I am a Woman Looking for a Passionate Woman Lesbian

My partner and I have been together for almost six years and we are compatible in everything, and love each other completely. We've had our share of fun and did threesome, foursome, but only with other women. We are very open about sex and we take pleasure in licking pussies and sucking tits together, and enjoy such pleasure with like minded friends. However, we have not had much luck here in Canada since we both think none of our female frien… Read more

Special delivery Lesbian

As I sat at my computer sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee, I heard the ding of a received email. It was from my husband, who was at work. It read:

Subject: Just do as your told

As soon as you have read this go take a shower, do not get dressed when you're finished, just put your robe on

I have a surprise for you, it should arrive in 30 minutes. Do not question anything....now go... do what you are told

I did as I was told, I quic… Read more