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Erotic Stories

Exploring your own erotic fantasies or a partner's sexual imagination can be a liberating experience. Sensualising with one another can truly add that extra spark between the sheets and change everyday sex into a passionate mind-blowing pleasure.

Erotic experiences in swinging include dressing up roleplay, adding another person into the bedroom and group gangbangs.

Explore our erotica collections below and share your own pleasures.

happy2bbare 2 months ago

Summer Fun with a Sexy Friend

chapter 4 of the 'Summer Fun' story…

It was almost a week before we were both online at the same time and after our hello's and a few virtual kisses we started talking about the night we'd spent at the hotel and I asked you what part you enjoyed the most. There was a bit of a delay before...

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youngfun93 3 months ago

SHY WIFE Massage session

massage session turns into cuckold

Hi Everyone, This Incident took place 4 years. when I was only 24 years old and experience in this swinging world. but I was new to this site. Btw This is my New account. After searching through profiles, chats and no shows for few...

happy2bbare 4 months ago

Work mistake turns to home fun

Two co-workers finally experience creampie desires

I'm a project manager for a large company and had just started a new project. Right now, I was trying to bring all the costing estimates together so that we could get the proposal out to the company. Even though I was a 'manager' I was still working out o...

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BASins 4 months ago

If only he knew

if only he knew

The connection was there she couldn’t deny it she wanted him, but more she wanted him to need her as much as she needed him. In that moment she might have given anything to have his hands on her, his lips on hers pushing her to no return. She had so many...

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We2playwthu4521 4 months ago

Bath n Pamper Time

Spoiling my Treasure

Hunni...i have your bath ready . As u enter the candlelite bathroom , you notice the erotic scent I picked for the candle oil. That sexual rush runs through body. As i walk in...ur back facing me , I caress ur thighs slightly raising your nighty... whispe...

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We2playwthu4521 4 months ago

Pleasuring my Hunny

Passionate pleasuring we cuddle in bed, I slowly run my hand  through ur hair,  looking you in the eyes as my lips reach for urs. Kissing you gently , my fingertips slide down ur neck, stroking your soft warm skin , pausing at  ur ample breast...teasing ur nipple t...

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happy2bbare 5 months ago

Summer Fun with a Sexy Friend - Ch 3

chapter 3 of the 'Summer Fun' story

WIth both of us having our own partners, it was longer than either of us wanted before we were able to meet again but when we did, everything fell into place beautifully. I had a few days on the road and one of them wasn't too far from you so I would be...

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happy2bbare 5 months ago

Summer fun with a sexy friend - Ch 2

Continuing summer adventures

If you haven't read chapter 1, it'll make more sense to read it first but not necessary. As with chapter 1 - I hope everyone enjoys but it's written for my sexy friend Blush'n'Gush! ---------------------- We were only able to chat for a few minutes but...

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happy2bbare 5 months ago

Summer fun with a sexy friend!

If you've ever talked to someone you've never met before and found that you quickly found yourself so comfortable with them that it felt like you'd been friends for a while

You and I were both on an internet site for adults that had a few chat rooms - some public and some private. We'd exchanged a few comments in the public room before - you'd had a few really rough days and I'd asked how things were going. Eventually we sta...

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ariana2164 7 months ago

hot stuff

be careful of which bottle of lube you grab in the heat of the moment.

There was this one time... I havent saw gordjuss for a week.. i was baby sitting some lil kiddos.. made alotta hotdogs.. lol.. my and gordjuss' first nite together in 7 days.. oh my gawd. so horny.. anyways.. in the heat of moment.. i grab that lube bottl...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

The Spark That Turned Into a Bonfire

First time laying eyes on her

"You should meet her...we think you two would really hit it off!" An innocent statement from a not-so innocent couple. I had been with my hotwife couple for 2 years at this point when the topic was raised that they would like to introduce me to a frie...

happygrumpy1 2 years ago

finding out

i liked to be gang bang

well we were young and looking for something to liven up our sex lives and enjoy , we were sitting in a bar in Sothern Ontairo . we had been having a few drinks and laughs , when one of the men there dropped his lighter , and he bent down to pick it up an...

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Anonymous 2 years ago

Scent of a woman(s feet and butt)

I never thought I’d be so turned on by her odors

This happened with my ex wife. I’d always loved the smell of her feet and dirty asshole. Early on in our relationship I’d even secretly masterbate to her shoes and dirty under wear. I got bold and lift her legs during missionary sex and secretly sme...