Apr 12, 2017

My husband Chris and i were at londonderry pool a few days in edmonton alberta, we were working out and having a relax at the pool, we were in the family room as my balance was off and I needed his help so i wouldnt fall. we were showering in the private washrooms as i was daydreaming thinking of the nice hot female brunette lifeguard and barely noticed as my husband traced his fingers on my clit and he slipped a finger into my hole and was slowly fingering me. I was shocked and very much turned on as he sank to his knees and was licking and sucking my clit and fingering me . then he started tongue fucking me i grabbed his head and ground my pussy against his mouth as water was rushing all over me filled with excitement i cummed three times and he just didnt stop so i cummed more. Horny and wanting more i took his cock into my mouth and sucked and licked it deep throating his cock I then bent over the bench and he slid his cock into my pussy and slowly started fucking me, i grabbed my shirt and gagged myself as it felt so DAMN good and with fear we may get caught very soon if they hear me screaming. he fucked me hard and i squirted all over his cock. We had to stop and go home as someone had knocked on our door and asked if we were done using it.

we got home around 530 i had run my bath and was in the kitchen and was helping Chris make strawberry yogurt, one thing led to the other and I found myself with my nipples covered in strawberry sauce as he licked the juices off my nipples and was slowly finger fucking me , i walked over to the table and laid down as he was coating my chest with strawberries and chocolate sauce, he gently sucked and licked the strawberry and chocolate sauce off and when he was finished he took a strawberry and rubbed some onto my clit and sucked it , i came hard, i took his cock and poured chocolate on it and slowly licked it off then i sucked his cock and told him to fuck me doggy style on the table. he fucked me hard on the table he was about ready to cumm and I took his cock and gently stroked it hard and fast and told him to cumm all over my chest, he shot his load on my chest and I rubbed his juicy cream all over my chest . Sorry was a little tipsy writing this and had to re-edit