MFM with Beautiful Hotwife Part Two Fact

Second Hotwife Experience with Mrs Hotwife.…

Of course the first experience the beautiful Mrs hotwife made our cocks (the Mr and mine) yearn for more. I, of course had never sank my cock into the pussy of a gorgeous hotwife and was of course very eager to experience this..

The Mr and Mrs were very much looking forward to more experiences as well. It was apparent in our first meeting that the Mrs had such a large appetite for cock.. that she could very easily handle two or even three cock… Read more

Diary of a sex addict2 Fact

A true fantasy story…

I have wanted to share a fantasy with you for sometime but never found the right opportunity so by posting this story makes it all the more possible

Many years ago I was a guest at an orgy in a hotel in sandton. It was organized by a couple for her benefit and was very well attended although not everyone was able to perform under the spotlight so I never did find out if she broke her record . I know that I fucked her and also managed to fuck … Read more

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Blood pressure off the charts! Fact

"Right this way" the nurse said ....…

"Right this way" the nurse said as she opened the door.

She smiled at me as I approached and her dark brown eyes held eye contact just a little bit longer than one would think necessary as I slid by through the tight doorway. Making it a few steps down the long hallway I realized I did not know which way to go, stopped, and quickly turned my head to ask. Doing so I caught out of the corner of my eye a quick glimpse of her expression as she bit… Read more

Shared gangbang Fact

what you wish for can come true…

My wife & I were celebrating our 15th anniversary we decided to go to the East Coast for some camping & maybe some golf. We were in our late 30'sI was diabetic & was having trouble performing in bed, so in order to save our marriage we agreed to an open marriage. My wife was very sexual she wanted sex often she was a stunningly beautiful lady & she attracted a lot of attention plus she was a real flirt. At first it bothered me watching my wife f… Read more

Blindfolded and Seen Fact

Her Fantasy...From my Eyes…

This story dated back to 2018 and it's one I'd like to share 'cause it was an exciting experience for me and a thrilling experience for them.
I was at a bar on Saturday evening with a few friends having a good time and as usual getting acquainted with the sexy females in our presence. The night went on wonderfully...out of nowhere a gentleman approached me and says: "you're quite smooth with the ladies, I bet you're even better in bed with the… Read more

Our Second Get Together Fact

I thought I was horny?…

My oh my oh my now I was hooked I so wanted to fuck that little hottie that gave me such an awesome blow job.we chatted by phone often , I'd call her house and if her husband answered I would say ,let her know Dwight called ,not sure if he ever suspected,but both our marriages were on the rocks before we met .
So an awesome opportunity to hook up came up ,she said her husband was going to be out of town on a company course for two or three days … Read more

Our first hot encounter Fact

Awesome blow job…

I've been working at the same place ,with my now wife ,her and another lady would walk by a few of us guys on there lunch hour ,us guys would always comment with one another,like guys do ,on which one would be the better in bed or best fuck ,some choose the other woman I choose Andrea,just the way she carried herself when she walked I had a good feeling not to mention she was really good looking and dressed hot ,I so wanted to fuck her ,I was mar… Read more

A straight guy with a bi story Fact

Best ever bj…

I have wanted to write this story for awhile just takes time and patience . Writing a story on an I phone is not easy.

This happened a few years back but I will be the first to admit was the best blow job I have ever had. To top it all it was given to me for free and by a middle aged guy in the back of a porn shop in a video booth in good old Bloemfontein. So to whoever that stranger was and I don’t know there name. I do hope you read these… Read more

His 3rd visit Fact

A fun Monday night for this slutty bbw…

We are very sexually active, I am a firm believer in never wasting an opportunity to fuck. My husband loves to treat me by offering me experiences with other men (and couples but that's another story)
On Monday he invited a local young man about 15 years younger than I. This was his 3rd visit. The first time he was over it was fun. He was very eager and things happened quickly. Visit number too he was a tad too aggressive. Respectful and amazing… Read more

OMG Fact

Really! We did this?…

As we’re exploring the lifestyle, we’ve met great people and made some awesome friends. Till that night, we had acquired some experiences in Ls from simple meetings with people to much closer encounters. But that one warm summer night, we sure did do different than the other times.

