Please sir Cuckold

Phantastical journey into pleasure…

“Please, Sir,” she voiced in a barely audible whisper, “please take me and make me your own... Sir.”
Whilst he was genuinely perplexed by her easy submission today he recognised that this was something she needed. It was something that went beyond sexual gratification and it was something that would definitely bind them together.
Sliding his hands up her back, he started a gentle massage of her shoulders, suddenly overcome by what was h… Read more

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Femdom suprise Cuckold

That's some people I invited over you're going to suck cock for me tonight…

She had been watching me naked on the couch furiously masturbating to bi cuckold porn from the stairs
Is this what you like? What I'm gonna say no?
She sits down and watches with me ,finishes me off and we go to bed
Two days later theres a knock and she says get that its some people I invited over and you're going to suck cock for me
I was stunned .I went to the door and it's a guy in his mid 20s and his incredible cute 20 yr old tomboy… Read more

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What I love about eating pussy! Cuckold

Pleasures of oral sex 😌…

The sounds. The little pants and whispers. The little broken moans. Watching her toes curl. The fingers in my hair. Slowing down and speeding up, the hard breathing and losing my breath drowning in her juice. Feeling her clit quench, quiver and pussy throb, her arching up and grinding against my tongue. And then me stoping, hearing her beg for more so she grabs my face and puts it back where it's supposed to be. And then finally, when she grabs m… Read more

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My first time being a bull Cuckold

My first step into the kink world…

Many years ago after my ex of five years broke up with me I fell into a bit of a slump. I almost became somewhat of a misogynist not caring for a relationship just wanting to use women as the fuck toys I thought they where.

Craigslist was the go to back then, so much anonymous fun. I had always had men enquire about servicing their wives but I was always shy about performing infront of another man, I'm not some porn star I thought to myself.
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First big cock head Cuckold

Wife fucks…

On hot and horny night the wife was really horny an d wet wanted to fuck hard I asked her if she was ready to try a 3some she agreed to do it, I contacted someone that I had messaged a few times and he had a really big cock head and cock almost 9 inches long but the head was really big. He agreed to come meet us at our hotel restaurant we didn’t wait very long when he showed up , he was young handsome my wife had no idea how big this guys cock … Read more

New years Cuckold


This happens on new years the wife and I went to a club to go dancing and we took a uber they went dancing and had a few drinks when it was time to leave we called for a uber to get us home .he came picked us up the wife and I went into the back seat while back there i put my wifes hand on my cock of course she didn't resist. I was feeling really horny knowing the uber driver could see us in the mirror...I grab my wifes head pull her… Read more

New Bull and Cuck Couple Date #3 Cuckold

More memories with the sexy and fun cuckold couple…

If you don't like cuckold stories, a slow build-up and/or are expecting high action right off the bat, this is NOT the story for you. I write from my perspective and what was going on in my head and before me at the time of my experience. People have been making many comments about my writing, some good and some bad. I do read them and will try to incorporate some of the suggestions that I feel comfortable with. Regarding the actual content of th… Read more

Jane gives satisfaction Cuckold

Sub Wife…

Jane has been serviced by a Pakistan 'bull' throughout the past several weeks - I have recently waited for her outside of the shop in Handsworth where she meets him. He began the relationship after contacting us on SH and always sent her home in a taxi, however, I so enjoy fucking her as soon as possible after her bull that I now pick her up at the shop.

She gives me whatever I require (usually in a car park or behind a factory), before we set… Read more

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How I Became a Cuckold Part 2 Cuckold

aftermath and a happy ending with a happy ending…

Alex seemed to sleep like a baby that night. I hardly slept at all. I got up twice to jerk off to the pics and video of Alex with her bull.

The next morning...nothing happened. We didn’t talk about what had happened, which was weird. Just a normal day. That night Alex and I had sex. Just regular vanilla sex. I was too chickenshit to ask for a blowjob or anal. I was afraid she would say no and then I would have to deal with that. I really wan… Read more

How I Became a Cuckold Cuckold

you never know what's going to happen when fantasy becomes reality…

I was wondering where Alex was--I was supposed to be her ride home from work and usually if she had to stay late she would let me know. Then my phone buzzed and it was Alex. I was relieved. Then I read the text.

It read “I’m supposed to tell you that your girl is going to be a little late”

Well that was weird. It was weirdly worded, as if someone was texting for her.

I was still puzzling over this when a second text came in. It re… Read more

New Bull and Cuck Couple Date #2 Cuckold

Follow up to the hot night from our first encounter…

After our first date, my cuck couple and I had some unfinished business to attend to. Cucky, wifey, and I began to chat over [removed] to explore more of our fantasies and engage in some hot and heavy sexting. I began to learn more about their dynamic and formulated my plan for how I was going to fit in, to make the best out of this relationship.

As a Bull I find it important to discover what motivates and drives the couple. Normally you rely … Read more

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New Bull and Cuck Couple Cuckold

First time meeting the cuck couple…

My writings are scattered and not in chronological order, I apologize. This story is about the first time I met my first cuckold couple in person.

I have been fantasizing about becoming a true Bull to a cuck couple for many years. It began from reading erotica as a young 20 something year old and manifested itself while I was on my own life journey for close to 20 years to where I am today. Following an extensive relationship with my hotwife c… Read more

Your wife. Care to watch - maybe join? Cuckold

Your wife's interested in being used... then let me suggest a start...…

Well, after we agree to meet out for a few drinks and we end up back at yours; to cut a long story short we'd get to the fun time fairly soon.

Possibly in your bedroom - maybe even just on the stairs on the way.

We'd start slow - a lot of petting etc. Then we'd get a bit more rough, I'd slap her boobs and gently bite her nips - she'd feel the excitement rising. She'd be waiting to get it in the bottom as this was the one thing her and I tal… Read more

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I had a crush on my ex's best firend and we did threesomes with him very often.…

My first husband was a big time satyr-voyeur-and cuckold. He was the one who got me into the LS and brought me into a wife swapping group. Several groups, in fact. We had swaps, orgies and gang bangs and he loved to watch me get laid. God, did he ever!!!!! But this is about him and his best friend. We often swapped with his best friend and his best friend's wife. And what makes this more interesting is that the wife was once one of my ex's girlfr… Read more

The first story Cuckold


I’ve always had this fantasy of you being with other men. One, two, or even three, I’m not really sure why but it has always really turned me on. It would sort of go like this.

You come home complaining about your busy day and ask me for a foot rub (practically begging me to attend and rub your feet). You sit in my Lazy boy chair; pull the footrest up, toes outward, with your legs slightly parted. As I rub your feet I begin to notice the d… Read more

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Hedonism - cuckolding in the jacuzzi, our 2nd night at the resort Cuckold

Fun times at Hedonism…

It was our first time at Hedonism in Jamaica. We had heard the stories and knew the reputation of the resort so we were looking forward to see it for ourselves…and we weren’t disappointed, we had a pretty wild week.

Our 2nd day was spent in the nude area of the beach, enjoying the sun and meeting people. In the evening we spent time at disco but we eventually made our way to the jacuzzi; we were told this was the place to be later in the… Read more