Hot Bi Foam Party Fact

Hot Bi Foam Party with my wife and friends, another true adventure in the LS…

We have tried a few foam parties, Club Med, Cap D’Agde, Hedo and and others and found some to be awesome and others duds, but his one was Jamaican Hot

Getting the foam recipe right is a real challenge because the foam should be slippery fun and light but not irritating for the skin, especially the delicate lady parts, nor painful to the eyes. We were cautious after some previous eye irritation, but this time the foam was thick enough to hi… Read more

The Soccer Mom Van Full of Naked Dudes Fact

A group of good friends go on a road trip to their favorite camping spot and boldly leave their clothes behind.…

This story took place years ago, and it was the year after graduating high school. My closest friends and I were all 19 and 20 at the time and just starting to realize what the real world looked like. As is common, we tended to cope with these changes by dabbling in as many kinds of inebriation as we could. If the reader is getting bored reading this right now they shouldn't worry, just a couple more lines of explanation and then many a penis w… Read more

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Bedding a Hot 58 yr old from London Fact

My finger reached her panties, I could feel the dampness.…

I always visit this site, check for personal messages, likes for my pictures, stories check out all the amazing pics and videos and have a general nosy.
I contacted this 58 yr old, at first, she told me I was too young, I worked hard and made her respond, We had chatted a few times. we shared some pics, but I didn't think it would go anywhere. She was 58 and told me she was recently separated, things had not been good in her marriage for yea… Read more

Learn to love all cocks Fact

One crazy day…

One day we were at the beach and yes it’s was a nude beach I had to leave about 10 minutes after we got there (fuckin kids lmfao) But my wife wanted to stay so off I went my wife was relaxing on the beach sun bathing her body exposed and inviting and she drifted off a bit but felt a hand on her thigh and at first she thought it was me but the hands were too small to be mine and they touched her different she wanted to jump up and slap this pers… Read more

My swinger adventure - part 3 - looking for fun Fact

you cannnot put a good swinger down…

So now for part 3, the wildest, craziest evening of my short swinger experience up to now but so worth it. It all begins Halloween week-end in October 2011 in Quebec City.
My wife tells to take the kids to Quebec City, to see their grandmother and grandfather is still bedridden. Her intent was clear, get rid of me and the kids so her jackass of boot camp beau could fuck in the bed I paid for, and not just any bed, a fucking oak made Amish built … Read more

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My swinger adventure - Part 2 - ``You want my dick where?`` Fact

thank you for your service…

I shall relate more of my true to life sometime crazy swinger adventures Some may recognize the locations but no names shall be mentioned.

After that epic romp at la Rumeur, I still had some exploring to do so in October 2011, I started looking again for some more fun. My ex-wife was gone for the week-end and leaving me with the kids and spending time with her boot camp beau getting railed by him and I guess not saying no to sex compared to th… Read more

My swinger adventure - Part 1 - sexual freedom Fact

Freedom 41…

Most people write about their fantasies, some write about their sexual experiences, this true story is about some poor schmoe like me who was married 20 years to a cold woman who denied sex when possible and who discovered sexual freedom once it was over and realized that he should have been a swinger all along.
It all started in May 2011, the ex wanted a divorce and was fucking her bootcamp beau behind my back so when I went to Québec City to … Read more

Shy No More Fact

Wife learns to enjoy nude beach…

My wife had been complaining of late about a lot of things, but mainly about her weight. She is 48 years old and she has added a few pounds and weights between 150 and 160. I never complain, I think she look pretty good. However, truth be told, our sex life isn't what it once was. Of course, she blames her weight and that I am no longer attracted to her because of it. I have told her many times that she is beautiful and loooks great just the… Read more

Birthday Orgy goes full Bi Fact

Six friends explore bareback, creampie and Bi treats…

Stags First time Bi

Our good friends Suzie and Steve invited us to share dinner with Debbie and Mark at their place and noted that this was Debbie’s birthday. We found a card and gift, some drinks and headed over. We were all nude but unsure where everyone was on the Lifestyle side so there was no overt sex during dinner, just lots of laughs and innuendo.
Its always interesting to me when a party goes from fun to wild and how that happe… Read more

Part II - Chronicles of a married woman and her young cub Fact

New boy fun!…

Well I am happy to say I finally did it! I was finally DP'd (double penetrated)! And it felt wonderful!

