The lure to pleasure First Time

Part 2…

The pleasure begins..
As the guys drove off I mustered courage to approach the couple. Uncertain if they might say no. I stepped closer and found them welcoming as she was hot wet and horney, ready for some more deep action.
I grabbed her by her thighs and started licking and Kissing. Pushed her into the picnic table and took of her long skirty dress.
Spreading her legs and started to lick her into an unforgettable bliss. The juices were out … Read more

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First Time Sex Winnipeg First Time

Married First Threesome…

Hi moved to Winnipeg in July of 2019. I played on side now and then for two years due to husbands poor stamina and barely cums before moving here. I could not sleep so decided to go for a walk when my husband was sleeping at 1am in the morning. I walked to a small park off of Portage Avenue having a smoke and relaxing for a few mins there behind the Living Prairie Museum at the park. No lights there so very dark. Two guys came by asking for a smo… Read more

The lure First Time

An attempt to spark the perfect outdoor adventure…

It all began one fine summer evening. I came across a craigslist post for a dogging adventure at the Hamilton princess point.
The hunt began at 9pm with me encountering the post. Excitedly drove parked at the lot waiting for the adventure to unfold.
My motivination to write something intriguing started with the ample amounts of posts available at my disposal. Might I share my experience.
Upon arrival the lot was partially empty with a few c… Read more

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Jennie is a bareback FREAK! Romance

Thought she was innocent turns out I was WRONG!…

A few years ago I worked with a girl that I thought was kinda cute. She wasn’t what you would say model beautiful but I thought she was cute. She was skinny and kind of nerdy.

She was friendly enough, although a few times she was kind of cold and stand offish. Whatever, we were just coworkers.

I had been married for a few years at this point. But I was still itching to have a little extracurricular activities.

I love my wife but sex … Read more

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Scent of a woman(s feet and butt) Other

I never thought I’d be so turned on by her odors…

This happened with my ex wife. I’d always loved the smell of her feet and dirty asshole.

Early on in our relationship I’d even secretly masterbate to her shoes and dirty under wear.

I got bold and lift her legs during missionary sex and secretly smell her feet. And her feet did smell. She was a waitress after all!

I tried to it be too filthy with my ‘stink fetish’. I didn’t want her to be too uncomfortable with it. But her odor… Read more

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The visit /the creampie Meetings

I hooked up with a friend it was SO HOT!!…

This happened last year 2018. I was having a terrible year!
The out of the blue a friend who was recently single sent me a text wanting to get together.
First off, very odd, I lived in a different city, second I used to hit on this women when we were both married and I got rejected! With extreme prejudice.
We spent the afternoon having lunch, then after a few drinks I invited her to stay the night.
We ended up having more drinks at another … Read more

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First Time Stranger Fucked Her. First Time

It was a tight fit.…

After Talking about fantasies and playing games role play and dirty talk, she finally agrees to try a different cock it took some time searching and showing her pictures of different guys on this site large cocks seemed to be further east of AB, we travel to different parts of the provinces and finally just by chance we meet a guy while having dinner. First it was like excuse me and he walked by us I noticed him check my wife out and she did as… Read more

A massage from me Fact

Based on real experiences…

Based on my recent real life experiences giving massages. If you have any questions I would be happy to try to answer them.

I dim the lights in my bedroom, turn on relaxing "spa music" and then ask you if you want to strip in private and let me know when u r ready, or if you want to strip in the room while I am there.

You strip, perhaps a bit teasingly, in front of me, and you see a smile of approval on my face as you show me more and m… Read more

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Watched by her hubby - pt 1 Fact

Having fun with Emma - thinking I had the upper hand...…

Only a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a friends house for drinks - it was his wife's birthday and they'd invited a few people round - both couples and a few singles. I'd chatted with my friend about the party etc. And he'd pointed out that there was a single girl there that I should meet - little does he know of my fab time fun / preferences but then I wouldn't want him knowing that I really wanted to fuck HIS wife already!

So I get smel… Read more

The start Threesome

The beginning of something great!…

They had talked about this situation a lot. It had all started with seeing a scene in a movie, the couple on the screen were sharing a night with an acquaintance of the woman. As they watched the scene unfold, the husband gently asked if she had ever had fantasies like that. With reluctance his wife shared what she had only secretly thought of and had  never told another living soul. Even in their almost twenty years of marriage she was never ab… Read more

Future Desires With The Mrs Swinging

Future Desires…

For some reason unknown to me, I just love sinking my hard hungry aching cock into a beautiful wife in front of her husband. It seems so kinky and fun at the same time. The forbidden desires are the ones we yearn for the most perhaps.

