The Strip Club Fact

She says she always wanted to go to a strip club..…

Well my ex and I were in Florida and she wanted to go to a strip bar. I take her to one that is across the street from the hotel. We are sitting there drinking and watching the strippers. I go to the bathroom and come back and she says she has a surprise for me.
She bought me a private half hour! now if you have never been to a strip club this is one where you are allowed to touch. Well I go in the room and the girl says your g/f wants me to ma… Read more

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A surprise playtime and some taboos crushed Fact

Two couples share dinner and the play progresses into some kinky stuff.…

This story includes male bisexual elements. If this bothers you, too bad, move on.

Steve and Suzie invited us to their place for drinks and dinner, all naked of course. The ladies were shooting tequila and the men Scotch. A great dinner with plenty of spice and even spicier conversation. We get up from the table and begin to dance. Suzie always has good music, usually Latin style. We are dancing lightly switching partners and getting cl… Read more

Best friend First Time

Best sex…

So my best friend and I ended up having sex! Let me give a little explanation as to why this was so good!

Jess is 22 , 5’2”, 108 lbs, fake c cup, very tattooed and absolutely smoking hot!
I’m 38 in a wheelchair, attractive but let me tell you she’s way out of my league

So we were sitting around having a few drinks and she had just broken up with her boyfriend of 3 years ... the conversation switch’s to a sexual nature and she st… Read more

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BJ lover Fiction

The feel of cock on my lips…

I walk up to you in my heels, garter and robe. You weren't expecting me to be in your room. You are pleasantly surprised.
I walk up to you in a slow calculated pace, one heel slowly crossing the other, till I am standing right in front of you. I make eye contact, slowly licking the corner of my lips, showing you the pink of my tongue.
I run my fingers from your chin to your belly, following the line of buttons down your shirt.
I slowly kis… Read more

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My first experience Threesome

Time to have some fun…

Picture this....a woman in her 40s, with a husband who loves her, and absolutely no sex life, with the exception of her very few toys and the jets of her hot tub, deciding she needed more to her life. The kids have grown and moved out so there's just her and her husband at home. He has no interest in sex and told his wife he didn't want her to play or to enjoy herself sexually, so she decides to do things discretely.

While she is sitting a… Read more

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Blind Folded Fact

Blind Folded…

So I started talking with this woman on a dating site. She is married, but her sex life is not exciting. Her husband doesn't know how to make her cum. We talk for a couple of days, we exchange pictures, we like each other and we talk about our fantasies. I asked her if she has ever been fucked blind folded, and she says no.
She tells me that she hasn't had an orgasm in years, and she is horny all the time. One day while i'm at work, I sent … Read more

Quick explosions Swinging

A bi group evening where it was one explosion after another…

Chatting around the table in the lounge until once everyone has arrived and after a few minutes of conversation our prurient desires take over. Shedding our garments we reveal the level of our lust, hard cocks jutting out, erect nipples and that glowing flush to our skin that belies our readiness.

It is a free for all as we are standing up in a group our hands reaching to fondle all the exposed sumptuous flesh. I am licking JP kneeing on floo… Read more

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Sex on the Beach Fact

The start of a supercharged holiday…

I watched her walk down the beach to sea. The beach was white talc sand leading to the glittering turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. We were on a tiny paradise island a short boat ride from the main island. It wasn’t deserted but people were few and far between. We were both on an adventure package holiday that was mainly made up of singles of various ages. Brooke had first caught my eye on the flight so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that… Read more

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Ronlong Threesome

She was filled and shared…

Well after many talks about having a 3some she finally got her fantasies FILLED we decided last minute to get a hotel as we have no real free time. Once we got the hotel room the guy was unable to make it so sent out messages for last minute replacement. After a few hours we had someone! She was getting wet just thinking about it as we waited the hour or so for him to arrive so we played around a little bit and finally he was there ! We talked … Read more

Hot tub Fiction

Some never knew…

So when we lived at this one place we had a hot tub so we used to party alot in the hot turn room had seats TV like a party room so every time I got in the hot tub I was told to remove my bottoms and he would play with me and there be other people there most time no one knew it u could not tell if I had or or didn't have any and for the ones who end up finding out and this what happen my bf would have my bottoms some times he go in the house g… Read more

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Concert Fiction

Had to pee…

I was at a concert with my bf and I had to pee I was waiting in line my bf went came back and was drinking a beer I ask him is there any one in the men's toilet he lol and said no not at all so I said fuck it and went to the men's washroom to pee next thing after I pee my bf came in and bend me over and fuck me right there in the stall next thing he pulls out and leaves as I went to pull up my Jean's his buddy there before I could say a word he r… Read more

An office night out Fact

Shelly was the boss of the HR department. She also liked to wear stockings to the office...…

Shelly and I finished our gin and tonics and left the bar. The others had gone already. We had started drinking early so we were all feeling well oiled.

