His 3rd visit Fact

A fun Monday night for this slutty bbw…

We are very sexually active, I am a firm believer in never wasting an opportunity to fuck. My husband loves to treat me by offering me experiences with other men (and couples but that's another story)
On Monday he invited a local young man about 15 years younger than I. This was his 3rd visit. The first time he was over it was fun. He was very eager and things happened quickly. Visit number too he was a tad too aggressive. Respectful and amazing… Read more

OMG Fact

Really! We did this?…

As we’re exploring the lifestyle, we’ve met great people and made some awesome friends. Till that night, we had acquired some experiences in Ls from simple meetings with people to much closer encounters. But that one warm summer night, we sure did do different than the other times.

So, here it is...We’d often get together with this one couple on weekends to have a few drinks and lots of fun. That one night, though, other people had join… Read more

Chronicles of a married woman and her younger lover- Part 1 Fact

Hot anal sex with the two men in my life…

I am a very lucky woman, I get to have my cake and eat it too, or should I say I get to enjoy my hubby's cock and my lover's cock too! Let me explain...

My husband gets off on watching me with another man so I have a young male boyfriend who is 14 years younger than I am, he is young and hung ;) Mmmmmmm so yummy! I call him my young stud and he calls me his cum slut.

We often invite him over to our house to play in our king size bed with… Read more

My dirty secret Fact

A holiday of a life time that changed me forever.…

I am a married woman of 55 and I have never ever in my life done anything like this and I don’t think I ever will again but I want to write and get it off my chest and I am wondering if anyone else has ever had this experience and this is the only outlet that I can find that allows me do this.
I have been married to a wonderful man for over 30 years, we still have an active sex life so its not that I am frustrated or anything like that, so I … Read more

I love the smell of a woman Fact

Something different…

this was a few years ago. I began an affair with a co worker. She was a bigger girl but recently lost a bit of weight. I remember commenting to myself ‘she looks totally fuckable now!’
It started off playful, a drunken moment out at a work event, I tried to kiss her, denied!
We then texted playfully. I know I pushed the boundary’s! But I was horny!
We began having sex, it was awkward, but the more we did it, the better it got.
She was… Read more

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My half reality Groups

Gonna do this…

This is my intellectual property.

You arrive at the door. You are greeted by me smile on my face,  holding a blindfold and cuffs. You are asked to remove your clothes. You strip and put them on. I whisper in your ear that I've got a surprise for you. You can see the smile from ear to ear. I guide you through to the basement. I instruct you to drop to your knees and open your mouth. You are shaking with excitement. As fast as you can open you… Read more

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On a dark road trilogy part 2 Swinging

A swingers story…


We take a shower they had finished there drinks and retired to the room. I carefully wash and shave. It’s been awhile so need to be cleansed and shaved the night is young so time to prepare .

The introduction has gone well. She is very sexy and we had got along well. After the initial meeting we can now take stock. The photos had not lied. She is very sexy and friendly so the shyness has gone. We arranged to meet in an hour or s… Read more

On a dark road trilogy Swinging

a swingers story…

MmIt’s Friday night a hot dry summers evening. The guests have arrived and are settled in the bar. A glass of wine for her and a beer for him

Business has been slow so we have closed the bar but they will enjoy the evening with the hotel to themselves and her wish is his command. The reservation had been for two and we had met in the drive as he parked his daka 990 off road mean bike in my driveway. Martin is his name and I introduced myself… Read more

My First Public Experience Meetings

I had been thinking about this moment for some time. When it finally came, I was nervous, but the nerves just made my cock that much harder.…

It was late summer. The air was warm, but there was a breeze; the sun was still above the horizon, but it was beginning to shine it's golden setting light over the city. A few months earlier I had came in contact with a couple. We had been exchanging emails back and forth and had expressed quite a lot of interest in each other. They were a much older couple - something that I actually found comforting. What caught their attention about me was my… Read more

Submissive Wife (Ch. 3) Meetings

More of Jane…

With Jane now in her late twenties, our adventurous lifestyle meant that we began to become rather more easily recognised – at least around our regular haunts - and my unusual preference of encouraging Jane to participate in casual sex with complete strangers, had led us - on occasions - to be recognised, and approached

This was not what I wanted – I preferred variety over repeat performances.