So, here it is...We’d often get together with this one couple on weekends to have a few drinks and lots of fun. That one night, though, other people had join… Read more

Chronicles of a married woman and her younger lover- Part 1 Fact

Hot anal sex with the two men in my life…

I am a very lucky woman, I get to have my cake and eat it too, or should I say I get to enjoy my hubby's cock and my lover's cock too! Let me explain...

My husband gets off on watching me with another man so I have a young male boyfriend who is 14 years younger than I am, he is young and hung ;) Mmmmmmm so yummy! I call him my young stud and he calls me his cum slut.

We often invite him over to our house to play in our king size bed with… Read more

My dirty secret Fact

A holiday of a life time that changed me forever.…

I am a married woman of 55 and I have never ever in my life done anything like this and I don’t think I ever will again but I want to write and get it off my chest and I am wondering if anyone else has ever had this experience and this is the only outlet that I can find that allows me do this.
I have been married to a wonderful man for over 30 years, we still have an active sex life so its not that I am frustrated or anything like that, so I … Read more

I love the smell of a woman Fact

Something different…

this was a few years ago. I began an affair with a co worker. She was a bigger girl but recently lost a bit of weight. I remember commenting to myself ‘she looks totally fuckable now!’
It started off playful, a drunken moment out at a work event, I tried to kiss her, denied!
We then texted playfully. I know I pushed the boundary’s! But I was horny!
We began having sex, it was awkward, but the more we did it, the better it got.
She was… Read more

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Why Fact

A true story…

Why?I was recently asked a question Why? and soon realized many did not fully understand or appreciate anal sex and I say so with humility as by far many did and love it.

So after posting some very xxx rated anal pics with bdsm toys, pumps and stainless steel. I decided to explain what I get out of it and to answer the question of Why? and fulfill a fantasy or two.

My journey into anal heaven was without doubt filled with mishaps and … Read more

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wife sharing Fact

the wrong side of town, no the right side…

My wife & I were on vacation to the east coast we got ourselves a room just outside of Boston. My wife & I had an open relationship she loved sex & liked fucking other men & I liked sharing her. We had dinner & a few drinks & I asked her if she wanted to pick someone up for sex tonight she smiled & said what did you have in mind. I said I'd like her to try a black man her eye brows went up she said sure. We couldn't help but notice we were in a p… Read more

Our First Threesome Round Three Fact

Wife needs more cock…

Well the last time we were telling our story ,our married male friend went to get my wife a drink as she watched his cock soft cock swinging as he went ,she had already milked him of two nice big loads of Cock juice,mmmm she loves cock juice when he came back he sat on the bed beside her me on the other side ,all the while we chatted and carressed,our chums hand sliding up and down my wife's leg sometimes on her inner thigh Making her moan as he … Read more

A party camping-style Fact

Amazing encounter with an older biker…

What better than a summer party by a lake with about 100 swingers? So we ended up attending this party and we knew many of the people attending, so we knew it would be a good and fun night. And the setup was great since we could go in the lake during the day and 2 areas for a fire in the evening and most people staying overnight in tents at one end of the hosts land. And of course music and alcohol! We ended up meeting lots of lovely and sex… Read more

bbc for wife Fact

watch what you wish for…

My wife & I were in an open relationship & I loved sharing her she was a stunningly beautiful lady. I was so proud of her & loved watching the attention she drew whenever we went out. She had long dark curly hair, an hour glass figure with the most perfect tits & beautiful large nipples. Whenever we went out I'd ask her to go bra less I loved watching the boys get excited staring at her tits & she also loved the attention. We lived in a small tow… Read more

