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Published 8 months ago
Clay and I were hooking up at least once a week and our sessions were always very very hot. I was also having my hook ups with Sharon every couple of weeks so my cock was really getting used, I kept trying to figure out what I liked better ,sex with a man or sex with a women.I loved the taste of pussy but I loved the taste of cock,As far as fucking I loved fucking both,There was no way to compare I was just hungry for both, One night after fucking Clay we lay back and talked for a while,Soon Ash and Baylee came up when he asked if i had heard from them. No I have not heard a word I said,, So guess you have not had any pussy in a long time he responded,,He seemed surprised when I told him about Sharon maybe even a little upset. That night Clay decided he wanted to flip fuck,I fuck him then he fucks me.I had not tried taking a dick in my ass yet but have to be honest it was something I really wanted to try. As he put me in position of doggy style he lubed my ass and his cock and soon he started to insert a finger, In and out he went and soon another finger was put in, my ass lips tightened around his fingers ,As he worked my asshole over it was starting to feel a bit better, I was ready for cock or at least thought I was.Clay put the head of his cock up to my boy cunt and ever so slowly entered me,,,oh fuck I screamed as the pain darted through my hole, I fell to the bed with my hand over my asshole waiting for the pain to subside, It was at this point I decided I was a top man only,There would be no cock up my hole.Clay chuckled as he whispered to me , practice makes perfect and we will try again next week...Like hell I thought to myself.Once the pain went away I took my turn on Clays ass and with a new respect for anal and ones that can take it I fucked him a lot slower that night. About mid week I got a text from Clay asking if we were hooking up this coming weekend or was it Sharons turn. lol . i knew he said ,,,lol but I also saw the sarcasm in his message,But actually it was a valid question as I had plans to meet Sharon friday night.I debated on whether to say anything but finally decided to be up front and honest with Clay and told him of my plans, He replied back saying maybe I should join you too,,? Wow ,i was shocked from his reply I had never thought of a threesome with Sharon and Clay,My cock was suddenly very hard. I told Clay the thought of it had me turned right on but was not sure if Sharon would be into it,,leave it with me this weekend and ill bring the idea up to her if you are serious...Oh I am serious he answered back, As planned Sharon arrived at my place friday night .It was a cold winter march evening so we decided to order in.We chatted as we ate our dinner and as she went on about her week my mind kept wondering how I bring up another guy joining us in the bedroom.. Sharon was a really vanilla kind of girl in bed .It was always kiss kiss suck suck fuck fuck,A very routine play day. How would she feel about my new found bisexuality would it be a turn on or a total turn off, We both knew and always understood our friendship was fuck buddies and nothing more,Oh we had tried to make more of it but the connection just was not there,But we could fuck all night sometimes. As we started to kiss and things were getting heated I led her into the bedroom where we stripped down.She was wearing her hair short these days with a red coloring, She was very slim almost skinny with a great pair of tits and a pussy that was shaven down close but not completely,She lay across my bed her legs spread she knew I liked to watch her play with herself. I lay beside her as I started to kiss her and soon my fingers found her way to her clit ,I began to rub and finger her and as she moaned with pleasure I whispered in her ear Id fuckin love to watch another guy fuck you.She moaned a little louder as I kept saying to her we both would get down between your legs and share your pussy lick you suck you fuck you, would you like that I asked,,,\ Wit deep breath she moaned yes fuck yes,. It was getting her so wet and hot it was not long before she came, I fucked her good that night telling her the whole time what it would be like with two guys taking turns on her wet hungry cunt, The next day as we lay in bed I got the nerve to ask her if she would like me to errange to have my bud Clay come over and join us one weekend.After many questions like who is he how do I know him etc etc, I opened up about my new found bisexuality.This seem to peak her interest even more and after showing her Clays pictures on his face book profile she agreed to go