The Spark That Turned Into a Bonfire Other

First time laying eyes on her…

"You should meet her...we think you two would really hit it off!"

An innocent statement from a not-so innocent couple. I had been with my hotwife couple for 2 years at this point when the topic was raised that they would like to introduce me to a friend of theirs for possible fun times. I trust them and their judgement as they have helped me overcome a divorce in the most unorthodox of ways. I agreed to meet and the date was set to come to th… Read more

finding out Other

i liked to be gang bang…

well we were young and looking for something to liven up our sex lives and enjoy , we were sitting in a bar in Sothern Ontairo . we had been having a few drinks and laughs , when one of the men there dropped his lighter , and he bent down to pick it up and he look up my dress to see. I was not wearing underwear I did open my legs a bit , he came back up and he smiled , hubby got up and went for a pee , he slid over beside me and asked how was t… Read more

Scent of a woman(s feet and butt) Other

I never thought I’d be so turned on by her odors…

This happened with my ex wife. I’d always loved the smell of her feet and dirty asshole.

Early on in our relationship I’d even secretly masterbate to her shoes and dirty under wear.

I got bold and lift her legs during missionary sex and secretly smell her feet. And her feet did smell. She was a waitress after all!

I tried to it be too filthy with my ‘stink fetish’. I didn’t want her to be too uncomfortable with it. But her odor… Read more

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A rough day Other

I couldn't have guessed this…

I absolutely agree!

One day you wake up. But you can't see. Check your eyes. Wait my right arm is stuck to the right about shoulder height. Wait the left is the same thing. What is going on? I'm tied and blindfolded?Shortly after I hear the door open. I start asking questions. Suddenly I'm getting pattled and rough! I hear a girl (tisk tisk tisk.) Then she grabbed my balls with a firm grasp. I feel leather gloves but that's not what I am focus… Read more

Your Body Is Mine Other


I run my free hand up the side of your body until I reach your neck. I wrap my hand around your throat as I finger you harder, gripping just tight enough that you sputter and I tighten a little more.

You moan and place your hand on mine. You do not simply want me to dominate you, you want me to completely own your body, to push your limits.. And I’ve never been so turned on. I keep my hand on your throat while bringing my fingers up, soaked … Read more

The First Meeting Other

Kink Released…

The First Meeting

I just finished the night shift and though I was able to nap a few times...I was tired. But I promised them that if they came to town we could finally play. We had chatted and sent sexy photos and messages for a while. They said that they had some experience but this would be my first ever meeting with a married couple.
I showed up to the hotel and texted them that I was here. They texted back the room number. I took the ele… Read more

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The Second Visit Other

They meet again…

The Second Visit

She had just finished putting her things away in the hotel room, when a gentle knocking on the door took her attention. A flutter in her stomach and a quiver between her legs made her smile. This would be the second encounter with the man. Six weeks ago her and her husband visited...and fun was had by all. This time her husband couldn't make it. She would be alone with the man.
She approached and opened the door. A friendly s… Read more

Pantless laundry day Other

No laundry will be done today.…

Sorry to say if I were there...not much laundry would get done.

She walks by, pantless, her butt swaying.
Suddenly she is gently taken to the floor...a tongue then finds her clit and pussy entrance. Fingers gently probing...making her cummmmm.
A man then rises from her quivering crotch. Bald head and hairy body, naked himself, climbs upon her. She knows this isn't her husband, sexual excitment flows through her. She feels a hard cock searchi… Read more

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An interesting online meet Other

Sexual feelings…

I had recently been divorced and had been roaming around the internet looking to find a date. Well I had joined this dating site and I had been on the site for just a day when I received a message from this very attractive lady, who was a real knockout. She had really large breasts and nipples that just stood straight out and a very curvy ass.

