Impregnating The Neighbor Romance

thrilling when you know her husband is not able to impregnate her over the years…

A neighbor that will excite you with her moves is always a thing of beauty and joy. Further, when her response seems a little positive and her eyes tell you her needs. It becomes more thrilling when you know her husband is not able to impregnate her over the years. The lady next door was a beauty in her 40’s and she was always staring at me with a little and soft smile. I was equally excited and was finding an opportunity to talk with her.
But… Read more

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Covid-19 Quarantine Wpg_FUN Romance

husband was very keen to watch his wife with another man…

Hi, I am a well-educated suave gentleman, like to meet new people and make friends from all walks of life. I live in Wpg, in my early 30's, fit, look young, smart, and handsome. My height is 5'8" and weight 68 kg, light-dark skin, clean-shaven. I keep my hair short, mainly black with some natural greys. The ladies like my non-pushy, easy-going attitude, and the men, my friendly appearance.

The following is not a work of my imaginary mind or an… Read more

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Multiple Orgasms Romance

Memorable evening…

Just wanted to share my experience from last evening to make you hot and horny.
One of my girl friend came over at my house for a drink, we talked a little bit and then decided to get intimate. She went to the master bedroom to get ready and I waited outside. When I went in she was lying on the bed with a pussy pump on her soft hairless pussy and clamps on her nipples. I quickly undressed and got in the bed with her, already hard. Within minutes… Read more

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A Hot Need Romance

Once felt cannot go back which leads to broken hearts and cum explosions…

I was sitting on the couch by Nick and his gf when she drifted off to sleep. There was steamy sex scene on the tv and i started to feel flushed and a bit awkward so close to Nick. I saw him adjust his pants and that made me lick my lips. I was so turned on that I slowly rubbed myself quietly beside him under the blanket it felt so good I closed my eyes and kept going. A wet sound came from my pussy and I froze oops. I look over and Nick is stari… Read more

Jennie is a bareback FREAK! Romance

Thought she was innocent turns out I was WRONG!…

A few years ago I worked with a girl that I thought was kinda cute. She wasn’t what you would say model beautiful but I thought she was cute. She was skinny and kind of nerdy.

She was friendly enough, although a few times she was kind of cold and stand offish. Whatever, we were just coworkers.

I had been married for a few years at this point. But I was still itching to have a little extracurricular activities.

I love my wife but sex … Read more

Aged but not near death Romance

The weekend is fast approaching---not fast enough
We are ancient lovers she is 68 and he js 76--no not quite dead as yet
We meet and head to the motel and open the door and she is demanding of his immediate attention
Get your clothes off now, all the while becoming instntly naked herself
Throws him on the bed and goes full throttle, mounting his face leaving him gasping for air
No preliminary just wanton grinding demanding sex. She cus 6 … Read more

The Dim Room....part 2 Romance installment

...I kiss your lips...neck...breasts..nipples...navel..and as you place your hands onto my head and press me to my knees, I I reach and release your falls to the floor.. press my yearning lips to you and I taste your warm, wet gasp slightly
..I can feel your clit starting to swell with excitement as I reach around and grasp your bum...kneading your cheeks with my hands as you press my head to… Read more

The Dim Room Romance

Please let me know what you think of this little story, thanks. are standing in a dim room, there is a light breeze blowing across your body are wearing a white shirt, pleated black skirt, black thigh high nylons, heels and no underwear.
..the breeze makes your nipples firm and erect, they strain against the buttons on your shirt...I come from behind and gently kiss your neck as my hand moves slowly up your thigh.. place … Read more

The First Night Romance

She walked in the room everybody stopped and stared and she stood in the doorway her dress was tight her hair was straight her make up was perfect. She walked up to the bar and she sat down wondering if he was going to show up or not. She sat there alone drinking her drink waiting patiently, just then she heard her name, "Amanda is that you?" she looks up and there is this tall dark handsome man. Her heart skipped a beat seeing him as what she ha… Read more

Sex on the Beach Romance

Sex on the Beach

I arrived at the cottage late on a September Saturday afternoon and dropped by the beach to watch the mayhem of sunbathers and kids catching one of the last warm summer weekends. As I sat near the road away from the shore I was distracted by a jogger running down the middle of the beach cutting back and forth in the soft thick sand avoiding towels, chairs and umbrellas as she went. I found it curious that she would run in t… Read more

