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be careful of which bottle of lube you grab in the heat of the moment.…

There was this one time... I havent saw gordjuss for a week.. i was baby sitting some lil kiddos.. made alotta hotdogs.. lol.. my and gordjuss' first nite together in 7 days.. oh my gawd. so horny.. anyways.. in the heat of moment.. i grab that lube bottle.... shake it.. and then adding a huge generous amount .. of what i thought was lube.. I start to stroke that lube alll over gordjuss' huge engorged cock.. mmm. so huge.. .. mm.. then i go down … Read more

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Impregnating The Neighbor Romance

thrilling when you know her husband is not able to impregnate her over the years…

A neighbor that will excite you with her moves is always a thing of beauty and joy. Further, when her response seems a little positive and her eyes tell you her needs. It becomes more thrilling when you know her husband is not able to impregnate her over the years. The lady next door was a beauty in her 40’s and she was always staring at me with a little and soft smile. I was equally excited and was finding an opportunity to talk with her.
But… Read more

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Meeting A couple Meetings

Great sex…

One day I was walking out of the grocery store weather was bad snowing windy and cold. When this couple around 25 yrs old. I am 40. Asked me if I knew of any shelters in the city where A male and female couple can stay together at. Not knowing much about the shelter system in the city. I told them I couldn't answer that question. Then I asked are you two stuck out on the streets with no place to go to. And they told me yes because of circumsta… Read more

Please report to my odfice Gay

Love Seat…

You’re blindfolded with your back to me as I quietly enter the dimly lit office, sexual tension fills the air, the mood is right as I reach around your torso one hand on each side gripping you tight, you feel the warmth of my breath on the tiny hairs of you neck, I trace my thumbs along the ridge of your belt until I’m directly above your already swelling package, mostly due to my touches & the feeling of my stiffening member pressing against… Read more

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Incidental touching Threesome

The first time I felt another man’s explosion through the thin separation of a Double penetration…

The anticipation and intensity of the feeling of her asshole opening for my beaconing rod was nothing new to me. Anal sex was still something that I had internal turmoils around from time to time, right or wrong, spiritual or dogma, who fucking cares. It's intense and magical. I could feel her sphincter muscles staring to relax; allowing my purple helmeted soldier, now at full attention, to be swallowed by her slowly lowering chamber. I liken it … Read more

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A night of poke her Groups

Four cocks one wife.…

My wife and me have had A few mfm threesome's in the past and we enjoyed the experience greatly. My wife is very sexy and loves to be the center of attention specially when it comes to playing with A big strange cock where she can use it and send it home when finished. Gotta love her she definitely makes married life great sexually. Her 35th birthday is coming up and has been making hints about having some fun with A strange cock. But I got to t… Read more

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Wife streached open wide Threesome

Her request for first time threesome…

My wife and me have been married for 11 yrs now and she is 36 yrs old . Very sexy and beautiful woman. She's A petite women at 5'4" 120 lbs great ass firm perky breasts c-cup takes care of her body athletic. With A sweet tight pussy. We didn't have any children for medical reasons and we are fine with that. Our sex life is great and has gotten better sense we have incorporated fantasy playing into our sex life. Which usually involves threesome … Read more

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Wife's first taste of stranger's cocks First Time

Wife's fantasy…

My wife is A very beautiful sexy as hell straight forward kind of woman. Who was raised in A controlled lifestyle in a religious beliefs family. Until we got married. She is 30 we been married sence she was 21 and needles to say A virgin. She stands 5'6" 120 lbs petite muscular body c-cup breast with perfect up standing nipples. And A very fine muscular ass and legs. Black hair and hazel eyes. Awhile back we started to incorporate fantasy Play in… Read more

Trickle Down First Time

Virgin Bottom…

You’re blindfolded with your back to me as I quietly enter the dimly lit office, sexual tension fills the air, the mood is right as I reach around your torso one hand on each side gripping you tight, you feel the warmth of my breath on the tiny hairs of you neck, I trace my thumbs along the ridge of your belt until I’m directly above your already swelling package, mostly due to my touches & the feeling of my stiffening member pressing against… Read more

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Watch us Fuck. Fiction

He moved in on top of her.…

My Beautiful wife and I have been together for 8 years, our sex life has been incredible has been since we first made love, I knew instantly she had never had a deep penetration as I felt her vaginal opening, open up as my cock was going deeper till I was buried to my balls, she absolutely love it being stretched open and having me deep inside her she multiple orgasms that night and every time since, so we have experimented with playing games and… Read more

Dildo delights Fact

A toy story…

We have found an afternoon to slip away and spend a few magical hours together. Waiting for Ellen to arrive, I am watching some vintage porn images on the screen giving me fantasies of what we will do once she joins me. We greet each other with a subdued passion, knowing we are going to ignite each other’s desires into a frenzied lust over the coming hours.

