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"A taste of the other side"
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Published 8 months ago
So many times I would dial Clay,s number only to hang up before it connected, It had been weeks since my night with Ashley ,Baylee and Clay had happened. Memories of that night always left me hard and throbbing especially when my mind would let myself remember Clay sucking on my cock and how it turned me on. Sure I had always been attracted to men ,even had the occasional erection from checking a guy out.But it was never something that played on my mind or even gave much thought too. But ever since that night when Clay took my dick and with his mouth went down on it ,I just had not been able to stop thinking of it.I had masturbated to its memory till my cock was raw and balls were emptied .But even after some very intense orgasms with myself it would not take long for my mind to go wandering back to that night when the four of us sucked and fucked our way through the entire evening. I could not help but wonder if other heterosexual men often thought of having sex with other men, Was this a normal thing maybe something most guys would never admit too.How could I ask my buddies. I could not just come out and say to them hey you ever think or fantasize about another guys dick in your mouth, A few times I broke out laughing just thinking about the look on there faces as I asked them that. No I thought this is something I surely will keep to myself. A few more weeks past and I still did not have the nerve to call Clay until one cold Friday night in January I sat home with a few beers and finally built up the nerve to call, As the phone started to ring his number my heart raced, what do I say , Hey Clay hows it going ? ,you feel like coming over and sucking my cock tonight, my mind went blank as the phone continued to ring,Then suddenly it was his voice , my heart pounding in my ears as I heard him say hello you have reached Clay,not able to take your call right now but leave a message and ill hit you back as soon as possible. The pounding in my ears relaxed a bit realizing it was his voice mail so at the beep in a quivering voice I said,Hi Clay its Brandon and not sure if you even remember me because its been a while but I met you at Ash and Bays house a few months ago and you asked me to give you a call, So better late then never I guess, so give me a shout if you still care to meet up for a beer or something, Here is my number and hope to hear back. As I hung up the phone taking a deep breath I could not help but think fuck man what have I done, After a few more beers that night I calmed down as i waited for him to call back ,I finally passed out on the couch waiting and woke up the next morning to still no messages from Clay. While drinking my morning coffee I found myself regretting not trying to call Clay weeks before,I was sure when he heard my message he was probably thing yah fuck you and deleted it. The week had passed and I finally was able to get Clay off my mind and made a date with my good ole reliable fuck bud Sharon who was always up for a really good banging,So we made plans for dinner on Friday night and desert at my place after.. Sharon had spent the night and it was about 10 am Saturday morning and I had started to give her another fuck before she left,As she was on all fours while I pounded away at her my phone rang.Soon on my answering machine I could hear Clay,s voice saying hey Brandon so great to hear from you and sorry it took me a while to get back to you but I have been away on business all week and just got in last night,So give me a shout when you can and lets make some plans to meet up...and by the way I am free tonight, Hearing his voice startled me so much I had lost all concentration on Sharons pussy and was losing my erection but thank god Sharon was having her orgasm as Clay was calling. Never had I faked cumming in my life but I was excited to return Clay,s call as soon as I could ,,,so I moaned a little bit and then pulled out of her hole,After a coffee and a shower Sharon left for home. I was finally able to call Clay back about 1 p,m. Brandon hello bud its been a while he said as he answered my call ,how are you,,The sound of his voice had me already excited as I tried to explain to him how busy I was and gave my apology for not contacting him sooner,,So after all the casual talk of catching up we made plans to meet at his place that evening, Panic now was hitting me hard as the reality of what the evening was certainly going to hold for us.So before i left for Clay,s place I took a anti anxiety pill just to keep me calm , Clay lived across town so it was a good half hour drive which gave me time for the pill to kick in so by the time I arrived I was pretty calm. As he greeted me at his apartment door and with a big smile he said please come on in. I sat back in the living room Clay grabbed us a beer I could feel myself actually being at ease that anxiety pill was working well, We chatted back n forth for a an hour and during the conversation i could not help but notice just how handsome of a guy he was,His red hair was now cut shorter which made his blue eye stand out more then before ,his full lips I kept imagining around my cock.Even though it was the middle of January he wore a black tank top which showed off his very broad chest and very muscular arms and below the waist he wore a black pair of jogging pants that were very tight and making it well known he donned no underwear, As he sat across from me I could see his cock outline which seemed to be getting bigger and bigger , Holy fuck was i relaxed the beer on top of the pill had me floating, my courage was building as I sat back spread my legs and put my hand down near my crotch and ever so tactfully rub my crotch a bit as to invite clay in. As he watched my movements the conversation stopped as we looked at each other,He finally said to me do you want me to suck your cock, I smiled