Happy Ending Indeed! Fiction

A rather unique spa experience…

I had frequented this spa for a year. Usually a somewhat shy petite 30-something, blonde did the honours – an hour-long, full-body massage. This day, I was informed by the owner that Nikki was home sick and that she, Connie, a mature divorcée, would be stepping in. Not a problem.

As soon as Connie left the treatment room, I stripped off as usual and lay face-down on the table under the heavy blanket meant to keep me comfortable. A minute o… Read more

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Tonight Fiction

Here's what I'm thinking for tonight....…

I arrive at your hotel room and since you were expecting me, the door is open. You come to greet me as soon as I walk in. "I'm so glad you're here. I have missed you" you say as you hug me. "I have missed you so much as well" I reply.

You lean down and take my mouth for a long kiss. Once we come up for air, you take my jacket and hang it up as I take a seat on the sofa. You pour me a glass of wine and sit beside me.

As we sit there, sip… Read more

What I got my self into Fiction

Night of drinking…

We went out drinking to a few places . Started to chat to some people at the bar few hot guys like what I had on and said we should hook up some time. I was so turn on i was so wet by the end of the night next thing i woke up in a hotel bed with a few guys. One of then had pulled down my skirt and slid his cock in my wet pussy unsure if he was the 1st guy or not. I think he blow his hot load deep inside of me. I then woke up to some one in my ass… Read more

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Drive in movies part 2 Fiction

That they did to me at the movies…

So we went got food and came back they both started to play with my nipples pushing my bra up and the next thing I had the magic wand on my pussy full blast some then finger my ass I was stroking both of there cocks I started to orgasm and I sprays the seat with your cum leaking out from the 1st movie one takes me in the back seat and opens my legs and mounts me slide in there big think cock in my pussy as he pulled in and out he started to kiss … Read more

Beach Day Fiction

Fictional first person day of erotic bliss…

Your laying in bed sleeping still in a dreamy state.....images of a pirate ship and you laying in a big four post bed naked with the captain of the ship on top of you feeling his cock sliding slowly in and out of your sweet pussy, feeling his lips on yours. Then you feel his lips on your neck but it this time it feels real....you open your eyes and my lips are on your neck kissing gently. Curled up behind you with my hard cock rubbing gently ove… Read more

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BJ lover Fiction

The feel of cock on my lips…

I walk up to you in my heels, garter and robe. You weren't expecting me to be in your room. You are pleasantly surprised.
I walk up to you in a slow calculated pace, one heel slowly crossing the other, till I am standing right in front of you. I make eye contact, slowly licking the corner of my lips, showing you the pink of my tongue.
I run my fingers from your chin to your belly, following the line of buttons down your shirt.
I slowly kis… Read more

It happen Fiction

Bf went to bed…

Few of our friends were over. We were drinking all night and watching TV. It was getting late, my bf went to bed while I stayed up with our friends. We did a few shots. Unsure how or who turned on porn on the TV, but after some more drinks, I was so turned on and getting so wet. More shots then my leg was being rub all the way up. I was so drunk. Then one of them just whipped his cock out and pulled my head down onto his hard cock while the othe… Read more

Hot tub Fiction

Some never knew…

So when we lived at this one place we had a hot tub so we used to party alot in the hot turn room had seats TV like a party room so every time I got in the hot tub I was told to remove my bottoms and he would play with me and there be other people there most time no one knew it u could not tell if I had or or didn't have any and for the ones who end up finding out and this what happen my bf would have my bottoms some times he go in the house g… Read more

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Concert Fiction

Had to pee…

I was at a concert with my bf and I had to pee I was waiting in line my bf went came back and was drinking a beer I ask him is there any one in the men's toilet he lol and said no not at all so I said fuck it and went to the men's washroom to pee next thing after I pee my bf came in and bend me over and fuck me right there in the stall next thing he pulls out and leaves as I went to pull up my Jean's his buddy there before I could say a word he r… Read more

My husband set me up on a date Fiction

Hot fun in a mall…

My husband set me up on a date with some one I knew to go to the mall and meet up for drinks so week or 2 before the date he have me start talking dirty to him then it lead to photos exchange the guy said he was masterbating to my photos made me bit horny and then he said he take me to the washroom at the mall and fuck my pussy hard I said ya right you won't he said oh hell i will and play with ur wet pussy even side he pull my thong off in the m… Read more