We take our time, tantalizing each other as we chat about our recent adventure… Read more

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Holiday Elf Fact

Elf on the bed…

Ellen arrived bustling in from the cold, radiating heat despite the layers of warm clothes she was enveloped in. Our embrace was full of desire and anticipation. It didn’t take long for her to shed the winter garments and put on a red mesh net outfit that hugged her luscious curves, hiding and revealing her charms simultaneously. She was like a Christmas elf with her devilish smile and wicked twinkle in her eyes.

We didn’t have much t… Read more

Hard days work means she gets to enjoy the steam Fiction

Hard worker comes home and pleases wife…

Note: I write sex stories from time to time, this is my first time posting. Let me know what you think.
I get home after a long day at work, back is sore, feet hurt and have a headache. All I wanna do is go have a beer and a nap. I turn the key to the lock and hear you singing away in the kitchen, I decide to be quiet so you can enjoy your time. As I sneak up the stairs and peak around the corner, that’s when I see you, hair down and waving, s… Read more

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On the nude beach in Cap d’Agde Fact

When no could mean maybe…

We were on a self guided tour through Europe, hitting as many nude and Lifestyle spots as we could, amongst the wonderful cultural and art sites. One of our dreams was Cap d’Agde, a whole community of naked fun on the Mediterranean shore in the south of France. This is a whole village where nudism is expected and Lifestyle is pretty common. Imagine waking up any morning, washing off the quim and cum from the previous night, walking out to p… Read more

Dogging turn into A gang bang prt 2 Groups

Migrant workers…

Ok some background about my wife and me. We are A couple who very much enjoy having fun together and enjoy the playing outside adventures. All though it's been pretty mild where there's been times someone would be watching us A great turn on for her. But the guys never actually tried to join in. Which is kind of a disappointment for me because I have always wanted to watch her and shair her with another man. Which we have talked about. And she s… Read more

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Naughty Nora’s Touch Part 2 Swinging

Another Naughty Nora Sexcapade…

You are flushed and there are little aftershocks running through your pussy. Your mind is at work, you are thinking that was some orgasm. He really is quite good with that tongue of his- maybe even fabulous …you giggle.
You let your thighs relax, releasing his head. You can see the imprint of your fingers on his shoulders where you dug them in during that moment of ecstasy.
You tell him about how fabulous it feels and how much you want to tas… Read more

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Picking up A hitchhiker Threesome

Her lust for strange cocks the trip home…

Me and my wife were on A road trip out west to visit family. My wife is very beautiful and sexy as hell. She's petite 105 lbs stands 5'1" and fit . Nice ass very sweet tight pussy beautiful features face. Shoulder length dark hair and c cup breasts. And 44 yrs old but to look at her you would never believe it. She was wearing A pair of loose fitting Short's and A t- shit. We where just getting to the end Ontario around wawa . Ok well I guess I … Read more

Head and Breakfast Meetings

Barebacking and back bacon…

A few months ago I got a message from a lady that came across one of my ads. Guess she ended up getting a divorce a few months back and couldnt take it anymore, she needed a good pounding as she was "super horny".

Shes a nurse working nights and has a kid so she decides to have me over one morning after the kid has left for school. The morning arrives and she tells me to just walk in. I roll up to her place in the morning and walk in. I announ… Read more

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Nora's Touch Part One Fiction

Another Naughty Nora Sexcapade…

Everyone is becoming more relaxed and less inhibited. Wine does that to you. We have a rule that once everyone arrives, we all get naked and enjoy some wine. It gets rid of any inhibitions fairly quickly!

I am watching you flirt with our guest as only you can. You have been teasing him for about 20 minutes now. A touch on his leg, a squeeze of his thigh, a hand caressing his cock, your head resting on his shoulders. You are a master flirt, an… Read more

Bluesfest adventure Meetings

An unexpected encounter at the Ottawa Bluesfest…

The Ottawa Bluesfest is a summer festival of, well, pretty much any sort of music. The days of it having a blues focus are long gone. However, one early evening I found myself standing in the middle of a sparse crowd enjoying, of all things, some pretty good blues. It was the warm-up band for a singer that I wanted to see at that stage that was coming along later. I looked around and spotted an attractive woman about 10 feet behind me dancin… Read more

A Surprize For Nora Swinging

Fact or Fiction?…

It was late afternoon, just before dinner and Nora aka WP and I aka BB were meeting for a date night at one of the airport hotels. There was a soft knock at the door and Nora thinking it was housekeeping answered it.

