Written by Anonymous

Jan 22, 2019

This is my intellectual property.

You arrive at the door. You are greeted by me smile on my face,  holding a blindfold and cuffs. You are asked to remove your clothes. You strip and put them on. I whisper in your ear that I've got a surprise for you. You can see the smile from ear to ear. I guide you through to the basement. I instruct you to drop to your knees and open your mouth. You are shaking with excitement. As fast as you can open your mouth a cock slides inside. Your happy to be a good slut. It doesn't stop there. I say"next"  the one face Fucking you pulls out and another one enters. You didn't know the exact number but this goes on for as long as your jaw can allow. When you scream mercy your shown where to lay down. You Are put into a spreader bar and one by one they each take turns filling you up. Thrusting.... Fucking and dumping load after load into your throbbing hole. You count at least 10 times. Soaked, full and dripping you can hear them leaving one by one. It's quiet. You wonder what's next..it's my turn. The entire time patiently waiting my favorite. Going last. I can't get enough used pussy. I spend the next several hours Fuckin you .thrusting hard and deep. Before i finish. I stop. I pull out. I Getv cleaned up. I grab toys. I use them on you. Its all about you. Making you utterly spent. When you scream that you can't take much more. That's when i finally jump on and finish you off. I leave you filled and dipping with cum. Your all smiles.  Your in a Heap. Your spent....