Wife's first taste of stranger's cocks First Time

Wife's fantasy…

My wife is A very beautiful sexy as hell straight forward kind of woman. Who was raised in A controlled lifestyle in a religious beliefs family. Until we got married. She is 30 we been married sence she was 21 and needles to say A virgin. She stands 5'6" 120 lbs petite muscular body c-cup breast with perfect up standing nipples. And A very fine muscular ass and legs. Black hair and hazel eyes. Awhile back we started to incorporate fantasy Play in… Read more

Trickle Down First Time

Virgin Bottom…

You’re blindfolded with your back to me as I quietly enter the dimly lit office, sexual tension fills the air, the mood is right as I reach around your torso one hand on each side gripping you tight, you feel the warmth of my breath on the tiny hairs of you neck, I trace my thumbs along the ridge of your belt until I’m directly above your already swelling package, mostly due to my touches & the feeling of my stiffening member pressing against… Read more

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The unicorn that got away First Time

Squirting 101…

We were still a fairly new couple having only been dating for about 2 months when this experience happened and we were both really enjoying our new found relationship, sex was amazing. We live in a very beautiful place and I was very excited to start my new life and explore everything it had to offer, I'm a very adventurous and playful female ( T) and my excitable energy can be contagious at times. I started a new job at a lingerie shop and wa… Read more

First time HotWife First Time

Wife fucks her boss.…

My wife recently started a new position at her work. She mentioned in casual passing and said the new job would require travel. Again, it was not a big deal and I didn’t pay too much attention to it as all her coworkers were required to travel. After several months of traveling all over the globe, I noticed that my wife’s travel schedule became busier and her travel companion was usually her boss.

We would laugh and joke about her bein… Read more

Negative Nancy First Time

the first and last time she came for a visit…

Nancy was a friend of my fiancé Janine. She was a very attractive woman in her mid-forties. She had a pretty face, she was fit and she had an amazing pair of fake tits. Nancy was always a bit envious of Janine, not that I was the perfect guy, far from it. Nancy just wanted to have someone in her life like Janine, someone she could do couples stuff with.
Nancy seemed to always strike out when it came to men. She hated being on the dating sites a… Read more

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The bar-BI-que. First Time

an afternoon I will never forget…

Irene and Scott are a couple who Janine and I had met through mutual friends. We had attended a few annual charity events that they organized but with exception of the odd social event we very rarely saw them. Both me and Janine were invited to a bar-b-que at their house along with another couple who we were also friends with.
Irene and Scott lived about an hour away in the country; they had a large beautiful house. We had only been to their hou… Read more

More than imagined First Time

Long term young couple trust eachother to swing…

I have been with Jay for 10 years and sex has always been good but temptation has made each of us wanting more. Unsure about what I would like or how I would react I decide to just say fuck it and made us a profile on swinging heaven. Little does jay know I start chatting with several couples and women. One girl named Tina who is older than me says she is interested in my bf. That she would show him how a milf devours a cock. I am jealous but sti… Read more

The First Couple I Met First Time

Double blowjob orgasm...…

The First time I met a couple was like nothing else I had ever experienced.

We chatted through Craigslist I believe I was probably about 19 at the time and was pretending to be 25. I talked with the husband mostly, he was nice enough, seemed like a welcoming situation so we went back and forth. I was only bi-curious at the time I had never experienced anything with a man, let alone a couple. He asked me about my interest and what I had in m… Read more

Addicted First Time

He Only Wanted To Hold My Cock…

I can remember it well. My friend and I were hanging out at my grandparents place helping them out doing odd chores for a bit of extra money during the summer holidays!

Murray, my friend, had never shown any physical/sexual interest in me. We played pick-up ball together in his backyard. Would go for bike rides together. Road hockey, you know, all normal stuff.

All that changed one Saturday afternoon in July!

He was always right ne… Read more

My First time First Time

My first sexual experience/losing my virginity…

I was 18 when I first discovered online websites like swingingheaven and where you can connect with strangers and potentially meet for fun. A little bit about me, I'm 5'7, 110 lbs, slim, ethnically Indian, with an average sized cock. Personality wise, I'm shy/introvert, so communication whether it be verbal or written is not one of my strengths, moving on. I was a virgin at the time with the only experience of kissing and at 18 years old, hormon… Read more

Morning sex First Time

Woke up to sex…

It was a week day morning I was sleeping and my husband is always rock hard in the morning most morning he wakes up and pulls my pjs off and slides his hard cock in my pussy and fucks me most times I just remain asleep and let him do his thing some times he come back after his shower and fuck my cream filled pie this morning he pulls my PJ off slides his cock in for 30 mins until he cum in side of me and left the room i wake up to round 2 i jus… Read more

