22 years of age Cross Dressing

Older lady made me crazy…

I got I ride back home and she wanted to stop at her home, newly divorced, and asked me to wait for a moment and I waited for a bit and was taking a look at her home, it was huge and walked into a bedroom. There was a light on in a separate room and as I looked in I saw her with her dress up, pulling her stockings up and she saw me. I said sorry and walked away and she came out and yelled stop. I looked at her and she said did you like what yo… Read more

Date Night. Let's visit a Swingers Club pt3 Swinging

The fun continues…

When we got to the room Mr B was sitting there with a towel wrapped around his waist. Mr B came over and gave Ms Smith a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Mrs B was standing behind me and gave my ass a slap. I could see when Mr B got up that he was partially hard. I know Ms Smith saw it too. Mrs B showed us where we could get changed. Mrs B was quick… down to just her bra and a towel and she disappeared. Ms S and I took our time we were taking… Read more

Second threesome 😍 Fact

Wife definitely got stretched…

This was our second threesome mfm
My wife received a message from an old high school aquantance ,she mentioned it to me he wanted to stop in for a visit ,she really didn't hang around with him in school,but told him no problem,
So he stopped by and we all chatted ,and that was all,so a few weeks later I said would you be interested if I put feelers out to see if he was interested in a threesome ,she nervously said go ahead ,so in a round about… Read more

Date Night. Let's visit a Swingers Club pt2 Swinging

Let the fun begin…

We walked over to a table where the couple was sitting. They both stood up and introduced themselves (Mr. & Mrs Brooks) They looked to be in their late 40’s. A good looking couple. He was about 6’0 tall, short dark hair, average build (but a little more on the athletic side). She was about 5’7 or so, shoulder length brown hair… she was curvy (a smaller BBW) and appeared to have some very large breasts. We all sat down and started to… Read more

Filling each other up Gay

Another afternoon of fun!…

We played together many times. We are totally on the same page.
He is about my age, same built, and same size of cock. Both pansexual... we don't care about genders, age, nor body size.

B and I have played in so many kinky ways that I am loosing track of what all we have done. Duo, trio, 4some... straight, gay or bisexual... it's always a hoot when we get to play as a "team".

B showed up to my place yesterday afternoon. We planned to spend… Read more

Bi MMF Threesome

Let's do it again…

A few weeks ago my wife and went on a road trip weekend. Headed out to St. Jacob's Market. Yes I would recommend it it too. On the drive my wife was being very naughty and chatting with people on this app. She was trying to set up a surprise for me. She definitely succeeded.

She was chatting with a few guys, and as she does when she gets horny she was touching herself as I drove. I knew she was upto something. We finally got checked in… Read more

first dogging experience Dogging


met a couple off of this site. they wanted me to watch them fuck and see what happens. we met on the end of a sideroad. they we inside their vehicle getting ready when i arrived. i went around to passenger side door to watch. she was sucking his big hard cock and i could see her bum. they motioned me to open the door, so i could see better. i opened it and got my cock out. she wanted to see me stroke before she hopped on his cock as he … Read more

The bar-BI-que. Other

an afternoon I will never forget…

Irene and Scott are a couple who Janine and I had met through mutual friends. We had attended a few annual charity events that they organized but with exception of the odd social event we very rarely saw them. Both me and Janine were invited to a bar-b-que at their house along with another couple who we were also friends with.
Irene and Scott lived about an hour away in the country; they had a large beautiful house. We had only been to their hou… Read more

fact? fiction?fantasy? Gay

unexpected turn of events on a fishing trip…

being in a small town..you mostly know everyone around.Such was the case when i entered the local hardware store to buy some fishing gear..and was standing to a guy i ve known for years..but we never really chummed around.Always considered him a nice guy..friendly..i guess good looking.We started talking about fishing..i asked him how the fishing was for him this year and he told me it kinda sucked..his boat was out of commission for awhile.He wa… Read more

Improving My Swing Meetings

Where improving your swing at a golf course takes on a new meaning…

Improving My Swing
It was a hot sticky day. The boys were off golfing and you were left to read your book. Sitting in the air condition club house was ideal if it weren't for Deandra. Deandra was one of those moms. She loved to talk, but mostly complain. She was the type you took small doses of at a time. With today's heat, a lesser dose was even better. The car has air conditioning you thought. You could escape for an hour at least. As … Read more

