late night and a snow storm Groups

i liked to be gang bang…

I have always loved to be gangbang , i enjoy more than one cock in me , I am so luckey that my hubby never says a word , I got in to Moncton late and it was snowing ,so I got a hotel room for the night ,I went down to get something to eat and have a drink ,the bar was so so I ordered a drink and food and looked around .
I saw a couple of young men over at the bar , looking over and I just stayed in my spot one sent the water over and ask if, … Read more

Birthday Party Groups

Anotehr gang bang…

Birthday Party

Hubby’s last birthday ended up like no other birthday. He decided that he wanted an underwear party. Some of our more conservative friends decided not to come (I think most of them suspect that we are pretty lose) but the fun ones all arrived. After taking off the coats that covered them, the fun of seeing how everyone had dressed began.

Some had the works, suspender belts, etc. Some were hardly dressed at all. One of my fr… Read more

A crazy night Groups

How I participate in a small orgy without thinking…

I remembered that I went to a Sw club one night and when I came inside in one area was one guy with two girls and these girls were playing between them and occasionally with the guy so I just came and sit next to them one of the girls blonde hair looks with experience doing this but the other with black hair looks new in this kind of relations but she was enjoying for sure.

In some point the guy went for drinks and the blonde girl with looked… Read more

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FFM - Riding a Unicorn - Wife/Woman's Perspective Groups

Alpha Male and 2 wet pussies…

“Jealous?” He said huskily into my ear, as his naked body pinned mine to the bed. “Why would you be jealous of a toy?”

The topic of us fucking a woman together had come up mid-foreplay. I wasn’t convinced it was a good idea.
“Babe, you know a chick isn’t the same as a toy.”

“Well she can be.” He said then sucked my ear as he slipped two fingers into my wet pussy. I moaned and brought my lips to his, kissing him hung… Read more

My half reality Groups

Gonna do this…

This is my intellectual property.

You arrive at the door. You are greeted by me smile on my face,  holding a blindfold and cuffs. You are asked to remove your clothes. You strip and put them on. I whisper in your ear that I've got a surprise for you. You can see the smile from ear to ear. I guide you through to the basement. I instruct you to drop to your knees and open your mouth. You are shaking with excitement. As fast as you can open you… Read more

MFM Threesome Fantasy Groups

Ok, let's level the playing field a little bit here. Never in my wildest dreams did I assume I would be frequenting a website like this or, let alone, be posting on an open forum blog something that has been on my mind for awhile. Funny where life takes you.

Anyway, my fantasy begins when I was a lowly 18 year old boy entering my first year of college. I met a friend (lets call her Britt) whom I instantly made a connection with but it was… Read more

Hard to handle Groups

I am a petite white female, I have written about some of my "encounters" on here before, some of them were with my BF some were alone(he doesn't know about the alone ones). If you can search my stories you'll find my first experience with BBC and how I led BF to think he was there for my first experience..

To make a long story short, I had already been with a couple of these black guys who were very well hung both with and without BF. His… Read more

My dirty needs Groups

I've anyways fantasized about being in a ffm with a mature couple. I've been in one before and a mmf but its been a while hence the desire of wanting to do it again. But now what gets me so wet and wound it is the need to be involved in a group hopefully being the centre of attention. Having a group with men and women around me telling me how to please them and me doing whatever I am told. Ugh I could go on and on but have to contain myself t… Read more

First IR with my BF Groups

My BF have been in the lifestyle for a while, and typically it's a rule that it's always together. He has a lot of things on the go and at times he can be gone for a few days or a weekend, and at times I sort of break that rule....

One weekend I really decided to break that rule and try my first interracial. We come from a small town and growing up there wasn't many black guys. So on a weekend he was out of town I wanted to try it. I … Read more

second meeting adding Sherrie's point of view Groups

Our Second Meeting
Sherrie’s POV
Well we are going to meet Randy again. We’ve all been chatting for a while reliving our last meeting and I must admit it’s all I can think of. I guess I’m nervous but more than that I am so excited. I find myself walking around wet all the time thinking of the things that we will do. The guys don’t seem as nervous this time however.
Dan and I made reservations at the same hotel and opted for two be… Read more

