with the brother in law Masturbation

Sleeping on couches…

I was at my brothers house for the weekend party. It was my brother,his wife and her brother. We drank and we had weed. I was so stoned and drunk it was a great night. I went to the washroom and changed into a top and boy shorts. I came out and laid on the one couch and my brother in law he just changed in front of me and let his hard cock hang there as he changed. he laid down on the other couch. We watched a movie and in 15 min of the movie he… Read more

outside Masturbation

first outside adventure…

was outside walking for exercise at a local park. when got near woods saw a guy jerking on a log off the trail. his cock was rock hard and he was waving to come over. he wanted me to watch. he was sitting i wss standing. i got my cock out cuz his hard cock stroking was making me horny. we stroked looking at each other. then he motioned me closer so he could suck my now rock hard cock and stroke himself. he grabbed my balls and caressed my… Read more

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