Kinkiest adventure MMMF Fact

A craigslist hookup a few years back turned into a crazy party…

This happened a few years back when craigslist was still the place to go for couples looking for guys. It all started in the AM. I emailed these people, sent pics and number. Guy emails back - she will be blindfolded and I want you to fuck her mouth, pussy and ass, then leave. I texted back no problem. He texted me back later with the hotel room. I went to the hotel and wondered if this was some sort of scam or prank, but went nonetheless. I went… Read more

Date Night. Let's visit a Swingers Club pt1 Swinging

The first time we visited a swingers club…

We had talked numerous times (and sometimes during foreplay and sex) about checking out a swingers club. Well this coming weekend was the weekend that we would check one out. The week was dragging and I could tell that both of us were getting excited, nervous and a little hot about Saturday evening.

So Saturday was finally here… Ms. Smith took the afternoon make sure she was feeling and looking sexy for the evenings adventure. She trimme… Read more

The spice of life Meetings

Variety, I love women of all shapes, sizes, ages and colours…

Another story from when I was working just outside of Toronto. It was the fall time and I had received an email from a lady that had stumbled across one of my ads. We chatted for a bit and got to know each other and she learned I was only slightly weird so she was safe.

We agreed to meet in person at a McDonalds parking lot that was not too far from either of our places. So I did my usual things, got myself showered and all pretty, cologne all… Read more

MFM fun Fact

Fun evening in London…

A couple months ago I chatted with a couple online and they invited me over. I am always a little bit apprehensive meeting new people but that adds to the excitement. I pulled into the visitor parking and the mr met me at my car. He walked me into the apartment where the mrs was waiting. She was probably early to mid 50s and took care of herself. They were an upscale couple and active in the lifestyle. We all had a few drinks and chatted a bit to… Read more

At the Office Fiction

Working late but caught by surprise by my wife…

I sat finishing the last profiles for the term. I leaned back in my chair and glanced up at the clock on the wall. I had lost track of how late it had gotten and noticed the streetlights were on outside. I ruffle through the folders thinking to myself. I could start planning for next term but with everything in flux that really didn't make sense at this point of the game. I rested my elbows on the desk in front of me and placed my chin comfo… Read more

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Another Step in our Progression in the Lifestyle Fact

Rushing with Russians, another True Tale…

Another Step in our Progression in the Lifestyle, or, Rushing with Russians, another True Tale

Early in our Lifestyle adventures we were staying at a Cancun Resort with nudity and Lifestyle playing in the pool and adjoining beds. There, we met a neat Russian couple from Patagonia (exotic!) that I shall call Ivan and Natasha. They spoke Spanish, but, almost no English. My wife, Suzy, speaks a little Spanish and our Russian was nyet, so commun… Read more

Nude Beach Fun Dogging

Trying out some dogging…

We decided to go to a nude beach to enjoy the warm weather and, in a way, satisfy my desire to show off my girl. We have been a few times, but always feels like to first time. I just love it when guys check her out and I know they are thinking about fucking her. She is an attractive redhead, with perfect tits, and a small patch of hair to prove that she is a natural redhead. When we got to the beach we set up our umbrella, towels and dove into th… Read more

peeking Masturbation


had a female neighbor. her bed room window was visible from our bathroom window. one hot evening i opened the wi ndow after i had showered. my neighbor saw as she was getting undressed. that turn into her masturbating for my view. i returned the favor. we looked at each other and showed off to each other. she would put her dresser closer to the window and hop on it for better show. she would motion for me to stand sideways in the window and … Read more

4 months ago Anne brought her friends home Fact

after a night out with her, and all were fairly drunk…

4 months ago Anne brought her friends home after a night out with her, and all were fairly drunk. Anne kept talking about how big my cock was and how nice it tasted when one of her friends said,' get it out show what all the fuss about' they kept shouting get it out, so I pulled it out and straight away Anne grabbed it, dropped to her knees and was sucking and licking it then said to her pals help yourself there's enough to share. next thing 4 wo… Read more

Chef Pt2 Swinging

Fast foward to how Joe lives his life now…

“Hey Assholes,” Little Tony blurted, hoping to get a response from the staff in the kitchen. They did not flinch. Little Tony looked at his list and then the list of orders hanging and yelled out “Four Crabcakes, Pan Seared Salmon, Ribeye, Tuna TarTar, Roasted Beet Soup, Duck with Frites and ….” he hesitated for a moment, “and…and, oh you guys will LOVE this. The burger”. With a sinister smile Tony continued “This particular bur… Read more

