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Erotic Stories

Exploring your own erotic fantasies or a partner's sexual imagination can be a liberating experience. Sensualising with one another can truly add that extra spark between the sheets and change everyday sex into a passionate mind-blowing pleasure.

Erotic experiences in swinging include dressing up roleplay, adding another person into the bedroom and group gangbangs.

Explore our erotica collections below and share your own pleasures.

I discovered friends are swingers!

She was in Love with me when she was younger!

When I was younger my friends daughter would always tell me she was going to marry me. Well, she grew older and got married move to the east end. I have always been a sexual man and was married for a period of 10 years before getting divorced in 1998. As...

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You’re working late at work.... overtime again and your all alone.... your crouched down and working on a stubborn piece and you’re frustrated.... you stand and stretch.... suddenly you feel small hands on your back. Your eyes close as you recognize the s...

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Watching and being watched while playing.... it’s a heady drug... you’re watching a woman play... you can’t touch just watch.... she’s lying on the bed... naked... her right hand between her legs... she’s got her right leg bent and down on the bed to the...

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Your Christmas Present

Merry Christmas

I know this is a little earlyBut I just could not waitto give you your present honeyAt least I won’t be late.I am just letting you know that....You will find me on Christmas morning,tied up under your Christmas treeAround my throat is a red satin bow with...

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The Office

A package arrives ...

You wake one morning to find a package arrive at your door and a note from me. You open the package and inside, you find a beautiful soft leather harness. The note instructs you to put it on and admire yourself in the mirror. You do, and the feeling of th...

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We all see the make up counters with a pretty girl offering to do your make up for free. It was almost closing time as I was walking by the gorgeous young brunette behind the counter....who suddenly asked me if I would like her to put on her new luxury li...

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Candid Camera

Sandy needed some "cheesecake" photos

Author’s note: This story takes place in the early 1980’s when photography was still an art form and I had high hopes.I had spent two years in college learning everything there is to know about photography and figured that when I graduated, all I had to d...

Summer Fun with a Sexy Friend

chapter 4 of the 'Summer Fun' story…

It was almost a week before we were both online at the same time and after our hello's and a few virtual kisses we started talking about the night we'd spent at the hotel and I asked you what part you enjoyed the most. There was a bit of a delay before yo...

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SHY WIFE Massage session

massage session turns into cuckold

Hi Everyone, This Incident took place 4 years. when I was only 24 years old and experience in this swinging world. but I was new to this site. Btw This is my New account. After searching through profiles, chats and no shows for few months finally I had a...

Work mistake turns to home fun

Two co-workers finally experience creampie desires

I'm a project manager for a large company and had just started a new project. Right now, I was trying to bring all the costing estimates together so that we could get the proposal out to the company. Even though I was a 'manager' I was still working out o...

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If only he knew

if only he knew

The connection was there she couldn’t deny it she wanted him, but more she wanted him to need her as much as she needed him. In that moment she might have given anything to have his hands on her, his lips on hers pushing her to no return. She had so many...

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