Nov. 23, 2017

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Cheating Part II The continuing TRUE story about our cheating spouses and friends

So, to recap, we had a wonderful cheating, birthday, bareback fuck session between Julie, Steve and me. Steve’s wife Suzie was now rather pissed off. It was not the first time Steve had fucked another woman, but Suzie had always been there and approved in the moment. Julie and Steve had played various ways before, and with Suzie, but we went too far this time.

So, Suzie was pissed, but this soon passed (Steve is a charmer) and soon Suzie said, “well, next time, I want to be there to watch”. I will certainly do my best to make sure she’s too busy to watch.

So for the next week, we are all feeling badly. We value this friendship. The next weekend, Suzie had an early night and Steve came to visit us in our 5th wheel at the nudist camp. We sat around naked, drinking single malt and reflecting on how lucky we are that Suzie was not more upset and we will all play again soon. Now, Steve and I both love to talk about sex and we hadn’t discussed what had happened the week before. So we began to review how it all rolled out, sharing our feelings about what happened and remarking on some of the wild stuff. For example, sucking on Steve’s cock after he had just fucked my wife, cleaning off his and her juices. Crazy Hot. Then, licking her hot, used cunt with his cum dribbling out, and sharing a big taste of their juices with Julie and Steve.

Well, this got me horny (surprise!) and I started to rub my cock, easy and obvious because we are all naked. Steve also started rubbing his and Julie is getting horny and a bit worried. After a few minutes, I stood up and offer my hard cock to Julie to suck on, which she does, not with obedience, but with hunger. She is sucking away, fondling my balls and it is delicious. I caress her hair, breasts and occasionally hold her head and thrust forward. Steve smiles, with his cock in hand, and says “You go ahead. I will watch.” A few more minutes of sucking and I offer Julie some more single malt and take a sip myself. The exquisite burn of good alcohol in my mouth and swirling around my cock is AMAZING! Looking at Steve, I say “you’ve got to try this.” He gets up offering his cock to Julie. They both take another swig of scotch and she blows his hard, cheating cock and he savours the burn in his mouth and on his cock while my hand squeezes his ass. For a while Julie enjoys having two cocks to suck on, playing and teasing us both. Steve is dark skinned so we call this “the swirl,” like soft serve ice cream with vanilla and chocolate swirled together, except nothing is soft or cold, but hard and hot and definitely not vanilla. Steve kneels down to kiss Julie and they share sucking on my cock. It feels so good having all those lips and two tongues dueling around my cock. Julie was initially taken aback with the bi play, but now she clearly loves sharing my cock with men and women. I have to have some of this, so with another shot of scotch, shared with Julie, we both suck on Steve’s lovely cock. I am comfortable deep throating everything Steve’s got and Julie knows it feels so hot and dirty when she really sucks on another guys balls – my balls are too sensitive.

I stand up and say, “Julie I have to fuck you, now!” She pushes Steve over to the couch nearby, leaning herself over to take his cock all to herself and wiggles her delicious touche up into the air. This is a site I still marvel at, her ass held high, drenched pussy lips shining bright and sloppy with lots of juicy noises as she sucks his cock. I kneel again to lick her beautiful pussy, tasting and loving her juices and then licking and probing her virgin asshole with my tongue. This always makes her wriggle because it is sooo naughty and “dirty”. I stand up and thrust all the way to my balls into her hot pussy and she groans and forgets Steve’s cock for a minute. I keep pumping her with smooth long strokes with a bit of a twist. Before long, I am ready to cum, but I don’t want this fuck to end, so I pause and step aside, thinking I might help her to blow Steve off. Nope. Just like before, she slides forward looking for his cock, without so much as asking me, Steve or, of course, Suzie. They pause to rearrange their legs and I wonder if this moment will allow some sober thought. Nope. She guides Steve’s waiting cock into her pussy and starts humping away at him like the hot vixen she is. While watching them fuck, I wonder if I can get my cock into her cunt along with Steve, but the angle will require more planning. I was surprised to find out later the Steve wanted exactly the same thing, maybe another day. With all the sucking and now fucking it isn’t long before Steve is ready to cum and I tell him “Tell us how much you want this, tell her what a good fuck she is” and he thrusts up, lifting her knees right of the couch and groans his hot sperm deep inside my slutty wife’s hot cunt. Fuck. Hot!

Again, I wait a minute for their passion to subside, then pull Steve’s cock out of her pussy and proceed to clean her juices and his cum off his cock. I am part way through when Julie slides down and takes her turn cleaning him up and then slides back up to feed the gooey mess to Steve. I stuff my cock back into her pussy, feeling the extra lubrication of another man’s cum filling my wife’s cunt and lubricating my thrusts as I try to pump his sperm deeper into her vagina and cervix. My cock feels harder than I can ever remember; it is actually aching as my skin stretches around the shaft. Julie and Steve kiss passionately, like Lovers, the only thing that can initiate feelings of jealousy in me, and I respond by fucking Julie harder and deeper. I finally cum with mind blowing ecstasy, joining my sperm with Steve’s in her hot vagina. Wow.

What’s that song? Woops we did it again?

Once the heat had died down a bit, which took a while, we agreed that we would have to pretend that the second cheating episode did not occur, a story that we are keeping, so far.


After our second illicit fuck session, Steve headed home and we hoped he could keep a secret. I needed some fresh air so Julie and I headed to the clubhouse to visit with some of our nudist, vanilla (non –lifestyle) friends. At one point, during a conversation about movies, I whispered to Julie “I wonder what our friends would think about you having two men’s sperm swirling around in your vagina right now?” She squeaked, yes really squeaked, and quickly excused herself, walking away with a little more sway then usual. Upon returning, she smacked me in the arm, hard, and said “you will get yours.” Apparently, my comment caused her to spasm her pelvic muscles and cum from two men had squirted down her leg. Awkward any time, but especially awkward and obvious because she was naked.

If only we could share that story with Suzie.

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