Shelly was the boss of the Human Resources department. She hadn’t worked for the company for long; maybe 6 months. She was a tall slim redhead who enjoyed a drink and smoked more than she should. She had long legs, large breasts, green eyes and a fine nose. She was married, a bit cheeky and … Read more

My husband set me up on a date Fiction

Hot fun in a mall…

My husband set me up on a date with some one I knew to go to the mall and meet up for drinks so week or 2 before the date he have me start talking dirty to him then it lead to photos exchange the guy said he was masterbating to my photos made me bit horny and then he said he take me to the washroom at the mall and fuck my pussy hard I said ya right you won't he said oh hell i will and play with ur wet pussy even side he pull my thong off in the m… Read more

Drive in movies Fact

Hot movies…

I went to the drive in movies with my bf and his friend I was told to wear the out fit he got for me was a plaid and crotch less underwear made me so wet and we went to the mall and the liquor store and to a fast food restaurant and omg the skirt was short u could see every thing we get to the movies had to wait for it to start so I bj both of them they both cum in my pussy after that he like let's get popcorn and drinks so we went as we waited… Read more

Sex in the truck Fiction


My boy friend pick me up and we went for a drive was not to far from my place there a place people walk there dog he stop there told me to get in the back seat then told me to pull up my skirt and play with my self I was getting so wet and horny I was told to closed my eyes to cum and i sprayed all over the seat and I hear the back door open I had my eyes closed as I was told to and i feel is cock slide in me and he starts going in deeper and … Read more

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Morning sex First Time

Woke up to sex…

It was a week day morning I was sleeping and my husband is always rock hard in the morning most morning he wakes up and pulls my pjs off and slides his hard cock in my pussy and fucks me most times I just remain asleep and let him do his thing some times he come back after his shower and fuck my cream filled pie this morning he pulls my PJ off slides his cock in for 30 mins until he cum in side of me and left the room i wake up to round 2 i jus… Read more

finding out Other

i liked to be gang bang…

well we were young and looking for something to liven up our sex lives and enjoy , we were sitting in a bar in Sothern Ontairo . we had been having a few drinks and laughs , when one of the men there dropped his lighter , and he bent down to pick it up and he look up my dress to see. I was not wearing underwear I did open my legs a bit , he came back up and he smiled , hubby got up and went for a pee , he slid over beside me and asked how was t… Read more

What happen one nigh Fiction

Had so much cum in me leak out for days…

We went over to our friends place there was 4 trini guys there we had a few drinks my boyfriend was ask to go get food he and one of the other guy went off to town I stayed our friend takes my hand leads me to the bed room and plays with my pussy I said what are u doing he keeps playing my pussy getting so wet pulls his zipper down I said again. What are u doing he just pulls my head on to his BBC makes me suck him and told me to lick his cock a… Read more

it won't go down. Fiction

Nudist in training had no self control...…

Mrs. D and I were out having coffee and dessert one night. As we sipped on our coffee and enjoyed our cake we discussed our latest visit to the beach which lead to tropical nudist destinations that we would like to visit. We were talking discreetly but didn't notice that the guy a couple of tables over could hear us as it wasn't very busy. Mrs. D giggled a little as the look on his face was priceless.

Mrs. D looked over at him and asked if h… Read more


I had watched her with women, but not came the gut check moment when she was having another man.…

She got me into swinging, a compulsion of hers from her first marriage where her ex-husband used to recruit men for her and set up orgies. She already got me into FMF, but now she wanted to do MFM. In fact, she insisted. I knew she had a bucket load of men before we met, so I knew this was coming (no pun intended) . But being a relatively traditional guy, now yanked by Beth into the lifestyle, I didn't know what to make of it or how my ego would … Read more

A crazy night Groups

How I participate in a small orgy without thinking…

I remembered that I went to a Sw club one night and when I came inside in one area was one guy with two girls and these girls were playing between them and occasionally with the guy so I just came and sit next to them one of the girls blonde hair looks with experience doing this but the other with black hair looks new in this kind of relations but she was enjoying for sure.

