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Oral Stories


Five Stars

Richard is back.

While out and about, I met up with an old friend. “Steve?” I heard a voice. “Richard? How are you?” I asked. “Good. How’s Tracey?” “Good.” He asked if I had time to go for a coffee. And off we went. While at the coffee shop we talked about several things,...


Arriving back at the hotel bar after a nice walk - filled with conversation, laughing, and flirting - we sit down at the bar, I move my chair closer to yours so that our knees touch as we’re angled towards each other. Continuing our conversation, we enjoy...

If you can't be with...

Stranded while away on a business trip

I'd started this one a while ago but a certain sexy lady on here asked me when I'd be posting another story so that was enough incentive for me to finish it. So here it is...hope she enjoys it! ---------------------- I'm Mark and I'm a 31 yr old IT manage...

The Lady In Fishnets

A brief encounter in a bar

I spotted you in a bar, where you were sat, cross-legged gently cradling a glass of wine. I noticed the lace of you stocking tops and couldn’t take my eyes off your shapely thighs. You were laughing and chatting but you knew I was watching and little by l...


Stock Room Deposit

Do you have any inventory that needs counting?

We've been talking for awhile now, but today is finally the day you are coming to visit! When we first started bonding over our love of public play, I never dreamed I'd have something so accessible and perfect as a setting. Then, I started working at a ne...

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