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Cuckold Stories

A cuckold experience involves a male and female couple, where the female is sexually dominant and in control. She can have multiple sexual partners at her choosing and decide whether to include her male partner on a voyeuristic basis or a consenting submissive involvement. Cuckold is a well known interest amongst swingers.

The prominence of the male partners' involvement tends to lead to his humiliation, seeing or knowing that his wife or girlfriend are being pleasured by other lovers, superior in comparison, fulfilling her sexual needs that he fails to do so. Cuckolding relationships can happen after years of marriage. Cuckold husbands can seek their own sexual gratification hearing about their wife's string of sexual partners, which can strengthen a relationship and bring their own sex lives to a whole new level.

Have you enjoyed being a cuckold or have a tail to share? Declare your experiences by writing your own cuckold story below.

Fingering a Hotwife in an Uber, cuck infront

Pleasuring a married women infront of hubby

This was my first time humiliating a cuck in public, prior to meeting, the cuck lost all privileges of touching his wife or himself. We were in an Uber, me and the wife in the back seat while hubby sat in the front with the driver. I like how he sat in th...

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Kevin Gets Lucky

A friend in need is a friend indeed - How Kevin Became Ali's Bull

Kevin and I had been friends since college but he lived an hour away by plane and I rarely saw him. He would stop in when he was travelling through, and sometimes he would crash at our place. This was one of those times. He was going through some stuff wi...

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A Hot wife Afternoon

A Visiting Couple Entertains Me

It all started with "Thanks for all the loves" I had received a few "loves" on my profile pics by VS, the online equivalent of flirting, like a smile across a room at a party. I checked out VS's profile and liked what I saw: a cuck couple with a sexy hotw...

Party Favour

Alice isn't about to let a house full of people cramp her cucking style!

The Birthday Jam was not just an event, it was an institution. It was the party of the year, and had been in glorious unbroken annual succession since 1992. This one was the best ever. And it wasn’t because of the music, although the music was rockin’. Th...

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Cheating wife from SH

This is how you fuck someone else's wife

Her hubby had gone to USA for business and was going to stay there for 2-3 days, we have been chatting on SH for sometimes, she hadn't cheated before(so she said) and we decided to meet. With COVID restrictions lifted, her daughter was at school. Her son...

I was about to let my membership run out on an adult dating website and I saw a message appear. Thinking it would be more spam I went to delete it and to my surprise it said "wife likes your photos. Would you send a face pic?" Only had one nibble before s...

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Big cocky

First big cock

Rodrigo slipped out of his clothes without ceremony and both of us took a sharp intake of breath at our first close up view of his enormous cock. It was one thing to see it on film, but quite another in real life. Angel reached out and placed one hand on...

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Didn’t expect that

Fantasy fulfilled

Hello everyone Thought I would share this experience Met this mature couple thru this site(SW) We arranged to meet at the Burlington beach strip to chat and get to know each other better When I saw them walking king towards me I started to get anxious and...


Round 2…. And 3? Part 2

After fucking an old coworker my wife’s ex returns.

Cont’d from Part 1 So approximately 1/2 an hour after my wife’s coworker had made my wife/then gf, cum hard on his cock, my wife’s ex was on his way over for their second meeting since her and I had been together. I sat on the couch acting casual and watc...

Blacked - Last Weekend

Real story of a casual evening with coworker turns into hot night for wife.

This story has been a long time coming. Not long after meeting my black coworker I began fantasizing about him potentially fucking my sexy wife. He was fit and tall and I was pretty sure he would have a lot of stamina. After a long conversation with him o...

Wedding Night

Wife’s ex shows up one last time for the honeymoon.

Five years after we started dating I proposed to my wife and after a year long engagement the wedding was finally upon us. My wife looked smoking hot walking down the isle, hair done up and her large princess style wedding dress. It had a V cut top that d...


Indian Wife First time with stranger young buy

Wife could not control with another handsome young boy and got pregnant

My husband always told me his fantasies to share me with another man. We are married from 15 years and have kids. Our sex life was interesting and then after few years of marriage i lost interest of sex as I was not attracted to my husband anymore. I love...