Well we started chatting and she goes on cam for me. It doesn't take much convincing by her for me t… Read more

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Naughty Fantasies Other

Sharing My Sexy Wife…

I've had this long time fantasy of wanting to share my wife, have her dressed up in a sexy/slutty looking lil uniform as I want her to be a dirty lil slutwife....
One day as I ask her to put on a sexy/slutty looking lil uniform for me, as I watch her go into our bedroom too change...While she doesn't know yet that I have a surprise for her, as I have another guy over to join us for some naughty fun. As my wife cums walking out into living room, … Read more

Fantasy Other


So it would start off with me and Mrs talking it over with some drinks. We knew hockey night in Canada was coming up and I was gonna have a bundy over to watch. We both knew he kinda had a thing for her so I joked MAYBE WE make his night and check off a thing of her bucket list, I've been in a few mmf back in the day so I know what fun it can be lol. I knew she was a bit timid about the whole thing but her interest was peaked I knew that much, sh… Read more

Soul Coal Other

A little poem I wrote for my wife while at the airport waiting to return home from Los Angelis:

I await your soul
Burning like coals
You’re igniting my fire
My situation is dire
I need you on me
To part your pink seas
Come liberate my slaves
And embrace them in waves
Your insatiable soul
Keeps igniting my coals… Read more

Freedom to explore your sexuality because it is okay to do so. Other

The sexuality between a woman and man dates back to the beginning of time. Growing up we are not allowed to express how we feel sexually until we are "dating or married". So if you think about it we are all at one point staying in the "closet" My story is about breaking down those barriers and feeling good about your sexuality whether you are straight, bi, gay or trans.

As a straight but bi-curious female, I have fantasized about being w… Read more

Drink, Fight Fuck Other

Drink, Fight, Fuck: the epitaph of any soldier in the world. We join when we are young, stun and full of cum. Mine started when I was 5. Soldier or RCMP. Soldier won out and here I am. At 19 years old, you know nothing about what you are getting into. A society that breaks you down to nothing, your individuality is stripped to its bare bones. They mold you, create the machine or tool that they require you to be. After four weeks you are… Read more

Lawn Care Other

Lawn Care

Summer looked up the clock and discovered that it was 10AM. She decided it was time she should start getting ready.

Today was the first day her new yard worker would arrive. One of her friends from the neighborhood had recommended him and Summer had noticed him when she was over for Tea. The day she had sat at her friends house sipping tea had been quite entertaining. Joe the lawn worker had been shirtless and Summer had notic… Read more

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Goatee Cigar Other

Not a born bisexual male
But made to believe
The smell of Indian leather
Indian drunk booze
the chicks, the bitches used to hate
Badguy giz, handsome older hunk
I now give up the jiz to all
Enjoy a white goatee Cigar
Limp to start, lick to start
My tongue is the spark
My tongue the fire
To start the hairy goatee
To a stiff hard goatee Cigar
Love to suck and puff on
Every juicy cigar is as real
as the moment it's in your mouth
B… Read more

Dirty Whore Puppet Other

I was so excited for date night, freshly waxed pussy, makeup and hair done and headed out for a night on the town! He had other plans. As he pulled me in closer for a deep kiss, grabbing a hold of my hair, taking control. He pushed me up against the wall, making me wet. As we stumbled to the bedroom I saw he had laid out handcuffs, ankle spreader, ball gags, blindfolds, nipple clamps, and toys. Mmmm my juices started flowing. I love it when he ta… Read more

MMF Bisexual #2 Other

I often fantasize about a woman seducing me and bringing me home to her husband. I meet the couple online and I spend a couple of weeks chatting with the wife online. Her husband has a similar fantasy about her wife seducing a bisexual man and bringing him home. She shares very sexy pictures of herself and also shares some teasing pictures of her husband. She starts by showing pictures of his chest and asks me if I would like to kiss and suck… Read more

Fantasy MMF Bisexual Other

I have this ongoing fantasy about being seduced by a Male/Female couple (bisexual) and have my first bisexual experience. I am a very open-minded sensual man who is more on the submissive side, I like to please. The thought of arousing others is a big turn on.
The fantasy begins by chatting online chatting with a bisexual couple. I am quite shy and it takes a couple of online chatting encounters for me to start opening up about my … Read more

pulling mussels from a shell Other

eyes gazing intently, a nervous pleasing feeling arises
the knowing smile, the quivering lip
a subtle twitch of one eye hypnotically gestures
the rhythm of scintillating music surrounds their bodies
not a word or even a whisper
hips & hands barely touch but do
a shock of adrenaline & response
cannot be denied
cannot be ignored
will be expressed
at least in dreams… Read more

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A Discrete Affair Other

Kelli made it clear that she was happy with most aspects of her relationship and had no intention of changing her current living arrangements.

