing my bra up and the next thing I had the magic wand on my pussy full blast some then finger my ass I was stroking both of there cocks I started to orgasm and I sprays the seat with your cum leaking out from the 1st movie one takes me in the back seat and opens my legs and mounts me slide in there big think cock in my pussy as he pulled in and out he started to kiss … Read more

Another hot adventure Fact

I'm horny…

Well this is another one of my hot encounter while waiting for my now hubby to make up his mind
Two of my girlfriends and neighbors decided to go out at a local bar on a Saturday night ,while at work another male freind had asked me if I had any plans for the weekend,I said yes that two freinds and I are going to a bar Saturday night,I'll call him Mr K,,, he's been trying to go out with me for awhile now but I always shrugged him off,I was fuck… Read more

Hoping this happens next Threesome

Heres how she needs it again asap…

Help double team her hard and deep both taking turns in ass and pussy as the other is at other end being sucked off her on hands and knees for a deep hard lenghly spitroast making sure to fuck her hard when its ur turn dont hold anything back but also make sure to stop before you bust to switch ends and compose yourself while she takes a turn blowing u as i take over pounding her stopping to switch back this continues for as long as possible only… Read more

Beach Day Fiction

Fictional first person day of erotic bliss…

Your laying in bed sleeping still in a dreamy state.....images of a pirate ship and you laying in a big four post bed naked with the captain of the ship on top of you feeling his cock sliding slowly in and out of your sweet pussy, feeling his lips on yours. Then you feel his lips on your neck but it this time it feels open your eyes and my lips are on your neck kissing gently. Curled up behind you with my hard cock rubbing gently ove… Read more

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November send off Fact

A bi group sending off D to the south…

(All of our posts are from events we host. They are written from the perspective of D the male, Ellen is the female.)

We greet each other at the door to the playspace with kisses and roaming fingers, promises of what is to come. Susan is there for the first time in a long while, saying she hasn’t seen me in too long and wants to be there to give me a proper send off as I head south for the season. Mark is already hard as he fondles my cr… Read more

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Welcome bi newbies Fact

We had a couple join one of our bi parties for the first time…

All our posts are from events we have hosted. They are written from the male partner D, in this couple. Ellen is the female partner. Enjoy our adventures.

We welcomed a few newcomers to our little soirée group for a midsummer’s eve frolic. A couple Nancy and Dale, who have been in the lifestyle for a number of years but not ever to a bi event, along with Janet, a lady who was also experienced in swinging but not bi play were greeted b… Read more

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Halloween at a sex club. Fact

Friends get together for fun and sex at a swinger club Halloween party…

Halloween at a sex club. If you have not done this, you MUST!

Everyone in sexy, maybe scary, often funny, but always sexy costumes.

We picked up our friend Sarah on the way to the club. I should share a bit about Sarah. She is what is known as a Unicorn: a single woman who is fully into the Lifestyle, who plays with girls a bit but definitely prefers cock. She is nicely rounded with full tits, tight pussy (no kids) and a generous, sweet nat… Read more

A wife's first bisexual encounter Fact

My exhibitionist wife brings two lady friends (and a random guy) to orgasm in a resort pool.…

Another true adventure, with names changed.
Our last trip to Jamaica we met and had fun with, among others, two delicious couples, Carla and Manfred, Sherri and Jim. Manfred is tall and very laid back but intelligent and engaging and he knows he is lucky to have Carla: Hispanic and HOT. Frim body, nice curves and she loves to flirt and play. Sherri is tall, more rounded and gives head better than a pro. She is thinking of starting classes (serio… Read more

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