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Cuckold Stories

A cuckold experience involves a male and female couple, where the female is sexually dominant and in control. She can have multiple sexual partners at her choosing and decide whether to include her male partner on a voyeuristic basis or a consenting submissive involvement. Cuckold is a well known interest amongst swingers.

The prominence of the male partners' involvement tends to lead to his humiliation, seeing or knowing that his wife or girlfriend are being pleasured by other lovers, superior in comparison, fulfilling her sexual needs that he fails to do so. Cuckolding relationships can happen after years of marriage. Cuckold husbands can seek their own sexual gratification hearing about their wife's string of sexual partners, which can strengthen a relationship and bring their own sex lives to a whole new level.

Have you enjoyed being a cuckold or have a tail to share? Declare your experiences by writing your own cuckold story below.

Hornycouple88 1 month ago

Round 2…. And 3?: Part 1

True story of the second time, my wife agrees to fuck her old coworker and gets a little more.

Shorty after the last story on here where my then gf was fucked all night by her ex in the hotel, my wife got a text from an old coworker of hers complaining about not getting any sex from his girlfriend. Now I know, that when a guy complains to anothe...

Hornycouple88 2 months ago

A New Lifestyle

True story of how my wife got anal from her ex during first time trying cuckold lifestyle.

Not sure what happened to my brain through the breakup with my first ex, but knowing that shortly after our breakup that she was already with another guy seriously pissed me off. Furthermore, hearing them fuck through his dorm room door of the universi...

summerof069 3 months ago

A Bull is born….a cuck too.

Sharing is caring…😉

L was a cute blonde, petite and thin and had been my girlfriend for about 2 years when life/careers took us apart after graduating university. We stayed in touch, great friends and was truly happy to hear when she had announced her engagement. A few mon...

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letscummiserate 4 months ago

House Sitting

Husbands like this?

I had just graduated collage. I was in the best shape of my life a star wrestler on the school team. My sister and her husband were going to Florida for the week and they asked me if I would house sit for them and I agreed. It was a new subdivision and n...

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This happens on new years the wife and I went to a club to go dancing and we took a uber they went dancing and had a few drinks when it was time to leave we called for a uber to get us home .he came picked us up the wife and I went into the b...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

New Bull and Cuck Couple Date #3

More memories with the sexy and fun cuckold couple

If you don't like cuckold stories, a slow build-up and/or are expecting high action right off the bat, this is NOT the story for you. I write from my perspective and what was going on in my head and before me at the time of my experience. People have been...

Anonymous 1 year ago

Jane has been serviced by a Pakistan 'bull' throughout the past several weeks - I have recently waited for her outside of the shop in Handsworth where she meets him. He began the relationship after contacting us on SH and always sent her home in a taxi, h...

ironyhensels 1 year ago

How I Became a Cuckold Part 2

aftermath and a happy ending with a happy ending

Alex seemed to sleep like a baby that night. I hardly slept at all. I got up twice to jerk off to the pics and video of Alex with her bull. The next morning...nothing happened. We didn’t talk about what had happened, which was weird. Just a normal day....

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ironyhensels 1 year ago

How I Became a Cuckold

you never know what's going to happen when fantasy becomes reality

I was wondering where Alex was--I was supposed to be her ride home from work and usually if she had to stay late she would let me know. Then my phone buzzed and it was Alex. I was relieved. Then I read the text. It read “I’m supposed to tell you that y...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

New Bull and Cuck Couple Date #2

Follow up to the hot night from our first encounter

After our first date, my cuck couple and I had some unfinished business to attend to. Cucky, wifey, and I began to chat over [removed] to explore more of our fantasies and engage in some hot and heavy sexting. I began to learn more about their dynamic and...

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Anonymous 1 year ago

New Bull and Cuck Couple

First time meeting the cuck couple

My writings are scattered and not in chronological order, I apologize. This story is about the first time I met my first cuckold couple in person. I have been fantasizing about becoming a true Bull to a cuck couple for many years. It began from reading...

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want2swinguk 2 years ago

Your wife. Care to watch - maybe join?

Your wife's interested in being used... then let me suggest a start...

Well, after we agree to meet out for a few drinks and we end up back at yours; to cut a long story short we'd get to the fun time fairly soon. Possibly in your bedroom - maybe even just on the stairs on the way. We'd start slow - a lot of petting et...

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I’ve always had this fantasy of you being with other men. One, two, or even three, I’m not really sure why but it has always really turned me on. It would sort of go like this. You come home complaining about your busy day and ask me for a foot rub (pr...

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