That is to say that; although she is willing to entertain the idea of a discrete, sexual relationship with someone other than her husband, she did in fact love him and would not leave under any circumstance. Her husband of quite a few years is also the father to several children.

I first contacted Ke… Read more

My Leathergirl Kat Other

I hadn’t anticipated finding anyone who would peak my interest although; I had hoped for more than just a pen-pal. Not long ago, I had joined FetLife for the sole purpose of finding someone who was a match not only in the bedroom but equally important; everyday life.

I have always been as I am for as long as I can recall however; I suppose looking back on my life, you would expect that I would have been with someone more suited to my likes a… Read more

Quick Fuck Other

I walk up to you from across the room keeping eye contact the whole time

As I approach you I kiss you softly on the lips my hand travels down your front to lightly caress your cock through your pants

I crouch down in front of you still looking at you I want to watch your facial expression at every touch

I unzip your pants then unbutton them and let them fall around your ankles

I slowly remove your underwear and pull them down your hip… Read more

Sensual Massage Other


Giving you good overall sensual massage....
You be lying on your front....
We both would be NAKED of course....
I would have NO CHOICE but to sport a FULL ERECTION... while doing so....
Not just out of RESPECT for a lady and her 'equipment'...
But out of sheer LUST.....
Hands would travel slowly down your back.....
Slowly easing out the knots of tension and sexual frustration.....
I would have to lower a massage bench… Read more

The Great Splurge – Sex Under Water Other

Deep down beneath the clear blue ocean waters was a nameless city nobody had ever heard of. It contains not only hot mermaids but two types of creatures. The first creature is called Keyelin and the second is named Krispin. All the creatures who live in this city are ruled by the very big and powerful Octoking named Zebulan.
Every day in the city you can see mermaids swimming among each other always one sexier than the other. They all have long… Read more

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me and my girlfriend with a stranger! Other

my name is tony.last night i did something that i always wanted to do...i called on of my good girlfriend and i told her if she was free to meet up to go to the was around 11 pm,hot night.i went i picked her up and we went.i found a spot that wasnt many people.we laid on the sand and we were talking.i knew she alway liked me and i knew she wouldnt refuse anything i wouldve ask.i started touching her legs and then her stmomich.i could fee… Read more

How I got to be a submissive and discovered dogging Other

I was once(yrs ago)cheating on my guy, I went to a park to meet a guy I was going fuck with(not knowing hubby and his pal followed me. So we started and a car pulls in the lot, a few guys pile out, and here I am with this guy slamming his long cock in my throat. He does not stop and gets really excited as they are walking near us. Then I see him motion them. Well next thing you know I am in a circle of 6 guys, on my knees being passed around. the… Read more

Not just a house wife Other

She stretched the black latex outfit over her body. Her large breast giving it quite a challenge. She felt her nipples becoming erect at the tight material. She zipped up her tall black boots. Aligning the cut out in the outfit to her already wet crotch. Stopping just for a second to insert a finger. Wet and hot, she thought that after doing this a couple times she wouldn't get as turned on, but she did every time.

Most people probably saw her … Read more

New to this Other

She never drank..not at weddings or birthday parties, but today she drank just enough to not feel like herself, she felt warm, sexy, confident. As she drove towards the hotel she couldnt help but notice the tingling in her pants, the wetness that was already filling her with urges. She was so new to this.

Waiting for her at the hotel was a man she had never met, only seen his pictures. She was nervous, many times she considered turning around g… Read more