In order to achieve this, I began to organ… Read more

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Submissive Wife Ch 2 Meetings

She always delivers…

While our married life was a series of sexual escapades, I had, in fact, laid the foundations for this lifestyle some time earlier.
I first persuaded Jane to allow me to offer her for sex with strangers some time before our marriage, and I include one our first adventures in this batch of memoirs.

Some two years before our marriage (Jane would have been 20), we were invited to a wedding reception, where, after a few drinks, we made our excuse… Read more

Submissive wife Meetings

She always gives satisfaction…

Many years ago, I was fortunate to marry a submissive and very sexually adventurous 22 year old with a firm and very desirable body. She was not inexperienced, although her liaisons had been fairly conventional, albeit in a liberal age. Prior to our marriage we indulged in an active and promiscuous sex life. At that time, she lived in a nurse's home, where she enjoyed casual sex with both doctors and patients. I would insist on the details later,… Read more

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Submissive wife Meetings

early adventures for a sub wife…

Many years ago, I was fortunate to marry a submissive and very sexually adventurous 22 year old with a firm and very desirable body. She was not inexperienced, although her liaisons had been fairly conventional, albeit in a liberal age. Prior to our marriage we indulged in an active and promiscuous sex life. At that time, she lived in a nurse's home, where she enjoyed casual sex with both doctors and patients. I would insist on the details later,… Read more

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Submissive wife ch 1 Meetings

She always gives her best…

Many years ago, I was fortunate to marry a submissive and very sexually adventurous 22 year old with a firm and very desirable body. She was not inexperienced, although her liaisons had been fairly conventional, albeit in a liberal age. Prior to our marriage we indulged in an active and promiscuous sex life. At that time, she lived in a nurse's home, where she enjoyed casual sex with both doctors and patients. I would insist on the details later,… Read more

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Why Fact

A true story…

Why?I was recently asked a question Why? and soon realized many did not fully understand or appreciate anal sex and I say so with humility as by far many did and love it.

So after posting some very xxx rated anal pics with bdsm toys, pumps and stainless steel. I decided to explain what I get out of it and to answer the question of Why? and fulfill a fantasy or two.

My journey into anal heaven was without doubt filled with mishaps and … Read more

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Helping a couple fulfill a few fantasies Swinging

Swingers party fun times…

We had decided to attend this lifestyle hotel takeover for the second time. First time around, we really had a great time with a lovely 5-some to finish the evening, so we were looking forward to how this 2nd party would turn out.

We got there late and went straight to our room to get ready as soon as possible. By the time we went down to the bar area where the party was, the place was already full of sexy people! We spent the first while g… Read more

On a Dark road part3 Swinging

A swingers story…

The sun is beating down and we had been relaxing all day in the pool and jacuzzi. Breakfast was a scrumptious bacon, eggs and coffee. Nothing like good sex to build an appetite.

As evening arrives we retire to our room to shower and get ready for tonight’s fun. The day has been full of flirting and the hint of more to come. He had invited us to spend Saturday night as well and we had already planned to be away for the weekend. Maybe not exa… Read more

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On a Dark road Part2 Swinging

A swingers story…

....contDinner finished and all the awkward introductions out of the way we retire with our hosts to there entertainment room. Well that's how he described it earlier. " Don't worry , we can have some fun later in our entertainment room"

Well we had arrived , at the entertainment room, not sure what we expected but, it was , very relaxed , , large flat screen TV , and many cushions, a fire burning and a row of shooters on the bar. We all e… Read more

On a Dark road.... Swinging

A swingers story…

We were driving home, its a dark night and there is no moon, the music is playing on the radio, its an old song, full of memories and cliches. I hear a bang and and pull over to the side of the road,

She asks me whats wrong , and I tell her we have a flat. Looking at the wheel I realise its not repairable and we will need help, so we call a freind, He says he will come over and we can spend the night at there place while repairs are being m… Read more

All day visit Meetings

invited over in the morning, turns out to an all day play time…

I just found this section, with people writing stories.

I thought I would share a fun adventure I had.

I had previous encounters with ‘Ben’ & ‘April’, as he would prefer to sit back mostly, while she was the the center of attention. We had gotten to the point where we were comfortable without a condom.