Sex in the truck Fiction


My boy friend pick me up and we went for a drive was not to far from my place there a place people walk there dog he stop there told me to get in the back seat then told me to pull up my skirt and play with my self I was getting so wet and horny I was told to closed my eyes to cum and i sprayed all over the seat and I hear the back door open I had my eyes closed as I was told to and i feel is cock slide in me and he starts going in deeper and … Read more

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What happen one nigh Fiction

Had so much cum in me leak out for days…

We went over to our friends place there was 4 trini guys there we had a few drinks my boyfriend was ask to go get food he and one of the other guy went off to town I stayed our friend takes my hand leads me to the bed room and plays with my pussy I said what are u doing he keeps playing my pussy getting so wet pulls his zipper down I said again. What are u doing he just pulls my head on to his BBC makes me suck him and told me to lick his cock a… Read more

it won't go down. Fiction

Nudist in training had no self control...…

Mrs. D and I were out having coffee and dessert one night. As we sipped on our coffee and enjoyed our cake we discussed our latest visit to the beach which lead to tropical nudist destinations that we would like to visit. We were talking discreetly but didn't notice that the guy a couple of tables over could hear us as it wasn't very busy. Mrs. D giggled a little as the look on his face was priceless.

Mrs. D looked over at him and asked if h… Read more

Threesome Fiction

Sharon gets a creampie…

Sharon, Keifer and I have had a nice meal and a glass or two of wine. Sharon asks how we might play together this evening. Keifer suggests he has an idea and asks me to wait in the living room. They head for the kitchen and return a few minutes later.

“Give us 15 minutes, Wes,” Keifer asks, “and then come to the bedroom.” I agree.

After the appropriate wait, I head to the bedroom. The door is closed. I knock and am invited in.

Sh… Read more

Heartbeat of the River Fiction

Hot Shower sex…

I can hear the heartbeat of the river rising and falling...It is a perfect line of large haystack waves, no obstacles and I have a sense of freedom, when the rivers roar diminishes; my senses begin to sharpen and I open my eyes coming to the realization that it has been a dream.
My disappointment recedes and gives way to a sense of satisfaction as visions of the night before flash across the canvas of my memories.
The cascading water that has … Read more

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The Shower Fiction

Shower fun after a night of sex…

We fucked all night the day I arrived. Drifting to sleep, sweaty and smelling of sex. Smelling of us. I awake and need a shower, our mixed juices dry and crusty on my skin. I slip out of bed and to the washroom. A long pee while the shower warms. I close the door and the hot water rinses my body. I lather and rinse turning my back to the water. I don't hear you but feel you caress my ass and slide your hand between my legs, stroking my bal… Read more

Hot Tub Fun Fiction

A quickie in the hotel hot tub…

We had a great day on South Padre Island. The hotel is great. We fuck as soon as we checked in and 3 times after dinner. It is shortly after midnight. The pool and hot tub area is empty and dimly lit. I slip on swim shorts and you a bikini top and shorts. We leave the room and head for the hot tub. There is no one around. We put our towels down and slip into the hot steamy water. We sit close together and our hands begin to wander. You … Read more

I Must Taste You Fiction

She hungers for a taste…

Once we enter the elevator and are alone your hands find my cock in my shorts and your mouth on mine, our tongues playing. I am starting to harden at your touch. Once in our room you take off your top releasing your tits with erect nipples. You stand me at the end of the bed and kiss me deeply. You pull back and tell me, you need me, crave me and must taste me. With that you lower to your knees and tug my shorts down to my ankles. My cock i… Read more

The Reunion Fiction

Did you miss me lover?…

We arrive at the house, both of us horny and excited. We head straight to my temporary bedroom. I put my suitcase and backpack down. You stand in front of me and peal off your clothes as I remove my shirt. You undo my pants and push them and my underwear to my ankles. As you do you take my cock in your mouth tasting my precum, feeling me harden. I sit on the bed and you rise up and straddle me but I grab your ass and hold you above my cock as… Read more

A Family Awakening Fiction

Imagine re-connecting with your hot Aunt and learning how starved she is, only to apply these same measures in your own marriage to open to the door t…

Growing up I always enjoyed visiting my Aunt and uncles place especially during the summer. My Aunt continuously went out of her way to ensure I was happy and had all I needed… if she only knew what I wanted most of the times back then and could not have. Although they moved to another city and I am now grown up with a family of my own, I still think of those days when she would bend over just right in her loose bikini top offering me more th… Read more

