Oct. 3, 2019

This story includes male bisexual elements. If this bothers you, too bad, move on.

Steve and Suzie invited us to their place for drinks and dinner, all naked of course. The ladies were shooting tequila and the men Scotch. A great dinner with plenty of spice and even spicier conversation. We get up from the table and begin to dance. Suzie always has good music, usually Latin style. We are dancing lightly switching partners and getting closer, caressing breasts, then cocks and finally petting on pussies. A few words about all of us. We had known each other for years and played a bit, each time going a little further. Julie is my high school sweetheart, my wife and now my hot slut. Curvy and playful with eyes to melt a man or woman and kisses to make you cum. I'll call myself Kevin and I am usually quiet, honest and caring and a few women really appreciate my attentions. Steve is shorter and with a smaller dick, but he has a knack for charming women, my wife included. Suzie is a caramel goddess, long dark hair, dancing eyes, smooth moves, lovely tits and areolas like dipped chocolate. I have wanted her for years.

Well, tequila has helped Julie warm up and she drags both guys over to a set of stairs where she sits and proceeds to suck both our dicks. I love watching her lick my dick and then rub me while she sucks another dick. Having my hands free, I caress Suzie’s lovely breasts and pussy and she snuggles up to me. After a few minutes, Suzie giggles and sits down on Julie’s lap, taking both our cocks into her hot mouth. This is the first time Suzie has sucked me off and I am in heaven! It just gets better when we see Julie’s soft fingers reach around from behind and begin to caress Suzie’s tits and, yes, then her pussy. Delicious. Steve shared later that this was unusually spontaneous for Suzie, which leads to his excited response in the next chapter.

Steve grabs his wife by the arm and gently but insistently leads her to their bedroom. Looking back over his shoulder, he says “Well, come on you two,” and we didn’t wait for a second invitation to join them on their bed. For the next while we played mostly with our own spouses with some stray caresses between pairs. Steve had been playing with Suzie’s pussy stroking, fingering and tweaking until he says quite urgently, “Kevin, come over here.” I gave Julie my best back in a minute look and rolled over beside Suzie. Steve says “She’s about to come. Can you lick her?” Another invitation that needn’t be repeated, I dove into a pussy I had dreamed of for years, licking up and sucking on her clit. After much moaning and bucking Suzie says “I’m going to come.” Of course I doubled my efforts. She moans much louder and says “Kevin, No, No, I might squirt when I come and you’re licking me. You - sh - should stop.” This was one of those moments when time seems to stop, everything moves in very slow motion. Here I am with my face in my friend’s wife’s pussy, a dream for years, about to bring her to orgasm. No other man had ever done that but her husband. She might squirt on me in the process and I have never done cunnilingus with squirt before. Really never done squirt before in any way. I keep licking and sucking and she is holding back and holding back because she thinks squirting on me is too wicked. She is also using language her husband didn’t know she knew. Finally, she screams OH FUCK and I know she is cumming for ME and I press my whole mouth around her vulva, flick her clit with my tongue and suck, taking all of her squirt right into my mouth and all too quickly down my throat. It was freaking amazing.

Cleaning Suzie’s pussy with my tongue, completely, I then look over at my wife who looks at me and mouths the word “WOW”, and spreads her legs. I love my woman. While Suzie recovers, I give Julie her own delicious orgasm with my tongue and fingers, not the roof raising I shared with Suzie, but good.

Steve has not yet cum and was kinda hot to fuck and mounted Suzie missionary style spreading her legs out wide. Then he said to me “This will sound a bit weird, but please do this for me. Come behind us and insert your fingers into Suzie’s pussy.” “Umm, while you are fucking her?” “Yes.” “Ummm OK.” So, giving Julie that look again, I slid between their legs, reaching under Steve’s humping balls and slide a finger into Suzie’s pussy. Now some readers will say “Eeew” and “Yuck” and “Touching dick” and so on, but all I knew was that I was touching that place here sex happens, that slippery hot wet place where cock touches cunt and it felt FANTASTIC! I didn’t care that a dick was rubbing past my finger. Besides, I was inside Suzie vagina, yumm. I slipped another finger in and Suzie’s and Steve’s groans accelerated as her pussy tightened around his hot cock. I added a third finger and Suzie says “Kevin that's too much, that’s too big.” Not a phrase I hear every day. I slipped one finger out and moments later Steve filled her pussy with his cum. This I know because it was also dripping off my fingers. Returning to my darling wife, I slammed my dick into her hard and fast, as I was, by this time, half crazed with lust. I kept pushing her legs up and lifting her hips off the bed to get deeper into her luscious pussy. After all this build up it wouldn’t take me long to cum. I could feel the pressure in my balls building when a kinky idea raced into my head. I reached for Julie’s lovely face and stroked her cheek with my little and ring finger, a gentle move considering how hard I was fucking her cunt. I then drew my fingers with Suzie’s quim and Steve’s cum across her lips. At first she didn’t know why they were so wet, then her eyes flew open in shock. For a moment our eyes locked, my hips froze and my world waited for her response. With a wicked look of glee, she parted her lips and my creamy fingers slipped into her mouth, my hips pumped once more and my cum erupted in her vagina as my lips glued to hers, sharing the essence of our very wicked, very special friends.

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