MFM with Beautiful Hotwife Part Two Fact

Second Hotwife Experience with Mrs Hotwife.…

Of course the first experience the beautiful Mrs hotwife made our cocks (the Mr and mine) yearn for more. I, of course had never sank my cock into the pussy of a gorgeous hotwife and was of course very eager to experience this..

The Mr and Mrs were very much looking forward to more experiences as well. It was apparent in our first meeting that the Mrs had such a large appetite for cock.. that she could very easily handle two or even three cock… Read more

My first visit to IT Threesome

New in the city, new in the country a world to discover... 1st part of 3...…

Some time ago I came to the city and discovered a place called IT. I had no idea what it was like or what I could find there. I must say that I am Latino and although I had experiences in my country, I came to a new country with a different culture. It was a great challenge .

I managed to get the invitation to visit this place the thematic nights make the place have different couples and people according to these, that day I decided to fix a l… Read more

My first mature women experience Stepmom First Time

I grabbed her by the hips and held her pussy and ass next to my face…

My first mature women experience
I have been thinking about writing this for a while, she was the first mature women in my life.

Bit of intro into the story, So my parents divorced when I was young. My dad remarried when I was 9 I lived with my dad, as every divorced kid me and my brother hated her, Dad married my stepmom J when she was in her early-30s

So nothing interesting happened growing up. Things started to change around the a… Read more

Top of the stairs First Time

Shaking body…

It was last February I was invited over to a house where a couple were waiting for me I did not know what was going to happen but he said it was going to be very interesting he was right the minute I entered into the door of the wife was hollering instruction from on top of the stair I did not see her yet I heard a sweet voice from the top of the stairs saying to her husband I want you to remove all this Kohl's and I want you to get his cock real… Read more

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Was a pick up Threesome

We were in the back seat…

It was March 9th 2019 at approximately 9:30 p.m. I stood outside the Coquitlam shopping ball waiting for the lovely couple to pick me up I did not know it was a newlywed couple they were 52 years old and 49 years old little . She was wearing a short red skirt and a white blouse you can see her pantyhose and the garter belts that were holding it up she was roughly about 5 ft 6 140 lb and she had long reddish hair red lipstick on and makeup and eye… Read more

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Your Body Is Mine Other


I run my free hand up the side of your body until I reach your neck. I wrap my hand around your throat as I finger you harder, gripping just tight enough that you sputter and I tighten a little more.

You moan and place your hand on mine. You do not simply want me to dominate you, you want me to completely own your body, to push your limits.. And I’ve never been so turned on. I keep my hand on your throat while bringing my fingers up, soaked … Read more

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Ass man First Time

Just read…

For as long as I can remember, I've been an ass man. Not that I fail to appreciate the beauty of a slender leg or plump breast and taut nipple; Far from it. But ever since I was a teenager, stroking my cock to the glossy images in girlie magazines, the primary object of my desire has been the soft, peachy fullness of a woman's bottom. The image that never failed to send waves of pleasure crashing through me, while thick streams of cum spurted fro… Read more

Diary of a sex addict2 Fact

A true fantasy story…

I have wanted to share a fantasy with you for sometime but never found the right opportunity so by posting this story makes it all the more possible

Many years ago I was a guest at an orgy in a hotel in sandton. It was organized by a couple for her benefit and was very well attended although not everyone was able to perform under the spotlight so I never did find out if she broke her record . I know that I fucked her and also managed to fuck … Read more

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The First Meeting Other

Kink Released…

The First Meeting

I just finished the night shift and though I was able to nap a few times...I was tired. But I promised them that if they came to town we could finally play. We had chatted and sent sexy photos and messages for a while. They said that they had some experience but this would be my first ever meeting with a married couple.
I showed up to the hotel and texted them that I was here. They texted back the room number. I took the ele… Read more

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Swinging BDSM


You come out to my shop to order a custom made coffee table. We start flirting as we are talking about your table. You notice something hanging from the ceiling and ask me "what is that hanging there?" I take you over to it and show you that it's a sex swing. I say "can show you how it works if you like"?

