Written by Sunivel

Jun. 3, 2018

James was enjoying his dinner at his favorite restaurant. It has been a while since he was out and he just got a promotion at work. Feeling good about himself he thought he deserved to treat himself to a fancy dinner. Halfway through dinner though his attention was distracted by the most handsome young man he ever seen in his life walking in. The young man was seated at a table facing James and he could not help himself by looking over throughout the rest of his meal.

Thomas was new in town and was experimenting eating at different restaurants. He choose this restaurant from a review he read online and when he arrived he was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere that it provided. Shortly after he sat down he noticed a man in the corner that kept looking over towards his table. This did not bother Thomas, he had not been in a relationship for a couple years and he really enjoyed having somebody look at him.

As James finished up his meal he could not help himself become excited by this young mans arrival at the restaurant. This really took his emotions by surprise by how he felt watching this guy eat. Watching his beautiful lips, he imagining what else can be done with them.

Thomas really thought the guy sitting in the corner was cute. As he proceeded to eat is meal it felt good having someone ogle him. He knew that this gentleman was getting excited by the way he was shuffling his legs around trying not to be noticed with what might be going on between his legs underneath the table. On purpose a couple times after he removed the fork from his mouth he would gently lick clean his upper lip.

James would not consider himself gay. His relationships were all with women. He did experiment in college playing around with a couple boys in his frat house. But just having the young man in front of him and watching him use his tongue to lick clean his lips was starting to excite him. He was beginning to feel the pressure building between his legs. He tried is best to readjust himself by moving his legs as not to make it too obvious to the people sitting around him. He wanted to know how those lips would feel being up against his lips and how it would feel to have them wrapped around his penis. James knew that he would never be able to walk up to introduce yourself. He was never the person to make the first move.

Thomas was paying close attention to the gentleman in the corner. Watching him finish his meal, order a nice light dessert and a cocktail. Thinking of the term cocktail start to make Thomas interested in the man and wanting to know what his cock would feel like between his lips. But being new in town he would never approach someone like that.

James order himself a stiff drink to help relax his nerves before he had to leave. Alcohol didn't seem to have the right effect. The more he would try to not think about it the more he thought about it and the more he got excited. This wasn't like him. So he started to play scenarios on in his head how he would pursue meeting this handsome young man. He wasn't comfortable leaving the restaurant with him but the thought that kept coming into his mind was that maybe just if there was some way to be alone with the young man he might be able to have a little excitement with him and get this urge over with. He got the urge to stand up and started walking toward table. On the way there he got scared. Now what was he going to do. He then realized that to get to the bathroom you have to walk right past the table. That is what he would do. just go to the bathroom, throw some water in his face and leave

Thomas notice the man stand up. He was about to have a frown on his face thinking that he was going to leave but then noticed that he was walking straight towards him. This can't be happening. There's no way he thought. Then he remembered seeing when he came in that the bathroom was behind him and that maybe the gentleman was just going to relieve himself before leaving the restaurant.

As James was walking towards the table he could not think of any words to say when he got there. Here was the table inching closer with every step, rapid-fire thoughts were going through his head. Should he do something or not. What was he going to do. What was he going to say. He came up with an idea and he hoped that it would work.

As Thomas watched the man come closer he noticed that he was going to pass directly beside of table and not to sit down at the chair available on the other side. But as the man was getting closer his right hand came out of his pocket and he had set it beside him, just as the man reached the table he twisted it so the palm was open towards Thomas. The excitement built up in Thomas as the man walk by. Thomas lifted his own right hand. Once their hands meet he can feel electricity flowing through him. He stood up and started to follow the gentleman.

James could not believe it. His idea of just gently putting his hand out worked. This handsome young man accepted his offer and was following him into the bathroom. Now he was hoping that there would be nobody else in there. Entering the bathroom he noticed that there was nobody at the urinals and the sinks so he proceeded to walk down the stalls guiding this handsome boy behind him. He was getting excited as he walked by each stall realizing they were empty and when he came to the last one with the door open he gently walked in.

Thomas can feel the anticipation building up inside him at they enter the bathroom and were walking towards the stalls. He was relived to see that there was nobody else in the bathroom. He eagerly followed the man into the last stall. He closed the door and locked it behind them.

