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I discovered friends are swingers!

She was in Love with me when she was younger!

When I was younger my friends daughter would always tell me she was going to marry me. Well, she grew older and got married move to the east end. I have always been a sexual man and was married for a period of 10 years before getting divorced in 1998. As...

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Big cocky

First big cock

Rodrigo slipped out of his clothes without ceremony and both of us took a sharp intake of breath at our first close up view of his enormous cock. It was one thing to see it on film, but quite another in real life. Angel reached out and placed one hand on...

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You’re working late at work.... overtime again and your all alone.... your crouched down and working on a stubborn piece and you’re frustrated.... you stand and stretch.... suddenly you feel small hands on your back. Your eyes close as you recognize the s...

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This happened when I was 19-20 and she was in her late 30s I'm 6'2, with a slim build and have broad shoulders and brown skin, this happened in Toronto at M4 sex club. After I had changed into a towel, I went exploring. That was when I saw her, she was on...

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We were still a fairly new couple having only been dating for about 2 months when this experience happened and we were both really enjoying our new found relationship, sex was amazing. We live in a very beautiful place and I was very excited to start my n...

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Mr. W reached out to me as we were both members of a special interest website, the subject of which we share a common interest. I had posted on what specifically was of interest to me, and in the thread I had mentioned an upcoming business trip. W had rea...

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The Pool

A True Story

It was a hot summer weekend and my old friend stopped by unexpectedly and stayed for supper . We sat around the pool enjoying a few drinks and a couple of puffs as it got dark, the breeze just dropped and the humidity became unbearable . I don’t know why...

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Our first Orgy

We enjoy sharing our adventures through the lifestyle

Hello fellow swingers! We're still new to the site and have not had time to properly navigate it or respond to messages. We do plan to update our profile and be more active very soon. We took a quick browse and noticed there was a place to tell our storie...

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A unicorn kinda night

I, honestly don't know where to begin. I was obviously smitten at dinner last Tuesday. But dating again, with my wife guarding first base no less, is a whole different ballgame. I've learned to manage expectations and I did a good job of limiting them thi...

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My Fantasy I have a couple of lady friends who I flirt with pretty heavily and they return the favor. The sexual tension between us is thick. In my conversations with them, separately, it has come out that all three of us have the fantasy of a MFF three-s...

Watching and being watched while playing.... it’s a heady drug... you’re watching a woman play... you can’t touch just watch.... she’s lying on the bed... naked... her right hand between her legs... she’s got her right leg bent and down on the bed to the...

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I have discovered that love doesn't guarantee the success of a relationship. Love cannot you stick to person all round, and on the other hand, cheating isn't always a product of not loving your partner. In fact, loving some doesn't guarantee not falling i...

Super hot MFM

The night I dominated a couple

I had been chatting with a couple for a couple months now. We had some cam fun one night but just couldnt get our schedules lined up for a meeting. Then last week came. We set up a meeting for the night time at my place. I already had an idea what they we...

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For those of you reading this,don't be afraid to leave a comment!So there was Bart,trying to stuff his limp noodle into her.I continued to lick Anne,watching this unfold.He got the head in,but kept falling out.He stopped and backed off.He said this wasn't...

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