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Factual Stories

New sexual experiences for couples, old or young, can start expectedly. Quite often even the most faithful relationships can take a new direction during a regular night out with friends, a weekend away, or when bumping into an attractive stranger. Swinging can start a new life or improve an existing relationship.

There's plenty of arousing encounters that have been discovered by swingers and confessed below for others in a similar situation to enjoy.

Experienced a sexual exchange that has brought out a naughty side? Submit your own encounter for others to admire.

Beautiful passion inSurrey ( 2011)

Surrey love and passion

Recalling heavenly memories. April2011 Ferne V…. and I met at Rusty’s in cloverdale - dated - soon shared unbelievable passion - 2 people i their 60s - better than young lovers. Anyway, we were imaginative- exploring ectastatic but discreet pleasure. In a...

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i have been on this site for a few years and have talked to lots of great people. The hook ups have been few and far between,but here's a story about my first hook up,around 2018 I think. I rec'd an email from someone I had been chatting with. He says him...

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After driving 3.5 hours to meet a couple who said they were sure they wanted to play but after we met the wife got cold feet and they declined I was very frustrated to say the least. I will now only drive far for couples who have had MFM experiences not o...

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I’ve written many- some fact- some fiction— but about Ferne and I won’t continue. If you’ve read- we are older- I loved and adored her to no end- do anything for her happiness . But following event- TRUE -was too much for me. Her home on an acre in. S. Su...

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My first Threesome

But not our last

Let's see if I remember, it has been a while. Some old friends were meeting up with other friends. It was a bar I had not been to. One friend said "um I think you should know that there will be a couple who are very spicy" I was intrigued and little cauti...

My wife has wrote her version of the story of her adventure with her old roommate . yes I snuck the strap on into her overnight bag before she left for the weekend visit ? yes when she got home I opened the bag and found a the strap on wrapped in a pair o...

Broken wipers, rainy day, needy wife.

Who knew such a mundane task as chaning broken windshield wipers would get a cheating wife wet outside and inside her car.

I was standing third in line ready to pick up my car from the Canadian Tire shop on a boring rainy Saturday afternoon close to closing time one August. Had had nothing much to do that day but run errands, and picking up my car was the last. Thought I had...

Getting the job done

Great help from a friend

5 weeks ago I had rotator cuff repair to my right shoulder. It was scheduled with very short notice, not giving me enough time to do the important things around the house. So, the weekend prior to surgery a very good friend of mine helped me cut trees for...

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such a great cock

can it be free

we went to Vancouver for a weekend away to relax and tour about. after a Friday night of bar hoping about and a late night of fucking at the westin on the balcony we decided to sleep in. once up we decided to head out and look for a shop to grab a tattoo...

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extra fun

backshots for an hour

things have been slow in the lifestyle and life has been busy everywhere else so we haven't much time to explore. I came home and told the hubby we were going out for some drinks with a woman I knew and her husband. no expectations at all and nothing expe...

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I travel crazy amount of time for work. I was assigned a new job site in Halifax. I fly in and didn’t have much time to figure out a good place to stay. So I grabbed the first hotel that came up. I get to my room at the end of the day. I strip off my clot...

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Longest ever for wife

Wreck beach in 2012

Ferne and I were in a daring mood- neither “ ever” to nude wreck beach in Vancouver — Both her and I never strayed- hot sex between our partners only- BUT- talked sometimes of sharing. Anyway, hot sunny day in 2012- I wanted her to consider trying a woman...

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Backin 2012 ,Ferne and I were on holidays in Hawaii. 14 th floor of nice hotel. Plans for evening cancelled- a tsunami warning from an earthquake for all below the 4 th floor to go to higher places if it hit. In retrospect- it worked well for us. She was...

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MMMF hotel fun

Met a couple and extra guy

Exchanged a couple texts with a couple looking to celebrate the females birthday. I sent a couple pics and she liked them. They told me area and time and she said she would give more details after they checked in. She also asked if it was ok for another g...

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Surprise for the wife

For our 11 year anniversary I surprise blindfolded wife.

Over the 11 years we’ve been married, my wife has become a good obedient submissive when it comes to bedroom activities and has become more and more turned on by the idea of meeting random men to dominate her and enjoys kissing, sucking cock and riding ot...