My desires fullfilled Romance

My husband Chris and i were at londonderry pool a few days in edmonton alberta, we were working out and having a relax at the pool, we were in the family room as my balance was off and I needed his help so i wouldnt fall. we were showering in the private washrooms as i was daydreaming thinking of the nice hot female brunette lifeguard and barely noticed as my husband traced his fingers on my clit and he slipped a finger into my hole and was sl… Read more

Winter Massage Part 2 Romance

It is now time to turn over for your full frontal body massage. Almost weakly, raggishly you let me help to turn you over onto your back. I see your breasts come into the light. I am possessed by your beauty.
Right away you spread your legs wider. I kiss and briefly lick and suck both of your nipples now standing proudly rubbery and pert. I love your tits and I gently run my fingers over your belly and again your pelvis rises wantingly. I then d… Read more

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Winter Massage Romance

Imagine, there you are naked and stretched out comfortably on cool
silk sheets feeling kind of sexy. The room is quietly lit, mostly dark
and mysterious in a storybook way. You shift position spreading your
legs just a bit wider in anticipation and you notice how your nipples
slipped chillingly across the silk sheet causing them to become very
sensitive also with anticipation. You know you are about to receive a
full, everything sensual mas… Read more

Easier In Bed??? Romance

Interesting concept that it’s ‘easier in bed’.
Words are unspoken. Letting our bodies dictate our movements.
Slowly kissing...touching...licking...tasting.
Our eyes transfixed on each other, saying everything without uttering a word.
Bodies entwined, locked together in an erotic rhythm.
Thrusting, deeper, harder, faster.
Moaning softly.
Pulses racing....hearts beating out of control.
Exploding over and over again.
Gentle, … Read more

Anticiation Romance

I did dream about you again last night and it was incredible.
We were meeting finally for the first time. Some days had passed since
we made plans to be together so that we both had plenty of time to
prepare as our desires and anticipations quickly grew. I had placed
many candles and some mirrors all around the bed room. I put soft silk
sheets and plenty of extra pillows on our bed. There on the side table
a bottle of chilled Champagne and … Read more

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A Dream Come True Romance

He began to make love to her, slowly, surely, taking it easy.
She closed her eyes and fell into his rhythm.
He smells so good, she thought. Like a strong, fragrant soap mixed with his masculine body smell.
He has the kind of body she dreamt about.
Smooth skin.
Taut surfaces.
She is in lust.
Tactile touches.
A rush of pure sweat.
An avalanche of desire.
Plunging into heaven.
Going all the way.
Feeling his power.
Working together.
So … Read more

Kisses Romance

In the dimly lit room you now carefully remove your panties and bra. You tease your nipples and slide your fingers down to your pussy teasing yourself into anticipation . I sit naked in front of you, wanting you all of you in every way. You move towards me to explore my anxious body, every inch. Slowly and sensually you lick and stroke my erection building the tension but not letting the explosion
occur too quickly. Your hands move from the bo… Read more

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Mother's Day - a wee poem by Truescotties... Romance

A very Happy Mothers Day to all of you amazing mom's out there! You rock our world and float our boats.

As per my wee tradition, every year I write a wee poem or short story for April on Mothers Day. This year I thought I would share it with all of you - our LS family. I am sure that most of you mothers out there will be able to relate to it....

Roses are red, violets are blue, I suck in bed, no no, that's not true. Just kidding, that wasn'… Read more

Summer Showers Romance

You have captured my heart my imagination and my desires to be with you.
Last night I imagined we were together in the shower with the warm
water streaming all over our naked bodies. There I sand behind you
gently caressing your breasts with slippery soapy hands and feel your
nipples becoming hard and pert. You can feel my hard-on begin to grow
between your legs and press gently against your eager pussy slowly and
gently moving slightly bac… Read more

An Expectant Breeze Romance

An expectant breeze is refreshing the hot morning sun; whispering through virgin pines that cradle a small emerald lake.
You are wrapped in your towel having come up from a swim, and are sitting on the large flat rock overlooking the water.
Two loons are swimming towards one another on the glass like surface, and when they meet, they turn gracefully, as synchronized swimmers do, away from you, side by side.
I walk up behind you and you hear my… Read more

Sexting Romance

I'm imagining your legs over my shoulders and my head between your thighs with my face buried in your pussy. Nothing would bring me greater joy than to bring you to orgasm.

