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Morning sex

"Woke up to sex"
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It was a week day morning I was sleeping and my husband is always rock hard in the morning most morning he wakes up and pulls my pjs off and slides his hard cock in my pussy and fucks me most times I just remain asleep and let him do his thing some times he come back after his shower and fuck my cream filled pie this morning he pulls my PJ off slides his cock in for 30 mins until he cum in side of me and left the room i wake up to round 2 i just stayed a sleep let him do his thing he fuck me a bit harder this time he gets up and went to the shower i had to get up i had so much cum leaking out i head to the washroom as i sit on the toilet i can see the shadow of a hard cock in the shower making me super horny i start rubbing my pussy and I'm so wet i reach into shower and stroking his hard cock the shower curtain opens up omg it's our neighour next door with water problems at his house he was the one who had fuck me in bed he gets out of the shower bends me over the counter fucks me as he runs my nipples he says he came in and seen me nude on the bed and said been fucking me for few weeks omg I had for got he was using our shower all this time he said he loves fucking me as I sleep and said my husband knew about it that's why he left the bed room door wide open when I walk by and seen u partly nude sleeping this is my new mornings now I don't think he ever fix his hot water yet

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