Written by P

May 26, 2018

I am a petite white female, I have written about some of my "encounters" on here before, some of them were with my BF some were alone(he doesn't know about the alone ones). If you can search my stories you'll find my first experience with BBC and how I led BF to think he was there for my first experience..

To make a long story short, I had already been with a couple of these black guys who were very well hung both with and without BF. His job sometimes takes him out of town for a few days at a time. After the first encounter with a couple of them without BF I kept in contact with one of the guys, of course the guy with the longest cock...lol. After that I'm not really sure who started the conversation but it ended up that we were going to look for black guys for me to fuck. That encounter is posted here somewhere so if you can find it....lol Bare with me I'm getting to what I am writing about.

BF was gone for a weekend, so I contacted the guy and we chatted.....he wanted me to come, there were things he wanted to do, he had friend I'd already fucked who was just as hung. He wanted me there for the weekend so the 2 of could keep going until they were both balls deep, spit-roast...DP ...they wanted to keep going until I could take them balls deep in mouth, pussy or ass. I just couldn't in my mouth it made me choke. I thought I was good at doing that, BF is 9" and I can take all his cock in my mouth...but not these 2. But I was willing to let them keep trying. The DP's were fantastic...I had never felt so full.

Then when we were chatting again he told me that he had another friend, just as hung but had never been with a white woman, a couple of guys BF arranged for me had never fucked a woman in the ass...it excited me to know I'd be the first for them. So it really excited me knowing I'd be this guys first white woman. So I figured out a weekend BF was going to be gone and set it up but he wanted one thing....for me to take all 3 of them as deep a I could,

I met up with the 3 of them and it didn't take long for things to progress, I knew the 2 were well hung..and they knew how to fuck me, they had made me squirt many times lol. I was excited about being the new guys first white. He was just as excited because when I pulled his cock out of his pants he was already rock hard and just as long as the other 2. I had every intention of teasing him with my mouth but as soon as I put my lips on his cock he grabbed my head and tried to ram it all down my throat....choking me. When I caught my breath I told him he needed to go slower...give me a chance. so the guy who knew me said watch....and guided my mouth to his cock, hands on my head....pushing, but not forcing...the other guy started fingering me..he knew that would get me to take it deeper.

I sucked all 3 of them, taking turns with each until I couldn't take it anymore....needed to be fucked. It got to the point where I was almost begging to be fucked....which got the new guy going again. all he wanted was to fuck a white ass and he did the same thing...didn't let me get prepared for it but tried to ram it all in my ass at once. The 2 guys heard me cry out in pain and gave him shit. Told him I'll let them fuck me anyway they want but not if he hurts me.

I spent the weekend with them..got fucked so many different ways and positions that there's no way I could count but the best was when they would pick me up and DP when standing.....I had no control so they could bounce me up and down on their cocks as fast as they wanted. I didn't have control either when they wanted to cum in my mouth...they would holdI my head and fill my mouth and throat.

I really hope my BF doesn't come on this site and find out these things I do without him.