Last evening a young cub of mine dropped by for a few hours of fun. We were playing in bed while hubby sat by the side of the room watching us with a huge hard on. My young lover is very attentive and takes good care to please this fierce cougar. His rock hard young body was so smooth I could not help but dig my claws into his skin, leaving … Read more

Another hot adventure Fact

I'm still horny can hardly wait for round ?? two…

As Mr K and I sat in his bed chatting,me fondling his soft cock and him rubbing my leg , occasionally he would lean in for a kiss hands roaming all over my body caressing my tits and softly sucking on my very big hard nipples making me moan and gasp,his hand would slide down and gently rub my very swollen clit,and very swollen pussy lips ,they get nice and puffy when I'm horny and I'm horny ?
Mr K asked if he could top off my wine ,which I told… Read more

Another hot adventure Fact

I'm horny…

Well this is another one of my hot encounter while waiting for my now hubby to make up his mind
Two of my girlfriends and neighbors decided to go out at a local bar on a Saturday night ,while at work another male freind had asked me if I had any plans for the weekend,I said yes that two freinds and I are going to a bar Saturday night,I'll call him Mr K,,, he's been trying to go out with me for awhile now but I always shrugged him off,I was fuck… Read more

Halloween at a sex club. Fact

Friends get together for fun and sex at a swinger club Halloween party…

Halloween at a sex club. If you have not done this, you MUST!

Everyone in sexy, maybe scary, often funny, but always sexy costumes.

We picked up our friend Sarah on the way to the club. I should share a bit about Sarah. She is what is known as a Unicorn: a single woman who is fully into the Lifestyle, who plays with girls a bit but definitely prefers cock. She is nicely rounded with full tits, tight pussy (no kids) and a generous, sweet nat… Read more

A wife's first bisexual encounter Fact

My exhibitionist wife brings two lady friends (and a random guy) to orgasm in a resort pool.…

Another true adventure, with names changed.
Our last trip to Jamaica we met and had fun with, among others, two delicious couples, Carla and Manfred, Sherri and Jim. Manfred is tall and very laid back but intelligent and engaging and he knows he is lucky to have Carla: Hispanic and HOT. Frim body, nice curves and she loves to flirt and play. Sherri is tall, more rounded and gives head better than a pro. She is thinking of starting classes (serio… Read more

The Lady In Fishnets Fact

A brief encounter in a bar…

I spotted you in a bar, where you were sat, cross-legged gently cradling a glass of wine. I noticed the lace of you stocking tops and couldn’t take my eyes off your shapely thighs. You were laughing and chatting but you knew I was watching and little by little allowed your skirt to ride higher and higher. I was with some friends. I’m pretty sure they were talking but I have no idea what was being said because I was drinking in the sight of yo… Read more

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The Strip Club Fact

She says she always wanted to go to a strip club..…

Well my ex and I were in Florida and she wanted to go to a strip bar, asking me to take her to one. When we first checked into the hotel I noticed a bar across from our hotel. I told her I would take her to one that is across the street from the hotel. We are sitting there drinking and watching the strippers. I go to the bathroom and come back and she says she has a surprise for me.
She has bought me a private half hour! now if you have never b… Read more

A surprise playtime and some taboos crushed Fact

Two couples share dinner and the play progresses into some kinky stuff.…

This story includes male bisexual elements. If this bothers you, too bad, move on.

Steve and Suzie invited us to their place for drinks and dinner, all naked of course. The ladies were shooting tequila and the men Scotch. A great dinner with plenty of spice and even spicier conversation. We get up from the table and begin to dance. Suzie always has good music, usually Latin style. We are dancing lightly switching partners and getting cl… Read more

One of my hot adventures Fact


My husband encouraged me to write a story of one of my hot adventures, while waiting for him to get his shit together lol.
At work I knew this guy. He worked in the same building so we chatted on the smoke pad now and then. He parked his car not far from my place, and would get in with his friend to go to work, so he asked if he could hitch a ride with me now and then and seeing as I drove by myself I agreed. This went on for a long while. Then … Read more

Blind Folded Fact

Blind Folded…

So I started talking with this woman on a dating site. She is married, but her sex life is not exciting. Her husband doesn't know how to make her cum. We talk for a couple of days, we exchange pictures, we like each other and we talk about our fantasies. I asked her if she has ever been fucked blind folded, and she says no.
She tells me that she hasn't had an orgasm in years, and she is horny all the time. One day while i'm at work, I sent … Read more

Sex on the Beach Fact

The start of a supercharged holiday…

I watched her walk down the beach to sea. The beach was white talc sand leading to the glittering turquoise of the Caribbean Sea. We were on a tiny paradise island a short boat ride from the main island. It wasn’t deserted but people were few and far between. We were both on an adventure package holiday that was mainly made up of singles of various ages. Brooke had first caught my eye on the flight so I was pleasantly surprised to discover that… Read more

An office night out Fact

Shelly was the boss of the HR department. She also liked to wear stockings to the office...…

Shelly and I finished our gin and tonics and left the bar. The others had gone already. We had started drinking early so we were all feeling well oiled.

