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Masturbation Stories

Women masturbating and men masturbating is a self-exploration of physical pleasure. It can unlock arousals that have never been experienced before and add an extra enlightenment during sex.

Typically masturbation happens when alone, as a planned or spontaneous private relief, but it can also happen with others whilst watching porn or in an adult environment such as a sex cinema. Seeing or catching a partner masturbating can also be an erotic experience.

Have you let a partner catch you masturbating or have you been caught masturbating by someone else? Write your erotic story here.


The new neighboor

Meeting my sexy new neighboor

It was Saturday afternoon, i was sitting on my balcony having my morning coffee when I saw a moving truck pull up to the house across the street with a pickup truck pulling up right behind it! I was happily surprised when a very cute girl wearing tight je...


with the brother in law

Sleeping on couches

I was at my brothers house for the weekend party. It was my brother,his wife and her brother. We drank and we had weed. I was so stoned and drunk it was a great night. I went to the washroom and changed into a top and boy shorts. I came out and laid on th...


first outside adventure

was outside walking for exercise at a local park. when got near woods saw a guy jerking on a log off the trail. his cock was rock hard and he was waving to come over. he wanted me to watch. he was sitting i wss standing. i got my cock out cuz his hard coc...