Bi Cookie Gay

2 Mistresses femdom cuckold forced bi…

Caught , the Wife walked right up on me .
I was so fixated on the guy on my screen on his knees, with three girls laughing, and humiliating him as he sucked ,and licked a really big thick cut cock.
"Is that what you want? You like that?
I'd always been very straight and masculine except as a teen which I'd told her about my friend and I performing oral for two girls amusement to keep them quiet

We watched a couple forced bi vids ( my fav… Read more

No words had to be spoken. Gay

James was enjoying his dinner at his favorite restaurant. It has been a while since he was out and he just got a promotion at work. Feeling good about himself he thought he deserved to treat himself to a fancy dinner. Halfway through dinner though his attention was distracted by the most handsome young man he ever seen in his life walking in. The young man was seated at a table facing James and he could not help himself by looking over throughout… Read more

The Good Life ch.1 Gay

I've been married to my loving wife, Sheila, for nearly 20 years now. I can't say that we have sex every day, or even every other day. We are a Bi-couple, i.e. we have sex bi-weekly. Things have always been nice, with constant patting and flirting here and there. But the dynamite has been gone for some time now. Lately, I have been thinking of all types of scenarios to kind of spice things up.
After having a quick conversation with Sheila abo… Read more

As big as a water bottle Gay

Late summer evening and after looking at ad's on craigslist to find a willing top guy I ran across an ad that showed a picture of a guys cock next to a bottle of water. His cock was as long and almost as thick as the bottle. He was looking for a bi guy to meet up with. I sent him a message with my stats telling him I was a bottom and looking to fool around. He messaged me back with interest and wanting some pictures so I sent him a cock pic as we… Read more

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