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Cross Dressing Stories

Crossdressing, usually more common for men, is an interest that explores self-expression by wearing clothes from the opposite gender.

Often the clothes chosen will either belong to a spouse or a partner which unlocks a door for new erotic pleasures. Adapting the comfort of clothes that aren't normally worn can be an activity that takes place behind closed doors or be an exhilarating experience outside as well. Wearing a dress, high heeled shoes, feeling pleasure from wearing lace and satin, and choosing the name of the opposite gender, are all traits associated with cross dressing.

Have you become a crossdresser or are sexually attracted to crossdressing? Share your exciting discoveries by writing your own erotic encounter below.

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CD ectasy!

A dream cum true?

Deep hunger. I go to Vancouver- book into the sandman hotel on Davie st- in the center of the hot action, I settled in my room- then across the street to a pub- that seemed mostly gay guys. But- off to the side- I see a nice looking “ gurl” - lots of masc...

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We dressed up and played together a few times throughout the years. We enjoy spending girly time together, whenever our different schedules match. In our plays I particularly love sucking her cock until she cums. I love cum! Unfortunately, it's not easy t...