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I love my job Fact

My first Bi experience…

I work Security at a hotel on the night shift and over the years I have had some interesting experiences with guests in the hotel, however usually they don't include me in their fun. One night I was sent up to a room to look at the A/C unit. It wasn't functioning and the guest was complaining about the extreme heat in his suite. When I got to the door the gentleman motioned me in and as I entered I realized that he was standing behind the door, t… Read more

wife sharing Fact

watch what you wish for…

My wife & I agreed to an open relationship before we were even married. We met in high school she was 15 I was 17 & both virgins, I remember our first time having sex I don't think it lasted 5 min not a good start. We had been dating for almost a year when Sue told me she wanted to split up. She told me she didn't want to spend her whole life having sex with just one guy. She said she wanted to experience sex with a lot of men. So I had a choice … Read more

You Never Know Fact

Part III…

The evening did have a bit of a time constraint to it, may be that's why this young woman in front of me was getting fucked so vigourously. After all the next day was a school day and none of us wanted to stay up too late! Maybe too, the three of us were all so aroused at this point that the action was speeding up and becomoing very intense. Either way the Princess was taking a very dominate probing at both ends and she was coping very well for h… Read more

You Never Know Fact

Part II…

The evening had already evolved into more than I had expected when meeting this couple for the first time! No doubt this young woman was very talented. She had a nice tender touch as she wrapped her slim hand around my cock. As she drew my cock between her lips I could tell as well, her oral skills left nothing to be desired. Looking down at her pretty face I wouldn't have imagined an hour earlier that the length of my 8" cock would be sliding do… Read more

You Never Know Fact

Age is only a number!…

Always interesting to see who you are going to meet on a blind date! Even more so when it is an unknown couple visiting your place for the first time. Meeting people on a site like this is a bit chancy. You can chat on line, get a feel for someone and even then you never know until you meet in person what is going to happen. I have chatted with single women and couples here, if and when we decide to meet, it is an awkward experience. On meeting y… Read more

Sex on Great Keppel Island Fact

A promiscous hotwife strikes gold…

This happened about 20 years ago when Sophie and her girlfriend went to Great Keppel Island (off the coast of Central Queensland) for the weekend. I was at a sporting carnival. Each year I would play tennis and Sophie would go to Keppel. Often, she went alone but sometimes she took a friend. When she went alone, it always ended up as a weekend of sin and sex … and, of course, a hot story for me when she got back. On this occasion, she went with… Read more

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Tried Dogging Fact

It was late summer, we’d been out for dinner together and were talking about going for a walk, or having a quickie somewhere. The conversation went from car sex to dogging, but in more of a joking than serious way…. Things ended with us agreeing that we didn’t want to get into anything too crazy, but it might be fun to be watched.

We pulled into a parking lot that was almost entirely empty and drove as far from the few other cars as we c… Read more

The Great Melbourne Cup Race Day Adventure Fact

There is something erotic about horse racing. Not the horses of course, but the dressed-up fillies trackside. On the Australian racing calendar, there is, of course, no bigger event than the Melbourne Cup. Cup day is a national event, with most race tracks in Australia hosting a race day.

My wife, Sophie, always goes to Cup Day races in the regional city where we live. I had to work – it’s not a national holiday, unfortunately – but I … Read more

Coming Home with a Creampie Fact

I awoke with a start as a car pulled up outside. The clock said 4.30am and the first light of dawn was already creeping through the open blinds. Bounding out of bed, I rushed to the window and saw Sophie getting out of a taxi. I knew I was in for a treat and my penis throbbed in anticipation.

Ten hours earlier we had gone to a jazz night. It was at the marina so there were large grassy areas with the tables set up in marquees facing the stage.… Read more

Our First Threesome Round Two Fact

Well I'm back to tell you guys and girls,if any girls read our story???let me know ?
As we sat at our kitchen table sipping on our drinks, everyone a lot more relaxed after our hot first round carressing my wife's legs while our hands would slide up giving my very wet wifes pussy a little feel and gently slide a finger in that very very horny aching pussy wanting to feel a nice hard cock fucking it again,our chums semi hard cock was stretching a… Read more

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