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A surprise playtime and some taboos crushed

Two couples share dinner and the play progresses into some kinky stuff.

This story includes male bisexual elements. If this bothers you, too bad, move on. Steve and Suzie invited us to their place for drinks and dinner, all naked of course. The ladies were shooting tequila and the men Scotch. A great dinner with plenty of spi...



Had to pee

I was at a concert with my bf and I had to pee I was waiting in line my bf went came back and was drinking a beer I ask him is there any one in the men's toilet he lol and said no not at all so I said fuck it and went to the men's washroom to pee next thi...


Morning sex

Woke up to sex

It was a week day morning I was sleeping and my husband is always rock hard in the morning most morning he wakes up and pulls my pjs off and slides his hard cock in my pussy and fucks me most times I just remain asleep and let him do his thing some times...

Cheating Friends and Spouses

So, we cheated and then owned up to it with our playmates spouse. And then we did it again!

Cheating Part II The continuing TRUE story about our cheating spouses and friends So, to recap, we had a wonderful cheating, birthday, bareback fuck session between Julie, Steve and me. Steve’s wife Suzie was now rather pissed off. It was not the first ti...