Bi curious fantasies Groups

...Visions of soft skin, flirting in the shadows...A beautiful warm wet cock slowly sliding in and out of her beautiful soft vagina...his beautiful bum contracting with every thrusts. I wanna get closer...smell the aromas emanating out of this beautiful act. I approach them from behind, slowly and gently caressing his strong shoulders, kissing the back of his neck while rubbing his powerful cock slowly filling up with burning blood. … Read more

Midnight Run Groups

***Author's Note: This is a prequel to the "Stranger in Paradise" series. ***

To relax and work off the stress of the grad school I went for a run every night on the road that circled the campus. On the back part of the campus the road would go past a pond and park that was often visited by couples looking to get a little privacy from their dorms. Most of the time they were just talking, but on occasions they could be seen making out and in … Read more

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My Naughty Fantasy: My Husband's Childhood Rival Groups

Today is a special day. Will and I will be celebrating our fifteenth anniversary. We have plans for a special evening: a nice dinner in town followed by a night of amorous love making whilst our kids stay the night with Will's parents. But for now, today has begun as any usual day. I dropped the kids off at school and have run by the gym for my daily work out.

Out of the corner of my eye I see him watching me. He always watches me. As I begin… Read more

Naughty Santa Play Party Part 1 Groups

It was all arranged, the invitations sent out and 6 bi couples confirmed their attendance at our first annual Naughty Santa Party. Every couple had to bring a pot luck dish enough for 12 people and their favourite sex toy.

All we needed was to get things ready for the party. Each of the 3 bedrooms was set up for play with condoms, lube, wipes and lots of towels for the squirters. One room was set up for bsdm play with cuffs, rope, floggers, … Read more

Honey, I’m, home! Groups

“Honey, I’m, home!”

She heard John’s voice just seconds before he found her in the kitchen and in no time he was behind her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her back against his chest. She whimpered softly as she rested her head back to accept the kisses he trailed along her neck, and caught her breath as his hands slid over her to find her breasts.

“I’ve missed you,” he murmured against her ear as he pulled her s… Read more

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Used by strangers Groups

It was a long day and I was sitting at the bar taking shots. This bar is usually so dull. Five guys walk in. Hot guys, and I find myself unbuttoning one more button in the front of my shirt and pulling my skirt up just a little. They all walk over and start with the pick up lines. As I take another shot I look around. "I'm gonna make this real easy for you guys! In a minute I'm gonna go freshen up, and when I come back I want to see all your cock… Read more

hedonism first time Groups

Early in Feb this yea r my wife and I went to Hedo in Jamaica we are in our fifties in good shape she is 5 10 great legs double d and well trimmed. Im 6 3 work out with a average thick dick. We have had some experience over the years but nothing like we found in Hedo. First night we arrived it was naughty school girl night we both found this highly erotic woman of all ages showing off in school girl out fits. The second day we walke… Read more

Her first Gangbang party!!!!! Groups

We are an open married couple. Have had many experiences with threesomes, foursomes, swapping and she is a hotwife. My ultimate fantasy was to have her in a Gangbang. Unsure if she would be up for it I started semi searching for a group. Lucky enough they exist. After a few emails with the group and many questions asked I showed her. She was shocked and surprised. The only thing she asked was when and how many? I was super excited. We went with 5… Read more

The Night - Part 3 Groups

The Night – Part 3

She isn’t home for long when she hears a car pull up her driveway. She looks out her bedroom window and to her surprise it’s a guy she used to fuck. They haven’t seen each other for a while. She opens her front door before he even gets a chance to knock.

He tells her to turn around walk towards her family room. She is not allowed to turn around or look back at him. He tells her to assume the position and to w… Read more

My First 3 some!! Groups

“WHAT? NO WAY...” was all I could say to Todd when he told me that he had made arrangements for another man to come over and join us that night. It was going to be all about pleasuring me. I was more shocked than anything else and most of me didn’t believe him. We had talked and talked about it for months, but never in my wildest dreams did I think he would actually set it up.

We were shopping at the mall when broke the news to me. He … Read more

Only In Movies Groups

I was 20 years old when I went to my first sex party. It wasn’t explicitly advertised as a sex party, but when we arrived, we were given a tour of the house. Various rooms had been set aside for various things – one for food, one for relaxing, one for BDSM activities, one for sleeping, and one for sex. People were free to respectfully wander from room to room and do as they pleased.

Not being new to the concept of open-relationships, I… Read more

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