Your wet pussy would feel so good wrapped around my cock. Folding your legs back so I can pound you deep. I'd switch between fucking you and eating you out.

I would suck on your clit and pussy lips. Kiss you up one thigh, stop in-between to lick your pussy and proceed … Read more

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Having affair with old lady then me Romance

I work with mature 50pls hot looking lady.We went out for coffee then later on the night she start's texting me that we both enjoyed each other company so I ask her if she would like to go out again an she said yes.So the next day we went out for dinner but as we were talking she kind of opens up to me about her shelter sex life so with a surprise I take her into a sex shop an she is kind of blushing because she whisper in my ear "you're turning … Read more

Truth behind the fiction Romance

It’s been 3 years and I am starving for affection and attention from him.

I’m in a catch 22 because he won’t give me what I need, but I don’t want it from anyone else. My heart aches and my body screams out for his touch, but he refuses to respond. His attention is focused on movies, facebook, pinterest. I pour my heart out to him in words, letters. I shower him with love, affection, attention, suggestive innuendo. He never doubts… Read more

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I took my husband to a strip club (and I ended up loving it) Romance

We are down to earth Afrikaans couple from Overberg (W/Cape, South Africa) Kabous and me have the kind of relationship based on experiences and relationships rather than accumulating things. So one night I suggested we go to a strip club.

When I suggested to Kabous that we should go to an upmarket Cape Town strip club he wasn't delighted. See, he is not the kind of guy to frequent such places and was quite reluctant at first. I know what you… Read more

Visitor From Interstate Romance

It’s Friday. She’s sitting at home not doing much. She hears the beep of a message received on her computer. She goes to have a look and it’s a message from her favourite Chat Buddy who lives interstate.

The Message Reads: “I hope you’re not doing anything in 2 hours time as you will need to come and pick me up from the airport. I am about to board a plane and I’m heading your way. Be standing in the arrivals lounge holding… Read more

Morning Wood Romance

I woke up horny as hell like I do everyday, but this week I was unable to get what I needed. I rolled over and lay my head on his chest. He was sleeping. He has the smoothest skin I've ever felt. I love his body.
I started running my hand over his stomach and around his sides which turned me on more so I slid my hand lower to find him rock hard. Oh what I would have given to jump up and slide my throbbing pussy on his hard cock and ride him unti… Read more

Awakening Romance

Cassie was like any other girl or so she thought, then she started making friends and hanging out with ladies from her neighborhood after a girls night she started to wonder if she were wrong. That night she had been DD so when the girls started to talk she quickly realized how different her and her husband were. Since then Cassie was careful to mind what she said around her new friends somehow she didn’t think they would understand. Cassie ne… Read more

Me and my husband at the nude beach Romance

My husband and I went to the nude beach yesterday it was fun we met a nice guy. My husband took pictures of me I was laying down on the towel well my husband was fingering me has the guy was sitting in the chair watching us he was stroking his cock then my husband asked him to join us so he did the both of them started to suck on my tits one on each side it was great the guy started to fingering my hot wet pussy well I just layed there enjoying i… Read more

My husband At The Nude Beach Romance

My husband Alan loves taking pictures of me in the nude so one day we went to a nude beach and we walked down the beach a little ways and then stop put down our blanket we got undress my husband Alan told just lay down with your legs spread open so I did then my husband started to take my picture the I looked over and saw another guy walking and he was getting closer to where we were he just stood there watching my husband Alan taking my picture … Read more

My husband Romance

My husband Alan Loves watching his wife sunbathing and all of a sudden there is a man watching me so I start to rub my pussy as this man is watching me he starts to rub his cock and he is getting hard. Well my husband is watching from the porch of our house then my husband removes his shorts and starts rubbing his cock then the guy starts to get closer to me then I start to rub his hard cock as he touches my tits then I would move down slowly to … Read more

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