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Roped in

Moths to a flame

So M and I are not into serious BDSM and its complex culture, but like many sexy people, we enjoy dabbling with restraints, whips, floggers, clamps, and the like. If you really want to catch someone’s eye, though, you have to bring out the ropes. I can’t...

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So after many failed attempts to meet up it finally happened. Everything was set to head for a drink . Things went very well as we left she grabbed my hand and steered me to a cab. We ended back at my hotel, where she sat me down on the couch and stripped...


I layed out a selection of my sluttiest clothes. Hiding the black freddie pants towards the bottom. He would have to wait through the whole fashion show before we get to those. We both knew that they were what I was going to wear tonight anyways. I tried...

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We came to the hotel lobby to check in. I observed that the guy at the desk was curious about us but obviously did not say anything. We entered the room and there were 2 double beds. We took our shoes off and hung our jackets in the closet. There was a sm...

Like many married couples, we were becoming used to each other and life was becoming routine. We often talked about how we could spice up our marriage but nothing seemed to make us say yesssss! One day we were in the kitchen and I walked up to my wife and...


After that night of exploring in the truck, Dave and I talked about how things went. There really weren't any complaints except the fact that we couldn't fully enjoy because one of us had to make sure we wouldn't get caught. As exciting the risk was, the...

Went to a local LS club last Thursday on a whim and got so turned on while watching Mrs Wild get fucked from behind by a large cock while making out with another woman. Then went to the pool and found a young good looking single BBC and invited him upstai...

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The Party

Sean meets his date for the first time at a LS party

Sean arrived at the party early and parked around the corner. He was waiting for his date Angela to arrive with another couple who were giving her a ride to the party. Angela texted that they were almost there, and Sean grabbed his bag and started towards...

It is great hearing from you! Bi the way… Months went by since our encounter with Dave and Krissy and one Sunday, I received a text that said “good afternoon”. It was Dave and I was surprised as both my wife and I thought they were no longer interested in...

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One afternoon, I went out with my gf (at the time). I guess we will call her pizza girl. We went out to the wineries in Niagara. On the way home, around 4 or 5 pm, we decided to take the road near the lake, not the highway. I drove slow, she unzipped my p...

A girl from my past introduced me to the kinky lifestyle some years ago. We hit it off right away, both inside and outside of the bedroom. She was very experienced sexually, sleeping with women and men, and had a body that was made for sex. Tight pussy, b...

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March 2024 - surrey man- after break with wife ——passion- sex life was zero. From straight — to BI- hungers - ( mostly cuz of loss of stamina to breed pussy). I adapted— and enjoyed being a bi. Bottom!! And being “ bred’” —my biggest pleasure ?— was being...

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Rekindled Conversations

Stella meets an old friend

Stella was looking forward to catching up with her old friend Thomas. They hadn’t seen each other in years, but always managed to keep in touch regardless. They spoke about everything, including Stella’s little hookup with Jake and Marcus. Of course, Thom...

Late Night Heels

Woman gets stood up and walks into a bar.

It was late. Stella was walking back to her motel room. Stella was in town to meet a friend and they cancelled at the last minute. Stella was disappointed since her work didn’t allow her much time to socialize since she was constantly on the road. Not wan...

Pool Hall Bang

Girls walks into a bar a second time and doesn't play pool.

Stella's job took to all sorts of small towns, but after her last trip out, she had done something that she had never dreamt of doing. Having sex with two completely strange men. She thought about the excitement of it. The danger. She wanted more. She cra...

Surrey CD ectasy!

Surrey CD was hot

Hunting different sites- found an ad by a 50 year old cd in surrey. Married,plays alone- but hoping to involve wife if a nice respectable guy is found,.. that’s where I cum in. “ She” couldn’t host for first visit- so I got a nice motel in Langley. “ Shel...

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