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New Year’s Eve

"Lifestyle party at its best"

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Our friends had organized a party for Dec 31, they invited 30 people and, as in most lifestyle party, not everyone shows up. We ended being 20 in total, our friends who were hosting, 5 couples and 8 single guys eventually showed up.

They had a nice setup with music, a few sexy games and the obvious porn on tv!

The games were actually just to get people to start to get in the mood…telling fantasies, stuff we’ve actually done, some touching and fooling around but nothing too intense. It became a bit more real when one of the guys picked up my wife for one minute alone in the bathroom. When she came out, she said that they just had felt each other all over and that she had definitely felt his hard cock. All of the ladies ended up in there which I suspect was the plan knowing my friend. My wife went a 2ndtime with another guy, by then the minute were more like 2 minutes. They both came out with a big smile but I never heard what went on in there.

Eventually, the music got louder and it felt like everyone was feeling the effect of alcohol, there was definitely a party atmosphere! At midnight we did the countdown thing and we were in 2023.

The sexy fun slowly started at that point. As I came back downstairs from getting drinks, I noticed most people were dancing with most of the guys without their shirt and even a couple of them in their underwear only. I joined the ones just watching, our hosts and 1 of the husbands. There was a lot of touching, grinding and rubbing going on with those dancing. I remember at one point, one of the women kneeling in front of her husband and one guy, she was sucking both in no time.

Around 1am, my friend then told me, ‘watch this’, he dimmed the lights a bit and switched the music to slow songs. It started to go fast from there. Guys surrounded the remaining ladies and 3 of the guys quickly surrounded my wife and it got rather sensual and sexual. Eventually, the guy behind her started to remove her dress and she was quickly in the middle of them in just her underwear. I saw her look at me quickly, they were all over her and it wasn’t dancing anymore, hands and mouths were all over. The guys behind her removed her underwear soon after and they brought her to one of the sofas where she sat as they all undressed. Other women were also in similar situations by then.

I was about to join her when the couple hosting, pulled me over to them, she had a hand directly on my crotch. She kneeled in front of me and before I knew it, she was giving me and her husband a blowjob. As I looked up towards my wife, I saw her do the same to the guys she was with. There was sex all over the place now. I ended up in a threesome with them while my wife was getting gangbanged by these 3 guys. At one point the lady was riding me as I looked at my wife, she whispered in my ears while moaning 'I know you like watching her be a slut with these guys, watch how he is fucking her good'...she was riding me so good and seeing my wife on all 4 with a cock in her while she sucked on 2 guys...well, that put me over the edge and I came!

I went over to my wife after, she saw me, I saw her smiled even though she had a cock in her mouth. She had 3 guys before but I was always one of them, now watching her with 3 which was amazingly hot. They fucking took turn on her, 2 of them had a pretty big cock and they kept making her cum. I remember one of them holding her by the waist as he fucked her hard, he looked at me and said 'you like watching her like that don't you, you have such a good wife, she’s a good fuck'. In any case, they fucked her for a while until they all came.

Later on, she picked up another guy and invited him to come back to our room. She had spotted him earlier and now he was just walking around naked with his big cock still hard. We left soon after with him in a taxi. We tag teamed her back at the hotel and by the time we went to sleep it was 5am. The next morning, I woke up and the 1stthing I heard was'yeah babe, suck that cock', he was on his back, hands behind his head, enjoying and watching her suck his cock and lick his balls. They eventually fucked again while I watched. By the time they were done, we had to leave for our check out!

Written by minnie_mickey

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