and put my hand closer to my crotch,Clay got up and sat down beside me and with his hand started to gently rub my cock through my jeans, He looked right at me and asked ,Do you just want a blow job or do you want more? I want it all I replied I want your mouth your ass your cum.With that he put his lips on mine and opened my mouth with his tongue ,I could taste his beer as we danced in each others mouths, his cologne i could smell as his mouth went down on my neck kissing and nibbling and whispering in my ear I want you to fuck me tonight just like you fucked ash and bay ,take my ass and make it your pussy. He now had my cock free from my jeans its thickness stood hard and strong as he stroked all 9 inches of it, I took his hand away as i knew I was about to explode a load. Clay got up and started to take off his clothes and once fully naked he got down between my legs and removed my jeans that were down by my ankles,Once naked I spread my legs to let clay view me,, He started with his warm mouth ever so gently sucking my balls as his other hand stroked my shaft,I sat back as he worked himself to the head of my dick,Pre cum was oozing from it like I had never seen before,His mouth started to work it and slowly he took my cock down his throat,I could not believe it no women had ever been able to take my cock like that,oh they would try but they would always end up choking on it, Clay knew what he was doing and he did it well,He worked my cock and as i got close he would ease up and go back to my lipsl .with Clay,s cock throbbing in front of me,I needed no encouraging and so I took his cock and put it right into my mouth,,I could not believe it , here I was sucking a cock,and I was fucking loving it,As i took his cock deep in my mouth and sucked he took my head in his hands and started to fuck my mouth ,I could taste his pre cum which only made me want to suck deeper on it,I jerked my cock as I continued to suck on him. Lets go into the bedroom he said,,once in there we lay on the bed where he lit a cigerette so after the last drag he lay on his stomache saying how much he wanted to feel my cock inside of him, He had the most amazing bubble butt I had ever seen on a guy; I put my face up to his ass crack,With my hands I spread his ass cheeks and started to rim his ass out, I treated his hole like a pussy licking sucking and then very gently fingering it,,His ass was so tight My mind went crazy at the thought of my cock being in there,, Clay.s ass was rocking back n forth as I continued feasting on his ass,,,As my tongue teased his hole he started to beg me to fuck him,I promised him I would in time but I wanted to keep sucking on his asshole. Soon he rolled over exposing his cock to me my mouth now sucking on his balls and licking that spot between cock and ass ..It seemed to drive him wild as my mouth swept over that area. Soon he positioned himself alongside of me so we were 69ing. With his cock in my mouth and mine in his I was soon exploding a gushing load of cum down Clays throat,,he gagged as I kept shooting my cream into the warmth of his mouth. As he took the last of me in his mouth he started to shoot his own load and wanting to be as good as he was swallowing my cum I wanted to do the same for him but as he shot his wad I was not ready and began to choke not expecting it to shoot to the back of my throat like a dart, As I recovered Clay laughed and said sorry bout that,I should have warned you.We rested for thirty minutes and it was not long before Clay had his lips on my cock again,Man oh man could he suck a cock. Once he had me completely hard again he brought out a tube of lube and started to stoke my shaft and then took his hand and lubed his asshole,As he straddled me he began to rub his ass cheeks up and down my cock he leaned toward me and kissed my lips,Fuck me he asked make my ass yours, holding my dick with his hand he slowly took my head and put it up against his hole.Slowly my head started to part his ass lips, he moaned as he lowered himself on it and took every inch into his boy cunt,He began to ride my cock up n down as he did this he spread his legs revealing his bobbing cock in front of me,,i stroked him as he fucked my cock.As I went deep into him . soon he began to pump fast and raised his ass high enough so I could do the screwing,,fuck me he said fuck my ass,I began to pound away at him ,He was so tight and he knew how to take a dick.As his legs tired i rolled him over on his back put his legs over my shoulders and started to fuck him in my favorite position,missionary. I opened his cunt and fucked him and as he jerked himself to an orgasm and moaned in pleasure I soon shot my 2nd load of the night deep inside his shit hole.I collapsed on top of him kissing his neck his legs wrapped around me and now thinking fuck I just fucked a guy. We both lay there in each others arms cuddled up side by side,,I remember feeling how natural it felt being with him and how much i had enjoyed being with a man.Surprisingly I was not freaked out at all and was very happy with my choice to follow my hard on, As we talked Ash and Baylee had come up and I asked him how he got into fucking both of them. Especially since Bailee had told me she was completely gay,,but seeing how much she was enjoying cock the night we all played I had to admit I was confused, He explained that when Baylee met Ash Ashley was married so he thought Baylee went along with fucking other guys to keep Ashes bi side satisfied and soon found out she like a nice hard cock in her too from time to time,He then asked if I had heard from them lately and asked if i knew that Ash was pregnant,NNNNOOOOO I said what the fuck .Clay laughed and said that was the plan all along he thought we were there studs ,there baby makers.but thats another story for another time,As the night came to an end and once back home I lied back thinking fuck i love the bi life and then wondered if i was going to be a daddy.

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