For me it's like I'm showing her husband how sexy his wife is and how much I appreciate her with my hard cock sliding inside her.

It is a great honour for me being able to do this with a beautiful wife, with h… Read more

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Serendipity Swap Swinging

How straight became bi-curious…

Tara had agreed to receive me at her home for a weekend. Glenn was off somewhere out of town and would return only on the Sunday afternoon. A whole weekend with Tara – just me! Although I had been with Tara several times, I was admittedly excited. It wasn’t that I wanted to go behind Glenn’s back or exclude him from the adventures we often planned together. It was just that Tara was so sexy and so willing to put herself out there sexually, … Read more

MFM - A Woman’s Perspective Threesome

Why I love two men inside me.…

Four things about me. 1) I was VERY precocious. 2) I have always been promiscuous. 3) I love to please. 4) I crave praise. Put it together and what have you got? MFM.

I had a lot of lovers before I met my first husband but he was the one who introduced me to multiple lovers. He was a very virile stag cuck and got us into swing groups, orgies and gang bangs. At first it was titillating but unsettling, with all those strange men having me. Bu… Read more

Excitement in Kingston Threesome

You just never know!…

What an exciting (and unexpected) adventure. I was asked to join my kids for Sunday brunch, who were traveling to Kingston this weekend. I decided to go Saturday so they wouldn’t be waiting for me in the morning.
Anyway, I checked in to the hotel early evening and went to the bar for a drink. Shortly after, a younger couple saddles up to the bar. It was her that started the conversation, asking me if I was visiting. He seemed a bit shy. … Read more

Jane again Meetings

A hard lesson…

In our early married years, Jane was serviced on a regular basis by a Turkish doctor (as described) - he exclusively sodomized her, and used her in the most depraved way (ass to mouth was something of a favourite). This was to change.
Owing to our promiscuous lifestyle, Jane was on the pill, as I insisted she perform bareback with strangers - she followed my instructions faithfully, and I always enjoyed the 'sloppy seconds'.
After a few month… Read more

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Wife sharing Swinging

only bbc for my tight wife…

My wife & I were celebrating our 15th anniversary we decided to go to Jamaica. My wife had just turned 35 & was still super hot she didn't look a day over 25 with the body of a 20yr old. We talked about swinging 2yrs ago but only tried a few threesomes I really enjoyed watching my wife with other men I loved watching how excited the men got when they saw my naked wife she was as close to a 10 as could be. She worked out daily & it was very notice… Read more

My Fuck Bed BDSM

Not something we've done just our kinky minds working.…

My husband comes home from work late Friday afternoon and walks into a great surprise. I am dressed in my black leather corset which pushes my tits nicely so they are bulging out of the top, my sheer black stockings which are attached to my laced black and red garter and wearing 4" spike red Stilettos. On either side of me are 2 other boy toy bitches whom I will call Peter and Brian. They are standing at attention stark naked.
The look in my sl… Read more

First 3sum experience First Time

My first swinging experience, where I learned some things about my sexuality…

I had chatted with Jim and Lucie a few times and exchanged pics. They were attractive - actually, he didn’t interest me overly, but he wasn’t unattractive and she was smoking hot! Also, they seemed interesting and compatible, so eventually we had agreed to meet one Saturday afternoon. Jim had a fair bit of experience in the lifestyle. His new wife did not – it was her first 3sum; he wanted to introduce her to the lifestyle and she was ea… Read more

Submissive wife Ch 4 Meetings

Jane follows her instructions…

Jane, as regular readers are aware, has provided me with many erotic situations over the years - I am always aware of the risk of repeating very similar situations in my reminisces, however I would like to share a brief, but strangely erotic coupling, from February 2009.

We were in Gran Canaria and I had told Jane that I wanted her to have sex with a stranger - she was, by now, used to this demand, and agreed to provide my entertainment, if I … Read more

Another fun visit for this horny bbw Threesome

Cum for a quicky…

It was Thursday evening and he emailed to say he is passing through town, can he stop by to play? I instantly became wet. Teasing my husband I asked his permission for some play time. My man loves to see me worked up hehe. My bull was here and naked in moments. Sitting on the side of the single bed in our little play room I begin licking and stroking his thick hard cock. Running my tongue from his balls to the tip before taking him deep in my mou… Read more

outside Masturbation

first outside adventure…

was outside walking for exercise at a local park. when got near woods saw a guy jerking on a log off the trail. his cock was rock hard and he was waving to come over. he wanted me to watch. he was sitting i wss standing. i got my cock out cuz his hard cock stroking was making me horny. we stroked looking at each other. then he motioned me closer so he could suck my now rock hard cock and stroke himself. he grabbed my balls and caressed my… Read more

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First time another man touch my dick. First Time

First time another man touch my dick…

One day I was looking online and found and ad stating:

I have a micro penis, it's very small I want to know what it's like to play with a larger cock. Come over, dark room, porn on tv and let me jerk you off.

