The first story Cuckold


I’ve always had this fantasy of you being with other men. One, two, or even three, I’m not really sure why but it has always really turned me on. It would sort of go like this.

You come home complaining about your busy day and ask me for a foot rub (practically begging me to attend and rub your feet). You sit in my Lazy boy chair; pull the footrest up, toes outward, with your legs slightly parted. As I rub your feet I begin to notice the d… Read more

Hedonism - cuckolding in the jacuzzi, our 2nd night at the resort Cuckold

Fun times at Hedonism…

It was our first time at Hedonism in Jamaica. We had heard the stories and knew the reputation of the resort so we were looking forward to see it for ourselves…and we weren’t disappointed, we had a pretty wild week.

Our 2nd day was spent in the nude area of the beach, enjoying the sun and meeting people. In the evening we spent time at disco but we eventually made our way to the jacuzzi; we were told this was the place to be later in the… Read more