One day, I was asked to come over to their place at 9:30am. When I arrived, April had just returned home from dropping the kids… Read more

Stranger to FWB Fact


I met this girl through pof. We met first time at the common market place and she is beautiful with sexy blue eyes, full body and juicy lips,She is big beautiful women. She want to buy lingerie and she ask me if i can go with her. I was like why not. We want for shopping and she take me with her to fitting room, where she change in to sexy lingerie and ask me every time how she is looking in that. She look damn sexy on those sexy lingerie. After… Read more

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wife sharing Fact

the wrong side of town, no the right side…

My wife & I were on vacation to the east coast we got ourselves a room just outside of Boston. My wife & I had an open relationship she loved sex & liked fucking other men & I liked sharing her. We had dinner & a few drinks & I asked her if she wanted to pick someone up for sex tonight she smiled & said what did you have in mind. I said I'd like her to try a black man her eye brows went up she said sure. We couldn't help but notice we were in a p… Read more

Our First Threesome Round Three Fact

Wife needs more cock…

Well the last time we were telling our story ,our married male friend went to get my wife a drink as she watched his cock soft cock swinging as he went ,she had already milked him of two nice big loads of Cock juice,mmmm she loves cock juice when he came back he sat on the bed beside her me on the other side ,all the while we chatted and carressed,our chums hand sliding up and down my wife's leg sometimes on her inner thigh Making her moan as he … Read more

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Everybody has two sides. Fact

But, not everybody has two holes.…

I always wondered if women actualy enjoy anal sex. Most women told me "no they don't". A while ago I met a woman who picked me up and we went out for a few drinks. We fooled around the first night, but didn't fuck. The second date we went out to dinner and ended up at my place. We had straight normal sex and afterwards we talked. She told me that she likes anal sex. The third date we met up and had dinner then ended up back at my plac… Read more

How my wife and I met our girlfriend Swinging

Our first time with our “vanilla” friend…

My wife and I have been in the lifestyle a little over a year and a half and have loved every minute of it.

We got our start by accident with my wife reading an article in of all places the Globe and Mail about a club in Toronto called Oasis Aqua Lounge.

Seeing as we are from Vancouver and wanting discretion, TO sounded like a great place to get our feet wet so to speak (Amongst other things).

To make a long story short we have met some… Read more

A Family Awakening Fiction

Imagine re-connecting with your hot Aunt and learning how starved she is, only to apply these same measures in your own marriage to open to the door t…

Growing up I always enjoyed visiting my Aunt and uncles place especially during the summer. My Aunt continuously went out of her way to ensure I was happy and had all I needed… if she only knew what I wanted most of the times back then and could not have. Although they moved to another city and I am now grown up with a family of my own, I still think of those days when she would bend over just right in her loose bikini top offering me more th… Read more

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The Guest Fiction

An erotic tale of two lovers who unexpectedly add comfort to a dear friend.…

Over the last few months we had become very close friends that shared one magical secret. Although we were both married to others, our connection could not deny the passion that burned within. Having had a few little get aways before, we booked a nice overnight get away just outside of the city at a nice little cabin and brought in some snacks so we would not have to go out. As we got comfy and kissing each other our passion grew as a knock so… Read more

An interesting online meet Other

Sexual feelings…

I had recently been divorced and had been roaming around the internet looking to find a date. Well I had joined this dating site and I had been on the site for just a day when I received a message from this very attractive lady, who was a real knockout. She had really large breasts and nipples that just stood straight out and a very curvy ass.

Well we started chatting and she goes on cam for me. It doesn't take much convincing by her for me t… Read more

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wife sharing vacation Fact

swinging for the fences…

It was the summer of 1994 we were celebrating our 10th anniversary we decided to spend 2 weeks in PEI camping , golfing, & sight seeing. My wife Sue & I had an open relationship Sue was very pretty & very sexy she always drew lots of attention when we went out. At first it really bothered me but eventually I got used to men coming on to my wife & trying to pick her up. Sue was quite a flirt & knew how to tease & excite men & even some women Sue h… Read more

A party camping-style Fact

Amazing encounter with an older biker…

What better than a summer party by a lake with about 100 swingers? So we ended up attending this party and we knew many of the people attending, so we knew it would be a good and fun night. And the setup was great since we could go in the lake during the day and 2 areas for a fire in the evening and most people staying overnight in tents at one end of the hosts land. And of course music and alcohol! We ended up meeting lots of lovely and sex… Read more