After they had both entered the stall James turned to look at this beautiful young man in front of him. Their eyes locked onto each other and he can feel his lips and pelvis pulsate with anticipation.

Thomas looked at the older gentleman in front of him came to the conclusion that this was going to be fast and intense. As they looked into each others eyes, they both moistened their lips with their tongues.

James took it as a sign and made the first move. He had never done this before and as their lips touched each other the excitement came over him. He felt the blood rushing into his penis. Swelling inside his pants.

Thomas accepted this man lips up against his. Feeling how warm they were he can feel the warmth growing in his pants. He gently parted his lips. Moved his tongue out towards the other mans.

James felt that young mans tongue pressing up against his lips so he eagerly opened his lips and allowed this young boy to put his tongue into his mouth. As they proceeded to french kiss each other James realized this is one of the best kisses ever had in his life. He moved closer and wrapped his arms around this handsome man standing in front of him.

Thomas felt the man put his arms around him and enjoyed the feeling of having the man grab his ass. Being pulled up closer to him you can feel how excited and how large the man's penis was. It felt good having both of their hard erect penis is rubbing up against each other.

James enjoyed the french kiss that they were giving each other. After this went on for little while the boy pulled away and look deep into his eyes. He knew what was about to happen and he was wanting it so bad. He followed his eyes as the boy began to lower himself onto his knees.

Thomas could not take it any longer he wanted this man's penis in his mouth. And he stared up into this man's eyes and he got down on his knees. With a man's crotch directly in front of him he gently undid the button and unzipped the man's trousers. As he grabbed the hem of the man's pants and slowly pulling it down. Pure excitement came over him as he received the man's penis directly in his face. It was so beautiful.

James never hesitated and let this young man undo his pants. He did take a deep breath in when after his pants were pulled down he felt his cock release into the air. He looked down to watch the young man admire his penis. He slowly motioned his hips forward.

Thomas enjoyed looking at the man's penis seeing the long shaft in front of him. Having the man's balls dangle. He noticed the man pushing his pelvis forward. He took this as an excuse and he used one hand to grab the base of the mans cock and opening his mouth and letting his tongue slide out he put the tip of the man's penis on in his mouth.

The felling of having his dick inserted into the young mans mouth was exhilarating. James moved his head back and hit it up against the wall. He closed his eyes and enjoyed every moment. Good god this boy could suck dick. Feeling him grip his shaft and pressure his lips around his dick. He loved the feeling when he would move his tongue around his cock with each stroke.

Thomas really enjoyed having this man's penis in his mouth. His dick is nice and hard, thick and about the right length to reach the back of his throat. His hand and his mouth covered every single inch of this wonderful penis. Pulling his head to the tip and curling his tongue around the tip of the dick. Overwhelmed with excitement Thomas took his free hand to go down and unbutton his pants and released his cock out into the open. With his right hand and mouth around the gentleman's penis and his left hand wrapped around his cock he was in ultimate bliss.

James was enjoying the feeling of having his dick sucked by this young boy. With his eyes closed he had thoughts of this boy standing naked in front of him. It didn't occur to him that none of his thoughts involved a woman. Just going with the momentum of the moment he found himself holding on to the hair of this young man as his head was bobbing up and down on his throbbing man meat.

Thomas was feeling the excitement growing between both of them. And thinking of what other places he would love to have this penis inserted into. So to prepare for what he wanted to do next he removed his right hand from the base of a mans penis proceeded to take it as deep as he can go into his throat. He wasn't concerning himself with cleaning up any of his saliva from the mans cock. He wanted it lubricated. Griping his own penis with his left hand tighter as he felt the wet sloppy juices fall off this beautiful gentleman's penis and run down his chin.

James looked down to witness the young boy taking the whole length of his shaft in to his throat. He held the back of his head as to hold it at the base of his cock for a couple extra seconds each stroke. Enjoying the felling of the sloppy wet blow job he was receiving. The young boy looked up at him and he knew by the look in his eyes what he wanted to do next. The young man withdrew James has penis from his mouth and proceeded to stand up.

Thomas knew that the time was right. Having lubricated this delicious penis to the best of his abilities and seeing in the look in the man's eyes he stood up. As he was standing up he let his pants fall to his ankles. Turned himself around and put his hands on the back of the toilet. Providing a beautiful view and easy access to his anus. It was his turn to take a sharp inhaling breath as this man put his hands on his hips.