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What I love about eating pussy! Cuckold

Pleasures of oral sex 😌…

The sounds. The little pants and whispers. The little broken moans. Watching her toes curl. The fingers in my hair. Slowing down and speeding up, the hard breathing and losing my breath drowning in her juice. Feeling her clit quench, quiver and pussy throb, her arching up and grinding against my tongue. And then me stoping, hearing her beg for more so she grabs my face and puts it back where it's supposed to be. And then finally, when she grabs m… Read more

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Big Package Deliver Meetings

How I met one of the most incredible looking cougars ever…

This is a story about how I met one of the most foxiest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life.

It starts off as any other story I was at home minding my own business probably jerking off or something, I was pretty bummed out, the brat and I had broken up about a week prior when all of a sudden I got a message on KiK. I opened it up and it was a woman inquiring if I was able to deliver large packages out of town. I inf… Read more

About six months after Anne and I began living together Fact

I found out that she was messing around…

About six months after Anne and I began living together, I found out that she was messing around with a mechanic at the gas station where she bought her petrol on her way to work, teaching in high school.
We had an enormous row about this, with me eventually grabbing her by her hair, dragging her onto the bed, ripping off her knickers, and sitting on her back, giving her the spanking of her life!
When things eventually calmed down and we bega… Read more

Scoring on the soccer slut Meetings

Any hole is the goal haha…

I met a young girl years back on a different adult site, I some how won her over with my witty charm and sense of humor, plus she liked what my dick do. We ended up chatting for a bit and finally decided to meet. I was going to meet her after her soccer game at the arena and we would drive somewhere and get down to business.

I arrive at the arena where she is suppose to be playing, park and starting walking up to the door. As I am approaching … Read more

First time threesome Threesome

Roughly fucked and dp’d for the first time by two strangers…

So this is a true story of my first time being used by two guys.

I wouldn’t consider myself a freak in the sheets but I definitely have a kinky side. I had been living in the city for a few months but didn’t really have many friends. I was having a drink by myself after work one day when a super hot guy asked to buy me a drink. He had cheesy pick up lines but something about his bluntness turned me on. Right from the start he kept telling… Read more

Psyching out the Psychologist Meetings

Lucky night out…

I've never had any luck on Tinder, I'm not pretty enough for that app. But there was an occasion where I did match up with a woman my age on there. She was home for the Christmas holidays and just looking to get out from her parents house, story of my life there. We decided I would pick her up at her parents home and we would go out to this goofy craft beer pub since she was one of those hipster kind of girls.

So the following night after we m… Read more

Nurse gives me a shot Meetings

I love a cougar…

A tale of old, back when Craigslist was still around.

Shortly after I had broken up with my ex, I started chatting with a lady that had come across my ad and was interested in my dick. She was an older nurse, 47, single and looking to be stretched out. I replied that I would gladly help her out with getting a nice vaginal stretching.

It's a cold night in the middle of a blizzard when I show up at this ladies door, make sure it's the side do… Read more

My first mature woman Meetings

Such a nurterer haha…

I was on another site looking for adult friends when I struck up a conversation with a 54 year old woman. She was looking for a friend in the bedroom and outside we ended up chatting for a while then we finally decided to meet. She invited me over to her house one evening.

"Doors unlocked, let yourself in." She texts me.

I knock on the door and let myself in "Hello?" I say into a long narrow stair case.

I am greeted with a "Hello darling… Read more

The Cheating Wife Meetings

Fun in another mans bed…

This story starts like many of my others, a woman got ahold of me after seeing my ad on Craigslist. We chatted for a bit I asked what she was looking for and I guess the husband wasnt able to give her what she wanted at home. I was a bit hesitant at first you know cause, well, I use to have morals and I would think wow I cant imagine my girl going behind my back for some dick and I'd feel bad doing that to that poor guy. But after some deliberati… Read more

Hide and go seek Threesome

Just having some adult play time…

After having a successful first encounter cuckolding I wasnt to afraid of the idea of fucking infront of someone else anymore.

So weeks later the opportunity arouse again when a young lady got ahold of me saying her daddy wanted to schedule something with me, a little playtime fun. Well fuck I love fun what's daddy got to say.

We start to talk, daddy wants me to take his little girl out for her first exhibitionist experience. YESSSSS. Well … Read more

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