I was feeling bold this day, so I answered the ad, this would be my first ever experience like this.

We exchanged a few emails in which the type of porn to be chosen, I chose milf and the address was given.

20 mins later I sho… Read more

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Adult Fun ...part 3 Threesome

Six months later.......…

we were sharing a condo in Cuba with Bill and Sara for 3 weeks. Suz had a practice of showering after a day at the pool. Often Bill would walk past our always open bedroom door and stop and see her toweling off or naked on the bed after she had applied coconut oil to herself. Her new growing inner confidence was very apparent.

In the 3rd week Sara was down at the pool and I could see from our upper deck that she was engaged in a long convers… Read more

Heartbeat of the River Fiction

Hot Shower sex…

I can hear the heartbeat of the river rising and falling...It is a perfect line of large haystack waves, no obstacles and I have a sense of freedom, when the rivers roar diminishes; my senses begin to sharpen and I open my eyes coming to the realization that it has been a dream.
My disappointment recedes and gives way to a sense of satisfaction as visions of the night before flash across the canvas of my memories.
The cascading water that has … Read more

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Night to remember Threesome

Unplanned mmf threesome…

My friend and neighbour had his fuck buddy coming over but forgot his house keys! He asked if I minded if she came by to wait for him to get back from getting his keys at work! I said no problem (i knew they had recently had a mfm experience and ideas started running through my mind).
Stephanie showed up a couple minutes later. She was really cute, with a killer body! I made us a drink and we chit chatted a bit. When Bob got there we continued t… Read more

Adult Fun part 2 of 3 Threesome

Adult Fun changer.....2 bats with 4 balls and one catcher.…

Part Two: Sexual Curiosity.....

A few months later Bill and Sara were passing thru our city and stayed with us for two nights. Sara went to bed early the second night as is her habit and the other 3 of us went for a soak in our hot tub. Talk soon turned to the last time we were all naked together and Suz was asked to show us her favourite jet in the tub. She took her time to enjoy herself while we watched. Bill moved in to fondle her tits bel… Read more

Our first time exploring the lifestyle Swinging

Our first trip to Oasis…

Our first time swinging.

In our other story “How we met our girlfriend “ I had mentioned that a few years ago we had first got our start in the lifestyle at Oasis Aqua Lounge in Toronto.

My wife had read an article in of all places the Globe and Mail on it. Having talked and role played about it in our sex life we were intrigued and nervous at the same time.

We decided to bite the bullet and book the trip. I was still reluctant that … Read more

Adult Fun + Sexual Curiosity+Sisterhood Threesome

Wife finds she enjoys a 3 way more each time...Part one of three.…

Recently my wife Suz and I both had the pleasure to enjoy what we have now called adult fun.

It started with an evening where we were in our hot tub with a good friend we've known for many years. We have often vacationed with them and in years past we have been in Bill's hot tub with his wife Sara and everyone was nude. They have attended nudist camps and it just became natural for us to be naked with them in our tub as well. Last Spring Bil… Read more

A rough day Other

I couldn't have guessed this…

I absolutely agree!

One day you wake up. But you can't see. Check your eyes. Wait my right arm is stuck to the right about shoulder height. Wait the left is the same thing. What is going on? I'm tied and blindfolded?Shortly after I hear the door open. I start asking questions. Suddenly I'm getting pattled and rough! I hear a girl (tisk tisk tisk.) Then she grabbed my balls with a firm grasp. I feel leather gloves but that's not what I am focus… Read more

Eric and Stephanie - Divergence Threesome

A threesome story as part 4 of a larger saga…

The phone rang and rang. It didn’t even go to voicemail, leaving Eric to text her for the umpteenth time. He raged inside, a vicious turmoil that festered inside as he struggled between grief and disbelief at what had happened the previous night.
It had all been going so well. He and Stephanie had spent the first part of the evening in a blissful sea of love and lust beyond either of their wildest fantasies. They were so perfect for each o… Read more

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