STR8, TILL I BENT - Part 2 First Time

My wife knows about it, and fully supports it!…

So, I had been introduced to the feeling, many years ago, of having a cock in my mouth during a threesome. It was literally done behind my wife’s back, while she was being doggy styled. However, I finally came clean and told her what happened. She said she had no idea, at the time that anything like that had happened because it was not spoken about by me or my Mate after we had completed that threesome. Nor did he or I ever bring it up again. I… Read more

STR8, TILL I BENT - Part 1 First Time

He left me wanting more of his cock as I watched him penetrate my wife’s pussy deep with his beautiful cock. His balls were slapping on my face with…

I always thought of myself as “normal”, whatever that is. A straight guy that was never shy about being naked in front of people and loved a beautiful woman, especially with nice small tits and a nice ass. I was never really into big boobs, “more than a mouthful is a waste”. Then one day I was introduced to a cock without any discussion or even being asked, it was thrust upon me so to speak. During a threesome, I had the other guys cock … Read more

The surprise - part 2 Fiction

Husband surprises wife - part 2…

With your ass cheeks spread for the stranger, the heat from between your thighs, turn the stranger on even further than before. The scent of your wetness drives him to slowly help further pull your ass cheeks apart, to start light sensual kisses to your wonderfully sculpted ass. As you lay helpless to the strangers touch, while leaned over the bed, completely in a relaxed state, your new lovers lips continue kissing closer to your inner cheeks. T… Read more

Quarantine fantasy Fiction

A crazy fantasy during this times...…

During this time everyone is in home, and we need to avoid the contact with others whatever imagine if we could have a encounter together, how could be this possible if nobody could go close to another people, even if we are healthy so I was thinking 🤔 that imagine you agreed we somebody else to have this moment how could be possible without nobody notice that you are let somebody get into your place? So probably you need to go and meet in a p… Read more

Bi MFM Swinging


I am a bi man, and divorced, but my ex partner and I still cannot seem to stop getting together.
We met for a drink or two and were getting along well when my gay friend texted. I said I was with my ex, and he asked if she would be interested. I hesitates, but broached the subject, and she immediately jumped at the opportunity. We finished our drinks and went to my friends' house..
Upon entering, my friend grabbed her and kissed her passiona… Read more

Afternoon Cumfort Triactor Threesome good to share!…

I melt for a full bodied woman....luscious curves, breasts with substance, and an ass to softly balance it all..... And there she stood... bare feet planted shoulder width apart, rounded ass thrust backwards to accept my man's engorged cock. He was inside her as she gripped the back of the couch.....He grinded , she moaned... oh , I know how that felt! Again....with that flesh slapping urgency. There had been a fals… Read more

A bisexual MFM sexy wife part3 Swinging


Part 2 described the beginning of my evening and what followed in part 1 of this story so I suppose this has to describe the climax, but where to start , she would cum repeatedly and could easily outlast the man, but for our minds and and versatility for she was not only turned on by her lust for more but to explore new horizons with her husband s lust evidence to see. They had been swinging by themselves and a few couples but this transition to … Read more

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A bisexual MFM sexy wife part 2 Swinging


part 1 described the middle of a first encounter, as a threesome, but it had been months in the making, and was not the end of the evening, as earlier when I arrived, after a few frantic calls, he had said she wants you and she wants you now. This was my third visit to there home, and each night had been eclipsed. Today was different, they had obviously been partying most of the night and she was just insatiable so the sos call had come. A quick … Read more

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A bisexual a MFM sexy wife Swinging


Would luv to be eating her pussy right now, my tongue deep in her soft lips, while she opens her legs, for more, I feel a hand behind me take my throbbing cock and stroke it, but I can’t get enough of her pussy so I lick her to orgasm, I feel my cock pulled between my legs and a hot mouth take the head and sucking my cock, hot breath caresses my ass, I am ready and hard and can’t wait to enter her soft wet pussy, and I feel his hard strong co… Read more

An Erotic Au Revoir Fiction

An interesting and sexy good-bye to an ex colleague…

Mathilde was a 37-year teacher from Quebec. We’d known each other for a few years, worked at the same place, shared a cup of coffee now and again after we both left our employment and kept in touch sporadically. I eventually learned via mutual acquaintances that she’d had enough of living out West and had bowed to family pressure to return home to Quebec and marry this nice doctor her family had recruited for her. I happened to be in town on … Read more

The surprise... Fiction

Husbands surprise to wife...…

Part 1
It’s Friday and a long week has passed, where relaxation and some personal alone time is warranted. You get home, kick off your heels and call for your husband, as you hear some music playing from the bedroom. You don’t hear a response, so you continue walking toward the bedroom, that has low light,…you suspect from candles.

