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Had to pee


1 minute read

I was at a concert with my bf and I had to pee I was waiting in line my bf went came back and was drinking a beer I ask him is there any one in the men's toilet he lol and said no not at all so I said fuck it and went to the men's washroom to pee next thing after I pee my bf came in and bend me over and fuck me right there in the stall next thing he pulls out and leaves as I went to pull up my Jean's his buddy there before I could say a word he rams his cock in and fucks me he went in so deep omg I cum so hard and got weak in the knees he zips up heads out I I was bent way over to pull up my Jean's the other buddy who came with us pops in I just grabbed the wall omg his cock was so wide so long and he had long even strokes pulling almost all the way out and slams all the way in deep in grabbed my hips to get some good deep rams I reach down as he keep pumping my pussy and grabbed my jeans and then he cum deep in side really deep like a fire hose on my walls as he pulled out I pulled up my Jean's and walk out omg there was a bunch of other guys watching went back to my seats there was more that night

Tags: bestfriend, creampie, gangbang, public

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