Your wecome. I would like to be in control of you😉 lets get to how this swing

there are straps for each arm a… Read more

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Pof lady Meetings

sinking my cock into this beautiful woman…

Melbourne is a small place in Ontario, using the dating site to find people with common interests is often tricky, so this time when I found a lady that was keen to meet, i jumped at it.

It was a brief conversation online, she said she was free, I was free, so she asked me to come over to her place. i was so excited i could hardly contain myself. On the drive over I couldn't believe that I was finally getting to meet up with someone after mont… Read more

You Take My Ass First Time

She pegs me for the first time…

You come back into the room wearing the strap on. I am standing at the end of bed as you grab me and kiss me hard, your cock pressing against mine. You reach down and feel me harden, precum seeping from my cock. You push me back on the bed, my cock slaps against my abdomen. You grab the lube and squirt your cock. Then in your hands and you rub my ass crack teasing my hole. You lube my cock and squeeze tight as you pump my shaft. I spread my leg… Read more

The Shower Fiction

Shower fun after a night of sex…

We fucked all night the day I arrived. Drifting to sleep, sweaty and smelling of sex. Smelling of us. I awake and need a shower, our mixed juices dry and crusty on my skin. I slip out of bed and to the washroom. A long pee while the shower warms. I close the door and the hot water rinses my body. I lather and rinse turning my back to the water. I don't hear you but feel you caress my ass and slide your hand between my legs, stroking my bal… Read more

The Three Of Us Threesome

She wants her husband and her lover at the same time…

We are sitting on the couch, you in the middle and us on either side watching TV. You have a hand on each of our cocks, stroking and squeezing and feeling us harden. You are wet and neither of us has touched you. With hard cocks in hand you get up and tell us to follow you, you need us both. In the bedroom we climb onto the bed, I sit at the top and you on all fours take me in your mouth with a moan. Ass in the air, your husband gets behind… Read more

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Hot Tub Fun Fiction

A quickie in the hotel hot tub…

We had a great day on South Padre Island. The hotel is great. We fuck as soon as we checked in and 3 times after dinner. It is shortly after midnight. The pool and hot tub area is empty and dimly lit. I slip on swim shorts and you a bikini top and shorts. We leave the room and head for the hot tub. There is no one around. We put our towels down and slip into the hot steamy water. We sit close together and our hands begin to wander. You … Read more

I Must Taste You Fiction

She hungers for a taste…

Once we enter the elevator and are alone your hands find my cock in my shorts and your mouth on mine, our tongues playing. I am starting to harden at your touch. Once in our room you take off your top releasing your tits with erect nipples. You stand me at the end of the bed and kiss me deeply. You pull back and tell me, you need me, crave me and must taste me. With that you lower to your knees and tug my shorts down to my ankles. My cock i… Read more

The Reunion Fiction

Did you miss me lover?…

We arrive at the house, both of us horny and excited. We head straight to my temporary bedroom. I put my suitcase and backpack down. You stand in front of me and peal off your clothes as I remove my shirt. You undo my pants and push them and my underwear to my ankles. As you do you take my cock in your mouth tasting my precum, feeling me harden. I sit on the bed and you rise up and straddle me but I grab your ass and hold you above my cock as… Read more

Blood pressure off the charts! Fact

"Right this way" the nurse said ....…

"Right this way" the nurse said as she opened the door.

She smiled at me as I approached and her dark brown eyes held eye contact just a little bit longer than one would think necessary as I slid by through the tight doorway. Making it a few steps down the long hallway I realized I did not know which way to go, stopped, and quickly turned my head to ask. Doing so I caught out of the corner of my eye a quick glimpse of her expression as she bit… Read more

The Second Visit Other

They meet again…

The Second Visit

She had just finished putting her things away in the hotel room, when a gentle knocking on the door took her attention. A flutter in her stomach and a quiver between her legs made her smile. This would be the second encounter with the man. Six weeks ago her and her husband visited...and fun was had by all. This time her husband couldn't make it. She would be alone with the man.
She approached and opened the door. A friendly s… Read more