As you get closer to the door way of the bedroom, you see your husband sitting on the edge of the bed, sta… Read more

New years Cuckold


This happens on new years the wife and I went to a club to go dancing and we took a uber they went dancing and had a few drinks when it was time to leave we called for a uber to get us home .he came picked us up the wife and I went into the back seat while back there i put my wifes hand on my cock of course she didn't resist. I was feeling really horny knowing the uber driver could see us in the mirror...I grab my wifes head pull her… Read more

A&A Weekend First Time

Amazing and Annoying cums for a visit.…

Beth was a friend of my fiancé Olivia. She was a very attractive woman in her mid-forties, she had a pretty face, she was fit and she had a great pair of fake tits. Beth was always a bit envious of my fiancé, not that I was the perfect guy, I was far from it. Beth just wanted to have someone in her life, someone she could do couples stuff with.
Beth seemed to always strike out when it came to men. She hated being on all those online dating sit… Read more

Hot Bi Foam Party Fact

Hot Bi Foam Party with my wife and friends, another true adventure in the LS…

We have tried a few foam parties, Club Med, Cap D’Agde, Hedo and and others and found some to be awesome and others duds, but his one was Jamaican Hot

Getting the foam recipe right is a real challenge because the foam should be slippery fun and light but not irritating for the skin, especially the delicate lady parts, nor painful to the eyes. We were cautious after some previous eye irritation, but this time the foam was thick enough to hi… Read more

The Soccer Mom Van Full of Naked Dudes Fact

A group of good friends go on a road trip to their favorite camping spot and boldly leave their clothes behind.…

This story took place years ago, and it was the year after graduating high school. My closest friends and I were all 19 and 20 at the time and just starting to realize what the real world looked like. As is common, we tended to cope with these changes by dabbling in as many kinds of inebriation as we could. If the reader is getting bored reading this right now they shouldn't worry, just a couple more lines of explanation and then many a penis w… Read more

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Two Balconies Down Fiction

Day 87....self isolation…

The sun's rays poured through the windows and a balmy breeze stirred the curtains. I stepped out onto the balcony to enjoy the day and raised my face to the warmth. A familiar scent wafted about and could hear the bubbling and inhale of a bong being put to good use. Curious, I leaned over the railing to see who was sharing my sunshine. Two balconies down... over to the left.....He was tanned...that natural dark vigor that you see on summertime … Read more

Lap Dance Me! Fiction


Lap Dance Me
A hand on my back….pressing, rubbing… the faint scent of lily of the valley and then lips
brushing my ear.
My husband had asked me playfully if I would like to stop at the strippers, Nickos, for a
drink….for a laugh.
So here we were… first time… Ever. We had found a table, ordered drinks and started to
watch the grinding girls on stage just like we were old pros.
The hand on my back became more insistent … Read more

The Dream Other

the dream that led me to put my profile on this site…

The dream is as vivid today as the night I awoke and masturbated in bed beside my girlfriend Sherry after having dreamt it. I knew after I made myself cum and how horny this dream had made me feel, it was something I wanted, something I needed to explore, my bi curious side.
Heather and Don are a couple who Sherry and I had met through mutual friends. We had attended a few annual charity events that they organized but with exception of the odd s… Read more

with the brother in law Masturbation

Sleeping on couches…

I was at my brothers house for the weekend party. It was my brother,his wife and her brother. We drank and we had weed. I was so stoned and drunk it was a great night. I went to the washroom and changed into a top and boy shorts. I came out and laid on the one couch and my brother in law he just changed in front of me and let his hard cock hang there as he changed. he laid down on the other couch. We watched a movie and in 15 min of the movie he… Read more

Bedding a Hot 58 yr old from London Fact

My finger reached her panties, I could feel the dampness.…

I always visit this site, check for personal messages, likes for my pictures, stories check out all the amazing pics and videos and have a general nosy.
I contacted this 58 yr old, at first, she told me I was too young, I worked hard and made her respond, We had chatted a few times. we shared some pics, but I didn't think it would go anywhere. She was 58 and told me she was recently separated, things had not been good in her marriage for yea… Read more

