Written by twistedcouple

Aug. 10, 2012

As I sat at my computer sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee, I heard the ding of a received email. It was from my husband, who was at work. It read:

Subject: Just do as your told

As soon as you have read this go take a shower, do not get dressed when you're finished, just put your robe on

I have a surprise for you, it should arrive in 30 minutes. Do not question anything....now go... do what you are told

I did as I was told, I quickly undressed and got into the shower. The water warmed to perfection feels extremely good, as I lather the soap and caress and clean every inch of my body, The smell of the fresh fragrance soap is ever so sensual. but I can't help my thoughts going back to the surprise. Surprise? hmmm what could it be I thought to myself. I rinsed off and slipped into my robe. Moments later, the ding-dong of the doorbell rang out. I opened the door to a woman standing there before me with a box in her hands. She was very beautiful, with long dark hair that gently fell over her shoulders. "Aren't you going to ask me in?" she said. "oh, yes of course" I replied, "please come in".

Once inside, she handed me the box, I quickly opened it, oh what could it be? Inside the box I found a blindfold, an Mp3 player, 2 sets of handcuffs and a note. Oh my I thought to myself, what is this all about. I opened the note which read:

Take the box and go to the bedroom. Go now!!!

Not sure what to think I did as the note said. The woman who delivered the box followed. Once in the room, the woman took the blindfold from the box and placed it over my eyes. Very gently she slipped my robe off, brushing her hands down my body as she removed it. The woman then instructed me to get on the bed, totally nervous and unsure of what was happening here,I did as I was told. Confused I thought "what on earth is my husband thinking, I'm not a lesbian." The woman then took 1 hand and placed it in a handcuff and stretched it to the corner of the bed attaching it to the headboard. I wanted to pull away, but as nervous as I was, I was also excited. She then did the same to the other hand. The metal of the handcuffs was cold and hard. She then leaned over me, I could feel the warmth of her breath on my neck and she whispered "I'm going to put this MP3 player on you now, you will not hear me, you will only hear the music playing". And with that she put the earphones into my ears. I couldn't see, I couldn't hear, but all my other senses seemed heightened. I waited for what seemed like an eternity to find out what was happening, my anticipation building. Then I felt her breath and soft lips, first on my neck, I could feel all the muscles in my pelvis tighten up. As her lips moved down my body, her breath, her lips, her tongue, she took my nipple in her mouth gently tugging and circling it with her tongue scooping her hand beneath my breast, her thumb and forefinger lightly pinching the nipple.....Oh my!!!! my whole body was starting to tingle. Then further down my body she explored, I could feel her breasts graze my body as she went further down, kissing my tummy I felt her hot, tickling breath in my navel, down to my thighs then back up to my pussy, now she was tracing the shape of my labia with the tip of her tongue, a gasp escaped from my mouth as every muscled in my body contracted. Her tongue lashed my lips, pushing between them to reach the sweet nectar, lapping hungrily at my juices. My perception of the world began to disintegrate as she positively blasted me towards the edge. I squirmed and arched my back and shook as she reached deep into me, curling her fingers at the peak of each thrust to hit my' G-spot. The sense of anticipation as every single atom of my body seemed to pulse with expectation, these things coupled with the absolute ravishing of my pussy amounted to such a powerful feeling of pleasure, that in the moments before I peaked and when I did hit that climax, nothing else seemed to exist. Then the ultimate release, my juices gushing out of me. She then raised herself up my body, her body felt so good on my skin. Then her lips were pressed against mine, her lips were so soft, so sensual, she pushed her tongue into my mouth, as she kissed me her hand slid up my arm releasing my hand from the handcuff and then she did the same with my other hand. I had never been with a woman before, I was so confused, all I knew was that I liked it, I liked it alot and I wanted to taste her. Somehow she must have read my mind, because in an instant she slid up my body placing her sex over my mouth. I slowing took a small lick, then licked my lips, Mmmmmm, she tasted divine, I wanted more, I slid the blindfold off, and there was this perfectly shaped, totally shaved pussy staring me in the face, I had never realized until this moment how beautiful a woman's body really was. I took another lick up one labia, down the other, her hips began to twist and thrust, I ran my tongue up to her clitoris and thought she was going to hit the roof, I wrapped my arms around her thighs, lapping harder, the taste of her juices dripping into my mouth were exquisite, I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and her hips thrusted harder, then her body tightened up and a glorious gush was soon covering my face. Her body shaking she collapsed on the bed beside me. We both lay there breathing hard for quite a while, I must have drifted off, and when I awoke she was gone.

I returned to my computer and there was another email from my husband. It read:

Subject: Good girl

See what happens when you do what you're told.

I have many, many more surprises in store for you my dear.