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Five Stars

"Richard is back."

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While out and about, I met up with an old friend.

“Steve?” I heard a voice.

“Richard?  How are you?” I asked.

“Good.  How’s Tracey?”


He asked if I had time to go for a coffee.  And off we went.  While at the coffee shop we talked about several things, and then it came to the night the three of us shared.  I explained that it was my first time doing something like that and that both Tracey and I enjoyed it.  He gave me his number and mentioned that he was in town for a few days and told me to call him if we were up for another encounter and then left.

Later in the evening, the topic came up.  Tracey smiled and explained how she thought it would be hot to watch me fool around with another man again.  To watch us suck each other’s cocks.  To watch us make each other cum.  She then got up and went to bed.

I followed, after putting the dishes in the kitchen.  I walked into the bedroom to find Tracey lying completely naked, rubbing her clit, her pussy dripping.  Never being one to pass up such a glorious opportunity, I immediately took off my clothes, exposing my throbbing hard cock.

I climbed on top of Tracey, and easily slid my cock into her wet pussy.  As I slowly thrust my cock in and out of her pussy, she whispered in my ear.  Telling how hot I had gotten her.  Making her think about that night with Richard.  How her pussy squirted a little at dinner at that thought of me fooling around with another man in front of her.  And how she already came twice before I even got into the bedroom.  This set something off in me.  I began to pound her pussy harder and faster.  She smiled and moaned and continued to talk about watching me sucking cock and watching my cock get sucked by another man.  I felt her pussy tighten as she came.  I pounded her faster.  Harder.  When she mentioned that she wanted to see me 69 with another guy, with both of us taking each other’s cocks deep in our mouths, that was when I swelled up and exploded inside her pussy.  As she felt my hot cum shoot up inside of her, she screamed out loudly.  Her pussy tightening up as she came hard.  We fell asleep completely satisfied.

The next day I thought about our night with Richard and what Tracey said.  She could have just been talking to get me going.  It certainly worked last night, but I was intrigued.  A part of me wanted to try this and just have Tracey watch.  I also enjoyed pushing the limits with her as well.  I enjoyed trying to make some of things we talk about in the bedroom a reality.  I gave Richard a call.

Tracey and I got a quick bite to eat at a sandwich shop downtown.  Across the street was the Five Stars.  The most expensive hotel in town.  Holding Tracey’s hand, we walked across the street and into the lobby of the hotel.  Tracey was a bit confused as to why we were here.  I asked her to trust me.  Once we got off the elevator, I put a blindfold on Tracey.  She bit her lip with excitement.  I walked her down the hallway and knocked on the door at the end of it.  The door opened slowly, and I helped Tracey inside.

I had stripped Tracey naked and sat her in a chair.  Her blindfold was still on.  I told Tracey to remove her blindfold.  When she did, she saw two hard cocks facing each other.  She slowly looked up and saw Richard and I staring at her smiling.

Richard and I grabbed each other’s cocks in one hand, while our other hand grabbed each other’s hip.  We squeezed tighter as we stroked each other’s cocks.  I could see Tracey, out of the corner of my eye, playing with her exposed nipple as her other hand slid down to her pussy.  I could only imagine how wet it must be right now.

Richard let go of my cock and shoved me on to the bed.  His hands moved slowly up my thighs, until he grasped my cock in his hands and proceeded to lick my balls with his tongue.  He stroked my cock as he sucked on one ball and then moved to the other.  His tongue made its way up my shaft.  His hand gently stroking the tip of my cock as he licked my shaft.  Finally, he slid the whole of my cock deep inside his mouth.  I looked over and saw that Tracey couldn’t take her eyes off of what was happening.  Watching Richard bob up and down on my cock, while she rubbed her clit.  I put my hand on Richard’s head to control the pace.  As I watched Tracey cumming, I held Richard’s head down.  Watching Richard gag on my cock only made Tracey cum harder.  I wanted to cum so bad, but I wasn’t ready to reciprocate that to Richard.

I pulled Richard’s head off my cock and rolled him on his back.  I ran my fingers along his balls and up to his shaft.  I gripped his cock firmly and began licking and sucking on the tip.  I could hear Tracey moaning.  I stroked Richard’s cock while sucking on the tip, tongue flicking it at times.  I could taste Richard’s pre-cum.  Pushing his cock closer to his body, I licked the underside of his shaft, until I got back up to the tip.  At the tip, I took Richard’s entire cock in mouth.  Tracey gave out a loud moan, cumming as I gagged on Richard’s cock.  Richard held my head with his hand, forcing me to deep throat his cock.  I could hear Tracey begging him to hold my head there as she came again.  Richard finally released his grip on my head.

Richard motioned for me to swing around.  I did.  Richard then gripped my cock and put it in his mouth.  Taking it as far it could go inside his mouth.  I looked at Richard’s cock, begging me to suck it.  I looked at Tracey, rubbing her clit, begging me to take that cock in my mouth.  I slid Richard’s cock into my mouth.  Both our heads bobbing.  Both of us grabbing each other’s asses and pressing them tighter against us so that we could take each other’s cocks deeper into our mouths.  Tracey came again, watching what was transpiring.  Watching her husband pleasuring and being pleasured by another man.  Throwing her head back, she came loudly.  I’m sure they could hear that down the hallway.

I could feel Richard’s cock expand in my mouth, as I’m sure he could feel mine.  We were going to cum.  Richard pushed his cock out of my mouth and pulled his out of mine.  We lay down beside each other, stroking our hard cocks.  Tracey looking at us.  We were so close, we just needed to feel Tracey’s mouth around our cocks to finish us.  Tracey slowly walked over, her inner thighs glistening from her juices running down them.  She then crawled on to the bed and took turns sucking our cocks.  Stroking and sucking hard, she could feel them both expanding.  She sat up on her knees and continued to stroke our cocks harder and faster until we both exploded.  Tracey’s hands were full of our cum.  She wiped her hands on our stomachs and then licked up what was left cumming out of cocks.  Richard and I lay there for a bit, twitching, as Tracey continued to stroke and lick the tips of our cocks. 

When she was done, she got up and cleaned herself up in the bathroom.  When she came out, Richard and I were still laying there.  I finally got up and cleaned myself off.  I got dressed as Richard was next to clean himself up.  Richard shook my hand and gave Tracey a kiss on the cheek, thanking us for a wonderful evening.  It was us though, who were thankful that Richard was in town.  It was another adventure for us to share together.

Written by JCSuperstar

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