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trav3ler 3 months ago

Public exhibition

exposing her bare chest to the world below

English is not my first language. Apologies if there is spelling or grammatical mistakes. I have been chatting with this recently divorced school teacher from Windsor Ontario for the last few months, finally we arranged a meet in windsor in a bar afte...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Drive in movies part 2

That they did to me at the movies

So we went got food and came back they both started to play with my nipples pushing my bra up and the next thing I had the magic wand on my pussy full blast some then finger my ass I was stroking both of there cocks I started to orgasm and I sprays the se...

Anonymous 2 years ago


Had to pee

I was at a concert with my bf and I had to pee I was waiting in line my bf went came back and was drinking a beer I ask him is there any one in the men's toilet he lol and said no not at all so I said fuck it and went to the men's washroom to pee next thi...

Anonymous 2 years ago

My husband set me up on a date with some one I knew to go to the mall and meet up for drinks so week or 2 before the date he have me start talking dirty to him then it lead to photos exchange the guy said he was masterbating to my photos made me bit horny...

Anonymous 2 years ago

I went to the drive in movies with my bf and his friend I was told to wear the out fit he got for me was a plaid and crotch less underwear made me so wet and we went to the mall and the liquor store and to a fast food restaurant and omg the skirt was sh...

Anonymous 2 years ago

Stock Room Deposit

Do you have any inventory that needs counting?

We've been talking for awhile now, but today is finally the day you are coming to visit! When we first started bonding over our love of public play, I never dreamed I'd have something so accessible and perfect as a setting. Then, I started working at a...