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Group Stories

Group sex epitomises one of the core associations with swinging, unlocking wild fantasies when sharing multiple sexual partners in the same room.

Gangbangs, orgies and bukkake events are often typical terms you'd associate with group sex and can yield a whole new opportunity for sexual intimacies. From first time experiences to hardcore practices, the group sex stories below should have most angles covered.

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Party Goers, doors close in 10 minutes I’ve heard of these parties before from my small group of adventurous friends, they all said they are a must to attend. The house was packed full. Men, women all in unison where chanting to the clocks as they slowly...

New Year’s Eve

Lifestyle party at its best

Our friends had organized a party for Dec 31, they invited 30 people and, as in most lifestyle party, not everyone shows up. We ended being 20 in total, our friends who were hosting, 5 couples and 8 single guys eventually showed up. They had a nice setup...

Having it all ways

4 the hard way

Being a gay male in a relationship with a bisexual man . We had talked many times about exploring in a threesome with a female partner .,Many times we would talk dirty about it while fucking and I have to admit the thought of watching my man fuck a wet pu...

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late night and a snow storm

i liked to be gang bang

I have always loved to be gangbang , i enjoy more than one cock in me , I am so luckey that my hubby never says a word , I got in to Moncton late and it was snowing ,so I got a hotel room for the night ,I went down to get something to eat and have a drink...

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Birthday Party

Anotehr gang bang

Birthday Party Hubby’s last birthday ended up like no other birthday. He decided that he wanted an underwear party. Some of our more conservative friends decided not to come (I think most of them suspect that we are pretty lose) but the fun ones all arriv...

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A crazy night

How I participate in a small orgy without thinking

I remembered that I went to a Sw club one night and when I came inside in one area was one guy with two girls and these girls were playing between them and occasionally with the guy so I just came and sit next to them one of the girls blonde hair looks wi...


My half reality

Gonna do this

This is my intellectual property. You arrive at the door. You are greeted by me smile on my face,  holding a blindfold and cuffs. You are asked to remove your clothes. You strip and put them on. I whisper in your ear that I've got a surprise for you. You...

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Ok, let's level the playing field a little bit here. Never in my wildest dreams did I assume I would be frequenting a website like this or, let alone, be posting on an open forum blog something that has been on my mind for awhile. Funny where life takes y...

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I am a petite white female, I have written about some of my "encounters" on here before, some of them were with my BF some were alone(he doesn't know about the alone ones). If you can search my stories you'll find my first experience with BBC and how I le...

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I've anyways fantasized about being in a ffm with a mature couple. I've been in one before and a mmf but its been a while hence the desire of wanting to do it again. But now what gets me so wet and wound it is the need to be involved in a group hopefully...

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My BF have been in the lifestyle for a while, and typically it's a rule that it's always together. He has a lot of things on the go and at times he can be gone for a few days or a weekend, and at times I sort of break that rule.... One weekend I really de...

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Our Second Meeting Sherrie’s POV Well we are going to meet Randy again. We’ve all been chatting for a while reliving our last meeting and I must admit it’s all I can think of. I guess I’m nervous but more than that I am so excited. I find myself walking a...

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Sweet Juices

...Visions of soft skin, flirting in the shadows...A beautiful warm wet cock slowly sliding in and out of her beautiful soft vagina...his beautiful bum contracting with every thrusts. I wanna get closer...smell the aromas emanating out of this beautiful a...

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The Stranger

***Author's Note: This is a prequel to the "Stranger in Paradise" series. *** To relax and work off the stress of the grad school I went for a run every night on the road that circled the campus. On the back part of the campus the road would go past a pon...

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