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It all started with a hello on another lifestyle site we are members of. We were in search of a younger male to join myself and my sexy cougar for a hot threesome. We had enjoyed our first threesome so much that we wanted to do it again. We received a not...

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A Vacation Surprise

Pure lust begins to emerge . . .

Chapter 4 To say that I was stunned would be underestimating the emotional turmoil I felt. I'm not sure how I made it down the ladder and back to the house, but the next thing I really remember was climbing the inside stairs to my room. I say ‘my’ room, f...

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A girl from my past introduced me to the kinky lifestyle some years ago. We hit it off right away, both inside and outside of the bedroom. She was very experienced sexually, sleeping with women and men, and had a body that was made for sex. Tight pussy, b...

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My first Threesome

But not our last

Let's see if I remember, it has been a while. Some old friends were meeting up with other friends. It was a bar I had not been to. One friend said "um I think you should know that there will be a couple who are very spicy" I was intrigued and little cauti...


Bacon and eggs

A beautiful moment in time.

It was a late spring morning. The time of year where the windows still develop a sheen of condensation on their lower half. The light from the warm rising sun is pouring in across the kitchen table. The bottom pain scatters the sunshine from a hundred tho...

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This is how it happened . We had already had three threesomes with my friend who was hesitant of giving me oral while my husband was there . She had made several hints she would like to try it with just one on one . I have had a long time dream of dominat...

My wife has wrote her version of the story of her adventure with her old roommate . yes I snuck the strap on into her overnight bag before she left for the weekend visit ? yes when she got home I opened the bag and found a the strap on wrapped in a pair o...


Read words and imagine

We are in a hotel for the first time.we close the door and share a beautiful kiss. I put my arms around your neck,and kiss you deeply.i slowly move my hands down your back and cup your ass..then I slowly unbutton your shirt and kiss your neck and chest. S...

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A Surprise Vacation - chapter 3

My confrontation with Andrew - and a total surprise.

Chapter 3 I must have dozed off finally and slid into a deep sleep. When I awoke the following morning, the sun was streaming in through the open window, and Helen had gone. As I lay there on my back, the sheets twisted around me, all of the mental turmoi...

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First Hotwife/cuckold experience

A Hotwife/cuckold life begins

Note to reader: This is a rather long and detailed story. When hubby (D) and I first met, I was dating a guy who had introduced me to the lifestyle and we had enjoyed some experiences together. I had been separated three years and D one year. We were an i...

A Vacation Surprise - chapter 2

Tales of unexpected family lust

Now, I just want to say that this tale is written very much from a male perspective. Mine. I’m intimately familiar with the interaction between my physical body and brain, and what buttons pressed will create which pleasures and sensations. And although I...

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well it was a stormy day at work when i got a call from wife who worked upstairs asking me if we should ask dennis to stay over since he had a 2 hour drive home and the blizzard was gonna be bad .i didnt think it was a bad idea plus i kinda had a idea on...

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First time with a couple

Things got a little out of hand...

This is a few years back after splitting up with my ex. A friend of mine decided I needed to get out of the rut I found myself in, and invited me to come along for a party at a friend of his. So we drove together and talked about how I was having a hard t...

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I planned for months- wife was going to visit her sister in Edmonton for 2 weeks. Our sex is great- but my stamina is less and bi hungers are stirring. A month before her holiday- I ran ads- seeking two mature male bi friends. Wanting both to be married f...

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It all started one night on my birthday .I came home from work after midnight . My wife’s friend had came for the weekend . Both of them had just had babies in the last 6 months only our friends boyfriend had abandoned her . let me describe. Her she was 3...

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