The Ritual Fiction

Moonlight Madness…

The ground was hard and cold. I tossed a rug down before I sat to unpack my supplies. I could feel the power and pull of the full moon as I laid out my candles and incense and set up a makeshift altar. I began the ritual.... the cleansing, casting a circle, summoning the elements. The moon pulsed. The incense was heady... it filled my senses. I straightened up , arms outstretched and my cloak slipped from my shoulders. I stood...skyclad, complete… Read more

The Shower Fiction

Anonymous encounter!…

Yes,I knew it was a public pool however that didn't seem to matter. It was a Monday, midday and and I had gone to put in a few laps.....happily the pool was almost empty except for one lone soul skimming along in the left lane. I did my 14, then face down, glasses in my locker proceeded to march into the men's shower room! I looked up and stopped dead........Streaming, frothy and extremely wet, was a gorgeous man, frozen, with soap to his armpit… Read more

New Bull and Cuck Couple Date #3 Cuckold

More memories with the sexy and fun cuckold couple…

If you don't like cuckold stories, a slow build-up and/or are expecting high action right off the bat, this is NOT the story for you. I write from my perspective and what was going on in my head and before me at the time of my experience. People have been making many comments about my writing, some good and some bad. I do read them and will try to incorporate some of the suggestions that I feel comfortable with. Regarding the actual content of th… Read more

Learn to love all cocks Fact

One crazy day…

One day we were at the beach and yes it’s was a nude beach I had to leave about 10 minutes after we got there (fuckin kids lmfao) But my wife wanted to stay so off I went my wife was relaxing on the beach sun bathing her body exposed and inviting and she drifted off a bit but felt a hand on her thigh and at first she thought it was me but the hands were too small to be mine and they touched her different she wanted to jump up and slap this pers… Read more

The First Couple I Met First Time

Double blowjob orgasm...…

The First time I met a couple was like nothing else I had ever experienced.

We chatted through Craigslist I believe I was probably about 19 at the time and was pretending to be 25. I talked with the husband mostly, he was nice enough, seemed like a welcoming situation so we went back and forth. I was only bi-curious at the time I had never experienced anything with a man, let alone a couple. He asked me about my interest and what I had in m… Read more

Jane gives satisfaction Cuckold

Sub Wife…

Jane has been serviced by a Pakistan 'bull' throughout the past several weeks - I have recently waited for her outside of the shop in Handsworth where she meets him. He began the relationship after contacting us on SH and always sent her home in a taxi, however, I so enjoy fucking her as soon as possible after her bull that I now pick her up at the shop.

She gives me whatever I require (usually in a car park or behind a factory), before we set… Read more

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Our first experience Swinging

Finally decided to take the first step…

We started out watching porn together, all different types, but I really got turned on watching women with multiple partners or another woman. It always got me soaked and progressed from there.

BF would whisper in my ear when we were having sex " imagine 2 sets of lips kissing you, sucking on you nipples..." My moans would get him going further..."imagine 2 cocks, one in each hand for you to suck" This went on for a while and… Read more

My swinger adventure - part 3 - looking for fun Fact

you cannnot put a good swinger down…

So now for part 3, the wildest, craziest evening of my short swinger experience up to now but so worth it. It all begins Halloween week-end in October 2011 in Quebec City.
My wife tells to take the kids to Quebec City, to see their grandmother and grandfather is still bedridden. Her intent was clear, get rid of me and the kids so her jackass of boot camp beau could fuck in the bed I paid for, and not just any bed, a fucking oak made Amish built … Read more

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My swinger adventure - Part 2 - ``You want my dick where?`` Fact

thank you for your service…

I shall relate more of my true to life sometime crazy swinger adventures Some may recognize the locations but no names shall be mentioned.

After that epic romp at la Rumeur, I still had some exploring to do so in October 2011, I started looking again for some more fun. My ex-wife was gone for the week-end and leaving me with the kids and spending time with her boot camp beau getting railed by him and I guess not saying no to sex compared to th… Read more

A VERY Happy New Years Eve Part 1 Swinging

A New Years Eve to remember…

My BF, my best friend Lynn and I have had a few gangbangs together. A couple times with my black friends but more with white guys, my BF has a group he calls his poker buddies. Lynn has never joined us for a gangbang with both black and white guys so we set one up for New Year's eve.

We rented a 2 bedroom hotel suite and the adjoining suite because we weren't sure how many of the invited the guys would join, both groups, but knew the marr… Read more

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