In some point the guy went for drinks and the blonde girl with looked… Read more

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Threesome Fiction

Sharon gets a creampie…

Sharon, Keifer and I have had a nice meal and a glass or two of wine. Sharon asks how we might play together this evening. Keifer suggests he has an idea and asks me to wait in the living room. They head for the kitchen and return a few minutes later.

“Give us 15 minutes, Wes,” Keifer asks, “and then come to the bedroom.” I agree.

After the appropriate wait, I head to the bedroom. The door is closed. I knock and am invited in.

Sh… Read more

The first story Cuckold


I’ve always had this fantasy of you being with other men. One, two, or even three, I’m not really sure why but it has always really turned me on. It would sort of go like this.

You come home complaining about your busy day and ask me for a foot rub (practically begging me to attend and rub your feet). You sit in my Lazy boy chair; pull the footrest up, toes outward, with your legs slightly parted. As I rub your feet I begin to notice the d… Read more

Farewell Fling Fact

An evening of delights before a long trip…

Just before I left to be away for several months, I had put an invitation out for one last fling to keep my fires burning for the time I was going to be away. While I did not get a response from the group, Ellen made a special trip in to give me an evening that is etched into my memory as one of the most incredible intense sensual experiences I have had.

As usual she arrived with a glow on her face, a lascivious smile, a wanton gleam in her e… Read more

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"I can't believe this is happening": Losing my virginity during a MMF threesome; What I liked, what I loved, what comes next! First Time

I met a couple here about a week ago. Communication was great, chemistry was super reactive, and they took so many "firsts" from me that I struggled t…

Preface: This is a X-Post from my reddit account. I wanted to share this on my SwingersHeaven profile, because for interested parties, the details within help to illustrate the kind of partner I am. Still, if you're just interested in hearing a descriptive and thoughtful ex-virgin's perspective on his firsts, from first time holding hands with a woman all the way to first time being deepthroated by a man and fingerfucking a woman's g-spot at the … Read more

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The lure to pleasure First Time

Part 2…

The pleasure begins..
As the guys drove off I mustered courage to approach the couple. Uncertain if they might say no. I stepped closer and found them welcoming as she was hot wet and horney, ready for some more deep action.
I grabbed her by her thighs and started licking and Kissing. Pushed her into the picnic table and took of her long skirty dress.
Spreading her legs and started to lick her into an unforgettable bliss. The juices were out … Read more

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First Time Sex Winnipeg First Time

Married First Threesome…

Hi moved to Winnipeg in July of 2019. I played on side now and then for two years due to husbands poor stamina and barely cums before moving here. I could not sleep so decided to go for a walk when my husband was sleeping at 1am in the morning. I walked to a small park off of Portage Avenue having a smoke and relaxing for a few mins there behind the Living Prairie Museum at the park. No lights there so very dark. Two guys came by asking for a smo… Read more

The lure First Time

An attempt to spark the perfect outdoor adventure…

It all began one fine summer evening. I came across a craigslist post for a dogging adventure at the Hamilton princess point.
The hunt began at 9pm with me encountering the post. Excitedly drove parked at the lot waiting for the adventure to unfold.
My motivination to write something intriguing started with the ample amounts of posts available at my disposal. Might I share my experience.
Upon arrival the lot was partially empty with a few c… Read more

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Jennie is a bareback FREAK! Romance

Thought she was innocent turns out I was WRONG!…

A few years ago I worked with a girl that I thought was kinda cute. She wasn’t what you would say model beautiful but I thought she was cute. She was skinny and kind of nerdy.

She was friendly enough, although a few times she was kind of cold and stand offish. Whatever, we were just coworkers.

I had been married for a few years at this point. But I was still itching to have a little extracurricular activities.

I love my wife but sex … Read more

Scent of a woman(s feet and butt) Other

I never thought I’d be so turned on by her odors…

This happened with my ex wife. I’d always loved the smell of her feet and dirty asshole.

Early on in our relationship I’d even secretly masterbate to her shoes and dirty under wear.

I got bold and lift her legs during missionary sex and secretly smell her feet. And her feet did smell. She was a waitress after all!

I tried to it be too filthy with my ‘stink fetish’. I didn’t want her to be too uncomfortable with it. But her odor… Read more

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  • 2 minute read

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