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The eroticism of a bi MFM

Such an amazing night !

The Mrs and i had explored with a few Bi men over the years that we had begun this journey but none were as erotic as the evening we met a more experienced Bi male at his place for dinner and drinks to see if we all might click. For this story i will just...

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How I got into public flashing...

Summer is the best time of get naked outdoors

Hubby is always challenging me to do more and more daring things...It all started with flashing truckers in the safety of our car, but quickly got more and more adventurous until I was fully nude in the front seat with my legs spread apart and my bare fee...

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Topless Tanning

LOVE to have nude fun on any beach....

Even though only topless is permitted at public beaches, I love to bare as much as possible whenever I go to the beach, wearing the smallest micro bikinis sold that don't quite cover my nipples.I love to go when there are only adults around, so we can hav...

First Bi Meet

At first glance the view was magnificent

So after my girlfriend advised she wasn't interested in swinging anymore she said it was perfectly fine for me to explore my bi side with a guy/bicouple. I couldn't believe my ears...but gladly thanked her for understanding it was purely sexual and that I...

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I had been thinking about for a while; I wanted to feel a nice big cock grow hard in my mouth and then twitch and pulse as it gave me my reward. It took a while to look through all the ads online, but I eventually chose a guy. He was Indian, a little olde...

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Divorced...time for someone new

let's check all the boxes

I had been married for 5 years ( been together for 15 ) and the sex was not that great, I met this girl who was going through a divorce like me and she said it was a sexless marriage for the last 7 years, we were seeing each other a few times a week and t...

Doors Unlocked

Lock the door behind you.

You pick up your phone. See a text msg notification From: SIR. - Friday 19:23 Doors Unblocked. The hair on the back of your neck stands up and your body clenches. Your mind starts to go wild and fills with flashbacks of the last time I touched you. You ch...

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Whatever He Wants

I went outside my comfort zone for the man I loved.

From the moment I met him, I was enamored with A. He was kind, sweet, sexy, and funny. He's two years older than I am. Kind of a natural build. Not heavy, but not overly defined either. Slightly taller than me, with short brown hair and beautiful brown ey...

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Ladies Night Aftermath

What happens when you're too horny coming back from a bar.

Tracey and Amber went out drinking and it was my sole job to pick them up at the bar. I showed up outside the bar and they were nowhere to be seen. I texted Tracey to let her know that I was parked out front. I soon saw them walk out of the alley way towa...

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The Cabin

A short story of some cabin fun.

My wife and I were excited about the weekend trip. This had been planned for over a month. And adults only vacation without kids at our cabin. Just us and some friends of ours. Another couple, Harry and Amber. I came home after dropping the kids off at th...

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The Pick Up

Just a short story about a role playing pickup that went wrong...or did it?

My wife Tracey and I rented a hotel room at the local Holiday Inn. The plan? To leave our rings at home, go to the local bar, and then I try to pick her up, take her back to the room, and have a one-night stand. Don’t get me wrong. I love my wife. I think...

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Playing with Newbies

The Journey only gets hotter, part 2

Tina contacts us and said they had a great time , so we set up another get together, this time we skip the pub and they come right to our house, starts out the same, hot tub with some touching, kissing and this time in the tub, a bj from Tina , my wife gi...

One of our Bi MMF evenings.

Wait, that wasn’t you on top of me ?

The Mrs and I had started exploring bi play for us both after being together for about 3 years. I had been trying to get her to let us have an extra lady with us and she kept saying she didn’t think she would be comfortable with that. But she said since y...

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