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Cum Stories


You’re blindfolded with your back to me as I quietly enter the dimly lit office, sexual tension fills the air, the mood is right as I reach around your torso one hand on each side gripping you tight, you feel the warmth of my breath on the tiny hairs of y...


Chef Pt2

Fast foward to how Joe lives his life now

“Hey Assholes,” Little Tony blurted, hoping to get a response from the staff in the kitchen. They did not flinch. Little Tony looked at his list and then the list of orders hanging and yelled out “Four Crabcakes, Pan Seared Salmon, Ribeye, Tuna TarTar, Ro...


The visit /the creampie

I hooked up with a friend it was SO HOT!!

This happened last year 2018. I was having a terrible year! The out of the blue a friend who was recently single sent me a text wanting to get together. First off, very odd, I lived in a different city, second I used to hit on this women when we were both...