James was enjoying every minute of this experience. After having this young boy stand up and presents his ass to him he looked down and seen that his penis was now well lubricated. He grabbed the boy's hips, positioned himself behind him and gingerly pressed the tip of his penis up against this boy's beautiful asshole. He could feel the warmth emanating from this boy's ass and with a steady pressure he began inserting his throbbing dick into it.

Thomas felt the gentleman touch his anus with the tip of his penis. He then relax his anal muscles to prepare for what was to come. This feeling was unimaginably exhilarating. Having this gentleman that he just seen an hour before inserting this thick man meat into his ass. Then braced himself with his arms and began to move his pelvis in the rhythm with the gentleman.

James felt every inch of his deck going into this boy's tight anus. It felt as good as any pussy if not better than he had ever fucked. Holding on tighter to the young man's hips he began a nice steady rhythm back and forth pumping ever more deeper with each inward thrust. Pumping harder when he felt the boys ass cheeks up against the base of his cock and the feeling of their scrotum's touching each other.

Thomas was really enjoying the feeling of having this gentleman's cock deeper into his ass. His own dick was starting to ache from excess blood trying to make it harder. As the man fucked him harder he just let himself go with the flow and enjoyed the feeling of their balls slapping up against each other as the two of them became one.

Jamie's was really enthusiastic about how long he was able to keep fucking this tight boys ass. He did know that when he was ready to cum he was going to unload it into this boy. James kept thrusting feeling this boy sphincter tightening around his cock and his balls slapping up against the young boys scrotum. Thinking of how the young boy must feel James leaned forward so that you can grip this young boys cock in his right hand. Using the young man's precum to lubricate his palm he proceeded to jerk off at the same time as pounding his tight asshole.

Feeling the gentleman's building energy inside of his ass hole Thomas closed his eyes to consume himself in the moment. Having to use both hands to steady himself and feeling his knees getting weaker he thought about his free hanging cock. It took him by surprise when he felt the man's hand grip his dick but it was also a overcoming sense of joy. This gentleman gripped his cock hard and stroking in the rhythm of their hips as he was getting his ass fucked good.

As time went by James could feel the boys penis swelling knowing that he was getting ready to ejaculate James prepared himself to do the same. He found a position that put friction along the base of his penis and that made tip of his dick feel good. It didn't take long for James to be ready to unload is thick man juices into this tight boys ass. And it made him feel good at the same time feeling the boys dick swell in his hand.

Thomas couldn't take it anymore he had to come. And he knew that the gentleman was aware of this also. With the pressure building up in his ass and in his own cock he allowed himself to release his sticky load over this generous gentlemen hand. At the same time he felt the man pump his own load deep into Thomas's ass. Breathing heavy and doing his best stay positioned over the toilet Thomas felt the man withdraw his cock from his ass.

Once James had unleashed all of his load into this boy's anus he stopped to catch his breath. And after a few moments he allowed himself to pull his still semi-hard cock out of the boys ass. Looking down at the boy he felt a job well done. James used his own hands to help stand the boy up and turn him so they can face each other. Looking into each others eyes James moved in for one final kiss.

Thomas was grateful for having this gentleman assist him to stand up straight. He knew that he was not going to be able to do it on his own. He allowed himself the enjoyment of receiving what he knew was going to be the final contact of this man's lips against his.

James pulled away from the boys face and smiled then preceded to pull up his pants. He unlocked the door to the bathroom stall, again relieved see that nobody was in there. He checked the mirror for his appearance and adjusted his shirt and left the bathroom. He walked through the restaurant with a smile on his face, paid for his meal and decided it was time to go home to his wife.

Thomas watched this gentleman leave and smiled to himself. He pulled up his own pants checked himself in the mirror to make sure that he was appropriate to reenter the restaurant. He noticed that he had that just fucked look but hoped that nobody else would notice. He went back to his table sat down and ordered a coconut cream pie for dessert. At the same time he enjoyed the feeling of the man's cream pie that was deposited into his ass gently warm his cheeks as it slowly flowed out. He had a feeling he would enjoy living in this community.