Shelly was the boss of the Human Resources department. She hadn’t worked for the company for long; maybe 6 months. She was a tall slim redhead who enjoyed a drink and smoked more than she should. She had long legs, large breasts, green eyes and a fine nose. She was married, a bit cheeky and … Read more

Drive in movies Fact

Hot movies…

I went to the drive in movies with my bf and his friend I was told to wear the out fit he got for me was a plaid and crotch less underwear made me so wet and we went to the mall and the liquor store and to a fast food restaurant and omg the skirt was short u could see every thing we get to the movies had to wait for it to start so I bj both of them they both cum in my pussy after that he like let's get popcorn and drinks so we went as we waited… Read more


I had watched her with women, but not came the gut check moment when she was having another man.…

She got me into swinging, a compulsion of hers from her first marriage where her ex-husband used to recruit men for her and set up orgies. She already got me into FMF, but now she wanted to do MFM. In fact, she insisted. I knew she had a bucket load of men before we met, so I knew this was coming (no pun intended) . But being a relatively traditional guy, now yanked by Beth into the lifestyle, I didn't know what to make of it or how my ego would … Read more

Farewell Fling Fact

An evening of delights before a long trip…

Just before I left to be away for several months, I had put an invitation out for one last fling to keep my fires burning for the time I was going to be away. While I did not get a response from the group, Ellen made a special trip in to give me an evening that is etched into my memory as one of the most incredible intense sensual experiences I have had.

As usual she arrived with a glow on her face, a lascivious smile, a wanton gleam in her e… Read more

A massage from me Fact

Based on real experiences…

Based on my recent real life experiences giving massages. If you have any questions I would be happy to try to answer them.

I dim the lights in my bedroom, turn on relaxing "spa music" and then ask you if you want to strip in private and let me know when u r ready, or if you want to strip in the room while I am there.

You strip, perhaps a bit teasingly, in front of me, and you see a smile of approval on my face as you show me more and m… Read more

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Watched by her hubby - pt 1 Fact

Having fun with Emma - thinking I had the upper hand...…

Only a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a friends house for drinks - it was his wife's birthday and they'd invited a few people round - both couples and a few singles. I'd chatted with my friend about the party etc. And he'd pointed out that there was a single girl there that I should meet - little does he know of my fab time fun / preferences but then I wouldn't want him knowing that I really wanted to fuck HIS wife already!

So I get smel… Read more

Watching Girlfriend turned me on Part 2! Fact

the follow up to part 1…

After our steamy experience following our last session, I encouraged Maria to bring Mark home to fuck him after their next driving lesson in the comfort of our bed. That whole week in the run up to the next lesson we were both so super horny in anticipation that our sex life went up several notches. We couldn't wait! We were fucking all the time and all over the place - the park, the library, the women's loo in our local pub ... and of course, th… Read more

horny wife alone Fact

not what she hoped for or was it…

My wife worked for the government for Indian affairs in long term care she was asked to spend 2 or 3 weeks evaluating care on reservations she agreed. We had an open marriage my wife was very sexual she was always horny & loved sex so before she left I told her to go out & meet some young studs & have fun she hugged me & said I will. My wife was 35 but didn't look a day over 20 she worked out at the gym most everyday & her body showed it I knew s… Read more

Wife's new lover Fact

a beautiful surprise for hubby…

My wife & I had an open marriage I was diabetic & had trouble holding an erection & wanted my wife to be sexually satisfied so told her to seek out other men. At first she was very hesitant but finally tried it, she wouldn't admit it but I know she loved it she loved the thrill of fucking another man & I loved sharing her. My wife was drop dead gorgeous she had no trouble attracting men it started out just one on ones than she asked me how I felt… Read more

Diary of a sex addict2 Fact

A true fantasy story…

I have wanted to share a fantasy with you for sometime but never found the right opportunity so by posting this story makes it all the more possible

Many years ago I was a guest at an orgy in a hotel in sandton. It was organized by a couple for her benefit and was very well attended although not everyone was able to perform under the spotlight so I never did find out if she broke her record . I know that I fucked her and also managed to fuck … Read more

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