for it, Great Sharon ill see you and Clay here next saturday. As Saturday approached the more excited I got masturbating every chance I got thinking about our upcoming threeway, Sure it was a great time with Ash and Baily but i was so held back with Clay back then not touching him or tasting him that night, but now I was in it ready to have cock and pussy at once this was going to be fuckin hot, Clay arrived 1rst and as we drank our beer he asked me to let him take Sharon in the bedroom first.,He wanted me to stand out side the door and listen to him fuck her,,Why ? I asked I thought this was suppose to be a threesome,,Trust me he said this will have you so fuckin hot n horny by the time I let you into the room you will be begging for my cock and her pussy.I told him lets see how the night goes and Sharon would have to be ok with that too, Once Sharon arrived and introductions were done we sat back and had a few cocktails.We were now all getting a little relaxed ,I sat back and watched as the two sat down beside each other, I could see them both checking each other out. A few drinks more and we were well on our way and totally relaxed and having a good time,, Clay started to lay on the compliments,,telling Sharon ,Brandon told me you were pretty but I didnt think this hot, You have a pair of lips I could kiss all night and with that Sharon replied ,well its getting late so you better get started. That was the signal Clay was waiting for as he put his arm around Sharons shoulder putting his lips on her mouth he slowly put his tongue deep inside hers. The two continued kissing Clays hands on her thigh,I could tell Sharon was hot for him I knew all her signals as her legs slowly separated as to welcome Clay in. The two continued with mouth on mouth as I sat back enjoying the show, Then Clay looked over at me and said I think I should take Sharon into the bedroom and get to know her a little bit better before you join us,Is that cool with you he asked her.. she answered by getting up and taking Clays hand and heading to my bedroom.Well I thought Clay is getting his wish.Once the door was closed I stood outside listening to what I could hear,For the longest time it was quiet other then the odd moan..I stripped myself down to nakedness as my cock was so stiff inside my jeans,silence went on for a while more my imagination going wild, Clay was right this was getting me really fuckin horny. Then I heard Clay say yah suck my cock take it all you know you want it,,suck it good or ill have Brandon come in and take it from you, I stroked my cock as I listened intently .i could hear her mouth slurping on his cock ,fuck I wanted to see her sucking on his throbbing meat. Soon I could hear Sharon moaning with pleasure ,what were they doing was he eating her pussy was he fucking her,,I had never been so hot n horny in my life,the anticipation of joining them with all there sweat and juices already flowing had me almost at an orgasm. Things then got quiet for a bit and then it happened the bed was rocking, she was moaning i heard Clay say take my cock babe take it deep,He was pounding her good but what position,,were her legs wrapped around him or was she on all fours getting the doggy works,I couldnt help it soon i exploded a load ,It came gushing out of me and onto the wooden floor as I quietly cumming i heard Clay cry..oh fuck here it comes... Sharons moans increased as Clay fucked her to orgasm I could tell by her moans that she had cum,she would always say oh oh oh yes,,,and explode, I couldnt hear the bed anymore and I heard them laughing,,then I heard Clay hollar out ,hey Brandon get in here and have your cream pie. As I opened the door the smell of fucking hit me hard, There lay Sharon with Clay holding her legs apart telling me to cum get it in which i got on the bed lay before her dripping cunt and began my meal, it was so sour but sweet at the same time.I had tasted both of them many times so i knew both there tastes when it hit my mouth,I licked her pussy all around soaking it all up and as the cum dripped out of her hole I would gather that up too.The taste of them had me getting hard again.. I looked over to clay and it looked like he had not lost his erection at all after fucking her, I laid my self down beside Sharon as Clay was mouth feeding her his dick.It was quite hot seeing my bottom boy be such an aggressive dominant top.Watching his balls slap Sharons chin as he fed her mouth had me erect and waiting to go. I got up on the other side of Sharon and the two of us started taking turns letting her suck us,Clay leaned over to kiss me and this seemed to ignite a fire in Sharons mouth,faster and harder and