The Guest Fiction

An erotic tale of two lovers who unexpectedly add comfort to a dear friend.…

Over the last few months we had become very close friends that shared one magical secret. Although we were both married to others, our connection could not deny the passion that burned within. Having had a few little get aways before, we booked a nice overnight get away just outside of the city at a nice little cabin and brought in some snacks so we would not have to go out. As we got comfy and kissing each other our passion grew as a knock so… Read more

Truckin' Fiction

A different kind of dogging…

Jake and I had previously set up Lisa with men (and women!) whom she didn’t know – strangers, in fact. By and large, however, we had vetted them or had taken measures to ensure that Lisa was safe and was pleasured in various ways to meet her needs. We were convinced that we had taken her to “the edge” more than once. But she continued to seem interested in our schemes; she wanted to continue to push the limit.

So, Jake and I racked our… Read more

Afternoon visit! Fiction

Work fun!…

So one day you wear a skirt to work with no panties. I come for a visit and you take me into your boss's office for a private conversation and shut the door. Once inside I come up behind you and put my arms around you and take those beautiful tits in my hands. I start to play with your nipples, pulling and pinching them while I grind my hard cock into your ass.
You are moaning softly and getting wet. I move down and bend you over the desk. I l… Read more

To the Rescue! Fiction

Fire lit the night sky as the pumper pulled up on the scene the 15 story building was approximately 10 years old. The fire had broken out on the ninth floor, there were reports that a woman was trapped on the eleventh floor. Rick’s captain turned to him, “Rick, eleventh floor, a woman is trapped on her balcony too much smoke for her to get through the unit. Go get her and bring her down, then you can leave I know you're tired”.
Pack on,… Read more

Birthday Present. Fiction

Beth was uncomfortable. If only she hadn’t promised Mark ‘anything’ for his birthday. Really, was forty such a milestone? Was he having some kind of mid-life crisis? What were they doing here?

The club was one to which she’d never been. Never imagined, for that matter. It wasn’t the music. It was the people. Swingers, Mark had said. Whatever that meant. Beth had always been a very straight person, sexually. Sex was pleasant, but not … Read more

First Time Fiction

First Time

He settles beside her, trying to be casual about it all. Failing. She turns her head to him, her eyes are half closed, and he closes the distance between his lips and hers. Her eyes close completely as they kiss for the very first time. Her tongue darts, softly, teasing, and he answers, a sigh escaping.

They talk, quietly. Somehow they're not nervous. He thought he would be, but isn't. She seems completely calm. He brushes a stra… Read more

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The Lesson Fiction

The Lesson

Nearly exhausted, Jennifer rested her arms over the center of her windsurf board. Once again she had wrestled the board back into position, the sail now lying in the water opposite her. Her muscles felt like they had no strength left. She didn't need to worry about drowning, as her thin vest held her buoyant enough to keep her head above water. Frustration was setting in after an hour of trying, and failing, to hold the sail… Read more

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Vacation Deviation Fiction

It was the way she was lying on the bed that made Mark do something he never would have dreamed of doing, otherwise.

Beth was asleep. Napping after a hot afternoon at the beach, she lay on the top of the bedcovers, still in her bikini. She was dreaming. Dreaming of a lover, by the looks of things. On her back, her knees were raised, legs splayed open, and her right hand was pressed to her stomach, her fingers just under the edge of her bikini … Read more

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The women sitting alone. Fiction

So we walk into our favourite little hang out to have a few games of pool and there by the pool tables is this incredibly gorgeous woman. She is by herself, I am assuming she is waiting on her date. I cannot stop looking at her. She is dressed in a nice summer dress, fits her perfectly. It is my turn to shoot and I have to bother her to move because if I don't I might end up hitting her with my cue. She moves and then asks me if I will watch her … Read more

Naughty Fantasies Fiction

As my wife and I have the house all to ourselves for the weekend...Its a beautiful Saturday evening, while my wife is having a few drinks relaxing half naked now on our sofa...She lightly falls asleep laying back with her sexy legs spread open, one up on the back of the sofa as other is half hanging off the edge...As she doesn't know about the surprise she about to receive, as I had arranged for this one guy to cum over whoem she has never met.… Read more

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