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Having it all ways

"4 the hard way"
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Published 8 months ago
Being a gay male in a relationship with a bisexual man . We had talked many times about exploring in a threesome with a female partner .,Many times we would talk dirty about it while fucking and I have to admit the thought of watching my man fuck a wet pussy would make me cum so fast exploding a huge load '. Finally I decided to try and make our fantasy a reality..I put an ad in a local paper saying gay and bi male couple seeking adventurous female for ongoing fun... It did not take long before replies started coming in,,One was from a female with a bisexual husband,,This enticed me as I though fun for all of us,, After talking to the boyfriend and sharing a few pics with the couple we decided to meet at there place that Saturday evening, As we drove to there place my heart was racing with excitement. My boyfriends cock was already hard with his hormones going wild. As he drove I looked him over and could not help but think how handsome he was,,Being mulatto he had the most masculine features, well built and in shape and hung with 9 thick cut inches,, We arrived promptly at 9 pm,and after the awkward introductions we relaxed in the living room with some cocktails,,They truly were an attractive couple.She had long brown hair with a slim body and he was a little older probably mid fifties. He had silver hair with a big muscular build to him ,You could tell he worked out,,As we sat there making small talk he started stroking his wife,s leg each time going a little higher up her thigh,,It was very enticing,,,She got up to go to the kitchen to freshen our drinks..and as she left the room he looked at me and said so you like to suck cock do you,,I replied with a smile as he pulled down his shorts revealing his cock to us He was semi hard as he rubbed it and said want some..As i got up and went over to him I got on my knees as he sat down and spread his legs,Soon i started to put his cock in my mouth . His wife came back into the room she handed him his drink and stood beside hide him watching me suck on her husbands cock,,He now had his hand up her dress and was fingering her ever so slowly ,He looked up at her and said to her wow you are so wet,,He looked over to my boyfriend and said why don,t you have a taste too,.So he got up took off his pants and shirt and came over to us ,Then he started to kiss the women, his tongue deep in her mouth. The husband was fingering her as I was slurping up his hard cock..The husband asked us to follow them into there bedroom,,My boyfriend and her lied across the bed still mouth to mouth his fingers sliding in and out of her ,Her husband sat on the bed as i got on my knees and again took his very thick cock down my throat..Soon the husband had me on all fours as he slowly started to put his tongue between my ass cheeks,darting his tongue in and out of my hole putting his finger into my ass,,I had a full view of my boyfriend enjoying his female partner nibbling her tits ever so gently, while she had her hand wrapped around his cock jerking it as precum oozed out of it, He slowly let his tongue slide down her body till his mouth was right on her clit,,fingering and licking her pussy she moaned aloud,My boyfriends cock was now in my face as he ate out her pussy,,I took his cock as I was still being rimmed out and sucking all 9 inches down my throat,,As her husband s mouth left my ass it soon joined my boyfriend on his women,s pussy. The two took turns pleasuring her clit .It was not long before she was screaming I am cumming,,Soon the 3 of them were up close and sharing 3 way kisses as each stroked the other , My boyfriend then went down on the husband as i joined him on his balls, She sat back and watched playing with her clit as we 3 men played with each other,,The husband looked at my boyfriend and said why don,t I fuck your boyfriend while you fuck my wife..The two agreed,,His wife lay on her back legs spread with her dripping wet pussy ready for a pounding while her husband put me in doggy position..He slowly entered my ass as he started to fuck my man pussy as i watched my boyfriend get on top of the wife. His cock slowly entering her..She moaned with pleasure as he put his thick 9 inches into her,,he ever so slowly began to fuck her,I had a clear view of the action and her cunt was soaking wet. Her husband was telling my boyfriend to fuck her hard,, My ass was being pounded good by as he was going hard n deep,,but i was so turned on by watching my boyfriend going deep inside of her I put my face down close to them and pulled his cock out of her and started to lick all her juice off his cock,,,Ill never forget that taste sweet but tangy amazing taste,,,I took it in my hand as i sucked it clean she said please put it back in me please,,,So I took his cock and placed it at her clit,and my boyfriend returned to doing what he does best,,He went into her slowly but after a few long slow stokes he started to work it ,slamming his cock deep into her pussy ,Her legs wrapped around his waist he fucked her fiercely, Her husband screaming as he fucked me, Asking him to fuck her hard,,With in seconds cum was oozing out of her as she screamed oh fuck I am cumming,,,which instantly made her husband explode inside of me,,,and as I came my boyfriend exploded a huge load deep inside of her,,,As i fell between Brandon,s legs I jerked my cock and ate my first cream pie,,I came a huge load as i ate up my boyfriends cum all mixed with hers,,,and that was only round 1

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