Diary of a sex addict Swinging


The following is a diary of a text conversation with a couple who love to be turned on after sending me a series of pictures and videos of her pussy
So wet and open with soft delicate lips my mind wonders how good it would taste and smell as I lick you and suck your clit . My Cock throbs in anticipation

Your panties are moist and all day u have waited for some relief to satisfy yourself and there has been no one who knows that each tim… Read more

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Diary of a sex addict Swinging


The following is a diary of a text conversation with a couple who love to be turned on after sending me a series of pictures and videos of her pussy
So wet and open with soft delicate lips my mind wonders how good it would taste and smell as I lick you and suck your clit . My Cock throbs in anticipation

Your panties are moist and all day u have waited for some relief to satisfy yourself and there has been no one who knows that each tim… Read more

Craigslist Meetings

she sat down on my face & smothered me…

I put an add on a Craigslist saying I would be in a motel in Hamilton and had a fantasy I wanted to act out. Basically I was seeking a woman who would come to my motel, find the door open, with me laying naked on the bed. She would come in, sit on my face and make me worship her, have her fun and then leave.

It's a fantasy, and I had little faith that anything would come from it. Just as I was about to stop checking my e-mails and go to sleep … Read more

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Pantless laundry day Other

No laundry will be done today.…

Sorry to say if I were there...not much laundry would get done.

She walks by, pantless, her butt swaying.
Suddenly she is gently taken to the floor...a tongue then finds her clit and pussy entrance. Fingers gently probing...making her cummmmm.
A man then rises from her quivering crotch. Bald head and hairy body, naked himself, climbs upon her. She knows this isn't her husband, sexual excitment flows through her. She feels a hard cock searchi… Read more

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Shared gangbang Fact

what you wish for can come true…

My wife & I were celebrating our 15th anniversary we decided to go to the East Coast for some camping & maybe some golf. We were in our late 30'sI was diabetic & was having trouble performing in bed, so in order to save our marriage we agreed to an open marriage. My wife was very sexual she wanted sex often she was a stunningly beautiful lady & she attracted a lot of attention plus she was a real flirt. At first it bothered me watching my wife f… Read more

Blindfolded and Seen Fact

Her Fantasy...From my Eyes…

This story dated back to 2018 and it's one I'd like to share 'cause it was an exciting experience for me and a thrilling experience for them.
I was at a bar on Saturday evening with a few friends having a good time and as usual getting acquainted with the sexy females in our presence. The night went on wonderfully...out of nowhere a gentleman approached me and says: "you're quite smooth with the ladies, I bet you're even better in bed with the… Read more

Stock Room Deposit Meetings

Do you have any inventory that needs counting?…

We've been talking for awhile now, but today is finally the day you are coming to visit!

When we first started bonding over our love of public play, I never dreamed I'd have something so accessible and perfect as a setting. Then, I started working at a new place and learned about the stock room.

It's upstairs, above me. Lockable and discrete, yet still has some qualities that keep it exciting. You're almost here now, and I can't wait to see… Read more

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FFM - Riding a Unicorn - Wife/Woman's Perspective Groups

Alpha Male and 2 wet pussies…

“Jealous?” He said huskily into my ear, as his naked body pinned mine to the bed. “Why would you be jealous of a toy?”

The topic of us fucking a woman together had come up mid-foreplay. I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea.
“Babe, you know a chick isn’t the same as a toy.”

“Well she can be.” He said then sucked my ear as he slipped two fingers into my wet pussy. I moaned and brought my lips to his, kissing him hung… Read more

MMF - First time - Fuck Me Daddy! - Woman's Perspective Swinging

Two Dicks, One Pussy.…

We’d only been going out with each other for three weeks when he bought a dildo for us to play with. It was 6 inches long and flesh coloured. It even had balls.

“Don’t they sell ones that look more like toys?” I asked. Surprised he wanted to get fucked with something that looked so real. We were going to try pegging for the first time. He’d shyly brought it up over text just a few nights before. It was new for me too but I was exci… Read more

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