deeper .she sucked it like it was the first time she had, she actually took my huge dick down her throat. Lets give her a treat, A real good treat Clay said..he asked for me to give him a tie,As I handed it to him he proceeded to blindfold Sharon,She lay there We began to lick and kiss her all over. We each took a tit and made love to each one individually.her waist twisted as we nibbled and gently bit them .our hands down below massaging her clit.her legs spread open,,Holy fuck she said as Clay made his way down to her soaking wet pussy.His mouth covering her clit he sucked ever so gently on it, ..fuck she cried oh fuck her hand now on Clays head pushing his face into her cunt,,She asked for my cock so I shoved my meat into her mouth where she gave me head like she never had before, Clay now was working 4 fingers into her pussy as I gave her a kiss, He began to fuck her with his fingers going in and out..she was about to cum when Clay stopped..the positions changed..I lay on my back as Sharon straddled my face, sucking on her clit Clay began to rim her ass. She rocked back n forth. Soon I was tasting her cum on my tongue..She came hard and even squirted on my face which is something I never seen her do before,. She literally was shaking from her orgasm.She laid back exhausted as she watched Clay suck on my cock.He then lifted my legs into the air. and went down between my ass cheeks and started to rim my ass out.That is so hot she said as she watched on .She was soon down sucking dick and Clay had joined her..Both mouths devouring my pole /licking my balls.As they were sucking my cock Sharon said to Clay I want to see you two fuck, Clay got himself into doggy position,I lubed up his ass as Sharon spread his cheeks for me,She was breathless as my cock started to enter Clays ass..I started slow going in deep and pulling right out so Sharon would have a full view,,Clay moaned as my stokes started going harder and deeper in his asshole..sharon was now fingering her pussy,, as I continued to pound away at clay Sharon and I kissed passionately as her own fingers went into her cunt. Soon she lay back and continued to watch Clay and I fucke. Her legs once again spread wide her pussy getting wet again I.asked her do you want us both to fuck you, She raised her legs up as to say yes,,,Sharon knew me well enough that I loved fucking missionary,I pulled my cock from Clays ass and wiped off. Sharons pussy was wet and waiting so I got on top and plunged right in,My cock going in and out of her fast and fierce,,she was begging for harder and deeper so I didnt hold back I was banging her as hard as i could.Clay caressing us both with his hands, As I slowed down the fucking Clay asked her if she wanted to try two cocks at once,,A little hesitant but finally agreed to try,, I lay on my back as Sharon took my cock in her pussy..Clay lubed his cock as he slowly worked fingers in and out of her ass,,,soon he was teasing her hole with the head of dick poking just the head of it in her tight asshole. , I could feel Clays cock entering her,and it wasnt long till I could feel his cock sliding in and out of her,,,Fuck man he said I can feel your cock in her cunt,Clay and I lay still and told her to take control of the fucking ,,Very gently she rode back n forth taking turns engulfing my cock then back onto Clays,We could tell she was doing her best to enjoy both cocks in her but with my huge dick on top of Clays it was too much for her so we pulled out, Soon she was leaned over the bed where Clay took her from behind,With her legs spread I got down between and licked her pussy as his dick slid in and out of her,It wasnt long till she was cumming on his dick and as she started to cum Clay pulled out shoving his cock in my mouth where I swallowed his huge load,,His cum was so sweet ,,Sharon was dripping as I went back to clean her up. But she still had not had enought ,again on her back she wanted me to fuck her again. With her pussy waiting for me we as I began working her cunt with my cock again,, I pounded her as hard as I had left in me,,Clay s face was down behind us watching my cock fuck her to orgasm..It wasnt long till she was cumming on my cock again and soon i shot a load into her, We both got very loud as we came with clay now down between our legs licking up what he could.. All were happy and satisfied as we all fell asleep in each others arms,,That morning after another hot session .we agreed that we would all be each others fuck buds,,together or 1 on 1,,,If one couldnt make it then the other two would play,,It was a great 3 way relationship that lasted for many years

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