"I can't believe this is happening": Losing my virginity during a MMF threesome; What I liked, what I loved, what comes next! First Time

I met a couple here about a week ago. Communication was great, chemistry was super reactive, and they took so many "firsts" from me that I struggled t…

Preface: This is a X-Post from my reddit account. I wanted to share this on my SwingersHeaven profile, because for interested parties, the details within help to illustrate the kind of partner I am. Still, if you're just interested in hearing a descriptive and thoughtful ex-virgin's perspective on his firsts, from first time holding hands with a woman all the way to first time being deepthroated by a man and fingerfucking a woman's g-spot at the … Read more

The lure to pleasure First Time

Part 2…

The pleasure begins..
As the guys drove off I mustered courage to approach the couple. Uncertain if they might say no. I stepped closer and found them welcoming as she was hot wet and horney, ready for some more deep action.
I grabbed her by her thighs and started licking and Kissing. Pushed her into the picnic table and took of her long skirty dress.
Spreading her legs and started to lick her into an unforgettable bliss. The juices were out … Read more

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First Time Sex Winnipeg First Time

Married First Threesome…

Hi moved to Winnipeg in July of 2019. I played on side now and then for two years due to husbands poor stamina and barely cums before moving here. I could not sleep so decided to go for a walk when my husband was sleeping at 1am in the morning. I walked to a small park off of Portage Avenue having a smoke and relaxing for a few mins there behind the Living Prairie Museum at the park. No lights there so very dark. Two guys came by asking for a smo… Read more

The lure First Time

An attempt to spark the perfect outdoor adventure…

It all began one fine summer evening. I came across a craigslist post for a dogging adventure at the Hamilton princess point.
The hunt began at 9pm with me encountering the post. Excitedly drove parked at the lot waiting for the adventure to unfold.
My motivination to write something intriguing started with the ample amounts of posts available at my disposal. Might I share my experience.
Upon arrival the lot was partially empty with a few c… Read more

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First Time Stranger Fucked Her. First Time

It was a tight fit.…

After Talking about fantasies and playing games role play and dirty talk, she finally agrees to try a different cock it took some time searching and showing her pictures of different guys on this site large cocks seemed to be further east of AB, we travel to different parts of the provinces and finally just by chance we meet a guy while having dinner. First it was like excuse me and he walked by us I noticed him check my wife out and she did as… Read more

First 3sum experience First Time

My first swinging experience, where I learned some things about my sexuality…

I had chatted with Jim and Lucie a few times and exchanged pics. They were attractive - actually, he didn’t interest me overly, but he wasn’t unattractive and she was smoking hot! Also, they seemed interesting and compatible, so eventually we had agreed to meet one Saturday afternoon. Jim had a fair bit of experience in the lifestyle. His new wife did not – it was her first 3sum; he wanted to introduce her to the lifestyle and she was ea… Read more

My best friend girlfriend First Time

Unreal Experience…

I was moving to Canada from the states and i was having a goodbye party friends were giving me. i went to sleep on the couch later that night after partying at my best friends house! I was sleeping on the couch and felt something in my sleep and when i woke up my best friend girl was sucking my cock!! I was shocked and i almost screamed ,and i stopped her and i was saying,what are you doing? and she said she wanted to give me a goodbye present. I… Read more

My first mature women experience Stepmom First Time

I grabbed her by the hips and held her pussy and ass next to my face…

I have been thinking about writing this for a while, she was the first mature women in my life

Bit of intro into the story, So my parents divorced when I was young. My dad remarried when I was 9 I lived with my dad, as every divorced kid me and my brother hated her, Dad married my stepmom J when she was in her early-30s

So nothing interesting happened growing up. Things started to change around the age 22 (thanks to all stepmom porn). J was… Read more

Ass man First Time

Just read…

For as long as I can remember, I've been an ass man. Not that I fail to appreciate the beauty of a slender leg or plump breast and taut nipple; Far from it. But ever since I was a teenager, stroking my cock to the glossy images in girlie magazines, the primary object of my desire has been the soft, peachy fullness of a woman's bottom. The image that never failed to send waves of pleasure crashing through me, while thick streams of cum spurted fro… Read more

You Take My Ass First Time

She pegs me for the first time…

You come back into the room wearing the strap on. I am standing at the end of bed as you grab me and kiss me hard, your cock pressing against mine. You reach down and feel me harden, precum seeping from my cock. You push me back on the bed, my cock slaps against my abdomen. You grab the lube and squirt your cock. Then in your hands and you rub my ass crack teasing my hole. You lube my cock and squeeze tight as you pump my shaft. I spread my leg… Read more