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Swinging Stories

The swinging lifestyle engages singles and partners in relationships to engage in sexual practices with a variety of other partners. Many people choose this lifestyle who have a sexual drive that requires different fulfilment than what they currently have.

Swinging is seen as a healthy outlet that can help increase the quality, quantity and variety of sex. Swinging can take place in the privacy of many homes, hotels, swinging clubs and safe private outdoor areas like dogging locations.

Having friends with benefits, experiencing life-changing encounters, or finally relishing a long-standing curiosity - let other readers enjoy your swinging story.

DiskreetKouple 3 months ago

An Unexpected Self Discovery

The road trip that changed our lives

Written by Mr. Diskreet: They say that when people to go college, they go through some kind of sexual exploration and self-discovery. For me this was a journey that brought me to the realization that I am a voyeur but how I got there was very unexpe...

happy2bbare 6 months ago

Beach meet

A first meet between 2 members

Written for my friend - We had been chatting online for months, had exchanged a few nude pics, had lots of suggestive to downright sexual conversations and had fairly quickly decided that we'd like to meet and enjoy in person what we'd only been a...

Anonymous 6 months ago

A few years ago, my wife and I were fairly new to the swinging scene. We had began to chat with a couple we liked on a lifestyle site and decided to meet. A brief description of us; my wife was in her 40’s and was I, she is 5’2”, beautiful brunette,...

Anonymous 8 months ago

Naughty Nora’s Touch Part 2

Another Naughty Nora Sexcapade

You are flushed and there are little aftershocks running through your pussy. Your mind is at work, you are thinking that was some orgasm. He really is quite good with that tongue of his- maybe even fabulous …you giggle. You let your thighs relax, re...

Anonymous 8 months ago

A Surprize For Nora

Fact or Fiction?

It was late afternoon, just before dinner and Nora aka WP and I aka BB were meeting for a date night at one of the airport hotels. There was a soft knock at the door and Nora thinking it was housekeeping answered it. Standing there was a cute blon...

Anonymous 11 months ago

When we got to the room Mr B was sitting there with a towel wrapped around his waist. Mr B came over and gave Ms Smith a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Mrs B was standing behind me and gave my ass a slap. I could see when Mr B got up that he was par...

Anonymous 11 months ago

We walked over to a table where the couple was sitting. They both stood up and introduced themselves (Mr. & Mrs Brooks) They looked to be in their late 40’s. A good looking couple. He was about 6’0 tall, short dark hair, average build (but a litt...

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Bandoe 1 year ago

Chef Pt2

Fast foward to how Joe lives his life now

“Hey Assholes,” Little Tony blurted, hoping to get a response from the staff in the kitchen. They did not flinch. Little Tony looked at his list and then the list of orders hanging and yelled out “Four Crabcakes, Pan Seared Salmon, Ribeye, Tuna TarTa...

Anonymous 1 year ago

There is nothing hotter than seeing your wife get it on with someone else, anticipating the possibility of her with a young hung stud is wild, we talked about it during sex love making getting her excited and her love making gets hotter. Of course s...

Anonymous 1 year ago



I am a bi man, and divorced, but my ex partner and I still cannot seem to stop getting together. We met for a drink or two and were getting along well when my gay friend texted. I said I was with my ex, and he asked if she would be interested. I h...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Part 2 described the beginning of my evening and what followed in part 1 of this story so I suppose this has to describe the climax, but where to start , she would cum repeatedly and could easily outlast the man, but for our minds and and versatility...

Anonymous 1 year ago

part 1 described the middle of a first encounter, as a threesome, but it had been months in the making, and was not the end of the evening, as earlier when I arrived, after a few frantic calls, he had said she wants you and she wants you now. This wa...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Would luv to be eating her pussy right now, my tongue deep in her soft lips, while she opens her legs, for more, I feel a hand behind me take my throbbing cock and stroke it, but I can’t get enough of her pussy so I lick her to orgasm, I feel my cock...