Standing there was a cute blonde, about 4 inches taller than Nora who is nicknamed “The Elf" for good reason. "Hi, I am Sue- I am here for a play date" the blonde visitor said with a coy smile. Nora gave me one of those looks th… Read more

Fact or Fantasy #1 Fiction

Is this true?…

It is after 11PM and I am lying on the bed- naked, my cock hard and throbbing waiting for you. My mind in overdrive thinking of all the different ways to make love to you tonight.

You slip into the room naked and crawl in beside me. I give you a long deep kiss and I remember that you had an extra hard rowing workout today- maybe tonight isn’t the best one for lots of hard pounding.

Hmmm I have a thought. I pull you over my body so that yo… Read more

Wife's used in the woods Dogging

Big cocks part 1 part 2 part 3. Part 4. Part 5 . Part 6 & 7 continue…

It was A hot summer day. Me and my wife wanted to get out so we plan on something we haven't done it a while. So we went fishing in A Spot we knew would be pretty out of the way in the woods off the lake. Ok I will tell you about my wife she is 33 yrs old .A beautiful east Indian women. With A great body we both work out regularly. Stands at 5'.1"black hair nice B cup breasts with big brown nipples Slim waist and the most beautiful ass . I rea… Read more

The unicorn that got away First Time

Squirting 101…

We were still a fairly new couple having only been dating for about 2 months when this experience happened and we were both really enjoying our new found relationship, sex was amazing. We live in a very beautiful place and I was very excited to start my new life and explore everything it had to offer, I'm a very adventurous and playful female ( T) and my excitable energy can be contagious at times. I started a new job at a lingerie shop and wa… Read more

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Femdom suprise Cuckold

That's some people I invited over you're going to suck cock for me tonight…

She had been watching me naked on the couch furiously masturbating to bi cuckold porn from the stairs
Is this what you like? What I'm gonna say no?
She sits down and watches with me ,finishes me off and we go to bed
Two days later theres a knock and she says get that its some people I invited over and you're going to suck cock for me
I was stunned .I went to the door and it's a guy in his mid 20s and his incredible cute 20 yr old tomboy… Read more

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Discovering Anne Fiction

How I got to know Anne - intimately of course…

I first met Anne in my French class. Over the months, we would often grab a coffee. Soon we were sharing life stories. A retired university librarian, Anne was 59, stood 5’ 3”, weighed maybe 140 lbs or so, was childless, had been widowed for 6 years, was single and, while a bit chubby, had a nice figure. It was obvious that she was quite shy, but she opened up to me as the weeks went by as she struggled to learn the language.

Towards the … Read more

First time HotWife First Time

Wife fucks her boss.…

My wife recently started a new position at her work. She mentioned in casual passing and said the new job would require travel. Again, it was not a big deal and I didn’t pay too much attention to it as all her coworkers were required to travel. After several months of traveling all over the globe, I noticed that my wife’s travel schedule became busier and her travel companion was usually her boss.

We would laugh and joke about her bein… Read more

Date Night. Let's visit a Swingers Club... final Swinging

The climax (the end...)…

So Mrs B went to the edge of the bed and bent over… Mr B got in behind her and slow started to pump away. Seeing Mrs B ass move was hot…. Also the look on her face…. Her eyes slightly rolled back… she was moaning. Mr B was focused. Ms S looked at me and said she wants it. So Ms S got the edge of the bed and said she wanted to watch while being fucked. So I got in behind her…. She was soaked…. I slid right in.. I could feel her lips… Read more

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The Fantasy Game part 1... Fact

You just never know...…


Were browsing the stories when you came accross the title "The Fanasy Game".

It caught your attention...

You started reading........

The story told you to send access to your body and face pics, with a brief introduction and your availability along with preferences. Then you would be contacted if there was a connection with the details, "how, when & where".

Mmmm...should I? You thought to yourself...

You checked out the … Read more

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Amazing cum shots Fact

Super hot wife doesn’t like big loads of cum…

For those of you that have taken the time to look me up,, thanks. The secret to how I accomplish these cum tributes is my super hot wife.
See,,, Ive always been a big cummer . She prefers my much smaller second load. So this is our arrangement to help me shoot massive loads for my tribute videos. I wait 4 days to build up to make my videos. So for 4 days my super hot wife teases me. 3 times a day she gets me hard. In the morning once I’m hard … Read more

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